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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Yu Ze took advantage of his coma to analyze the reasons for the success of the first two world missions.

In the first world, he took a detour, and eventually succeeded because his lover was Long Yuan, the first grandson of the Long family, who easily killed the villain. In the second world, he revealed the villain and changed the events of the original’s death.

The summary was, hold a leg or change the original plot.

Yu Ze finished his summary, and was speculating about what he might encounter in this world when his brain suddenly flooded with memories that did not belong to him. This time, he returned to his senses faster than the previous two worlds because his new identity, the original’s experience, was very simple, but very painful.

This was a highly developed interstellar era, there were many human planets as well as uninhabited planets. Uninhabited planets were not suitable for human habitation, but rich in resources, which made them human resource collection points.

The original was not human, but was seen by humans as a resource — a mermaid.

Since many places had highly developed technology and social peace, many aristocrats and upper class people turned their attention to a variety of rare and beautiful treasures. The most loved by the rich people of Ketuo Star were the tears of mermaids.

Mermaid tears would turn into pearls; round, big and bright, and the surface looked like a layer of moonlight at night, especially beautiful. Mermaids were naturally wild and fierce, and moved in groups, and were very difficult to catch. So mermaid tears were rare and precious.

The original liked solitary survival, and the lack of other wild mermaids. Because of greed, he followed the school of fish from the reef after the coral reef and went out. He was accidentally caught by the treasure hunters of the Ketuo City Sky Auction House.

The memory after that was a nightmare, and the little mermaid suffered inhuman torture at all times. Those people saw him as a treasure trove, tortured him every moment to make him shed tears and tried to make him cry. The little mermaid was transferred from Sunset Moon Star to Ketuo Star, but in a day’s time, his silver scales had become dull. Many scales were plucked off, blood stained his tail and disappeared into the water.

Later, he was kept in the pool of the auction house, where he would be given food every day, and when he was full, he endured another round of torture, until he had shed enough tears and those people had obtained enough pearls. The auction house found that his condition was not right and only slightly restrained their torture, but every day they wanted a fixed amount of pearls, and if the number was not met, they would continue to torture him.

Then the little mermaid finally could not stand it and when no one was looking, he climbed out of the pool, trying to commit dehydration suicide.

But a more tragic tragedy occurred, he did not die of dehydration. For some reason, his tail gradually warmed up, turned into human feet, the scales on his hands and face also faded, and he became the same as humans.

When the little mermaid was at a loss for words, he was found by the staff, who was so amazed, that he was sent to the Institute, where he died of torture.

Yu Ze inherited the memories of the little mermaid, and he was shocked, sad and angry. He opened his eyes and saw the marble floor in front of him. His hand was on the side of his face, long and white, and then he noticed that his feet were faintly hot. He hurriedly propped himself up and turned his head, and saw the memory of the silvery fishtail, which had now turned into a pair of long, slender legs.

He froze for a moment and immediately realized that he had come to a very bad point in time.

He had to hurry back into the water!

He tried to get up, but this action did not succeed. The ball of his foot had only stepped on the ground and he had not yet exerted himself, when a sharp pain came from his foot. He fell to the ground again with a weak foot. His small face was tightly pursed, and not caring about the pain, he directly crawled with his hands and moved to the pool next to him.

After his feet hit the water, the heat quickly disappeared, the sharp pain gradually dissipated, and his feet turned into a silver fishtail. He looked at his palms, and a layer of transparent webbing surfaced between his fingers, but the silver scales on the back of his hands were gone, looking very similar to a human hand.

Click…” The sound of the door being opened came, and he couldn’t think much about it as his body sank and his whole body went underwater.

He was instantly comfortable, with the feeling that he belonged to the water in the first place. He sank to the bottom of the water, face down, reached out and touched his face. The scales on his face were gone, except for the end of his eyes.

