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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Yu Ze looked at the man pleadingly, hoping that the man would take him out.

The man’s eyes paused for a moment on his delicate, confused face. His eyebrows knitted quickly, and his grasped hand moved slightly, “Stand still and explain the details.”

Yu Ze saw the man’s expression of asking for clarification, and his heart fumed. He put down the security officer who heard the alarm so if the other people asked about the situation and did not get a response, they would soon realise that something was wrong.

If someone was sent to check on him, and saw that the staff member who fed him was missing his clothes, they would definitely look for the suspect. He was wearing an obviously ill-fitting work uniform, and was the target of attention. He had to leave before those people realized something was wrong, or he would be in trouble.

His heart was panicked and anxious, and his beautiful silver eyes were red before he could speak, “I’ve been brought here and abused, please, can you take me away?”

His voice was very clean, and his pleading words were clear. Anyone who heard him could not help but have a soft heart. Unfortunately, this did not include the man in front of him.

The man’s expression did not move at all, “Who brought you here?” He raised his hand and pressed his right index finger on the inside of his left wrist, and a transparent electronic screen rose from his left palm, with a square box in the middle. The man said, “Scan your identity information.”

Yu Ze felt like he was dying, and began shaking his head, “I don’t remember. I don’t want you to take me away anymore. Can you tell me where the exit is, okay?”

The man sized him up and didn’t answer his question, “Raise your hand.”

Yu Ze met the man’s line of sight, both hands lifted up and obediently reached out to the man.

The man looked down at his hands and frowned, “You don’t have an identity chip?”

Yu Ze’s current identity was not human, of course he did not have an identity chip. He could not explain it and gave the most rogue answer, “I do not know.”

The man closed the personal information search panel, “What do you remember?”

Yu Ze pointed to his shoulder patch, “Military. I can ask for help if I’m in trouble,” his pretty eyes were full of expectation, “You will help me, right?”

The man looked at him for two seconds and nodded his head, his voice slightly cold, “Where did you escape from? Take me there.”

Yu Ze froze. This man wasn’t going to be looking for his abuser, was he? His eyelashes fluttered and his eyes got even redder, “I don’t know, I don’t want to go back, I want to get out of here!”

There was no way he was going to take the man to the auction house, the possibility of him showing up and revealing himself was too great. He estimated the time, panicked and anxious, and quickly said, “Can you tell me where the exit is? I’ll go out by myself.”

The man frowned, “You’re running away? You are the victim. Running away will never punish the perpetrator. It is the person who does the bad thing that should be afraid. Since you asked for my help, I dare to find which family it is, and because it is a crime, they will have to bear the consequences.”

Yu Ze admired and appreciated the man’s austerity, yet what he said, half-truths, was nothing like what the man thought.

“Thank you, but I’m in a bad shape and I don’t want to be irritated anymore,” Yu Ze pleaded again, “Tell me where the exit is, will you?”

The man’s eyes lingered on his slightly red eyes for a moment and spoke, “Follow me.”

Yu Ze’s heart fluttered with joy, “Thank you.”

He made the worst of it, if the man still wanted to ask questions, he would have to risk using his mermaid powers regardless of his health.

Fortunately, perhaps he was too pitiful, so the man did not continue to ask. The man walked very sharply, with a kind of regularity and grandeur characteristic of a soldier, which was a torture for Yu Ze. His feet were too sore and weak to walk fast. He tried to follow two steps, and his body stumbled, but he held on to the wall to stabilize his body. He could only speak, “Can you slow down a bit?”

The man turned around and his eyes fell on his feet, “Did you hurt your feet?”

Yu Ze nodded.

The man frowned, quickly walked back to Yu Ze and reached out, “Hold my arm.”

Yu Ze froze and hurriedly went to hold the man’s arm, accidentally touching the man’s thumb, which moved away very quickly. Yu Ze guessed that the man did not like to have contact with people, so he avoided the man’s exposed skin and grabbed his arm, “Thank you.”

