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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Yu Ze pursed his lips, got up, used the hotel phone, and dialed his boss Gu Yuan’s communication.

“You’re exposed?” The other party quickly picked up, a low voice asking.

“Yes,” Yu Ze thought for a moment and briefly explained the process of exposure in a weak tone, “I was seriously injured and had a hard time escaping.”

Gu Yuan replied, “You saved someone, this is not your fault.”

Yu Ze did not expect him to be so nice. In the original memory, about the mission, Gu Yuan had always been very strict. His heart was moved and with a tone of self-reproach, he said, “So close to success, tomorrow would have been such a good opportunity, but unfortunately I…”

Gu Yuan reassured, “It’s okay, I have other arrangements,” he paused, “can you still act?”

Yu Ze’s heart tightened and he complied, “As long as I need to, I will do my best.”

Gu Yuan said, “Good boy. Ayr Stra is very vindictive, he will definitely hunt you down, but after tomorrow you will be safe. If he hunts you down, he might not go to the party.”

Yu Ze immediately understood that Gu Yuan wanted him to go to the party to attract Ayr’s attention. He thought about it, “I will attend the party on time, my identity is not fully exposed yet. I have a blood ID card and can enter the villa.”

He originally thought he would be fine if he didn’t do anything, but he didn’t expect Gu Yuan to have another arrangement. Since Gu Yuan wanted him to lure Ayr to the party, the person Gu Yuan had arranged would definitely do it at the party.

He tentatively asked, “Does he need my help? My vampire identity is much easier to operate, my share of the medicine was lost when escaping.”

“No, his identity is very suitable.” Gu Yuan said.

Yu Ze did not set out the information of the person who was going to do it, unfortunately.

Gu Yuan said, “Just do your job, things will be over soon. I have arranged for you to have surgery as soon as things are over.”

Yu Ze suspected it was a warning and he responded, “I’ll get it done.”

Hanging up the communication, Yu Ze thought fast, and after careful weighing, he made his decision.

At 7:00 a.m., he opened the door to his room when something flew at him, so he closed the door.

Knock, knock, knock…” The door of the room isolated the attacker and the impact thumped.

“It was dodged!” A panicked voice shouted, followed by the sound of messy departing footsteps.

Yu Ze waited for there to be no movement outside, opened the door alertly, and saw that there was no one at the door. On the floor of the doorway was garlic, and three silver spoons.

The door was empty.

Yu Ze froze, then the corners of his mouth twitched slightly. They were treating him like a vampire!

He walked to the front desk to check out, the front desk lady couldn’t even talk properly. She didn’t have the same chatty voice she had when she saw him yesterday, and the surprise in her eyes turned into fear.

Yu Ze felt angry, the way the receptionist acted, it was clear that she knew what happened last night. He sulked, “I have something I didn’t take, I’ll check out later.”

He was about to remind the hotel to step up security, but now he changed his mind. He turned around and went back to his room, using the room’s communication to call the police and explain the situation. Hearing the sirens, he went out and when he got to the front desk, the older woman was looking flustered.

“I’m the one who called the police.” Yu Ze approached and told what happened.

The older woman’s eyes flashed, “I can’t believe this happened!” She looked at the police officer, “We will definitely cooperate with the investigation, the guests who stayed last night, they have left their contact information.”

Yu Ze said, “Look at the surveillance, I saw the corridor installed surveillance.”

The lady immediately changed her face and pointed at Yu Ze and said, “Comrade police, he is a vampire. I suspected his identity yesterday, that’s why I got someone to go to his room.”

The police officers looked at Yu Ze’s expression, a glance that was difficult to exhaust.

Yu Ze’s expression was innocent, “You’re obsessed with watching movies, aren’t you? You can come up with such excuses.” He deliberately walked to the door and stood in the sunlight, “In the movie you watched, was the vampire afraid of the sun?”

