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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Shi Yu thought that after the mark of estrus an omega would otherwise be the same, but it turned out that his assumptions were wrong. When Jiang ChengLi’s pheromones landed on his shoulder, he was helpless. He felt his arms and legs go limp, and his breath caught.

The burning thirst started from his heart and quickly spread to his limbs. It urged him to get close to the frost in front of him.

Jiang ChengLi watched as his eyes gradually misted with water. He bent his head slightly, took Shi Yu’s wrist from his side, and brought it to the edge of the muzzle. “Want pheromones?”

His voice was like the wind that crossed the ice in the bitter winter. The chill, however, wasn’t strong. The sound slowly seeped into his ears. Shi Yu nodded along with the voice as if he was mesmerized.

“Take it off.” Jiang ChengLi then hooked his left hand to the muzzle. “I’ve recorded your fingerprints. Only you can take off.”

The advanced muzzle required a person’s identity to unlock it. The person who could open it at will was the doctor who could force the alpha to calm down, and the omega who could calm the alpha.

“High-risk alphas without a partner should wear it for seven days. It will only unlock when the muzzle detects that the pheromone concentration decreases to a safe value.”

Shi Yu touched the cold sterling silver muzzle. It was covered with frost and stung his hands with the cold.

“Does it hurt?” Shi Yu soothingly stroked along the side of his face, his few remaining senses being emptied. “Why did you bring such a thing…It looks hard.”

“To prevent losing control and hurting other omegas.”

“Will you?”

Jiang ChengLi lowered his voice meaningfully, “Probably…would only hurt you.”

Shi Yu grunted quietly as the satin tied around the back of Jiang ChengLi’s head loosened and the muzzle fell to the ground without a sound.


Wednesday, the fourth monthly exam.

Nan Zhong had synchronized the intensity of the Alpha and Omega Class curriculum in sophomore year in order to allow students to adapt to the severity of senior year early. Wednesday and Thursday were used to complete the exams, which exhausted the students and made them scream.

On Friday morning, Lian Jing got the corrected test papers from the office, then ran furiously all the way to the Omega Class.

“Ahhhhh! President Jiang is back in school! And with a muzzle!” The stack of math papers that flew around in his hand did nothing to hide the infatuation on his face.

“You should hurry up and network, Bro.” He Huan patted him on the shoulder and opened the posting board. “Someone uploaded a picture this morning. The school posting board has been down for a few hours.”

Any student with a modicum of gender awareness knew what a muzzle stood for, but it was more of a high-class alpha thing to wear. It sounded lustful and wild, with a bit of danger and sensuality akin to primitive bloodshed.

For the next three classes of students, all centered around Jiang ChengLi. They knew Nan Zhong had a senior alpha, but he hadn’t worn a muzzle for two years.

Last week his pheromones stormed off. This week he passed the test to return to school and brought along an extra muzzle.

In one morning, Nan Zhong’s posting forum had more than 7,000 posts. All related to Jiang ChengLi.

In He Huan’s hands was the hottest one. “JiangShi Everywhere, the Sweetest First Love.” 

[2236L: President is back to school today! The muzzle! We need to get a picture.]

Lian Jing immediately shoved all the test papers at Shi Yu and went over to look at He Huan’s phone with the expression of a person needing an oxygen tank.

[2262L: Fuck me! It’s the first time I saw a muzzle, but I saw it. I have seen a sample picture of muzzles which are very brutal and fierce. But why is President Jiang wearing it so…so temptingly? Ah!!!]

[2561L: Mom, why is it after he put on the muzzle, I want to be bitten by him even more?]

[2789L: Oooooooh, I wonder what happened to President Jiang’s rumored partner? I heard it was a love rampage?]

[2986L: I also want an alpha to freeze a thousand miles for me with his pheromones!]

[3002L: Why do other alphas’ wear muzzles to “prevent marking other omegas,” but President Jiang wears it with a feeling of “I guard my teeth for one person only?”]

“‘For one person only,’ damn. What kind of beautiful adjective is this?” Lian Jing was busy pinching himself. “Sister, if you can write, publish a book, please!”

Lian Jing’s chicken cries attracted the attention of all the Omega Class. The next class came and went. Shi Yu just sat in his seat and surreptitiously pulled up his collar. The daylight outside the window was in full swing. He quietly hid the light-colored bite mark on the back of his neck with his shirt.

In the building across from Omega Class, Jiang ChengLi, who had just left the teacher’s office, saw his small movements through the window from two floors away.

A student passed by and whispered a greeting to President Jiang. He bowed his head in a calm manner and licked his tongue over the corner of his lips in a small moment no one noticed.

After the monthly exam, Shi Yu was still sitting in the second place of the grade.

Lian Jing, who was obsessed with male sexuality, was sanctioned for his performance and fell back by more than ten seats to the middle of the class. Just after the seats were moved, Shi Yu noticed the classroom in the adjacent school building was lit up.

“The school art festival is coming, and class A is moving next door to us again!” Xia ZhiNing said excitedly from the back seat. “A1 is right across from our class. I wonder if the President will sit by the window?”

“School art festival?” Shi Yu heard her words and dropped his eyes. Next door was the new school building. It had been prepared by the school for an expansion. The facilities were complete but had never been used.

