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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


When Shi Yu arrived at the bar, Zhong Tan was taking inventory of the goods. He tugged on his jacket uneasily. His right wrist itched a little. President Jiang had transformed back into a tiny one and was hidden in his sleeve.

He wouldn’t let go, and was brought along after he coaxed him.

Zhong Tan hadn’t looked up, just said, “You’re here? Go change. Today is a family party special.  The afternoon will be packed.” 

Shi Yu answered, “Yes.” He walked to the dressing room with his sleeves protected.

It was summer now, and it was still very hot on the way over. He was afraid of smothering the little ice dragon in his sleeve. After he went into the locker room, Shi Yu carefully took off his jacket, palms slightly cupped.

Jiang ChengLi felt the surrounding temperature cool noticeably and slowly stretched his body out of a ball. His long tail curled around Shi Yu’s finger. Then he lay, sickly, between his palms. His watery blue eyes looked very tired.

Shi Yu felt an ache in his heart. “Sorry, bored? I shouldn’t have said I’d bring you here.”

The little ice dragon twice wrapped its tail more tightly around his finger. Then, he flapped his wings, flew up and licked the corner of his lips.

Shi Yu stared at him in amazement for a moment. Then he smiled, lowered his head and kissed his dragon horn as well. “I’ll change my clothes and take you out later to blow off some steam.”

Satisfied, Jiang ChengLi let go with his tail and fanned his wings to land on the table.

Jiang ChengLi confirmed something when he saw Shi Yu, unruffled, was changing out of his short sleeves. When he kissed him just now, Shi Yu was merely surprised and had no other emotions.

Jiang ChengLi’s wings slowly folded behind him. The pupils of his icy blue eyes gazed at the teenager in front of him, at that fine, beautiful, white waist unreservedly exposed in front of his eyes; an invitation to feast.

The lamb didn’t know what kind of danger he was in and how lustful and pure he looked.

Shi Yu just changed his clothes. When he turned around, he saw the little ice dragon was flapping its wings as it hovered, mid-air. The table was already half frozen.

Shi Yu frowned, lightly reached out and let the ice dragon rest on his fingertips. He stroked his tail. “Pheromones out of control again?”

Jiang ChengLi didn’t respond, just gazed into his eyes, close at hand.

Shi Yu stretched out a hand and touched the cold ice on the table. The cold air stung his bones.

“How do I get rid of this? It’s not good if it’s seen later.”

Jiang ChengLi expressionlessly waved his wings. The ice turned into water and fell to the ground.

Shi Yu touched the little dragon cub’s head with his fingers, then put him into the pocket of his jacket. “You stay here. I’ll go find a mop.”

In Shi Yu’s pocket, Jiang ChengLi quickly quieted down. Shi Yu went back to the utility room to get clean rags and buckets.

While he was wiping the table and floor clean, the door behind him was kicked open. The two young men in civilian clothes were talking and laughing before they entered, but their faces sank the moment they saw Shi Yu. Shi Yu ignored them, picked up the bucket and prepared to leave.

“Do you think that good-looking people should be given preferential treatment nowadays?” The boy leaning against the door raised his voice and grimaced.

“Yes, obviously a temporary worker, but his salary is higher than ours, those who don’t know think the whole universe is running around him.”

“It’s not just the face that the store manager likes. I heard that he is also an omega. Maybe if you go to the store to move around, you can get a few rich alphas.”

Shi Yu stood in the doorway. The rag in his hand fell in the bucket. He turned back to them with a cool look. “Say what you think about me. No need to be shady.”

The two men exchanged glances, then took a step forward. “What’s wrong with you? Can’t say?”

Shi Yu’s eyes swept over the two men and suddenly smiled. The shopkeeper treated him favorably and several veterans looked at him with displeasure. Zhong Tan had told him to be careful. “No, I just think it’s ridiculous that I’m in front of you guys and you still need two against one.”

The man in front of him got upset. “You’re an omega and very proud. You’re just a mouth-breather now. In a few years, you’ll still be a dog for an alpha.”

“In your ridiculous perception, human interaction is a dog and master relationship?”


Shi Yu laughed derisively and said, “Don’t be so shady whenever you get a chance.”

After he said that, he left the locker room with the bucket of water. Shi Yu’s mood hadn’t changed. His solution was also very simple. If they don’t obey, then fight, and fight until they obey. The small dragon in his pocket moved gently.

Shi Yu dug his hand deeper into his pocket and felt the slightly cool dragon’s tail as it wrapped around his fingertips. He nudged the little ice dragon’s back spines and whispered, “I’m fine.”

The dragon’s tail slowly loosened up a bit and gradually pulled away from his fingertips.

Today was the monthly family day, and Shi Yu was on his feet the entire day. Several times Jiang ChengLi made some noise to attract his attention, but finally didn’t move.

Shi Yu was too busy.

At nine o’clock, the family day was nearing the end. The boss saw that Shi Yu was working too hard and worried about his health, so he called out to him to rest.

“We’ll switch to the night show soon. We’ll remove the tables on the first floor later. You take the opportunity to rest for ten minutes.” The boss patted Shi Yu’s shoulder.

“I’m fine.” Shi Yu just wiped the sweat from his temples with a paper towel. “A temp with a high salary has to help more, not less.”

