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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


The Section Chief was surprised to hear Ayr’s request, he had expected Ayr to come directly to ask for someone.

“That’s against the rules.” Usually, only the suspected vampires could be tracked down. It was a regulation requested by the vampires in the friendship agreement, to ensure the interests of the vampires.

Ayr stared at him and said in a cold voice, “What if it was a human disguised as a vampire?” He paused, “Oh, the one I recently guided, you gave him an ID card not long ago.”

The Section Chief thought, It’s really about Yu Ze. He looked serious and thought for a moment, “Prince Ayr Stra, about Yu Ze, I want to ask you to discuss it in detail.”

The Special Department had already caught the people arranged by Gu Yuan at noon, and the people who had contact with Gu Yuan were also within the controllable range. The event that would have provoked a war between humans and vampires, was silently killed in the cradle.

And the biggest credit went to the man who was in the hospital.

After learning about Yu Ze’s upbringing, all the people in the Special Department took pity on him. He was a tool for revenge against the vampires, raised by Gu Yuan.

When he heard the Section Chief say Yu Ze’s name, Ayr’s heart sank to the bottom in an instant, snorting coldly, “Talking in detail? He really is one of your people!”

The Section Chief’s tone was sincere, “Prince, we have known each other for a long time, I am a staunch friend, and so are you, I hope we can have absolute trust. Yu Ze is not one of my men, but he is indeed from the Special Department.” The Section Chief explained the situation succinctly, “He was just brainwashed as a child, but came to his senses before making a mistake, I hope you will not pursue him.”

Ayr’s pupils reddened, “You mean? He’s in the hospital right now?”

The Section Chief knew the vampires too well, and seeing that he had lost control of his emotions, he hastened to reassure him, “He was brave enough to expose Gu Yuan, despite knowing that his safety was under his control, to avoid casualties among the vampires. It was you who changed his mind, his initial intentions were not good, but he really did not do anything bad.”

Ayr interrupted impatiently, “Which hospital?”

The Section Chief was bitter, “Don’t bother with him, he’s in a dangerous situation. If you hit him casually, he could be gone.”

“Who said I was going to hit him?” Ayr grimaced, “I want to go see him, which hospital?”

The Section Chief knew Ayr, Ayr didn’t lie. He was relieved to see Ayr looking tense, his heart twitched, did he think wrong?

“First Military Hospital, Special Emergency,” the Section Chief said.

This was the Special Department’s special clinic, usually treating combatants who were wounded by the vampires. Yu Ze’s case was special and was sent there.

Ayr turned to leave and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

The Section Chief looked at the door and understood what was coming, he rushed to inform the hospital, “Make sure you do everything you can to keep Yu Ze alive.”

The operator responded, “Section Chief, you’ve said it many times, don’t worry.”

Ayr came to the entrance of the emergency room, and the two combatants at the door rushed to watch him warily.

Ayr stared at the closed door, “What did the doctor say?”

The two looked at each other, and thinking of the Section Chief’s communication, one replied, “The devices in his body have been removed, but they have had a serious effect on his body, and with the previous malicious attack, his body is very weak and the situation is not very optimistic.”

Ayr’s eyes got even redder and he headed straight for the emergency room door, and was stopped by two people, “It’s dangerous for you to disturb the operation like this!”

Ayr calmed down a little, his jaw tightened, “Is there any way to notify the doctor? I want to go in.”

He didn’t want to take any chances at all, he couldn’t bear to see the little one’s corpse. He had only one thought in mind, change the little one!

“This…” One of the men hesitated.

As he was talking, the emergency room door opened and the attending doctor came out, and Ayr asked, “How is he?”

The doctor recognized his identity and was not nervous, “Not life-threatening, but his body is very weak and needs to be hospitalized. He needs to be well nourished in the future.”

Ayr’s expression was slightly relieved and he looked towards the door, “Can I see him?”

The doctor responded, “The patient is still in a coma and can be visited after being transferred to the ward.”


When Yu Ze woke up, he only felt stiffness all over his body. His body had a vague pain and was weak, he immediately realized that the anesthesia had not yet passed. He looked at the ceiling; the room was dim and only a faint light came from outside.

I wonder if the Special Department has found anyone, and if Ayr is okay?

“You’re awake?” A familiar voice came from his left, and he froze before slowly turning his head. Although he could only see the dark shadow of one person, he subconsciously smiled.

“Smiling after being so badly injured?” Ayr whispered.

Yu Ze wasn’t sure how much he knew and asked in a whisper, “Did you not go to the party or… the party’s over?”

He was about to ask if the party was over or if people were caught. But then he thought, if Ayr didn’t know about Gu Yuan, Ayr must be wondering if he asked that.

“No, the party is over,” Ayr saw Yu Ze’s eyes widen with an eager expression, and sighed slightly and said, “Nothing happened.”

Yu Ze breathed a sigh of relief, then pursed his lips, lowered his eyes and said, “You know everything.”

“Yes,” Ayr looked at his pale face, raised his hand to rub the top of his hair, but was afraid of hurting him, so his fingers only lightly rubbed the side of his face, “I’m sorry, I should have believed you.”

Yu Ze’s eyelashes fluttered, and he looked at him with confusion.

Ayr continued, “It’s my fault that I didn’t believe you when you said you liked me so many times, I knew you were shy, and I pushed you. Not anymore,” his voice was gentle, “get well, I will take care of you in the future.”

