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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Yu Ze met Ayr’s focused eyes, and his heart was happy and sour. He had a good feeling about Ayr, but he couldn’t respond to Ayr openly yet. He knew rationally that this was another world, and his situation was equivalent to another life where he retained his memories, even if he liked Ayr, he was not betraying Long Yuan. But after all, he had memories, and he couldn’t get over the hump emotionally.

Moreover, even if he could stay with Ayr for the rest of his life like he did with Long Yuan, his whole life was just a moment in a long life for Ayr. He pursed the corners of his mouth, avoiding Ayr’s eyes, “I’ll die.”

“You won’t,” Ayr put his hand on Yu Ze’s shoulder, “at the end of your life, I will change you.”

Yu Ze’s eyes widened and his tone was firm, “No, I won’t agree to that.”

The system said that the mission world and the real world do not interfere with time, but the life of vampires had no end, he could not stay in this world forever.

Ayr smiled lightly, “Don’t worry, that’s a long time away, I’ll take you back first.”

Yu Ze’s lips twitched, wanting to refuse, but thinking of his current situation, he said nothing. There was no way Ayr would let him refuse, and he really couldn’t take care of himself by himself.

Back at his place, Ayr pushed open the door and gave way to the door, Yu Ze walked in and immediately smelled a fragrance of rice, he was surprised, “You cooked porridge?”

Ayr replied, “Mn, it’s very simple, just wash the main ingredients and put them in the rice cooker. Sit down first, I’ll get you a bowl, and then get you two side dishes.”

Yu Ze tasted the porridge and was very surprised. Ayr was very good at his craft, the rice was soft and sweet, and the side dishes were salty and appropriate. Vampire’s tastebuds were completely different from humans and could not judge the taste by themselves.

He finished the porridge and did not hesitate to praise it, Ayr laughed lightly, “I said to take good care of you. Of course I have to learn something,” he looked at the time, “It’s almost eight o’clock, you go wash up and sleep.”

Yu Ze was a good patient, very obedient, and obediently went back to the guest room to wash up. Once inside the guest room, he paused in his steps. The guest room had obviously been redecorated, with brand new blue sheets and covers, and thin curtains, very user-friendly.

Ayr stood by the door, “See if there’s anything else you need to change.”

Yu Ze shook his head, “No, it’s fine.” He glanced at Ayr and swallowed the thank you on his lips. He didn’t want his politeness to upset Ayr.

Ayr laughed, “You’re too well-bred to ask for anything, little one.”

Yu Ze replied, “You’ve been very thorough.”

Ayr’s smile deepened, “Go wash up. Call me if you need anything, I’ll be in the living room.”

Yu Ze nodded, took a change of clothes and went into the bathroom. He came out of the bathroom and looked at the door. There was a light leaking in from under the living room door, Ayr should still be in the living room. He thought about it, opened the door and walked out.

Ayr was sitting on the couch reading a book. He had obviously washed up and was wearing plain black pajamas, and looked up when he heard the movement.

Yu Ze said, “I’m going to rest, you can go to the balcony, you don’t have to stay here.”

He knew very well that Ayr’s favorite position was the balcony.

“What a sweet little guy,” Ayr smiled lightly, “you go to sleep, I’ll go to the balcony later.”

Yu Ze nodded, stepped back, and closed the door to his room.

Yu Ze woke up the next morning at 5 a.m., before it was fully light, and washed up before leaving his room. He was going to go back to his study and use his computer to see if there were any new replies to his previous post, but when the door opened, he froze.

The rich aroma came from the kitchen and he instantly craved it. He walked to the kitchen door, Ayr was frying fish sideways to the door, a row of small porcelain bowls on the cooking table to his right, a recipe spread out in front of the bowls, and a food scale to his right.

Ayr looked at the recipe, picked up a porcelain bowl, poured the ingredients into the pot. He put the bowl back, turned his head and looked at him, “Did you have a good rest?”

Yu Ze nodded, Ayr responded, “Breakfast is in the rice cooker, can you serve yourself?”

Yu Ze said, “Yes.”

He walked in and saw the small bowl with various condiments, he looked at the recipe again, then looked into the pot and immediately understood.

Ayr had followed the recipe steps and portions exactly!

Ayr stared at the pot with a serious expression, noticed that Yu Ze didn’t move and looked over again, “What’s wrong?”

Yu Ze responded, “I don’t see the bowl.”

At that moment, a sound of ‘beep beep’ sounded from the timer, then Ayr’s voice came, “It’s ready to add water to cook.”

Yu Ze looked at Ayr in surprise, his heart was touched. It was the first time he saw someone who was so serious about cooking.

Ayr quickly pressed the timer, took the measured amount of water and poured it into the pot, while replying, “It’s in the cabinet above.”

Yu Ze looked up, the cabinet was not high, a little above his head, but to get something, he had to lift his hand. He pursed his lips, estimated the distance and slowly raised his hand, he didn’t dare to move too much for fear of pulling the injury on his abdomen.

He was worried that Ayr was overly worried and had not let Ayr look at his wound and avoided doing anything that would involve the injury to avoid revealing it. If he had offered to let Ayr take the bowl, Ayr would have been suspicious.