“One look, and I know you didn’t attend last year.” Xia ZhiNing stared out the window. The opposite school building was separated from the Omega Class by an overhead floor, a distance of more than ten meters, but someone with good vision could still see the opposite class.

“Nan Zhong has a tradition of holding open events on campus A for the school art festival. First, to pass on the campus culture and enliven the students’ minds and bodies, and second, for publicity.”

Xiang Wuzhu also turned back to explain. “Every year, the classrooms of A1 and A2 are requisitioned for School Arts and they move to other classrooms for two weeks.”

Shi Yu nodded his head. His eyes suddenly went to the facing window. Jiang ChengLi moved his books to settle down exactly opposite Xia ZhiNing’s position.

“Ah! It’s the President!” exclaimed Xia ZhiNing in surprise. She waved exuberantly at the window.

“Damn it!” Lian Jing, who was sitting in the middle of the room, jumped up, ran to the edge and waved after her. “President, look at me! No, look at Shi Yu, look at Shi Yu!”

There was a lot of commotion in the opposite class. Not only Jiang ChengLi, but almost all of the A1 students saw it. Li Chen just raised his hand to return the enthusiasm, when a shout suddenly came from the next room.

“Shi Yu!”

The voice originated from the window of A2, near the podium, followed by someone waving. “Your class is here!”

Li Chen leaned out to look. He was unhappy. “Lu Zhao. When did he become so familiar with Shi Yu?”

The Omega Class students hadn’t expected A2 to be the first to respond, so they looked at each other in embarrassment.

Fortunately, the bell rang, the teacher came quickly and the three and a half interludes between classes were quickly turned over. The class teacher, Wan Zhen, was evaluating test papers, and since the average score was not low, she focused only on the wrong questions.

Fifteen minutes before the end of class, she opened another class on the screen. “The school art event is coming up. Given that everyone is a busy sophomore, the twenty classes will work together two by two this year.”

It was a tradition now that while each class in the senior year put out a booth, the seniors only participated on the day of the event while the sophomores collaborated on the event.

Wan Zhen rubbed her forehead and apologized, “The teachers drew lots this morning, so my luck was a bit bad.”

Lian Jing drew an anxious breath. “You didn’t draw Class 7, right?”

Last year, in the first year of high school, the seventh class had a fierce male show, a kind of creative fashion show. The boys wore a bunch of newspapers to make a wedding dress.

“No, it’s A1.”

The class was silent for three seconds, then screams and cheers erupted.

Wan Zhen expected them to lose control and waved her hand helplessly. “Don’t get too excited, our class is just a support. A1 will take the lead.”

The Omega Class students didn’t care whether they were playing support or C. It was enough to be able to double-file with A1. Several even started to blush.

“Shi Yu is our lucky star!” Xiang Wuzhu excitedly turned around and stared at Shi Yu. “Did you know that last year the sophomore Omega Class cooperated with the regular class and were completely disliked? At the beginning, our senior brothers and sisters were not happy at all!”

The Omega Class students had more restrictions than regular classes, and were often disliked in activities that required contribution.

“Your Highness, you’ve got the top prize for all of us with this hand! How dare you say you have a bad hand!”

Wan Zhen was floundering. “I’m afraid you’ll be bullied by A1.”

“We won’t be bullied by A1. A1 is our pro–” Lian Jing was dragged down by He Huan in the middle of his sentence and pinched along his thigh.

“A1 are our dear and good students. We will try to cooperate with their class.”

Wan Zhen smiled and shook her head. Then she raised her hand and checked her wristwatch. “It’s almost time. The next study session, I will let the head of A1 come over to discuss this with you. Negotiate well.”

After saying that, Wan Zhen walked out of the classroom and left the Omega Class students to continue boiling. The people around Shi Yu were discussing this with each other and were making a lot of noise. He couldn’t help himself and looked across to the other classroom.

Jiang ChengLi wasn’t in his seat.

He was still wondering if the President had gone to the student union, when he heard a startled shout from the class. He turned around. All he saw was Li Chen and another girl standing at the lectern with generous smiles, while Jiang ChengLi remained at the door.

“Ahhhhhh! Welcome, President Jiang!”

“President Jiang is so handsome!”

Some people covered their lips and trembled. “Oooooooh. Although President’s expressionless look is really high and cold, the picture of him with a muzzle in my mind is still so desirable…”

Li Chen was the standard little sunshine, and he politely greeted the Omega Class students first.

“This time the school art festival has A1 and Omega Class cooperating. We all hope to join hands to leave unforgettable memories, so we do not take the Omega Class students as auxiliary. Everyone has ideas they want to mention!”

The female student smiled and nodded her head, then looked at the door meaningfully. “Yes. After all, your Omega Class is covered by President Jiang, so we dare not be negligent.”

“Oh…” The Omega Class made a collective sound of understanding. Two focal points of interest instantly appeared in the class.

Shi Yu held his face, gazed out the window and appeared as if he didn’t care about anything. The other just pushed his glasses. His gaze drifted outside the door in a scattered and leisurely manner, without a comment.

“Do you have any proposals for our two classes to work together on?” The girl on the podium asked.

Lian Jing raised his hand excitedly and stood up directly from his chair. “How about a reverse cafe? The boys will be the maids and the girls will be the cooks!”


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