The little one changed his initial intention of approaching him with how he risked his life to expose Gu Yuan; he would never doubt the little one’s feelings for him again. Yu Ze blinked his eyes, feeling guilty. Given Ayr’s position, obviously it was his fault, but Ayr actually gave him such a gentle apology.

The corners of his mouth pursed lightly, “You’re not bad, it’s my fault that I lied to you.”

Ayr’s eyes showed pity, “You were misled by Gu Yuan. I forgive you for disguising your identity, and you should not put it on your mind anymore. The past is all in the past.”

Yu Ze lips moved slightly and Ayr said softly, “The doctor said you are very weak now, continue to rest. Wait for you to recover, I will listen to whatever you say.”

Yu Ze’s heart moved slightly. Although he could not see Ayr’s expression, he could hear the worry in Ayr’s tone. He originally wanted to say that he apologized because what he said about liking was a lie, but at this point he suddenly couldn’t say it. He softly Mn’ed, closed his eyes to rest, then fell into a deep sleep.

When he woke up again, it was already more than eight o’clock the next morning. The curtains near the bed were drawn, and the sunlight spilled onto the floor on the right side of the hospital bed, and the sight was bright.

Yu Ze stared at the glow for a while, when the door of his room was pushed open and he turned his head with a surprised look.

Ayr came in with a thermos. His eyes lit up when he met his sight, and he walked quickly to the left side of the bed, “Are you feeling okay?”

Yu Ze’s whole body ached and against his will, he grunted, “You staying like this during the day, is it no problem?”

Ayr laughed lightly, “Little one, you should be concerned about yourself right now, not me.”

He put the thermos down and called the doctor who then examined Yu Ze and said he was in a stable state, and Ayr’s expression visibly relaxed.

After the doctor left, Ayr opened the thermos lid and took out the small bowl, “The doctor said it’s better for you to eat liquid food when you wake up. This is squid soup, they say it’s good for wound healing.”

He poured the soup, put it aside to dry, gently helped Yu Ze up, and then patiently fed him one spoonful at a time. Yu Ze was a little embarrassed, but his hand hurt when he moved it slightly, so it was even more troublesome to eat it by himself.

After finishing a small bowl, he shook his head and Ayr frowned, “Full?”

Yu Ze nodded his head.

Ayr said, “You eat too little. You humans are not very careful about nutrition?” He asked with a frown, “Your body is so weak, is it also related to the previous diet?”

Yu Ze said, “It was always like this after surgery.”

Ayr replied, “That won’t work. I’ll ask the doctor what you can take to nourish your body, you look too pale.”

For the next few days, Ayr stayed at the hospital and kept feeding Yu Ze what he could eat and what was nutritious.

A week later, Yu Ze’s human identity was restored, but he had been adopted by Gu Yuan and with no personal property, he was almost as poor as his disguised vampire identity.

On the day he was discharged from the hospital, the Section Chief came to see him, his tone kind, “You rest well. After you recover, you can return to work at any time. Don’t worry, there is a Civilian Department in the Special Department, and there is a position for you.”

Yu Ze appreciated his kindness, but still refused, “Thank you, Section Chief, I want to do other work.”

The Section Chief didn’t push, but hesitated for a moment and asked, “Gu Yuan wants to see you, do you want to meet him?”

Yu Ze shook his head, “No.”

He could probably guess Gu Yuan’s purpose, the man did not understand why he would betray him. The reason was simple, he was not the original, but he could not explain, and would not explain it to Gu Yuan.

Ayr snorted, “I’d like to meet him, Section Chief, can I see him?”

The Section Chief gave a dry laugh, “Sorry, the department has things to do, I’ll leave first.” He looked at Yu Ze, his gaze was a bit complicated. Such a good looking kid, how come he likes a vampire!

Yu Ze and Ayr’s love story was widely spread in the Special Department.

Yu Ze overcoming the brainwashing from childhood for Ayr, risking his life to expose Gu Yuan; and Ayr continuously guarding the hospital day and night for Yu Ze, feeding him everyday, and being more attentive than a simple caretaker.

What a touching interracial love!

Before he left, he said, “If you need help in the future, come to me.”

Yu Ze nodded politely.

Ayr looked at the Section Chief’s back as he left, “If you need help, I’m here, so you don’t need to call him.”

Yu Ze pursed his lips, “This time has been very troublesome for you.”

Ayr’s eyes narrowed slightly and he gently rubbed the top of his hair, “Little one, I’ve said before that I don’t like you being polite, and now I like it even less.” He took Yu Ze’s hand, “Come on, let’s go back, I’ve renovated the kitchen and bought a lot of recipes to study. I’ll make sure to raise you well in the future.”

Yu Ze’s fingers curled and he stood still, “I…” He tilted his head to look at Ayr, “I’m human.”

Ayr raised an eyebrow, “Of course I know,” he nodded and gestured at the side of Yu Ze’s neck, “you smell very good.”

Yu Ze lost his words for a moment, “Humans live short lives, you said you don’t do stupid things.”

Ayr’s mind immediately went back to what he had said, that falling in love with a human would equal endless loneliness in the future, and that he wouldn’t do anything stupid.

He looked straightforward, “I’ve changed my mind. It’s normal, isn’t it? Just like you humans, you set the conditions before you find your other half, but after you meet them, you realize that they are all nonsense, and even if the person doesn’t fit anything, you’ve decided.” His eyes were focused, “And I’ve decided on you.”


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