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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Blank-faced, Shi Yu put the small ice dragon in his pocket and only paid attention to the little brother who was sitting to the side. He failed to notice that Mr. Jiang’s eyes had fallen on him. The younger brother showed twelve percent excitement about sitting in President Jiang’s father’s car and hadn’t given Shi Yu a glance.

In the rear-view mirror, Mr. Jiang saw an exposed dragon tail in Shi Yu’s jacket pocket. He pressed the corner of his lips and made no move to restrain his gaze.

The car was halfway through the journey when Mr. Jiang asked about Jiang ChengLi at school. The younger brother was very excited. 

“I did want to sign up because I admired him.”

Mr. Jiang smiled. “He never shares anything about the school with us.”

“President Jiang is really nice. He answered all our questions when he came to the senior class meeting, and he taught me how to do my job afterwards, so many of us like him.” The younger student wasn’t able to help but blush.

Mr. Jiang knew this one was an omega, and it was self-evident what the like in his mouth represented.

Jiang ChengLi was in Shi Yu’s pocket and was silently listening to the other praise him. His heart hadn’t the slightest ripple. He just used his tail to tease Shi Yu’s waist through his clothes. Shi Yu was ostensibly listening, and intended to follow the compliments of Jiang ChengLi, but the little thing in his pocket was really restless. He was only able to sneakily use his fingertips to stop him.

The little guy wasn’t upset a bit because he left Jiang ChengLi. Right now, Shi Yu wanted to hold him in his arms to calm him down, but he was afraid that the younger brother would find out.

He had just hooked his fingertips around the little ice dragon’s restless tail when Shi Yu heard what Mr. Jiang asked, “What about student Shi? What is Jiang ChengLi like at school?”

“Very good.” Shi Yu had no idea where the conversation was going. Then he thought of the words of the younger brother. “Mn, a lot of people like him.”

Mr. Jiang gave a thoughtful oh, and asked, “So, do you like him?”

The younger brother’s face stiffened and his lips pursed. Was it because his own performance just now was too prominent? Had he allowed Mr. Jiang to find out his intentions, so now he was probing Shi Yu’s mouth?

Shi Yu said casually, “It’s okay. President Jiang is very nice.”

When the car stopped, Shi Yu thanked him and got out to close the door, but the younger brother stopped him. “Thank you, uncle. Uncle, good night.”

Shi Yu’s face was indifferent and his hand was in his pocket. His only thought was to hurry home and let the little one out.

The little brother stood in front of him. “Elder Shi, I want to talk to you. May I?”

Shi Yu and the junior went to the corner milk tea store. The junior ordered a cup of caramel milk tea. He then asked Shi Yu what he wanted to drink but found that he was staring at a certain line on the menu with a frown.

“Taro boba milk tea? Would you like to order this?”

Shi Yu shook his head and simply said, “Just milk tea.”

When he saw this line, Shi Yu’s mind flashed back to a vague fragment, as if he had come here for milk tea with someone at some point. But when he probed deeper, the memory became blurry again.

Digging deeper still gave him a headache.

The younger brother sat down at the corner table, looked at Shi Yu and took a deep breath. “Senior, I just have a few questions to ask you. I hope you won’t hide from me.”

Jiang ChengLi wasn’t very happy as he listened from Shi Yu’s pocket, and showed his impatience at the fact that his time alone with Shi Yu was delayed.

Shi Yu looked at the younger brother, expressionless. “You want to ask about Jiang ChengLi, right?”

The courage that the junior brother was carrying just now suddenly gave out. He wasn’t expecting Shi Yu to speak first.

He quickly adjusted his expression and put on a pitiful and aggrieved look, “Since Mr. Shi opened the door, let me also be clear. I know you don’t like President Jiang. I also know that President is attracted to your pheromones. We are all omegas. What pheromones stand for is clear to everyone. You don’t like President Jiang, so there is no need to hang him with your pheromones.”

Distracted, Jiang ChengLi slowly quieted down. The ice blue pupils of the small ice dragon’s eyes knotted with a layer of cold. He thought that in this kind of age, there would no longer be people who brushed up their existence in such a childish way. What’s more, why would his omega want to be told what to do?

