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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


The study was very large, with three walls of bookshelves, filled with books, and a computer on the desk which was very new. The study had its own balcony with a bamboo rattan lounger and a small bamboo rattan table that had a book on it, and a vase with fresh roses in the corner.

Yu Ze stood at the door of the balcony and looked around, but did not go inside, where Ayr apparently stayed for a long time. After turning around, he finally sat down in front of the computer and turned it on to search for information about vampires.

Ayr would not let the ‘newborn vampire’ him leave for the time being, so he would have to try his best to disguise his identity, otherwise it would be dangerous if his identity was exposed. To understand the vampire’s habits, he needed to disguise perfectly.

There was a lot of information about vampires on the internet, but many of them were legends. He carefully browsed through the more reliable information and silently noted it in his heart.

Fear of sunlight, love of darkness, love of blood, love of beauty…       hh …

He looked at the webpage for a long time. Not only did it have a lot of vampire stories, but also a lot of photos. When he suddenly saw a bloody picture, he was shocked.

The picture was of a man lying in a pool of blood, his face covered by a white cloth. His head was twisted to the right and there were two bloody holes on his exposed neck, with blood flowing out along the holes and sliding down curves on the side of his neck.

[The scene of last month’s beastly murder was not a beastly crime at all, it was vampire!]

[Demonic, right? The legend is a legend, the rodeo is sprouting. The police have closed the case, it was not a vampire.]

[Yes, the vampires are representatives of beauty. This scene is too unattractive.]

[Oh, I do not believe it. Have you not heard of violence? Representatives of beauty? The vampire is simply the devil, this kind of stinky creature wants beauty? Really funny.]

This person’s reply was sprayed by the vampire fanboys with a face full of saliva, and then did not bubble up again.

Yu Ze’s mind floated the scene of the original’s death, closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, closed the post. He agreed with the man who said it was a vampire who did it.

A few wild vampires were not restrained, and did not agree with the friendly agreement between humans and vampires, still hunting their prey in the original way.

Thus the Special Department’s action team was created, whose daily task was to track down these unregistered wild vampires. He opened the movie player and found a vampire movie highly recommended. He was ready to learn the acting skills, especially the hungry and impatient expression when facing blood.

At first he felt a little uncomfortable, the room was too dark, but thinking about the vampire’s hobby and not knowing when Ayr would return, he resisted turning on the lights. Soon, he became fascinated, and when he finished it once, he realized that he had completely watched for the plot and had not learned what he wanted to learn.

Anyway, he watched it again.

The female lead was accidentally injured, the vampire male lead was attracted to the blood. The whole person was in an extreme struggle, and the music followed the tension.

“Is he handsome?” Suddenly, a voice came to his ears.

“Ah!!!” Yu Ze was scared out of his mind, springing up from the stool and turning his head with a horrified look.

Ayr’s handsome face looked obscure in the light of the computer, and his eyes faintly flushed with dark red.

Yu Ze’s heart was beating wildly as he hurriedly backed up, hit the armrest of the seat and gave a painful ‘hiss’. He held the backrest, and could finally stand stable.

A low laugh sounded, then a cold voice that was a little nice said, “Little one, you are really small.”

“You, you, you…” Yu Ze’s voice was not loud, but when he heard Ayr’s voice, he calmed down a lot, “When did you come back?”

He didn’t hear any movement at all.

“Just now,” Ayr said, turning on the light. He leaned against the desk, a pair of long legs placed diagonally, looking extra long. He took off his beret with one hand, propped it up on the desk with the other, looked sideways at Yu Ze and raised his eyebrows, “Cowardly and still don’t turn on the light?”

The light dispelled the remaining fear in Yu Ze’s heart. He frowned and said against his will, “I don’t like light very much.”

Ayr casually ruffled his long white hair, “It’s normal, we like the dark.” His chin slightly lifted and gestured at the computer, “You just looked so fascinated. Do you like the main character?”

Yu Ze, of course, could not say it was to learn, “Not bad, quite handsome.”

Ayr tsked, “You have seen too little. Later I will take you to meet the clan and improve your aesthetics.”

Yu Ze looked at Ayr’s features that were better than the main characters of the aesthetic cartoon, and couldn’t help but be curious, “Are all vampires handsome?”

