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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Yu Ze’s heart was pounding from Ayr’s movements, and the temperature on his face was rising rapidly. He was ashamed, embarrassed and scared. He froze, he was not disgusted and not repulsed! He averted his eyes sharply, his eyes panicked.


He thought of this name, and his eyes were suddenly sore. He was filled with guilt because of the momentary emotion that had just risen, because he realized that he had a good feeling for Ayr.

But the love of his life was Long Yuan.

He was such a bad person.

Ayr kept looking at him, saw him hanging his head and silently weeping, suddenly heartbroken, and could not help but sneer at himself. He actually felt sorry for a complete liar! His eyes changed rapidly, all kinds of ferocious thoughts flashed one by one, and finally turned into calm.

He buttoned up his collar, moved to Yu Ze, lightly pinched the side of Yu Ze’s face, “Little guy, you are really a substandard liar, I want to try to believe, but you do not give me a chance.” He sneered sarcastically, his tone cold and hard, “Don’t ever let me hear that you like me again.”

He jumped off the bed and left without a word.

‘Bang…’ The sound of the door slamming shut hit Yu Ze straight in the heart.

Ayr’s movements were always elegant, so when he closed the door like this, he was obviously not in a calm mood. Yu Ze thought he would be killed or crippled if he was exposed, but now he was almost intact and had clearly escaped. However, his heart was overwhelmed. He sat there for a while and pulled himself together.

Not caring about the wound on his neck, he grabbed the delivery box and went straight to the bathroom, locking the door behind him just in case. He unpacked the layers of tight packaging to reveal a clear vial the size of his middle finger with a silvery white liquid inside.

Yu Ze opened the cap and was about to pour it all down the toilet when he thought of something and stopped, moving the bottle to his nose and sniffing. He remembered the smell and looked into the light to see the liquid from all sides before pouring it into the toilet.

The silvery-white liquid instantly became transparent when it met water, and there was no sign of any difference.

Yu Ze’s heart tightened, if someone put this medicine into a vampire’s drink, it would be too difficult to be detected. He finished pouring the liquid, put the medicine into the package and stepped on it before also pouring it into the toilet, and pressing the flush button. All things related to the medicine were washed away with the water, no trace left.

He let out a long breath of relief.

Luckily, Ayr didn’t find out.

He barely hooked the corners of his lips. Now this situation, found or not found, did not seem to make a difference.

Ayr was so smart and knew that he was lying, so how could he not surmise his purpose? Although that was the original body’s purpose, it was not his. But the fact that he wasn’t the original body was something he couldn’t say.

He double-checked to make sure there was no trace left and took the box and left the bathroom. He picked up the bag containing the digital screen and clothes, his fingers tightened, and put it down again.

He picked up his phone, deleted and typed a message before picking up the bag and walking out of the guest room. He placed the phone on the living room coffee table, stood in place for two seconds, turned around and walked out the door.


“Shouldn’t you be springing for him right now? What are you doing here?” Carter was surprised to see Ayr.

Ayr’s face was frosty, not explaining and asked, “Where are the vampires?”

Carter frowned, “What do you want with them? Did the little one get hurt?” He recalled for a moment, unable to make up his mind. There was too much blood on Yu Ze, and he couldn’t confirm if any of it was Yu Ze’s.

When Ayr heard about Yu Ze, his expression changed for a moment and he said coldly, “No. They were hunting near my house. As a host, I should keep them well entertained.”

“Presumably newborns,” Carter said an address and reminded, “we are in different positions, but after all, we are the same race. They are the opposite of humans, and we are not.”

Ayr said, “Affecting my life is my antithesis.”

He finished and turned to leave.


A warehouse on the outskirts of the city, Yuncheng wild vampire land.

“Are you crazy? You actually went to Ayr Stra’s territory, who doesn’t know he’s crazy?”

There was the vampire Yu Ze met not long ago. His eyes still faintly red, he stroked his messy yellow hair, “That human is too much in line with my aesthetic so I followed him all the way. I can’t control it any longer. If not reminded by a fellow clansman, I had even forgotten that Ayr Stra lived there.”

“Heh, you can even forget this, wait for death.”

“I heard Ayr Stra’s name and gave up on the hunting trip, it’s already very dignified!”

“That’s really thankful that you did that.” A cool voice suddenly rang out, and the vampires on the couch immediately looked warily at the sounding place.

In almost the blink of an eye, Ayr appeared in front of them.

“Ai, Ayr Stra,” the yellow-haired blood’s voice trembled, “I didn’t mean to, forgive me.”

Ayr’s eyes looked over without warmth, suppressed anger rolling over in his eyes at first. He was angry, angry at the little one, angry at himself, and it was not in his aesthetic to relent, yet he had to do something.

Without a word, he attacked directly.

The rest of the vampires glanced at each other and scattered, none of them wanted to offend Ayr Stra, and what’s more, Ayr Stra had the upper hand. The yellow-haired vampire subconsciously resisted, however the difference in strength was too great and the fight was soon over as Ayr grabbed the paralyzed vampire and headed out.

“Ayr Stra, what are you doing?” The onlookers couldn’t help but ask. They thought the lesson was over, but looking at Ayr’s actions, it was clear that he didn’t want to stop yet.