He glanced at Ayr, whose good-looking side face was slightly tense, his expression serious as he poured water into the pot, not noticing that he was not moving properly. He breathed a small sigh of relief and opened the cupboard door with a little force, but it was easy to open the door a crack, but it was a little harder for him to pull it back, as it would have pulled on his hand.

He took a step back while pulling it open, and then opened the door successfully.

The bowl he used last night was on the edge of the cabinet, and he saw it right away.

Ayr finished adding the water, added the ingredients according to the recipe, put the lid on the pot, and pressed the timer, his expression relaxed.

When the time was up, the soup was ready. He turned around and wanted to talk to Yu Ze, but he saw that Yu Ze’s hand was just touching the bowl and his expression was tense and focused, as if he was facing an enemy.

He frowned quickly, “Little one, are you lying to me again?”

Yu Ze’s hand shook, the bowl was hooked by his fingers and fell off the edge, he exclaimed and subconsciously reached for it. The movement was too big and agitated the wound. He grunted, his body arched slightly and his hand covered his abdomen.

Ayr quickly moved to his side, picked up the bowl and put it on the cooking table, and held his shoulder, “Where does it hurt?”

He didn’t dare to touch anything else for fear of hurting Yu Ze.

Yu Ze blinked away the physical tears rising from the pain in his eyes, he shook his head, “I don’t…”

As he spoke, he straightened his body and looked up at the same time, his eyes went from bottom to top, and here, his eyes moved to Ayr’s chest, and the word ‘hurt’ went mute.

Ayr was still wearing the same pajamas from last night’s bath, his bathrobe was a v-neck loose model, perhaps because after a night or perhaps because of cooking, his belt was very loose, the clothes were very casual hanging on the body.

When he just picked up the bowl, his arms were spread and his clothes were pulled open a bit, and now he was holding Yu Ze and leaning over slightly, his chest was exposed straight to Yu Ze’s eyes.

Yu Ze stared at his left chest, staring blankly at the red flower there. He had seen the exact same one on Long Yuan’s body, and on the night of his wedding, the flower became darker and bloomed more brilliantly.

The flower on Ayr’s body, the color and blooming posture, were the same as the flower he first saw on Long Yuan.

He remembered very clearly that he once woke up in the afternoon and saw Ayr lazing around in his pajamas, when there was nothing on his left breast.

Long Yuan’s flower wasn’t there from the beginning either.

Yu Ze’s thoughts were racing, why would this happen? Why were there flowers all of a sudden, and what was the connection between Ayr and Long Yuan?

Ayr saw him staring, followed his line of sight and looked at himself, then covered his collar, “Little guy, you’re staring like this, are you craving my body?”

Yu Ze came back to his senses, his face blushed and he hurriedly explained, “No…”

He interrupted him with a light laugh, “Little liar, trying to cheat me again! No need to be greedy, I’ll give it to you if you want, provided you take good care of your body.”

Yu Ze had a mouth to feed and gave up on explaining himself, his eyes dodging, not daring to look at Ayr.

Ayr lifted his chin, “Little liar, tell me honestly, where does the wound hurt? What movements does the wound affect you?”

Yu Ze’s eyes wandered and Ayr’s face sank slightly, “If you don’t tell me, I’ll see for myself.”

Yu Ze was honest, “Abdomen, left arm, can’t lift and push very much.”

Ayr was angry, “That’s what you said? Little liar! Not a word of truth.”

Yu Ze was helpless, he had been a good boy and a good student since he was a child, and this time he could not deny the title of a little liar.

“Sorry,” he then asked the question he cared most, pointing to Ayr’s left breast, “when did you get a flower tattooed there?”

Ayr touched the end of his eye and then his forehead, “I’ve never had anything tattooed on my body, did your eye hurt too? Or are you dizzy and hallucinating?”

As invisible as Long Yuan’s, only he could see. Yu Ze looked at Ayr with complicated eyes and a guess rose in his heart, could Ayr and Long Yuan be the same person? Or is it just some special mark of the system?

He shook his head as he thought, “I was wrong.”

Ayr said, “Let me take you to the hospital tonight for a checkup.”

Yu Ze replied, “No, I’m hungry.”

Ayr helplessly rubbed the top of his hair and gave him porridge, “Then observe a little more. If something is wrong, I will send you to the hospital even if you don’t want to.”

Yu Ze nodded and looked at the pot, “Why are you cooking fish soup so early in the morning?”

Ayr replied, “I prepared lunch for you, I’ll put it in the thermos later, you can eat it directly when you’re hungry at noon, I’ll make you something else in the evening.”

Yu Ze couldn’t help but say, “You’re so sweet.”

Ayr laughed lightly, “How else would you fall in love with me?”

Yu Ze was dumb for a moment and asked, “There must be many people who have chased you.”

Ayr nudged his nose, “Jealous, little one?” He held the bowl in one hand and led Yu Ze out with the other, “Other than my lover, other people’s likes are none of my business.”

Yu Ze sat down at the table and Ayr put the bowl in front of him, “Call me if you need anything.” He went back to the kitchen to watch the soup.

