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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Not long after Yu Ze finished washing up, the bell outside the door rang. Ayr stood by the door and waved to Yu Ze, “Come and get it.”

Yu Ze felt a bit strange. He thought there was something wrong, but Ayr looked like everything was fine, and like he just wanted to watch Yu Ze pick up the delivery. 

He opened the door, and the courier outside handed over his dinner and said smoothly, “Hello, your dinner… Wow, are you a star?”

Yu Ze took the dinner and smiled at him, “No, thank you.”

The courier said, “No, it wasn’t hard work.” He looked at Yu Ze’s face and his eyes were full of amazement, “Really not? You look better than a star.”

Ayr took Yu Ze by the shoulders, “He is not, we are just ordinary cosplayers.”

The courier looked at Ayr shaking his long white hair, again with a face of amazement, and praised, “You guys look so good…” The courier was very complimentary.

Ayr smiled politely and after a while, blinked and pointed to his collar, “You have a black thing here, it looks like a dead little flying bug.”

The courier hurriedly patted it with his hand, explaining, “It should have fallen through the tree and onto my body, your food is guaranteed clean.”

Ayr agreed, “I believe you, you smell clean.” He said, coming closer to look at it.

Yu Ze’s heart tightened. He associated with the movie scenes and suspected that Ayr wanted to take advantage of such an opportunity to suck blood.

In the next moment Ayr took a step back. Ayr patted Yu Ze’s shoulder, “You go help him get it off.”

Yu Ze, “…” He didn’t even see the little flying insect body.

Ayr tapped again, “Just a little help.”

Yu Ze didn’t understand what he was trying to do, but when he saw the courier’s embarrassed face as he kept patting his collar, he responded and smiled at the courier, “I’ll help you.” He pretended to approach the courier, raised his hand to touch the courier’s collar, and then waved his hand, “I’ll throw it away.”

The courier sighed in relief, “Thank you, have a nice meal.”

Ayr closed the door and leaned against the wall to look at Yu Ze.

Yu Ze was inexplicably nervous, “What, what’s wrong?”

Ayr smiled abruptly. His handsome features brightened up. If it were a comic, there would be a shower of roses as a background.

Ayr rubbed the top of his hair, “Seeing a human’s neck up close and still being calm, you’re great. You passed the test.”

Yu Ze froze for a moment, then realized.

Ayr was just testing him. If he was really a vampire, he would probably lose control if he didn’t have enough self-control when he was that close to a human aorta.

His heart tightened, secretly chagrined that his expression was too calm. Good thing he just opened his eyes and said something awkward, his expression was not so natural, otherwise Ayr might have suspected him.

He showed a delighted expression, “Passed? Can I learn survival skills from you now?”

Ayr nodded, “Yes, I’ll start teaching you tonight.”

Yu Ze said, “I’ll try to learn.”

Learn and leave!

Ayr complimented, “That’s a good boy, let’s go and have dinner first.”

After they finished their dinner, Ayr looked Yu Ze over and went to his room to get two hats, a black duck-tongue hat and a black wrap-around hat.

He handed Yu Ze the hat, “Put it on.”

Yu Ze obediently put it on. Ayr looked at him, reached out and gently pressed the brim of the hat, so that the hat covered half of his delicate face.

Yu Ze’s vision was affected and he felt uncomfortable, but did not move.

Ayr showed a satisfied look, thinking this ‘junior newborn vampire’ was very likeable.

He tidied up his hair, hid the white hair in the wrap-around cap and slightly tidied up, “Let’s go.”

Yu Ze looked up at him and instantly received a blast of beauty. The black cap made Ayr’s skin look even whiter, and the shape was extra cool. He looked especially handsome.

Ayr hooked his lips and smiled, “More handsome than the movie hero, right?”

Yu Ze nodded honestly. Ayr let out a low laugh and rubbed the top of his hair, “So good.”

Yu Ze was slightly stunned, Ayr turned around and pushed the door open, “Let’s go.”

Yu Ze hurriedly followed him out. Ayr said, “The main thing to survive is to get food, and to get food, you need money to buy, so you have to learn to earn money.”

The two walked to the first floor and Ayr said, “Wait here.”

Yu Ze nodded obediently.

Ayr turned right, walked to the roll-up door next door, opened it, and walked forward.

In a few moments, Yu Ze heard the sound of a motorcycle starting up, followed by a bright silver and white cool motorcycle pulling out and stopping steadily in front of him.

Yu Ze knew a little bit about motorcycles, so he knew at first glance that the motorcycle was not cheap and had good performance.

Ayr placed his left foot on the ground, handed Yu Ze a helmet, inclined his head and said, “Put it on, come up.”

Yu Ze took off his duck tongue cap, put on his helmet and got on.

The two of them were suddenly extremely close to each other. Yu Ze was a little uncomfortable so he moved backwards, holding the cap in one hand and putting the other hand behind him.

He guessed, “Going racing?”

Ayr responded, “No, racing is too boring. If you’re interested, I’ll take you there later.”

Yu Ze’s upper body swayed, and his hands pushed slightly to stabilize his body.

Fifteen minutes later, Ayr’s locomotive stopped at a gourmet restaurant in the demolition area of Yuncheng.

Ayr parked and got off. Yu Ze followed closely and was about to take his helmet when Ayr said, “Don’t take it off now.”

He opened his phone, moved to Yu Ze’s side and showed the screen to Yu Ze, “On this app, we can know immediately when someone places an order, and we can set the area we like to work in. Today’s first order, the customer is in this neighborhood. This neighborhood is my recent discovery, very interesting.”

Yu Ze looked at the phone screen, a bit dumbfounded. He was not quite sure and asked, “You said to make money, as a courier?”