Ayr did not explain, his eyes moved to the vampire who spoke, “You want to stop me?”

The vampires were mute as Ayr dragged the yellow-haired vampire away. A short time later, Ayr appeared in the Special Department headquarters, the headquarters staff saw him with a polite attitude but were secretly alert.

The Section Chief got the news and rushed out, greeting with a smile, “Prince Ayr Stra, what’s the big deal, you actually came in person?”

Ayr threw the yellow haired vampire to the ground, “Tonight, the case near my place, he did it.”

After the police had seen the injuries of the injured young man, they directly notified the Special Department, and since the case took place at Ayr’s residence, the Section Chief personally called to inquire about the situation.

Ayr heard him out and hung up the communication. He had dealt with Ayr many times and knew that it meant the matter had nothing to do with Ayr, so he did not pursue the matter. He didn’t expect Ayr would personally bring the vampire who did the crime over, knowing that vampires, even though they had different attitudes towards humans, maintained peace with each other.

The Section Chief froze and came back to his senses, praised Ayr’s ability and expressed his gratitude, “Thanks for your help.”

Ayr said, “I want to see the surveillance of the incident.”

This was not a difficult request. The Section Chief nodded and had the surveillance taken and played for Ayr to see. Ayr stared intently at the video, and his gaze twitched when he saw Yu Ze’s figure.

He shifted his gaze to the Section Chief’s face and focused on the rest of the people’s expressions, not finding anything wrong. Could it be that the little guy was not from the Special Department? He frowned, he couldn’t think of any other organization other than the Special Department.

Or maybe it was someone he had offended?

He was silent for a moment. He had offended a lot of people, after all, it was his daily good deed.

After watching the video, Ayr didn’t say anything and left the Special Department. He returned home, stood at the door for two seconds and pushed the door open. The dark living room appeared in front of him, obviously the most common scene, but he felt strange. The corners of his mouth dipped unnoticeably, and he walked in and closed the door with his backhand, not turning on the lights, but walking around in silence, including the roof of the building.

The little one was really gone.

He returned to the living room. The dreary night gave the illusion of breathlessness, he pressed the switch and the lights suddenly came on. His eyes fluttered and landed on the phone on the coffee table. He walked over, picked up the phone, pressed it, and it turned on, displaying the stay page directly.

“Sorry, I’m sorry for lying to you, the password of the phone account is the birthday on your ID card. The money inside is to pay you back. Although you said you don’t need it, the digital screen and the phone are too expensive. Thank you for taking care of me.”

Ayr repeatedly read this paragraph three times, holding the phone tighter and tighter with each time. He opened his account and looked at the balance in it, and his brow furrowed heavily.

He knew how much money Yu Ze had earned, and after this money, the money Yu Ze had in his hand was definitely not more than five figures, and Yu Ze hadn’t taken away the computer and also left the phone behind. He was so angry that he wanted to grab the little guy by the collar and ask him what the hell he meant!

After all the effort to approach him, not like him, nor cheat him of his money, and did not lay hands on him, why on earth? The most tangled thing was that he couldn’t figure out, if the little guy wanted to hurt him, why hadn’t he done it?

The time was not right? But for so long, he never sensed the little guy’s malice toward him. He walked around, annoyed, holding his phone, and suddenly his footsteps jerked.

Or did he misunderstand?

The little one really approached him because he liked him? Perhaps because he was expecting this answer in his heart, as soon as he thought of this possibility, he was conditioned to look for supporting evidence. He couldn’t feel the little one’s liking, but his precise ability to judge emotions didn’t seem accurate when it came to the little one.

When the little one got the ID card, he clearly felt that the little one was ready to leave, but did not leave. He thought back to the previous conversation. No matter how he had asked, the little one had been sure to say that he liked him.

Finally, his request toward the little one made him cry. He had long known that the little one was very easily shy, and how difficult it would be for the shy little one for him to make that kind of request! The little one might really like him!

He had never been so torn, and there was only one thought in his head, to find the little one and ask for clarification. However, he looked at the phone in his hand and his face was cold. He had no way to contact the little one.

At that moment, there was a knock on the door of the room, “Hello, your breakfast has arrived.”

He looked out the window, it was going to be bright, the sun would rise before long, he couldn’t go out. He took his breakfast and finished it with an unhappy face.

Tonight, he must find the little one and ask for clarification.


Yu Ze left Ayr’s house and found a cheap hotel to stay, his mind was so full of thoughts that he couldn’t sleep. When he heard the door slam in the middle of the night, he remembered that it was really cheap.

He gently walked to the door, steeply opened the door, and stood in the doorway. The night light of the corridor outside the room shone on his face, half bright and half dark. The man outside the door froze, saw his red eyes and sharp fangs, screamed violently, backed up and fell to the ground.

Yu Ze closed the door and locked it, isolating the rest of the room from the cursing. He flicked the switch to retrieve his fangs and went back to bed to lie down, and it took him a while to get some sleep.

Soon, however, he was awake.

A continuous vibration came from the inside of his left arm, making him drowsy. He concentrated on noting the frequency and translated it, “Quickly contact me.”


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