“Of course,” Ayr stared at him for two seconds, “Oh, I stand corrected, some look delicate.” He leaned down and placed his long fingers on the side of Yu Ze’s face, “You, for example, are cute, but not handsome. A pretty little guy.”

Yu Ze’s body withdrew back to avoid his hand.

“What a perceptive, sensitive little guy,” Ayr teased. He laughed and stood up straight from his desk, “You keep watching the movie and I’ll call you for breakfast when it’s time.”

Yu Ze’s face tensed up at the thought of food, “Thanks.”

At five o’clock, Ayr stood at the door of the study and knocked on the door, “Let’s go, it’s time for breakfast.”

Yu Ze followed Ayr, walked to the balcony, and then turned left. He then realized that there was a staircase to the left of the balcony that led upstairs.

As soon as he went upstairs, Yu Ze was flashed by the numerous small lights built into the shed, and immediately after that, he noticed that under the light shed was a floor of roses on the roof, and the morning breeze mixed with the fragrance of the flowers, everything looked beautiful. Between the rose bushes, there was a table and two chairs, each with a large cup of ‘tomato juice’.

Ayr walked over and picked up the tomato juice on the left side, tapping his chin to indicate Yu Ze to sit on the left side. Yu Ze obediently sat down, with great anticipation, hoping that Ayr would be too hungry and snatch his food away.

Ayr sat down on the right side, looked at Yu Ze, and ran his finger along the rim of the glass. He then lifted off the complete round film to reveal the bright red liquid inside.

The nice smell of flowers was spoiled by the faint fishy smell. Yu Ze’s fingers on his lap subconsciously tightened, refraining from showing an expression of disgust.

Ayr put the tomato juice in front of Yu Ze, and the fishy smell got heavier.

Ayr said, “Now, you can’t eat it yet.”

He took a straw, inserted it into the tomato juice in front of him and took a sip, showing an intoxicated look.

Yu Ze’s expression stiffened slightly and his heart tightened.

Was he showing his face, was Ayr testing him? Should he look like he can’t resist the food and drink his breakfast regardless of Ayr’s words? He was unsure of Ayr’s attitude and was wavering between not drinking it for now and drinking it immediately. 

He thought about how the heroes in movies behaved when they encountered blood, and his throat twitched. His gaze fixed on the tomato juice as if his consciousness was taken over by the food.

Ayr stared at him, elegantly enjoying his breakfast without saying a word.

Yu Ze became more and more nervous and decided to test Ayr’s mind, moving his hand to the table, “I…”

Ayr pointed down his hand, “You’re doing well, little one, keep it up. Be a good boy and put your hand down.”

Yu Ze was confused and put down his hand. Ayr’s tone sounded particularly kind so he was less nervous and couldn’t help but ask, “Why did you do that?”

Ayr answered, “I told you that you have to learn to control yourself in five days, I’m exercising you. As long as you can maintain your composure in the face of blood and not reveal your weaknesses, you have passed the test.”

He complimented in the tone of an elder, “You did great little one, I could see that you were tormented, but you looked like a human being. Look, your teeth and your claws, they were all under your control, keep it up.”

Yu Ze: I’m supposed to be a human being!

He was indeed tormented, both to endure the smell of dislike and not being able to guess Ayr’s mind.

Hearing Ayr say that, he suddenly relaxed a bit, but quickly woke up and continued to feel torment for the tomato juice giving it a love-it-or-hate-it look.

Ayr finished his breakfast, wiped the corner of his lips elegantly, and said to Yu Ze, “You can enjoy your breakfast, little one.”

Yu Ze was ruthless and looked like he was very hungry, holding his cup like milk tea and taking a big sip.

There was a weight on his right shoulder. Ayr put one hand on his shoulder and squeezed his wrist with the other, “No way, little one, it doesn’t fit my aesthetics.”

Ayr took the cup, put it on the table, inserted a straw, and took a tissue to wipe the corner of Yu Ze’s mouth, “Remember, carve elegance into your bones.”

Yu Ze was dumbfounded and inexplicably embarrassed, and he had to be grateful that this body had undergone special surgery and the blush was not visible. He quickly grabbed the dirty tissue from Ayr’s hand, “Thank you, I’ll remember.”

Ayr smiled and rubbed the top of his hair, “Good boy.”

Yu Ze was slightly stunned by the touch on the top of his head, he touched his hair and looked at Ayr.

Ayr had already gone to the side, picked up the watering can and skillfully watered the roses.

