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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Yu Ze saw Ayr’s affirmation and couldn’t help but guess that Ayr could tell from other people’s emotions what was going to happen next. Ayr shrugged his shoulders, “It’s just a trick, you’ll know it when you see it more often,” he let out a low laugh and asked, “This job is interesting, right?”

Yu Ze did not find it interesting, but understood what Ayr meant by interesting. Not far from them, the noise escalated from time to time with the sound of objects falling. He asked, “Do you usually encounter this kind of thing?”

The noise was too loud for Ayr to hear, so he turned slightly sideways and approached Yu Ze before asking in his ear, “What did you say?”

Yu Ze was not used to such a close distance. He subconsciously moved to the side, slightly raised his voice, and asked again.

Ayr raised his right eyebrow and paused for a second before answering, “Not this kind, but all kinds. Humans are interesting.”

“Ah!” A painful cry came out abruptly, accompanied by the man’s foul and harsh words.

Yu Ze’s heart tightened and he didn’t have time to think before he stepped forward, only to be grabbed by Ayr.

Ayr’s hands were hard, pulling him back, pressing his shoulders so that he was leaning against the wall while the other looked down at him, “Little guy, you’re too impulsive. Don’t move from here.”

He finished and instantly disappeared from in front of Yu Ze, followed by the sound of a knock on the door.

“Who is it?” The man asked loudly with a grumpy and panicked tone.

The woman screamed, “He’s trying to kill me. Help!”

The knocking didn’t stop, and no one answered.

The man cursed, went to the door and looked out the peephole, met a bloodshot eye, screamed in fear, backed up and fell to the ground.


Ayr went back to the stairwell and said to Yu Ze, “Let’s go.”

Yu Ze had been standing in place, only hearing the sound, and was then curious, “What did you just do?”

Ayr kept it short and sweet, “A good thing.”

Yu Ze was about to ask again when his waist tightened and then his body went airborne. His eyes widened, “Wait…”

Before he could finish the word ‘wait’, Ayr quickly moved to the window and jumped straight down. A strong sense of weightlessness came, and Yu Ze subconsciously grabbed Ayr’s shoulder.

Ayr lightly lent his strength to the windowsill and wall, and soon landed on the first floor. Yu Ze’s eyes were tightly closed, and his long eyelashes cast shadows on his eyelids under the streetlight, his features were exquisite.

Ayr looked down and gave a light laugh, “It seems you don’t like it.”

Yu Ze opened his eyes, his eyelashes looked like a butterfly spreading its wings. Ayr’s heart was slightly moved; the little guy was so pretty.

Yu Ze looked at Ayr’s face close at hand, his head tilted back slightly. He hurriedly withdrew his hand on Ayr’s shoulder and pulled out a more convincing reason, “I’m a little afraid of heights.” His voice lowered, “Thank you, you can put me down now.”

Ayr didn’t put him down, but walked straight to the motorcycle and put him in the back seat.

Yu Ze hurriedly sat down, “Thank you.”

“You’re a polite little guy.” Ayr said with a smile, put on his helmet and got on.

As they were leaving the neighborhood, the motorcycle and a police car passed each other.

Yu Ze looked at Ayr’s back and couldn’t help but guess that Ayr had timed it right.

The man was scared, and would stop for a short period of time, and when he did, he’d go out to see who was acting like a ghost. And by then, the police would arrive.

The work after that was very calm. Yu Ze was more surprised that there were still so many people ordering take-out in the early morning.

At 4:30 a.m., Ayr called it a day and the two of them returned to their place.

Yu Ze was so sleepy. Five days before, he was able to squint at any time during the night while watching a movie, but tonight he didn’t rest at all. He slept a lot during the day, but in reality, he didn’t sleep a lot of the time, and he wasn’t used to a completely reversed day and night routine.

Ayr picked up his breakfast and took him up to the top floor to enjoy it.