The police officer asked the lady to transfer the surveillance, and soon caught the man from last night and interrogated him. It turned out that the man was a special guest of Big Momma. Big Momma’s hotel showed a young male and girl, and would give these special guests a recommendation, so that guests could have someone of their preference.

These people, once they went into the room, they would take pictures and record video, and the victim therefore would dare not speak out, so that the hotel acted as if it never happened. The case was so involved that Yu Ze was complimented by the police officers after taking his statement.

After leaving the police station, Yu Ze went to the Special Department headquarters according to the original’s memory.

When the receptionist saw him, his eyes flashed with amazement, “What can I do for you?”

Yu Ze showed his ID card, “Please help me test my ID card.”

The receptionist was surprised, and Yu Ze said, “Vampire.”

The receptionist was stunned and subconsciously glanced towards the door, he saw Yu Ze walk in through the door with his own eyes. He hurriedly took Yu Ze’s ID card and looked at the test results and was stunned, “You’re a human, how can you have a Vampire ID card? And…” He huffed, “The guide is actually Ayr Stra!”

Hearing the name, Yu Ze’s eyelashes shifted slightly, “I need to see your Section Chief, I have something important to say.”

The receptionist, already aware of the seriousness of the matter, said seriously, “Just a moment.”

He contacted the upper management and explained the situation, and within a few minutes, Yu Ze was brought to the Section Chief’s office, where, in addition to the Section Chief, there were three deputy Section Chiefs. One of them saw him and his pupils suddenly shrank, it was Gu Yuan.

The Section Chief asked, “What is the important thing you said?”

Yu Ze pinched his fingers and looked at Gu Yuan, “Before explaining the situation, I hope he can leave, otherwise I might be in danger.”

He was worried that Gu Yuan would hit someone. Gu Yuan had risen through the ranks from combatant and was very good at fighting. As Gu Yuan’s face sank slightly, the rest of the few people looked at each other.

“Little friend, your words are nonsense.” When Gu Yuan said this, his right hand that raised to support the eyes, unintentionally touched the left upper arm.

Yu Ze pursed his lips, a trace of unease flashed through his heart. He searched the original memory, the upper left arm held the device only for communication, and no other role.

Just Gu Yuan’s action, he could not help but guess another role, otherwise why would he give such a warning? He hesitated for a moment, and then became firm.

He must expose Gu Yuan, or this time, there would be countless other times. And he opened the head, there was no turning back, offending Gu Yuan would make him doomed.

He lifted his sleeve to reveal a shallow scar on the inside of his upper left arm and looked at the Section Chief, “When he held his eye, he deliberately touched it here, he was warning me that he had placed something here. I hope you can keep him under control, or I may not be able to finish my sentence. The peace between humans and vampires will no longer exist after tonight.”

The Section Chief heard this latter sentence and looked at Gu Yuan with a solemn face, “Vice Section Chief Gu, what do you have to say?”

Gu Yuan looked at Yu Ze gloomily, completely confused how things could be like this.

Yu Ze, whom he had adopted as a child, was brought up to loathe vampires and was very loyal to him. Otherwise, he would not have endured the intense pain despite the physical effects, and installed various devices in his body to disguise him as a vampire.

Gu Yuan dropped his eyes, “I’m willing to be subjected to the side.”

The Section Chief nodded and called for two combatants to guard Gu Yuan’s side.

Yu Ze told the original story of Gu Yuan’s plan and his process of disguising as a vampire, and he said, “I was in contact with the vampires and am profoundly aware that they are friendly to humans. Individually some are unfriendly, just like humans are to vampires, each species has a different voice. I realized that if I did what Gu Yuan said, there would be less of a vicious war between humans and vampires, and the result would be very bloody. I didn’t want to see that kind of result, and I like the peaceful life now. I gave up the action, but last night I learned that Gu Yuan has arranged another person besides me. I don’t know who that person is, even if I go to the scene, I can’t stop it, so here I am.”