Ayr replied, “Yes, I’ll take you for two days first and get you familiar with the work content. Later you will have to work alone, come with me to pick up meals.”

He said and approached the store. Yu Ze hurriedly followed, still a bit incredulous, “Racing is boring, isn’t delivery boring?”

Ayr said, “Of course not, you’ll love this job too. Trust me, it’s the best job for us.”

Yu Ze: Are the vampires of this world so unambitious?

Ayr quickly picked up the meal, then took two more orders nearby, located the nearest buyer from his phone, got on his motorcycle, took Yu Ze with him, and arrived at the buyer’s neighborhood in no time.

It was already dark at this time. There were street lights in the area, but they were not very bright, and there were many camphor trees planted along the roadside, lush with many black shadows along the way.

But at this time, the community activities of many people were not horrible.

The buyer was on the sixth floor. Yu Ze changed into the duck cap and followed Ayr, walking very fast from the first floor to the sixth floor, a little tired, but afraid to say.

“Hello, the takeaway has arrived.” Ayr knocked on the door.

The buyer was obviously very security conscious. The door opened with a crack, and after naming it, the buyer stretched out a hand to take the takeaway, said ‘thank you’ and closed the door.

Yu Ze subconsciously looked at Ayr’s face, no wonder he didn’t deliberately cover up his face.

Ayr walked downstairs, “See, it’s as simple as that, and it will be even simpler when it’s late at night.”

Yu Ze didn’t care about the meaning of his words. There was a bad feeling in his heart. “Is there no elevator in this neighborhood?”

“Most of them don’t have it,” Ayr laughed, “This is a demolition area so having no elevator is better, isn’t it?”

Yu Ze didn’t feel good at all. He wasn’t a real vampire so he couldn’t physically keep up.

When he reached the third house, Ayr obviously noticed his condition, “Tired?”

Yu Ze was tired, but remembered his identity, “Fine.”

Ayr laughed lightly, “Strong little guy, wait for me downstairs later. You’ve only transformed, you’ll get stronger and stronger in the future.”

Yu Ze breathed a sigh of relief, “Okay.”

When it was almost twelve o’clock, Yu Ze understood what Ayr meant by ‘wait for late night, it will be easier’.

He stood at the bottom of the building, tilting his head in disbelief and watching Ayr leap up the stairs in a straight line by leaping over the windowsill, and then disappearing through the window. Within moments, Ayr reappeared, jumping down the stairs lightly and quickly.

“This is much faster,” Ayr said, “but unfortunately it’s not late at night and the neighborhood is crowded.”

Yu Ze felt bad, “I don’t have to learn this, do I?”

He was afraid he wouldn’t learn.

Ayr asked, “What, you think it’s hard?”

Yu Ze said smoothly, “I can’t do it now.”

Ayr said, “Soon you will be able to do it. When I asked you to take the stairs you do not even want to, do you want to try this?”

Yu Ze refused, “No.”

Ayr laughed lightly and tapped the brim of his hat with his finger, “Then I’ll let you feel it later, the emotion of fear, it’s so unglamorous. You’re afraid because of the unknown, but when you’ve felt it, you won’t be afraid.” He picked up his phone and looked at it, “Just in time, next delivery of fried chicken, sixth floor.”

When the two arrived downstairs at the fried chicken buyer, not a single person was in sight along the way, but there was the unmistakable sound of a quarrel.

Ayr looked upstairs, “Listen, here comes the interesting one.”

He handed the takeaway to Yu Ze, who took it. He picked up Yu Ze directly, bent his knees and bounced up the next moment.

Yu Ze’s heart beat wildly, he exclaimed, and bit his lip again in a hurry. The wind whipped by his ears quickly, and before he could get back to his senses, he was released by Ayr.

“Well, isn’t that cool?” Ayr’s question seemed a little small at the sound of the quarrel.

Yu Ze pulled the corner of his mouth stiffly, “Yes.”

Ayr said, “It’ll be cooler down there later.”

He finished and knocked on the door of the buyer’s room, which quickly opened and before it closed, the buyer spat out, “The fifth floor is noisy every day, it’s annoying.”

Yu Ze stood at the window, nervously ready to take the ‘jumping machine’.

Ayr came over, but instead of going straight down, he said, “Go to the fifth floor.”

He walked to the stairway. Yu Ze froze but then hurried to follow.

“Are you going to talk to those fighting?” He was a little curious.

Ayr inclined his head to look at him, “I won’t.”

He walked to the fifth floor stairway and didn’t walk out, but leaned against the wall, listening to the quarrel.

Yu Ze then stood next to him as well.

The woman’s voice was hoarse and sobbing, “You son of a bitch. I’m telling you, I’m not finished with you. This house is paid for by my parents, you have nothing to do with it.”

“Get out of the way. The property certificate has my name, you don’t have to quarrel with me. Every day you come back only to quarrel.”

“How can I not be annoyed when you are looking for someone else?”

There was a ‘bang’, the sound of something falling to the ground, followed by screaming and cursing.

Ayr dialed his cell phone, “Hello, xx Building, condo 5001. Reporting a murder.” He said, turning the receiver to the sound of the quarrel, and hung up.

Yu Ze exclaimed, “…You’re lying about the report!”

“How so?” Ayr shushed him with his finger in his lips and came close to Yu Ze’s ear, “Listen, the man is already on the edge of impatience, it won’t be long before he does it.”

Yu Ze felt a chill on his back, “You, you feel it?”


The author has something to say: Thank you for your support (づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭? ~

Ayr: It’s me, the most handsome courier!


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Thanks for the chapter x
I really want to know how Yu Ze it’s going to trick Ayr!
I’m expecting Yu Ze to come up with some amazing nonsense, how else is it going to get away with it?

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Rachel Kim
February 2, 2022 11:30 am

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Blizzard passing by said hey~
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