Yu Ze was holding a straw, his big eyes drooping. They closed slightly, then opened again in a hurry before closing again after a while, his head also tilted a little bit.

Ayr watched with amusement and ate as he watched. When he was done, he couldn’t help but rub the top of Yu Ze’s hair, “You can rest when you’re done eating.”

Yu Ze looked up at him blankly, and Long Yuan’s figure came to his mind. Long Yuan loved to rub his hair. He sealed the memory and moved his body back a little, “Mn, we’ll be done eating soon.”

Ayr looked at his hand that was stuck in mid-air and looked at Yu Ze, “Little guy, do you hate me?”

Yu Ze lifted his spirits and shook his head, “No,” he understood why Ayr was asking and explained, “I’m just not used to being too close to people.”

“That’s good,” Ayr’s lips curled up into a smile, “I’ve taught many new vampires, and you’re the best behaved and the one I like the most, I’d be upset if you hated me.”

Yu Ze said seriously, “I don’t hate you.”

The Ayr he had seen was very nice, and therefore he disapproved of the original and his boss’s actions even more.

Ayr’s smile deepened, “That’s a good boy.” He turned around and watered the flowers.

Yu Ze continued to eat breakfast. When he finished what was on the table, Ayr put down the watering can, and they went downstairs together.

Yu Ze washed up and went back to his ‘bed’ to sleep, and soon fell asleep.

This was the best sleep he had ever had in this world, and he woke up in good spirits. He stretched his ears and listened, but heard no movement. He thought about it, pressed the switch and got up. The curtains were tightly drawn and the room looked dim. He looked at the time: 3PM.

He lightened his footsteps and gently walked out of the room, and the living room was instantly much brighter.

“Little one, you’re awake early today.” Ayr’s voice came from the balcony.

Yu Ze looked over and saw Ayr sitting leisurely on a wicker chair, his long white hair falling softly behind his back. He was holding a book in his left hand and looking at him sideways.

“I slept well last night.” Yu Ze finished his reply and hurriedly averted his eyes.

Ayr probably woke up and took a shower. He was wearing a pure black cross-neck bathrobe, with a belt casually tied around his waist; his white collarbone and chest were exposed, and he looked casual and lazy.

Ayr took his reaction in his eyes, put his book against his chin, sized him up twice and smiled, “Then you should be in good spirits tonight. Play whatever you want first, I’ll take you out after dinner.”

Yu Ze nodded, went to the master bedroom to wash up, then played on the computer for a while, and ate with Ayr.

After eating, Ayr asked, “Do you know how to ride a motorcycle?”

Yu Ze shook his head.

“What about electric bikes?” Ayr asked again.

Yu Ze continued to shake his head.

Ayr said, “Then we won’t work tonight. I’ll teach you how to ride a motorcycle first.”

Ayr took Yu Ze directly to a racing track in the suburbs. Ayr said, “There’s no race tonight, so it’s a good time to borrow it.”

He didn’t talk nonsense and started teaching directly. He spoke very carefully, the function of each place was clearly stated, and after finishing, he randomly checked to make sure Yu Ze remembered it all before he started the practical teaching.

“You sit in front.” Ayr said.

Yu Ze sat on the motorcycle, Ayr sat behind him and lightly pressed his shoulders, “Lean over, relax. Don’t be nervous, I won’t let anything happen to you.”

Yu Ze bit his lip and started the motorcycle as Ayr said. It lurched forward and the distant scenery quickly approached. The scene of an accident flashed through his mind and his heart panicked. He couldn’t think at all how to speed up and how to slow down, his hand slipped and the bike went even faster.

He panicked and tried to slow down, but his hands moved too much, driving the front of the motorcycle, and the route twisted. Not far ahead was the stone wall, Yu Ze panicked even more, a layer of cold sweat rose behind his back.

“Take it easy.” Ayr came up with a warmth behind him, and then the back of his hand was covered by Ayr’s hand, and Ayr took over the control.