He looked at the Section Chief, “I hope you can find that person, in case that person gets his hands on the vampires and a tragedy occurs, there will be no room to turn around the relationship between humans and vampires.”

Everyone’s face was extra serious, and the Section Chief looked at Gu Yuan, “You really did that?”

He didn’t think Yu Ze would betray him, he didn’t prepare in advance, he followed the vine, he did what he did, and it was a good idea to investigate. He sneered and put his hand into his trouser pocket, and the two combatants immediately became alert and clasped his arm. His hand was forced out, and he was holding something like an earpiece. He looked at Yu Ze and said, “I’m so disappointed in you.”

“Stop him!” The Section Chief said loudly.

However, Gu Yuan was faster and pressed down with a single movement of his finger.

Yu Ze’s left upper arm was instantly filled with a sharp shock that spread like an electric current. A sharp pain exploded, a twitch in his temple, and he fell into unconsciousness with a white face.

Gu Yuan was restrained and sneered, “Stupid thing, betray me, do you think it will end well?”

The Section Chief grimaced, “Call an ambulance, take Gu Yuan down. Before tonight, we must find the person he arranged to do it.”

The Special Department was soon in a tense rush.

One of the Vice Section Chiefs looked grave, “Yu Ze was guided by Ayr Stra when he disguised himself as a newborn, I don’t know if Ayr Stra knows his identity.”

The Section Chief’s face changed instantly, thinking of Ayr’s special visit to the surveillance video, and said in a deep voice, “He already knows.”

The deputy Section Chief wrinkled his brow, “He didn’t react to anything, that’s unusual.”

The Section Chief mused, “Maybe because he doesn’t know which side Yu Ze is on, he’s staying put.”

Vice Section Chief said, “We must keep Yu Ze. If he doesn’t explain himself, I’m afraid Ayr will mistakenly think that the matter is exposed and we silenced the people and got Vice Section Chief Gu to take the blame.”

The Section Chief nodded, “Yu Ze has done a great service this time, no matter what, we have to keep him alive.”


Ayr slept very badly that night and woke up before five o’clock, the sun had not yet set, which made him very unhappy. He read for a while, but always wandered off, so he stopped reading and turned on his phone to brush up on the news. He had met all sorts of dark things when he was delivering, and he was worried that something had happened to the little guy with such a long and soft face.

He just opened the news world, and looked through the hot search about the vampire race.

[Boss! This kind of intelligence is amazing! They’ve done bad things for so long to be discovered, I am really convinced.]

[Suspicion that the occupants are vampires to poke around in the middle of the night? To cheat children, are there really vampires? They may just be sending us to death!]

[I am curious about what the man looks like? I can’t believe he was suspected of being a vampire when I saw the looks.]

Ayr quickly browsed the news and replies, and wrote down the address of the inn.

The moment the sunlight disappeared, he went out and headed straight to the inn. When he arrived, the inn was closed, already sealed, and the owner and clerk could not be found. He stood in place for a while and turned around to go to the police station in this precinct, when his thoughts turned, he changed his mind and went directly to the Special Department headquarters.

The Section Chief’s face stiffened slightly when he saw him, and his first thought was that Ayr knew that Yu Ze had arrived at the headquarters.

Before he could say anything, Ayr said directly, “Help me track down a vampire.”


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February 9, 2022 12:28 pm

Yu Ze is so good and quick thinking; I just hope he will be alright.
Who is Ayr looking for? Or is he pretending not to know YZ is human, not realising the Special Dept are already aware he knows.
Can’t wait for the next chapter ~ I’m loving this.
Thanks for translating and editing.

Rachel Kim
Rachel Kim
February 9, 2022 12:47 pm

Thank you for updating!!!!

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Thanks for the chapter <3

February 10, 2022 12:18 am

So it looks like Yu Ze was a tool for Gu Yuan to cause a vampire-human war. Good thing he exposed that, but unfortunately the danger hasn’t passed yet.

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Yu Ze is a hero.

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