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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

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Yu Ze’s brain was suddenly flooded with information, his head was dizzy, and it took him a long time to regain his composure. The second mission was a two-star difficulty, the overhead was a modern world, with the addition to humans, there were vampires and werewolves.

Vampires and werewolves were still legendary to ordinary people, but they really existed, and they have signed a friendship agreement with the human special sector, not to interfere with each other, give mutual assistance and reciprocity. However, there were always heresies in the species, some vampires were unrestrained and saw humans as prey, while others believed that those who were not of their own kind must be different.

Yu Ze’s identity in this world was that of a newcomer to the Special Department, 21 years old, with the same name as him. The original, disguised as a vampire, was lurking around the Vampire Prince, and at the vampire party, he spiked his drink to kill the vampire, but was discovered and his human identity was revealed and killed.

Yu Ze’s mind relived the original death scene. It was bloody even compared to the last world and he could not help but frown.

He took a deep breath, a strange feeling came from his chest. The original, in order to disguise himself as a vampire, had installed a special device in his body.

“Knock, knock, knock…” A rhythmic knocking sensation came from above.

Yu Ze opened his eyes, saw blackness in front of him. He followed the original’s memory, his right hand groped at the side, found a raised button and pressed it. The wooden panel above slashed open from head to toe, and Yu Ze saw at once the handsome man leaning down to look at him.

Vampire Prince, Ayr Stra. 1

The man was extremely good-looking, with waist-length white hair, long eyebrows that almost reached his temples, deep eyes and a straight nose, light-colored thin lips, and cold white skin that, at first glance, looked like a dummy.

“How are you feeling, little one?” Ayr Stra’s voice was cold, but his tone was tinged with concern.

Yu Ze felt bad, if he had come to the mission world a little earlier, he would have been much better. At the present point in time, the original had already sold out in front of Ayr Stra, sincerely, about the whole process of becoming a newborn vampire.

He believed that if he admitted his human identity now, the Prince Lord would definitely give him a good look. And the exposure of his identity would most likely trigger trust issues between humans and vampires.

Ayr Stra, a representative of the vampire friendly faction, and he, who was attached to the human Special Department, with his identity, disguised as a vampire around Ayr, it was impossible not to be questioned.

His thoughts flew around and he smiled at Ayr, “Thank you, Prince, I am much better.”

He sat up, trying to maintain a light expression, ignoring the coffin next to him and the one he was in, and stood up from it and walked out.

Ayr’s fair and slender hand patted his head, “Such a good boy who knows his manners, we should eat.”

Yu Ze’s expression stiffened and his eyes swept toward the window, the curtains were drawn, but he could see through the cracks that the sun had gone down.

Ayr, “Follow me.”

Yu Ze followed Ayr out of the ‘dorm room’ to the dining room, where food was placed in front of two seats, a steak, and a cup of at least five hundred milliliters of ‘red bean paste’ milk tea.

“Sit down,” Ayr very gentlemanly pulled out the seat and waited for Yu Ze to sit down before he took the seat next to him, “Congratulations kid, I bought the steak specially to celebrate.”

Yu Ze smelled the aroma of steak and suddenly rose up with a strong feeling of emotion.

After becoming a Phoenix Awakened, his taste had changed drastically, smelling meat was comparable to smelling something bad, and now that he was human, his mouth automatically secreted when he smelled steak.

He hadn’t eaten meat for too long.

He picked up his knife and fork, “Thanks…”

Before he could finish another word of thanks, he paused. The knife only scratched on the steak, thick blood flowed out, the smell of blood spilled out, and he recoiled.

Ayr smiled smugly, “You’re welcome, it’s my old friend’s best work, humans can’t tell from the outside that there’s something inside.” He gave an enraptured look, “Oh, it’s delicious.”

Yu Ze’s grip on the knife tightened, but he couldn’t put his hand on it, let alone his mouth. He thought for a moment, “Sorry, I’m not used to it.”

Al’s eyes narrowed, “Don’t you think it’s delicious?”

Yu Ze’s heart tightened and he looked like he was faced with a delicious look and said against his will, “My hands are almost out of my control, I can’t wait to grab it and stuff it directly into my mouth, but…” He struggled, “Human consciousness won’t allow me to do that.”

Ayr Stra laughed softly, “Son, it seems you used to enjoy reading vampire lore, times are different now. This is artificial blood. It’s to our taste, gives us energy, but of course,” he shrugged, “it’s not cheap. Humans and vampires have a friendship agreement, feeding on human blood is forbidden,” his voice got a little more serious, “You have to remember, never touch human blood, or the withdrawal will make you suffer.”

Yu Ze sighed in relief and couldn’t help but weep silently in his heart, the food he was getting for his mission was too bad!