Ayr brought the motorcycle to a steady stop, and Yu Ze collapsed helplessly in his arms.

Ayr looked down, “Are you scared?”

Yu Ze closed his eyes, sat upright and got off the bike, “I’m sorry, I don’t want to learn.”

He had been sitting behind Ayr during the previous ride, not appreciating the feeling in front so he didn’t realize that he had a lingering shadow of the crash. He knew very well that he could not ride or drive on his own for a while.

Ayr asked, “So scared?”

Yu Ze said honestly, “I’ve been in a car accident, and I thought I’d be fine on a motorcycle, but I can’t.”

Ayr’s good-looking eyebrows slowly wrinkled, “Then you can’t be a courier for the time being. When you reach the top of your ability, it’s okay not to ride a bike, but you can’t right now.” Soon, his eyebrows unfolded and he patted Yu Ze’s shoulder, “It’s okay, I’ll ask someone. There will be a job for you.”

Yu Ze was relieved that Ayr was not bothered about the courier job. He thought about it and said, “I studied painting, I can try to find a job online.”

Ayr praised, “That’s great, let’s try.”

Yu Ze felt that Ayr was really like a kind elder, except for his looks. Ayr sent Yu Ze home and went to deliver the goods himself. Yu Ze checked the online channels to earn money from painting, and chose the faster job, taking all kinds of casual orders for illustration or portrait drawings.

However, he had no finished drawings, he couldn’t advertise or set prices, and was still jobless for the time being. What’s worse, he didn’t have the tools to draw, so he had to ask Ayr to borrow money to buy them. He had no money, and the original feared that his identity would be exposed. When he appeared in front of Ayr, he had nothing but a ragged suit and a face full of blood.

The thought of borrowing money, he could not help but be embarrassed. He had never worried about money before. He had no other way but to borrow.

Without tools, there was no way to paint. No painting meant no money, and no money meant Ayr would not feel comfortable letting him live alone thus he would not be able to leave. If he did not leave, he may be exposed at any time. The decision was made.

After making a decision, he opened his computer, checked the prices of different illustrations and figures, and made a note of the postings and groups where more orders were placed, so as to prepare for future orders.

Ayr came home from work and froze when he pushed open the door.

The living room, which had always been dark, was shrouded in warm yellow light, which was not bright or dark, but just enough so that it wasn’t bright for vampires but gave off some warmth. His eyes fell on the sofa, the little one was leaning against the sofa asleep, so motionless, like a delicate doll.

Ayr subconsciously frowned. He preferred the little one’s vivid appearance. He closed the door without deliberately lightening his movements, and the door clicked shut.

Yu Ze eyelashes moved slightly. He opened his eyes, saw Ayr and hurriedly got up, “You’re back.”

Ayr’s eyes moved slightly, “You were waiting for me?”

Yu Ze made a sound. A little embarrassed, his eyes swept over the breakfast in his hand, and said, “Let’s eat first and then talk.”

Ayr nodded, and the two of them went to the roof.

After eating, Yu Ze asked to borrow money to buy painting tools, then said with a cautious face, “I’ll pay you back as soon as I earn money.”

Ayr didn’t say yes immediately, but asked, “Little guy, how is your painting level?”

Yu Ze said very conservatively, “It’s okay.”

“I’ll pay for what you need, but no need to pay back,” Ayr said and then pointed to himself, “just draw a picture of me.”

Yu Ze’s heart couldn’t help but be happy. Ayr looked good and he already wanted to draw him. If Ayr didn’t offer, he would be too embarrassed to draw him, “This is fine?”

Ayr nodded, “Mn.”

Yu Ze looked serious, “I will definitely draw you properly.”

Ayr laughed lightly. The little one didn’t even say a word of excuses, he seemed very confident. He was looking forward to the little one’s painting.


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Rachel Kim
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Blizzard passing by said hey~
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