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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Yu Ze was shocked. He resisted the urge to turn and run, and instead asked the stall owner who was looking at him with an excited face, “What is me? Do you know me?”

The stall owner patted him enthusiastically on the shoulder, “Young man, everyone at the beach knows you. Search and rescue teams have been looking for you since yesterday, and there is a reward for finding you! Let’s go, I’ll take you to the search and rescue team, and we’ll split the reward.”

Yu Ze was pulled and he staggered. The stall owner hurried to help him, “Sorry, is your foot hurt? I’ll call a car.”

Yu Ze’s feet were swollen and sore, so he didn’t refuse the vendor’s offer and hesitantly asked, “Are you sure the search and rescue team is looking for me?”

The stall owner pointed his finger at his hair and gestured, “That’s right, the boy with long white hair and good looks. That’s you!”

Yu Ze was still a bit confused and couldn’t imagine who was looking for him. He suspected that others were looking for a boy with a similar appearance to him. He saw that the stall owner was harmless and wanted to see if there was a misunderstanding. After all, the stall owner could be mistaken and so could the rest of the people, so he might as well find out once and for all.

In the car, he chatted with the stall owner, specifically asking, “Do people who go out to sea to find treasures sell their treasures in stalls like you do?”

“Of course not. We only sell some trinkets to tourists. Exotic items are usually consigned to the auction house because you can get more money.”

Yu Ze asked, “Are there no pawn stores?”

The stall owner, “Yes, there are pawn stores of all sizes, but unless you need money urgently, don’t go to a pawn store. The price is too low. If you pawn something there, it will end up at the auction house, and the price may be more than doubled.”

Yu Ze felt his heart palpitate. The price did not matter as long as there were pawn stores. Anyway, the pearls were very precious, and would not be cheap either way. He could also produce an unlimited output.

As he was talking, the car stopped and the stall owner said, “Here we are.”

Yu Ze got out of the car and the building in front of him had a plaque on it: the Maritime Security Bureau.

He followed the stall owner inside, the receptionist heard their reason for coming, contacted the person in charge, and in a moment a tall man came out. He looked at Yu Ze and opened his communicator.

A transparent light blue electronic screen appeared and Leon appeared on it, “Any news?”

Dinant, the head of security, moved the camera to Yu Ze, “Is this him?”

Leon’s gaze stopped for a moment on Yu Ze’s face, and the scene of Yu Ze falling into the sea came to his mind, his hat falling down and his long hair spilling out, a white shadow cutting through the air. He said, “It’s him.”

Dinant asked, “Will you pick him up, or shall I have him sent to you?”

Leon questioned, “Is he hurt?”

Dinant answered, “A foot injury, I don’t know anything else for now.”

Leon said, “Take him to the hospital, I’ll pick him up.”

Throughout the whole conversation, Yu Ze only heard Dinant’s words, not Leon’s, but after seeing Leon, he finally understood why someone would look for him. He silently sent a good man card to Leon, this soldier. What a great guy. He didn’t expect that the other would have someone looking for him after he fell into the water.

Dinant hung up the communication and asked his men to give the stall owner the procedure to collect the bounty. The stall owner happily received the money, very trustworthy, and asked Yu Ze, “Give me your account number to scan, I will transfer half of it to you.”

Yu Ze pursed his lips and asked Dinant, “Do you know the account number of the person you just contacted?”

Dinant nodded, and Yu Ze said, “Is it okay to tell me?”

Deenan guessed his purpose, “You want to return half of the bounty to Leon?”

Yu Ze nodded.

Dinant looked at him and told the stall owner Leon’s account number. The stall owner got Yu Ze’s consent and transferred 20,000 five-star coins to Leon, showed the transfer record to Yu Ze, and then left.

Yu Ze was very meat-hearted, he somehow carried twenty-five thousand in debt. He had nothing to do with Leon and the other used the bounty to find him to ensure his safety. Even if he did not need it, the other’s good intentions could not be ignored.

This money, there was no reason for Leon to spend it in vain. He was too upset.

When Leon received the message from Dinant, he was about to return the money of unknown origin the way it came. After reading the message, he withdrew his request for return and took the money.