“Little one, there’s not much time left for breakfast, it’s almost time for us to go to bed.” Ayr reminded.

Yu Ze withdrew his eyes, glad that Ayr couldn’t see his expression.

Yu Ze finished his juice and voluntarily cleared the table. Empty cups and used tissues went into the garbage bag, carrying them in his hand.

Ayr stopped watering the flowers, put down the watering can, wiped his hands clean, and swept his eyes over the rose bush, “Do you think it looks good, little one?”

Yu Ze said honestly, “Yes.”

Ayr turned his head to look at him, saw the garbage bag in his hand and smiled, “That’s a good boy,” he walked towards Yu Ze, “Do you like roses?”

Yu Ze replied, “Yes.”

Ayr smiled again, “I’ll show you the rose garden in my castle sometime, it’s better than this. Come on, it’s time for us to rest.”

Yu Ze followed Ayr downstairs and put the trash in the trash can by the door, as Ayr had instructed.

Ayr then asked him, “Both the bathroom in the master bedroom and bathroom have a shower, which room do you want to wash in?”

Yu Ze pointed to the one with the ‘master bedroom’ sign.

Ayr nodded and went to the bathroom by himself. The master bedroom bathroom was smaller than the bathroom, but it was exquisitely decorated, although there was no sign of human activity.

Yu Ze seriously looked at this body, as Ayr said, he was exquisite and lovely. Hair slightly curly, a pair of large eyes, long and curved eyelashes, with a little baby fat, lips cherry blossom color, white and soft skin, like a doll. It is more vivid and lovely than the original memory.

Yu Ze couldn’t help but pinch his cheeks and was a little bit taken aback.

He blinked his eyes, and the genie in the mirror blinked with him. Yu Ze secretly regretted that Ayr had seen many beauties, and if he looked like this, Ayr would not let him off in the face of his looks.

He washed up while thinking back, today’s performance was not bad, he just needed to keep up the good work. He washed up and returned to the storage room, Ayr had not yet arrived, he thought about Ayr’s long hair and expressed great understanding.

With only him and the two coffins in the room, he couldn’t help but feel a little more at ease when he saw the glimmer of sunlight peeking through the curtains.

He followed his memory and laid down on his ‘bed’ under the coffin lid, pressed the switch and the lid closed from bottom to top, from the outside, it was just a most ordinary empty bed. It didn’t take long for him to hear movement next door. Soon the movement disappeared, and there was not even the sound of breathing.

Yu Ze was a little scared, and it took him a long time to fall asleep. Before he fell asleep, he thought, we must do more things at night in the future, it is good to fall asleep when you are tired.

For the next three days, Yu Ze’s life was very regular. Ayr exercised him with food at every meal, and he did very well, Ayr said he was very satisfied.

Knock knock knock…” A familiar, regular knocking sound came from above Yu Ze’s head.

He pressed the switch and the lid slid down to meet Ayr’s handsome face, Ayr, “Little one, wash up, dinner is coming. You go get it.”

Yu Ze froze. These days, the meals were prepared by Ayr and he just ate.

He hurriedly answered and climbed up, “Okay.”

He was a little happy, at least he could do something.


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February 1, 2022 11:48 pm

So far, so good. Special agent Yu Ze is doing good. I just wonder how he’s going to avoid the OH’s bloody death?
Thank you for the chapter!!!

February 2, 2022 3:22 am

Thanks for the chapter! Happy Lunar New Year!

February 3, 2022 8:35 am

I wonder why original Yu Ze was supposed to kill Ayr; unless it’s a front, as a vampire supportive of the friendship deal with humans, it doesn’t make sense. Unless original him’s orders are from an organisation that wants rid of vampires.
Will he end up falling for Ayr?
Thanks for translating and editing.

Sue R
Sue R
February 21, 2022 7:45 am

😆😆😆 Ayr went to work and was at night so when he came back that was the morning then they had breakfast and went to sleep. …almost confused me.
But…was Yu Zi really human disguised or new born vampire did he exactly know himself?

March 7, 2022 6:18 pm

I’m clearly hung up on the last world/mission because when he talks about not liking the light, I felt like he was rejecting his green dragon 😂

November 23, 2022 7:43 pm

Whenever the prince pats him in the head, I’d wonder if mc has or will portray withdrawal symptoms from the last world 😅 he doesn’t talk about it anymore or miss the husband he had till old age


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