Shi Yu’s eyebrows were slightly raised. A layer of mockery fell on his usually bland features, as if he had heard some kind of joke. “And then what?”

“Jiang ChengLi is the white moonlight of Nan Zhong. There are many people who like him. It’s not good to use pheromones, that isn’t a fair means to attract such a good alpha.” The younger student put on an embarrassed look. “Elder Shi, if it’s because you think hanging onto the Kaolin Flower can give you any sense of superiority, then you’re taking advantage of him–“

“Oh? What if I say I like that feeling of superiority?” Shi Yu asked rhetorically.

The little ice dragon in his pocket cocked his head.

The little student stared in disbelief.

Shi Yu thought the expression of the little student was kind of cute.

Sure enough, you have to use magic to defeat magic.

Shi Yu held his chin in his hand and mimicked his tone. “I didn’t do anything. I was very careful with the special period after my differentiation. There is such a thing as natural attraction between some alphas and omegas, I can’t help it.”

The young student was blocked from speaking by a speech that was both mortal and green tea. He looked at Shi Yu with a dumbfounded expression, full of dismay.

Shi Yu wasn’t in the mood to appreciate his expression, just pushed the milk tea to him and said with a smile. “It’s cold. Have a cup. Maybe your pheromones will turn sweet.”

The young student looked at the milk tea for a long time. By the time he came back to his senses, the seat across from him was already empty.

Shi Yu returned home, said hello to Shi Lan and then went to his room. He lovingly pulled out the little ice dragon. The little ice dragon climbed onto his pillow, took a long breath of deep sea fragrance, and raised his eyes to look at the omega who was in a very good mood.

Shi Yu’s usual mood was always very light, he thought, but this time, due to the young student’s bullying, he hadn’t expected to exit without a bomb.

After he washed up, Shi Yu kissed the little ice dragon and whispered a good night.

The little ice dragon who was lying on the pillow, condensed ice mist after Shi Yu was asleep. Jiang ChengLi sat on the edge of the bed and gently touched his cheek with his fingertips, as he smiled and whispered, “No need to care about others, I just like you.”


In the new week, Jiang ChengLi submitted his test report, got permission to come back to school and returned to school with a silver muzzle that set off a forum frenzy.

The little student was worried that the work transition was over and there was no excuse to go to the student union to see the alpha with the muzzle, but Jiang ChengLi messaged him and asked him to meet him in the student union after school at noon.

The younger student went to the appointment with a breath of fresh air and a determination to confess.

Jiang ChengLi was sitting in the student president’s seat. His thin lips under the muzzle were smiling. At first glance he looked lustful and wild, but his eyes were deep and inscrutable.

The younger student took a deep breath and was just about to speak when Jiang ChengLi interrupted first. “I heard that you like me?”


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Sue R
Sue R
September 10, 2021 5:13 pm

Ohhh… Jiang ChengLi is dropping a bomb 💣@ junior!! prepare to cry 😮😮😯

September 10, 2021 5:31 pm

*lights candle for the student trying to lay his paws on JCL* 🕯️

September 10, 2021 8:56 pm

Well done SY..beat all Prez Jiang admirers into pulp🤣🤣🤣🤣

September 11, 2021 3:13 am

Ohhh, I can feel the ultimate K.O. coming. A candle for the poor soul who tried to reach beyond his means. 🕯 The silver muzzle again, so … ahhh [swoon].

Thank you for the chaper!!!

September 11, 2021 4:34 am

Oh such beautiful shade – “maybe your pheromones will turn sweet”. You go Shi Yu!!!

September 11, 2021 5:59 am

That young, ‘shy’ (coughs) omega has some front. Let him down gently, JCL.
Shi Yu is still reaching for memories. Why doesn’t he blanket a question about him and JCL, to one if his friends (like “what do you think about JCL & I”).
Thank you for translating.

September 12, 2021 9:10 am

AAAAAAAHHHH the muzzle emerge agskflshslal will there be a fanart huhu I can’t draw sht QAQ

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