The man didn’t say anything, and led him forward.

This was the section of road Yu Ze had just taken, during which he had passed several forks in the road without turning, and now it seemed that the exit was one of those forks.

“Ah…” The two walked for a while, when a mournful scream came abruptly from the front.

Yu Ze was startled. His feet were weak and he almost fell, but luckily he was held by the man.

Boom, boom, boom…” After the painful scream fell followed the sound of something slapping the ground, so loud that the ground trembled.

“Get out of the way, ask for backup.” The sound of a loud yell seemed thin amidst the loud noise.

Yu Ze obviously felt that the muscles of the man’s arm instantly tightened up.

“Something’s wrong. Stand here…” Before the man could finish his words, his gaze abruptly looked ahead.

Yu Ze looked over and his heart stopped for a moment.

It was at half a human’s height, a large Golden Flood Dragon. The scales were glowing golden. Only, unfortunately, it was injured, revealing black and red flesh and blood. There were many locations stained with blood, obviously tortured like the original.

Yu Ze was frozen, when he saw the Golden Flood Dragon spit its tongue, at the same time, he heard a peculiar, indescribable sound.

“I’ll stop it, you run.”

Yu Ze’s memory of the little mermaid in the sea surfaced in his mind. This sound was similar to many sea snakes. His eyes widened and he looked at the Golden Flood Dragon in a daze, was this said to him?

The Golden Flood Dragon swam towards Yu Ze with great speed, and when separated by some distance, it’s upper body was raised and the tail was thrown backwards and forwards, straight towards the uniformed man.

“No…” Yu Ze immediately understood what the Golden Flood Dragon meant, it misunderstood that he was caught by the man!

He moved his feet and moved quickly to the man. However, his feet really did not give him strength, and before he moved into position, his feet went weak and he fell forward.

The man’s gaze was harsh as he looked at the tail flung at him. He was calculating the arc of the tail flung at him, ready to strike back, but did not expect Yu Ze to be in front of him. He raised his hand to pull the man back, but Yu Ze fell forward, his hand grabbing empty air.

“What are you doing, idiot?!” The Golden Flood Dragon met a pig teammate and was so angry that its tail turned around halfway and wrapped around Yu Ze’s body.

Although Yu Ze’s reason knew that the Golden Flood Dragon was friendly and closer to his current kind, he was still instinctively scared emotionally. The moment his body was entangled, the cold, cold blood touch made his scalp tingle and he screamed uncontrollably.

After the Golden Flood Dragon wrapped around Yu Ze, it swam quickly towards the exit. Yu Ze’s high-pitched scream became seven-fold because he was forced to move at high speed.

“Major General Leon.” The head of security saw this scen and sweat slipped down from his forehead. Although he didn’t know what the identity of the other person was, it was someone who was with Major General Leon! He hurriedly said, “I will have it shot down immediately.”

Earlier, indoors, the security guards were swept everywhere by the snake’s tail, and shooting was too easy to injure the innocent. Now that the Golden Flood Dragon was headed for the exit, there was no such concern.

Leon chased after it with a cold face, “Shoot it down? Ordinary weapons can deal with it?” He sneered, “Worthy of the Sky Auction, they dare to keep a virulent beast like the Deep Sea Golden Flood Dragon.”

The security chief hurriedly explained, “We have special medicine that can deal with it.”

Leon asked, “Where is the medicine?”

“When the Golden Flood Dragon is in battle, the medicine needs special equipment to be used, it has been sent for.” The security chief replied.

Usually the medicine was placed directly in the food and there was no need for such trouble at all.

A group of people were chasing after the Golden Flood Dragon, but because of the presence of Yu Ze, they were afraid to strike casually. This was the only way to ensure that they would not hurt Yu Ze, and could take the opportunity to attack.

The Golden Flood Dragon moved straight. Those outdoors saw the Golden Flood Dragon, immediately shouted, and the scene was even more chaotic.

