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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Shi Yu’s eyes were brooding. A solution wasn’t in sight yet, when Li Chen preemptively sent a message in the study group’s group.

[Li Chen: Student Council is short of manpower and recruiting ghosts. Any children willing to come to help?]

[General Lian: We are willing to bow and scrape for the main attack after death!]

[Lotus: Our other four people +1 in anger]

So, on the day of the New Year’s Day celebration, Shi Yu received a set of strange clothes for the second time in his life. It was a Qing Dynasty official uniform, tattered, covered in cobwebs and stained with vivid, realistic blood.

“This year’s theme is Chinese style. This is the result of the joint labor of the art class teachers and students. I think it’s very realistic.” Li Chen commented earnestly.

Shi Yu flicked the plume on his hat. “So why am I the only one pretending to be a zombie?”

Lian Jing and He Huan got the prison uniforms of dead prisoners, and Xiang Wuzhu and Xia ZhiNing received the red clothes of paper-cut dolls. The rest were also strange and ancient costumes, but none of them were as distinct as his identity.

Li Chen deliberated for a moment, and solemnly made something up. “Because you are more handsome.”

Shi Yu’s face: If you talk nonsense again, I will let you wear official clothes to sacrifice to heaven.

Li Chen coughed twice. “Because this year, our President is pretending to be a Taoist priest.”


“We can’t let the Taoist priest subdue other small zombies.”


“We can only give you a chance to make a pair with Daoist Jiang.”

Later that night on NanZhong’s forum, another epic giant candy appeared in the thread #JiangShi Everywhere, the Sweetest First Love 2#.

[This year President Jiang plays a Taoist. SY is a small zombie. Zombie CP, mom, I see the Chosen!]


The New Year’s Day celebration came as promised. Nan Zhong canceled the senior’s evening study, and students in groups walked around the school to unwind.

Seniors were excitedly waiting for nightfall, sophomores were preparing for the evening bonfire, and freshmen were organizing relaxing group activities. The sports field and auditorium were bustling with activity. The entire student council, which organized the project, had already moved their things and were having dinner at the resting place at the back of the mountain.

Xia ZhiNing originally wanted to raise money to order fried chicken. However, when she arrived at the resting place, she saw two tables of food, so she bought two cases of drinks and put them nearby.

The student council officers and the new study group almost kowtowed to Jiang ChengLi on the spot.

At seven o’clock, night fell.

Shi Yu put on the tattered official’s uniform, the female student in charge of makeup and hair wiped his face with blood, then he cleaned up and put on the hat. The plume was positioned in front of his forehead and together with Shi Yu’s cold expression it was really creepy.

Shi Yu had just finished dressing when he saw He Huan snapping pictures with her cell phone.

After being discovered, He Huan hadn’t hesitated to show off the photos, then sold out her teammates. “King, Xiao Li asked me to do it. She knows we are acting with the student council. Crazy jealous freak. I worry that she will be blackened, so I took two photos to calm her down.”

Shi Yu had no reaction. He lowered his eyes and prepared to eat.

“Wow!” The makeup group next to him exclaimed.

Shi Yu turned around and saw Jiang ChengLi in a white Taoist robe.

President Jiang had a tall figure and an earthy temperament. He was a perfect hanger, and with his cold, thin features, the mystery and sacredness of a Taoist came out.

When this costume was first made, many people were worried that the effect, when worn, would have a shadow of ‘charlatan.’ They hadn’t expected that once Jiang ChengLi put it on, it only had a moral and immortal style.

Several students involuntarily stood in a row and quietly worshipped Jiang ChengLi’s back.

Lian Jing, “…. President Jiang is just wearing a Taoist robe. There is no need to deify him to such an extent instantly.”

He Huan said, “What do you know? This is called worshipping the god of examination. President Jiang blesses me, so that I can get what I want in my final exam.”

Lian Jing was silent for three seconds, then folded his hands and closed his eyes to make a wish.

Jiang ChengLi gathered his overly long robe, then went over to Shi Yu. He was sitting on a small chair as he peeled an orange to eat.

The ‘little zombie’ plume quivered and looked very cute.

Jiang ChengLi casually took a gadget from the prop box, walked to Shi Yu and squatted down in front of him, eye level with him.

Shi Yu swept him a glance, then coldly averted his eyes.

Jiang ChengLi said solemnly, “Quite fierce.”

Shi Yu, “…”

“Don’t you want to eat something? You’ll be hungry tonight.” Jiang ChengLi looked at his watch. “I guess it will be 9:00 or 10:00 before we can leave.”

Shi Yu concentrated on peeling the orange. “No appetite.”

Jiang ChengLi said, “Then share half of your orange with me.”

Shi Yu, “…”

Jiang ChengLi received a hunk of orange peel.

The group of people, having finished eating, were sitting at the impromptu table with their ears perked up. They barely restrained their laughter.

So President Jiang is also a loser, huh? It’s really hard to raise a wife.

After everyone ate and drank, the work began.

The students went to their hiding spots according to their groups, ready to give the senior students a scare of a lifetime. Shi Yu glanced at the “C dot” he was holding, then looked up to see Jiang ChengLi was coming near.

The two of them were the zombie Daoist duo squatting on the C-dot.

Before they left, He Huan called out to Shi Yu.

“There’s an important prop missing!” He Huan held a yellow talisman with scribbled red strokes on it that curved around a mountain path. He wasn’t able to see what it was. He Huan put the paper on his hat, made sure it wouldn’t fall off and looked at the two of them with a smile. “Have a good night!”

Shi Yu didn’t know what was so pleasant about a night of pretending to be a ghost and scaring people. He glanced up and realized he couldn’t understand what the paper said, so he didn’t think about it, just turned his eyes away as he gathered his things and left.