Yu Ze stirred the porridge, his hesitant look firming down, after the mission was done, he wanted to stay. He wanted to stay with Ayr for a while, and he also wanted to find out about the flower.

Ayr didn’t notice his hesitation at all. When he decided that Yu Ze was risking his life to expose Gu Yuan for him, he was already convinced that Yu Ze loved him.

After Yu Ze recovered, the two of them got together very naturally, and the night they got together, Ayr took Yu Ze back to his castle. The castle was nearly a twenty-hour flight away from the city, and Yu Ze expected to see an ancient castle that looked like a haunted house, but instead the castle was new and beautiful.

Ayr explained, “It’s always been taken care of by a housekeeping company,” he showed Yu Ze the rose garden and turned on all the lights outside the castle, “Do you like it, little one?”

Yu Ze looked at the roses spreading from the edge of the castle to the coast and was filled with amazement, “Yes.”

“I told you you would like it,” Ayr looked down at Yu Ze and brushed his fingers behind Yu Ze’s ear, “I also said I would bring you to see it sometime.”

Yu Ze tilted his head to look at him, “I’m sorry I made you sad back then.”

Ayr slowly lowered his head, “No need to apologize, just stay with me all the time.”

The scent of roses lingered around them, and the moonlight shed a silvery glow on them.


When Yu Ze woke up again, it was already the next afternoon. The heavy curtains were hidden, and the night light glowed warm yellow at the end of the bed.

As soon as he moved, Ayr’s voice rang out, “ZeZe.”

Yu Ze froze and leaned over Ayr to stare at him, “You, why are you calling me that all of a sudden?”

Ayr had always called him little guy, or little liar.

Ayr pressed the bedside lamp, Yu Ze subconsciously closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, his vision became very bright, and as a result, he noticed that the flower on Ayr’s chest had become darker in color and turned into an angry form.

Ayr fingers lingered on Yu Ze’s face, looking in a rare trance, “I had a very real dream in which you were called Feng Ze and I was called Long Yuan. You looked different from now, but the dream gave me the same feeling as reality. Do you think that could be our past life?” He laughed lightly.

Yu Ze’s eyes moistened and he tightened his arms around his neck, “Yes, it must be.”

Ayr rubbed his back and teased, “What an emotionally sensitive little guy.”

Yu Ze slowed down, climbed up, and surveyed Ayr’s chest. The timing was so coincidental that he suspected that Ayr’s memory of Long Yuan had something to do with the change in the flower.

“What? Didn’t have enough last night, still craving?” Ayr nodded at his chest and asked with a raised eyebrow.

Yu Ze was stunned and figured out what he meant. He was left blushing but unable to explain.

Ayr took him by the arm and nibbled on his earlobe, his tone low, “I’ll give it to you.”

Yu Ze heard his hint and pushed him, “I’m hungry, I want to eat.”

His back was still sore! He was not a Phoenix Awakened now, just a weaker than normal human.

Ayr shrugged regretfully, got out of bed, took his clothes and handed them to him, “I ordered breakfast, you can eat after you wash up.”

Yu Ze’s eyes lit up as he took the clothes and muttered, “You’re so sweet, you’re going to ruin me.”

Ayr told him, “Don’t worry, I’ll always take care of you.”

Ayr often said this, but seriously did this time.


At the end of the 100-day mission, the system appeared and congratulated Yu Ze.

Yu Ze politely expressed his gratitude and told the system he chose to stay, while asking tentatively, “Will you mark the people in the mission world?”

“No, the challenge is completed by the questor himself, the system has no right to interfere with the characters of the quest world.”

Yu Ze’s heart moved, that is to say, the system also did not know the existence of flowers?

“Then I will meet the same person in the mission world?”

The system paused, “Can’t answer that.”

Yu Ze frowned, thanked it politely, and gave the system a very satisfactory rating as usual.

Yu Ze and Ayr’s relationship, whether human or vampire, was not well received by many, but to everyone’s surprise, they were always very good, and no one could interfere.

When Yu Ze was at the end of his life, Ayr was very calm. Initially, he mentioned turning Yu Ze, but then he stopped. Sometimes Yu Ze would call him A’Yuan, and sometimes he would call ZeZe out of the blue, and he understood that the dream may not be a dream, so he did not force Yu Ze. He also did not want to give up, after all, the little guy loved human food and sunshine.

Yu Ze closed his eyes as Ayr’s gentle voice rang in his ears, “I love you.”

Me too. He responded mentally.

“Mission world loading…” The familiar mechanical voice rang out in Yu Ze’s head.

This time Yu Ze did not wake up directly, but was in a coma. Obviously, this time, he was in a very weak state. Yu Ze was immediately alert. This was his first three-star difficulty challenge and it was certainly not easy.


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What will be next I wonder and was Ayr a reincarnation of Long Yuan? How come the flower didn’t appear straight away though? Will the same thing happen in the next mission?
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I’m happy Ayr was Yuan! It’s great he gets to have a happy ending with him in each life so far.

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I see.. the flower was the mark of his soul-mate.. how wonderful~ will he found him when he finished his missions? I truly hope so..

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