Dinant looked at Yu Ze, “I’ll take you to the hospital, Leon will pick you up later.”

Yu Ze was stunned, “Pick me up for what?”

Dinant said, “I don’t know. Ask him when he comes. I’m taking you to the hospital now, you’ll have a full body checkup and wait for the results before treating the symptoms.”

Yu Ze immediately tensed up. He was not sure exactly how the full body checkup in this world worked, but he knew that the medical treatment in this world was very advanced. It would be too easy for him to expose his non-human identity if he did the checkup.

“I do not want to do the examination. I want to buy anti-inflammatory medicine to apply on it.”

Dinant said, “I heard Leon say you fell into the water. With the high fall, your internal organs are likely to be bruised and there is no way to see without examination.”

Yu Ze was very insistent, “I do not want to do the examination, only want to buy medicine.” He said after a pause, “I’ll just go by myself.”

He turned around to leave and was pulled by Dinant, “You can’t go anywhere. If you don’t want to go to the hospital, just wait here for Leon to pick you up. I have anti-inflammatory medicine.”

Yu Ze hesitated and sat down in the hall.

Dinant gave him the anti-inflammatory, “Do you need help?”

Yu Ze replied, “No, thanks.”

He read the instructions on the bottle carefully, and was relieved to see the effect of the medicine. The Golden Flood Dragon should be able to use it, but the Golden Flood Dragon’s wound was too big, so this one may not be enough.

He unscrewed the cap, straightened his foot, applied a layer of medicine to the red marks that showed up on his foot because of his tail injury. He hesitated before reluctantly handing the anti-inflammatory medicine back to Dinant.

Dinant said, “Take it and use it.”

Yu Ze did not push back and said sincerely, “Thank you.”

Not long after, Leon appeared down the hall with big strides. Yu Ze saw him and subconsciously got up. Unexpectedly, his feet went weak and he fell back to his seat. He was so embarrassed that his face turned red.

He moved his feet and was about to stand up again when Leon walked up to him, “You didn’t go to the hospital?”

Yu Ze nodded and looked up at him, “Thank you.”

Leon said, “No, you got stuck with the Golden Flood Dragon to save me.”

Yu Ze blinked: They seem to have misunderstood a bit!

Leon asked, “Can you stand up? I’ll take you to the hospital.”

Yu Ze said, “I’m not going to the hospital.”

Leon looked at him, “Why?”

Yu Ze’s eyes wandered for a moment, thinking fast about the reason, “I’m already bothering you, I can’t spend your money again.”

Leon asked, “Do you have money?”

Yu Ze shook his head.

Leon said, “I’ll send you to get a new ID card, and in your case you can get a government subsidy, and then you can go to the hospital when you get the subsidy, okay?”

Yu Ze was amazed that Ketuo Planet was treated so well! He thought about it; he had appeared in human form, a human identity will be much easier to act with. Not to mention, from a human point of view, he had no reason to refuse to replace the ID card.

As for whether to go to the hospital or not, it was up to him. He nodded, “Please and thank you.”

Leon didn’t say anything, greeted Dinant and reached out towards Yu Ze, “Let’s go.”

Yu Ze hesitated for a moment and put his hand on Leon’s. His feet had not long been transformed, and it had taken him quite a while to walk from the beach to this human city. His feet were in really bad shape.

He had used all his effort to be able to keep standing, and now after sitting for a while, his feet were soft, without strength. Without Leon’s support, he was very likely to fall.

Leon supported him and deliberately slowed down. Leon’s car was parked in front of the door, a silver supercar with very smooth lines, cool and running fast.

A quarter of an hour later, the car stopped at the police station. With Leon’s help, Yu Ze’s identity chip was quickly made and he received a thousand star coins — a month’s living allowance.

Leon went to the car and it opened automatically. He was about to get in, when he noticed that Yu Ze didn’t move.

Yu Ze stood at the curb, “Thank you, you’re a good man,” he said with a grateful smile, “I won’t bother you now. I’ve decided to stay here and get a job.”

He thought better of it, he would buy a few more anti-inflammatory pills later, and then go to the Golden Flood Dragon.