“Oh, there’s no hurry!” The boss stopped him. “You have to take care of your own body! You can’t work that much before your rut!”

Shi Yu was caught off guard by those three words. He belatedly realized that he had been affected by all kinds of pheromones the other day…and he had been disturbed for a while.

Struggling was in vain, he could only obey the command to go to rest.

He was walking to the corner of the stairs on the second floor when Shi Yu saw a guest was upset. The person being scolded was officially the boy who had picked on him in the locker room. The wrong dish had been served and the man who was sitting at the card table was in a rage. He popped out all the nasty words and finally splashed a glass of orange juice directly on the boy’s head.

When the boy turned around, he saw Shi Yu’s back headed down the stairs. There was no extra eye lingering, it wasn’t a matter of concern. He clenched his fist, seemingly irritated, and looked at Shi Yu’s back in resentment.

Finally, at the end of the night, Shi Yu and Zhong Tan got the last bottles of wine from the back kitchen and the two sighed in unison.

“I’m tired of being a beta potato. How come you’re such a good omega?” Zhong Tan rubbed his shoulders, he was full of fatigue. “I definitely don’t want to do this kind of work after graduation. It’s too tiring.”

Shi Yu’s eyes were downcast. His hand habitually reached into his pocket, but found nothing. He froze and confirmed again and again that it was indeed empty.

Where was Jiang ChengLi?

“What’s wrong?” Zhong Tan was in front of him and noticed that he didn’t follow but turned back deliberately.

Shi Yu frowned. “I lost something. You go change first. I’ll go look for it.”

Zhong Tan saw that he was in a hurry and asked no more questions. He just went to change clothes.

Shi Yu walked to the front hall and was halted in his tracks.

“Just then, you were watching me and laughing?” The person who stopped him was the boy who was splashed with orange juice.

Shi Yu gave him a blank face. “Get lost.”

The boy’s expression was hard to determine. “Isn’t it funny to see a joke? The morning you get to spill the beans and you really think we two dare not touch you?”

He reached out and pushed Shi Yu’s shoulder. He was surprised when Shi Yu suddenly grabbed him. His strength caught him off guard and his wrist was crushed to the point of pain.

The boy was in distress, his features became a little twisted and grim. He looked at Shi Yu incredulously.

Shi Yu’s voice was cold. “I said, ‘go away.’”

The other person behind the boy realized that something was wrong. He reached out to tug Shi Yu’s collar, but was stopped by someone in front of him.

A beautiful bouquet of white roses with a bitter chill crossed in front of him and instantly separated the two. Jiang ChengLi brushed away the boy’s hand with his own, gathered the roses and walked to Shi Yu’s side.

The long and tall figure brought a strong sense of oppression. His innate alpha intimidation and exclusivity was like a fine net that spread out and calmly split the deadlock, all malice interrupted. He ignored the two and gently approached Shi Yu. “Can you walk?”

Shi Yu, who was still half-hearted, looked at his face and then to the roses in his hand.

“I saw that you were almost finished. I went to see a flower store nearby.” Jiang ChengLi fiddled with a rose in his fingertips. The water droplets blotted his fingertips. “I thought it was beautiful and wanted to give it to you.”

The voice was soothing and thoughtful, like he was coaxing a child. “Why did you fight with someone?”

The words were a question, but to an outsider it sounded like, ‘I’ll see who dares.’

The boy who had just tried to push Shi Yu was clearly at his emotional limit, but he was daunted by the look from Jiang ChengLi. His heart chilled. He gritted his teeth and asked, “Who the hell are you?”

Jiang ChengLi said, “His alpha.”

When the words came out, both of them were silent.

Shi Yu knew that this phrase had too many meanings and wasn’t suitable for casual utterance, but now he didn’t want to explain.

Wasn’t this sexist?

Jiang ChengLi, as an alpha, was enough to crush their three distorted views.

The two men’s faces were ugly as they left, one after another.

Shi Yu hugged the roses. His taut lips eased slightly. “Next time you leave, tell me in advance.”

Jiang ChengLi looked into his downcast eyes and said tentatively, “I’m sorry. Did I make you worry?”

Shi Yu didn’t answer, but his expression was one of acknowledgement. Jiang ChengLi suddenly felt the unhappiness that was weighing on his heart all night dissipated. He reached out and gently curled his fingertips on Shi Yu’s right hand which held the flowers. “Then, if I send you flowers and go home with you, you won’t be angry?”

His voice was low, soft and magnetic. It gently ground on his cochlea and made his heart tickle.

Shi Yu thought for a moment. “I’ll go back with Zhong Tan.”

Jiang ChengLi followed his words. “My pheromones are still out of control and I’ll turn into a dragon. Sneak me to your room, hm?”

Jiang ChengLi, who was taller than him by a good half a head, bent down to wrap him in his arms. Those cold, clear, frosty pheromones slowly fell and clung to every inch of his skin. He was obviously possessive with an aggressive sense of superior pheromones, but he had mastered a good coaxing posture.

Jiang ChengLi moved close to his earlobe, observed his expressions as they changed and said delicately, “Don’t worry too much. I just want to go to your room, not beg for sex.”

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