Yu Ze soon discovered that the Golden Flood Dragon appeared to be wrapped around him, but he was actually lying on top of it, with a small part of its tail pressed against him to prevent him from sliding down.

The Golden Flood Dragon twisted and turned between actions, and his vision shifted along with it. He communicated with the Golden Flood Dragon in the way mermaids communicate, “Can you get out?”

The Golden Flood Dragon, “Right away.”

Yu Ze looked up at the words, only to see a white floor. He was confused. The Golden Flood Dragon moved to the edge of the floor, and Yu Ze, because of his field of vision, saw that the front was a large area of water.

Only, the water and where they were now, there was at least fifteen meters height difference.

“No…” He understood the Golden Flood Dragon’s intention and opened his mouth to stop it, however it was too late. The Golden Flood Dragon’s tail slapped the ground and lifted up towards the front and then fell straight down to the water.

At the same time, a gunshot came from behind.

Yu Ze hurriedly turned around and saw the tail of the Golden Flood Dragon hanging down.

“Leon, Major General Leon.” The security chief’s face was white, and he couldn’t speak well.

Leon’s face was as heavy as water, his mind recalled the scene of Yu Ze’s red eyes asking him for help, and his heart felt like a big stone had been placed. Obviously asked him for help, but also protected him.

“Tell your men to go down and find him.” Leon said, and then opened the communicator to contact the water search and rescue team in these waters. He really had very little confidence in the ability of the Sky auctioneers to do their job.

“Chief, the injection transmitter is picked up!” A person hurriedly ran in and said to the Chief of Security.

Leon was hanging up the communication and praised in a cold voice, “How efficient.”

The head of security was wearing blue and white. There were too many valuable guests today. The security task was already heavy, and he did not expect such an accident to occur.

The food of the Golden Flood Dragon was put into the dehydration machine and the door would be locked. Except for the people who were specifically responsible for food, no one had the authority.

Thinking about it being very safe, he now had not figured out how the door malfunctioned.

Leon’s eyes fell on the water, “Tell your boss to shut down.”

Yu Ze smashed into the water and sank down hard for a while before his legs turned into a tail. He opened his mouth and spat out a flurry of bubbles, spitting out all the screams he hadn’t had time to shout out. He pressed his chest, secretly thankful that his small body was sturdy. Think about it, after all, the little mermaid in the deep sea lived for a long time, but the pressure of the sea was not small.

He opened his eyes, and the underwater world was very clear in his vision, and therefore, a glance showed him the Golden Flood Dragon floating in the water.

The tail of the Golden Flood Dragon was frequently bleeding, the piece of clear water soon turned red and looked particularly scary.

He moved over with a flick of his tail and asked nervously, “Are you okay?”

“No, damn human!” The Golden Flood Dragon’s vicious voice was much weaker, “My tail is injured, there is no way to move quickly to the deep sea.”

Its body moved and its head was facing Yu Ze, “You saved me once, I saved you once, we don’t owe each other. Goodbye.”

Yu Ze was stunned, “When did I save you?”

“You opened the door. When the door opened, I felt the mermaid’s ability.” The Golden Flood Dragon finished, wagged its tail, and swam deeper.

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What now?
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Rachel Kim
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Hope the Golden Flood Dragon can escape and safe. Can’t wait for the next chapter.

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For a moment there I thought that maybe Yu Ze will be again partnered with a dragon, but when the dragon left, I was like: oh well, I guess not. That leaves us with MG Leon, but what will he do if he knows that the pleading little face belonged to a mermaid? Well whatever comes in the next chapter, I hope Yu Ze won’t be forced to go back to that hellish Auction house.

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This is the same myth in my country, the mermaid voice was very powerful. Very interesting story.

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I think Major General Leon might be ML this time but I really don’t like him this time. You see someone trying desperately to escape because they’ve been abused and he tries to bring them back to their abuser??? Then the victim is in danger and he lets the abusers help save the victim??? Give me a freaking break

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