Leon said, “I’m afraid you can’t.”

Yu Ze’s smile froze, “Why?”

Leon’s right hand rubbed his left wrist, the electronic screen appeared and a photo was displayed on it, “Do you recognize the clothes on him?”

Yu Ze hand subconsciously clenched. That photo, it was the staff member who fed the little mermaid.

Leon had seen him yesterday. Yu Ze couldn’t deny it, “I was wearing this kind of clothes when I escaped yesterday.”

Leon nodded, “Yesterday, this man, because of unexplained unconsciousness, his clothes disappeared. At the same time, the mermaid fed by him also went missing. The auction house suspects that the person who stole the mermaid was wearing this person’s clothes. He should have left the auction house disguised as a staff member.”

Yu Ze was wearing the man’s clothes. Yu Ze denied it, “I haven’t seen the mermaid, this suit is mine,” he paused, “I picked it up in the bathroom.”

Leon stared at him, “What are the specific circumstances?”

Yu Ze quickly thought about what to say, “I, I could not stand the abuse. I couldn’t stand it and fled, so I hid in the bathroom stall and left while the auction was going on, and I came out of the stall and saw this suit by the sink. I saw the auction house’s logo on it and put it on, thinking it would be safe to leave in.” His eyes were slightly red, “As I was going out, I heard alarms and the sound of security yelling for something, I thought they were looking for me, I panicked and saw you just in time and asked for help.”

Leon said, “You’re lying to me.”

Yu Ze’s eyelashes fluttered, “No.”

Leon’s tone was calm, “The auction house staff bathroom is in the back. There are often staff members in and out. If you appeared, you would have definitely been seen. The bathroom in the building is near the entrance. I was heading in that direction when you met me, but hadn’t gotten there yet.”

Yu Ze felt chagrin. He was too ignorant of the structure of the auction house. He pursed his lips, “I left from the bathroom, walked for a while without seeing the exit, could not help but panic, just had to go back. I wanted to continue back to the bathroom to hide, wait for the auction to end and mix into the crowd to leave.”

Leon said, “Lying.”

Yu Ze lamented in his heart. He had done his best to lie, he tried to keep his composure, “I didn’t.”

Leon said, “I just lied to you, the bathroom is in the building. You passed by it and met me.”

Yu Ze’s eyes rounded. A trap!

Leon looked straight at him, “Why did you lie? Did you take the mermaid? You couldn’t get the mermaid by yourself, you had an accomplice, right?”

Yu Ze denied, “I really haven’t seen a mermaid!”

Leon said, “I can’t trust your words anymore. Come with me, you can’t leave until the matter is clearly investigated.”

Yu Ze shook his head, turned around and ran.

The Golden Flood Dragon’s injuries were so serious, how could he stay and wait for the investigation? Not to mention, if the investigation was carried out, he would be in more danger.

Leon frowned and chased after Yu Ze, catching him in no time, “If you do this, I’ll think you’re absconding.”

Yu Ze’s feet trembled and he looked back at him, “You let go of me.”

Leon looked hesitant and loosened his grip on his shoulder a little.

Yu Ze secretly sighed that he was really a soldier, his will power was too strong. He stared at Leon’s eyes and continued to use his mermaid ability to imply, “Let go of me, I have never seen a mermaid.”

Leon let go of him before fiercely gripping him again, his face struggling, “You…”

Yu Ze was startled, strengthening his ability to continue to imply. However, Leon’s attitude repeatedly insisted on not letting him go. His head hurt, and he wept furiously inside, it was too hard to control Leon’s mind. He was so ruthless that he could only use the ultimate tactic. Taking advantage of Leon’s struggling look, he tilted his head and kissed Leon on the lips, while hinting, “Forget me.”

The mermaid’s kiss, combined with the hint, would make the other forget everything about the mermaid.

Yu Ze just wanted Leon to let him go, believing that he had nothing to do with the mermaid’s disappearance, and wanted Leon to forget about him. After all, he existed, and Leon could easily sense that something was wrong. However, he had no choice. Leon’s spiritual power was too powerful and he could not do what he wanted, so he had to settle for the second best.


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