Point C was in the middle of the adventure path. There were a lot of temporary bushes for them to hide inside and wait for the opportunity to harvest a wave of screams.

Jiang ChengLi stood next to Shi Yu with a flashlight. His robe wasn’t tied tightly, the collar was crooked, and it swayed in the night breeze. He looked very immodest. The difference with this President Jiang, and the one who was worshipped as a god during dinner, was huge.

“Here we are. Do you want to sit down for a while?” Jiang ChengLi looked at the weeds, then helped him find two flatter stones.

Shi Yu thought about it, then sat down with a brush of his official robe.

The original owner of his body had participated in this test of guts last year, but because he wasn’t popular, he was always forgotten at the back of the line.

The last memory was fearful and embarrassing. The original Shi Yu wandered off the path, got lost, mistakenly walked into the woods, was too scared to move around and the training director himself came over to find him.

Last year was still a humiliating memory, when this year he became an NPC and was pretending to be a ghost.

“What’s on your mind?” Jiang ChengLi asked. He cradled his chin in his hand and gazed at the side of his face.

Shi Yu slowly returned to his senses and shook his head. Since Jiang ChengLi’s identity was exposed, they had settled into an ambiguous place. Shi Yu didn’t know how to explain to him that he was not the same ‘Shi Yu’ anymore.

Actually, he’d been running away from it. He was afraid that Jiang ChengLi was destined for the original ‘Shi Yu,’ and he had only taken the body of that person. If this was the truth, then he might still end up with nothing.

“Have you always lived in this world?” Shi Yu asked in a small voice.

The fingertips on the side of Jiang ChengLi’s face moved and touched his earlobe. “I should have.”

“From birth until now?”

“Probably. I slept for a while during my adulthood because I was sick, then I woke up and integrated into the world.” Jiang ChengLi looked at Shi Yu’s eyelashes. “Integrate into the human order, and live as a human.”

Shi Yu was about to ask more, when there was a movement on the path.

Someone was coming.

The teacher leading the group was holding a dim flashlight, followed by fourteen or fifteen students in groups of two or three. They were crying, shaking and apparently terrified.

It seemed that the ‘ghosts’ before this point were working quite hard.

Shi Yu turned around. His hands that were idle in his lap abruptly clenched into fists. Jiang ChengLi noticed the subtle change and the corners of his lips lifted slightly as he looked towards the path.

The teacher in the front knew approximately where the students’ hiding spot was. His light cunningly didn’t fall over there and he had a somber expression as he spoke. “As you all know, every school has many legends. They say that before the school was established, this land was…”

The school’s weird tale was an insignificant joke from the students’ mouths, but when told by a teacher, the fright level was suddenly raised.

A chill shot up the spine, and one student rubbed his arms. “I…Am I hallucinating? Why do I suddenly feel a little cold?”

A few students at the side also noticed and hugged each other in fear. “Fuck, fuck…This. This can’t be yin–“

Snap, snap…

Rustle, rustle, rustle…

The weeds on the roadside suddenly moved. More than a dozen students screamed in horror, put their heads between their legs, and curled into balls.

Even the teacher leading the group cowered.

“Fuck. fuck. fuck. What is it? What? What?”

“You’re so fucking scared! Why don’t you open your eyes and see for yourself!”

“Fuck. Ah, ah, ah! Fuck, there are ghosts!” A girl panicked and pointed. Someone quickly swung a flashlight around and saw a figure that was half-hanging from a tree, dressed in an official uniform.

It looked old and spooky, with blood and cobwebs!

As soon as the light hit him, Shi Yu, who had been playing dead, suddenly raised his hand. The plume trembled slightly and the yellow talisman affixed to the front of the ceremonial hat wavered!

“A zombie! Ah, ah, ah! Run!”

The female students were petrified out of their wits. They jumped out of the crowd and ran as fast as their legs could go. The students at the back weren’t so much scared by Shi Yu, as infected by the girls, and they hadn’t dared to look at him, just ran with them.

Jiang ChengLi stood behind a tree and raised his sleeve. He was sad. He hadn’t even had time to make an appearance.

The first batch of students reacted more strongly than expected. Shi Yu was satisfied, and stood the stone with a smile.

Jiang ChengLi held up his hand near Shi Yu’s waist, afraid he would fall. “Be careful.”

“It’s okay.” Shi Yu leaned forward to make sure the group of students had run out of sight, then he grinned and said, “You’re so timid.”

The moonlight was so sparse that Jiang ChengLi was only observing Shi Yu’s expression through the beams that leaked through the trees’ shadows.

He was indeed smiling.

Like cherry blossoms in the night that fell on his thin lips. His white and neat teeth were faintly revealed. His smile was extremely bright.

His beauty was amazing, more eye-catching than the moonlight.


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August 19, 2021 5:00 pm

They are so cute together! Thank you for the chapter!

August 19, 2021 5:02 pm

Having a “ghost/zombie” played by an actual transmigrator who is inhabiting another’s body would indeed be eerie! 🤔😱😅

Sue R
Sue R
August 19, 2021 7:27 pm

Ha ha…🥰🥰🥰🥰
I am a person that like ghost story.

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August 19, 2021 8:37 pm

So here we have a possible explanation of why Shi Yu fights against JCL; he thinks not being the original will make a difference. Like he’s protecting his own emotions.
I think JCL’s feelings have surpassed it being about just pheromones. Take a chance, SY!
Thanks for translating and editing.

August 19, 2021 11:07 pm

Hadn’t Shi Yu already told the little dragon about him being a transmigrator? 🤔 Why being insecure now?

I once participated in such event on the ‘being scared’ side. Knowing that the ‘ghosts’ are all people really doesn’t help, I was scared witless so I can relate.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

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