He immediately panicked. As long as people saw him, they would certainly find something was wrong. And this face of the little mermaid, with no scales to cover, his beauty was too conspicuous. He hastily grabbed his long silver hair towards his face and kept his face down to keep himself out of sight.

Dang…” The staff put the food bucket down and threw the fish inside at Yu Ze, “Hurry up and eat. Eat and cry honestly, don’t force my hand.”

Yu Ze was affected by the original’s memory and hearing this voice, his body reflexively shivered. In the hands of this person, the little mermaid really had too many unpleasant memories.

The injuries on his legs, many of them were from this person.

Yu Ze steadied his mind and grabbed a fish when it fell to him. He looked at the fish that still carried the scent of blood. Human instincts made him recoil, but his mermaid instincts made his throat move uncontrollably.

It smelled good, delicious.

Yu Ze bit his lip, listening to the staff’s threats, thinking of the happy days with Ayr, comparing the two, he felt aggrieved. Deep inside there was an irrepressible fear.

The world was so unfriendly that he couldn’t even find a good solution to end his predicament for a while.

“Eat up? Do you want to go on a hunger strike? I’m warning you, don’t give me any trouble, or I’ll get you killed.” The staff member grabbed the long whip and heaved it on the surface of the water with a warning tone.

Yu Ze cowered a little, and sank to the bottom of the pool. He put the fish in his mouth; it was tender and delicious and the taste spread through his mouth. He did not feel comforted, the more he thought about it, the more uncomfortable he became. While eating, tears flowed constantly. As the tears fell in the water, they gradually turned into pearls. He was not in the mood to wonder about it and thought that it was too difficult.

He finished eating the fish, unconsciously reached out and grabbed another one. After he finished eating another one, he kept eating until he reached five, and he burped before he stopped. He froze and could only console himself that to escape, he first had to get well and it was only right to eat more.

The bottom of the pool was purposely set inclined, the pearls fell to the bottom of the water, then slid down to the edge, where the salvage equipment would automatically pick up the pearls.

The staff counted the pearls and were very satisfied, “Thirty-two, you are good.” He secretly hid one and warned, “At least thirty-five for the night.” He said and left with the bucket.

Yu Ze glared at the bottom of the pool, clearly the requirement was thirty each time! He really hated the staff, for the sake of the little mermaid, and for himself.

He didn’t know if it was because he was weak, or because he had eaten enough, but he felt sleepy and fell asleep. He had a very real dream. The dream was of the sky and the sea, both blue. Patches of colorful coral reefs were in front of his eyes, colorful small fish shuttled and swam around, beautiful.

He was floating in the water, surrounded by a mermaid who looked eight points like him. The mermaid had a stunning face that looked just like a human except for the three scales at the end of his eyes that looked as if they were appliquéd.

“Baby, congratulations on your adulthood. You are not dreaming, this is the inheritance of the mermaid, only when you become an adult, you can sense it.”

After the mermaid’s words disappeared, many images emerged in Yu Ze’s mind, groups of mermaids, playing, living, hunting various scenes. He also saw some fragments of his mermaid father’s life, as well as the scene where the mermaid put the little mermaid into the group of mermaids, and then left in tears.

Yu Ze woke up then froze. No wonder the little mermaid’s fish tail turned into legs, he was a baby of a mermaid and human. Although he knew the mermaid had a hard time, it was still hard for him to leave the baby mermaid behind.

The memories of the baby mermaid as a child were not clear, but when he was very young, there was only one mermaid around him, but perhaps for some reason they were separated, or something else. He thought about it for a while and started thinking about ways to leave.

After he accepted the mermaid heritage, he understood why this mission was only three stars, because it was far less than a death game.

For the next few days, he floated face down under the water like he was autistic every day, ignoring everyone. He was very cooperative, eating honestly, like an emotionless pearl machine. Because of his cooperation, he was not beaten in the past few days, and his body was not completely healed, but the pain had lessened.