“I will remember carefully,” he cautiously promised.

Ayr Stra’s expression was pleasant, “What an obedient little fellow.”

Yu Ze couldn’t help but look at him, Ayr Stra raised an eyebrow, “What?”

Yu Ze, “I’m not young anymore, you talk like an elder.”

Ayr Stra, “Of course I’m your elder,” he said with a kind face, “I’ll guide you so you can learn the survival skills of a newborn vampire.”

Yu Ze, “That’s too much trouble for you, I’ve recovered physically, I’ll leave after dinner.”

“No,” Ayr Stra refused flatly, “you don’t know anything, you’re prone to make mistakes, and it’s not good to cause conflicts between humans and vampires. I like my life too much to allow anyone to ruin it,” he said with a glance at Yu Ze and a hooked lip, “Anyone.”

Yu Ze secretly regretted that his idea of leaving immediately in case he was exposed was shattered. He had a serious face, “I will learn.”

As soon as he learned the survival skills Ayr said, Ayr should be relieved enough for him to be able to leave. 

Ayr praised again, “Good boy, let’s eat.”

Yu Ze held back his stomach and ate dinner with Ayr. After eating, he had a faint fishy taste in his mouth, which was really unpleasant, and went to the bathroom. He rinsed his mouth with water in his hand several times in a row and was ready to do it again when Ayr’s voice came from behind him, “Here’s a clean cup.”

Ayr’s footsteps were so light that Yu Ze didn’t hear any movement at all. When he heard his words at first, he was startled and his hand accidentally touched the corner of his mouth, and a pair of sharp teeth suddenly emerged.

Yu Ze’s hands were scrambling, trying to retrieve the dentures from his mouth according to the original’s memory, but before he succeeded, Ayr put his hand on his shoulder and spoke in a serious tone, “Are you triggered by food instincts?”

Ayr thumped the glass of water on the sink, holding Yu Ze’s shoulder and turning Yu Ze, the two of them facing each other, he stared at Yu Ze closely, “Take it back.”

Yu Ze covered his teeth and his voice was a little slurred, “I’ll take it right back.”

Ayr, “The first thing you need to learn is to disguise your identity, including control of your teeth, control of your nails, and never show them in front of humans, or your identity will be exposed. This will cause panic among humans and is a violation of the contract with humans!”

Yu Ze nodded repeatedly, “I will control it.”

Ayr was satisfied with his attitude and let go of him, said while coiling his hair, “I’m going out to work, you stay at home. Don’t show your teeth for a week, and I’ll teach you how to work.”

He put his long hair up and put on a beret to look cool.

Yu Ze was shocked, “Do you still need to work?”

Ayr raised an eyebrow, “Sure, how else are we going to buy food? You can forget about being a vampire and think of yourself as a human.”

Yu Ze: I already was!

“Okay,” he nodded, careful in passing just in case, “I just converted, I still have my human habits, I shouldn’t be suspected.”

Ayr’s manicured nails nudged his teeth, “It would be more convincing without that.”

Ayr finished walking out the door and waved his hand towards the back, “I locked the door, you are forbidden to go out until you can stabilize the control, there is a computer at home, do whatever you want.”

Yu Ze watched him go out, made sure he left, and hurried back to the bathroom to study the small mechanism of the dentures in the mirror to make sure he could put them in and out freely.

Next, he familiarized himself with Ayr’s place.

Ayr’s house had three rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom, the master bedroom had a king bed with light blue sheets with a thin blanket, very much in line with the human hobby, however, there was not a single wrinkle on it.

Obviously, this was used for camouflage.

And the room used to put the coffins in had a sign hanging on the door claiming it to be the storage room. Yu Ze looked over, inexplicably felt chills, quickly closed the door and went to the study.


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Translator Notes:

  1. 艾尔斯特 Actual translation: IJlst a City in the Netherlands. I changed it to something that normal people would be able to pronounce. By splitting it 艾尔 and 斯特


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Rachel Kim
January 31, 2022 6:44 pm

Thank you for updating!!!!

January 31, 2022 11:00 pm

Oh… okay so he has to avoid being killed while on the mission. I wonder what he’ll do?

Thank you for the chapter!!!

February 1, 2022 10:37 am

This Author likes her setting a little peculiar, lol.

February 3, 2022 8:02 am

I got stupidly confused… End was of last mission story, not novel 🤦‍♀️ durr.
Oooh, vampires are my favourite. Looking forward to more of this.
Doesn’t he miss Long Yuan though?
Thanks for translating and editing.

Sue R
Sue R
February 21, 2022 7:14 am

Interesting start of this word, vampire is one of my favorite creature. I have a feeling this is going to be a very gentle and pampered life of Yu Zi, he already got special care from superior. Thank you.

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I swooned at the vampire prince
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