July 7th, the monthly auction extravaganza of the Sky Auction House. On the same day of the month and day of the month, the Skywalker Auction House had an auction of top treasures.

Almost all of the upper class people of Ketuo would come to the auction house, and therefore, everyone in the auction house was busy.

At noon, the staff brought lunch to Yu Ze, almost an hour earlier than usual.

Perhaps because of the busy work schedule, the staff’s attitude was even worse than usual, slamming the dead fish directly onto Yu Ze, “Eat quickly.”

Yu Ze frowned, waited for the fish to slide down, reached out to take it, and listened to the staff while eating.

Estimating that the staff was bending down to get the fish, he removed the fish from his mouth and opened his mouth. A series of pleasant singing sounds came out of his mouth, and he gradually surfaced from the water. The fish in the staff’s hand fell into the bucket, staring at him in awe and fascination.

Yu Ze sang as he approached the pool, the tune carrying the cue to ‘open the door’, and before long, the staff member turned around and opened the door.

Yu Ze’s voice changed abruptly, the song disappeared and another sound wave that could not be heard by humans but would affect them exploded in the staff’s mind.

“Ah!” The staff member clutched his head and cried out, falling into a coma.

Yu Ze’s heart was beating wildly as he quickly climbed up the shore. He crawled over to the staff, took off his jacket, gave a disgusted face as he dried his fish tail. The fish tail soon warmed up into legs.

The webbing on his hands also disappeared at the same time, he touched his face, no more scales. He breathed a sigh of relief and changed into the staff’s clothes and pants, then took off the staff’s hat as well. He put his hair up and covered it with the hat.

He did it very skillfully. This was because Ayr had long, silky silver hair, and he often helped Ayr to take care of it. He could not help thinking of Ayr, his eyes turned slightly red, blinked and pulled himself together.

Perhaps because the little mermaid had never walked, his feet were weak and had no strength at all. He tried to sit on the ground before he could stand up. He rubbed his feet, moved around again, stood up holding onto the wall and left the room with unsteady steps.

He was nervous. This was not a good time for him and the staff didn’t use keys or travel passes, it was all fingerprints, pupils, or their ID chips. None of these things he could get from the staff. The only thing he was happy about was that his iso-sound waves could interfere with electronic devices, it would be hard to notice that something was wrong.

After he left the room where the pool was, he realized that there were three other rooms nearby. He just didn’t know what was kept in them, so he hesitated and released his isosonic waves, forcing all the doors to break.

Creating chaos would be more conducive to his escape.

Beep, beep, beep…” the alarm sounded instantly.

Yu Ze hurriedly continued to walk out, and after walking for a while, he saw two people in work uniforms running over to him.

“What’s going on?” One man shouted at him.

Yu Ze opened his mouth and directly released the alien sound waves, putting the two men down before they could react.

After doing this, his head throbbed painfully inside. He had overused his ability.

He bit his lower lip and hurriedly left outside. He did not know where the exit of the auction house was, he could only keep walking in one direction. The auction house was too big so he walked for a while. His feet were vaguely swollen, making his walking more and more unstable.

When he was getting anxious, he saw a man in a black uniform coming up to him.

“I understand,” the man’s voice was cold and hard, “I have business.” The man stroked his fingers over his right ear, stopped talking, and walked forward in stride.

Yu Ze moved to the side. Glancing at his shoulder, he saw a mark on the man’s shoulder patch, his heart moved. He reached out to pull the man.

The man frowned lightly, his eyes were not warm toward Yu Ze. He moved back a step, “Let go.”

Yu Ze originally stood unstably with his hand on the man’s arm. When the man moved, he fell forward. The man’s eyebrows wrinkled tighter as he grabbed him with one hand.

Yu Ze fell onto the man’s arm, tilted his head and pleaded, “Save me.”

The man’s shoulder patch, which was also the same as the mermaid’s father’s lover, belonged to the military department. Yu Ze remembered to call the police if there was a problem, and decided to ask the man for help.


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