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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Leon’s calm eyes widened abruptly, the soft touch on his lips shocked him to the point of disorientation, and all he could see were Yu Ze’s beautiful silver eyes.

Yu Ze took a step back, left Leon’s lips, and mentally said sorry, “You can drive home.”

He turned around and left.

Leon stood in the same place for a while before coming back to his senses, his eyes swept around, and then his eyebrows knitted.

Why was he here?

He frowned and thought about it. He seemed to be here to pick up someone, but who and why he came to the police station, he could not think clearly. He immediately realized that something was wrong and looked serious. He turned around and walked to the police station.

A police officer froze when he came back, “Major General.”

Leon asked, “What did I do here before?”

The officer looked behind him and did not see the beautiful young man. He was confused and asked in a low voice, “Major General, what just happened needs to be kept secret?” The officer felt that Leon’s question was a hint of this, and with a straight face, “You weren’t here! I haven’t seen you today.”

Leon was even more sure that something was wrong. The officer’s words clearly meant that he had been here, but he couldn’t recall anything specific. He said, “No need for secrecy, what did I do?”

The officer was confused, unable to guess Leon’s intentions at all, let alone that Leon had forgotten what had just happened, and said, “You brought a boy to make his ID,” he added, “a very pretty boy.”

Leon’s brow knitted quickly, “A boy?”

Something seemed to flash through his mind, but he couldn’t catch it at all, and he had no recollection of the pretty boy.

The officer heard his questionable tone and was not sure, “Is it a girl in disguise? But when he filled out the identity information, the gender filled in the male.”

Leon asked, “What’s his name?”

The police officer just finished the procedure, and still remembered, “Yu Ze.”

Leon thought it was strange when he heard it and said, “Pull up the information and show me.”

The officer said, “I need permission.”

Leon nodded, contacted the relevant personnel, and soon got access to see Yu Ze’s identity information.

His eyes stayed on Yu Ze’s mugshot, which he felt was familiar, but still couldn’t think of anything about the boy.

With a serious face, he copied Yu Ze’s information down and left the police station.

On his way back to the capital, Ketuo City, he sent Yu Ze’s information to his men in the military department and asked to track his whereabouts.

Arriving in Ketuo City, his communication rang and the caller was the captain of the Ketuo City police brigade.

Captain said, “Major General, Brewer has hired a lawyer. He was found not guilty of the charges and is going to be released on bail.”

Brewer, the owner of Skybound Auction.

Leon asked, “Not guilty? There were many witnesses at the time, all of whom could testify that the deep-sea Golden Flood Dragon his company hunted escaped and injured someone, causing that person to fall overboard…”

He said, stunned, he could not recall the appearance of the man who fell into the sea.

Captain said, “Brewer said that the one who fell overboard was not a man, but a mermaid.”

“Mermaid?” Leon was surprised.

The captain, “Yes.”

Leon was silent for a moment, “I’ll come over.”

When he arrived at the police station, Brewer’s lawyer had already arrived, and when he saw Leon, the lawyer greeted him very politely, and then offered to show the photo.

“Major General Leon, this is really a misunderstanding. The auction house has raised a mermaid, because the mermaid was too precious, its existence was kept secret from the public. Except for the senior management and feeders, the rest of the people do not know. You see, it is this mermaid.”

Leon looked at the photo, his eyes moved slightly. The mermaid in the photo had a silver fishtail. He was lying on the ground, right hand propped up, long hair spilled out, and was looking towards the camera. Although the mermaid’s face was covered with silver scales, he still recognized the mermaid, which was Yu Ze.

He knew the human body structure very well, and the mermaid and Yu Ze had the exact same facial contours, not to mention the exact same silver eyes and hair.

Why would he forget everything about the mermaid… everything about Yu Ze?

The lawyer pulled up another photo, a picture of Yu Ze when he fell into the sea. It wasn’t very clear and should have been taken from a distant camera, “Look, their hair is exactly the same. He is a mermaid.”

The lawyer pointed to Yu Ze’s clothes in the photo, “When the mermaid disappeared, the feeder was unconscious for unknown reasons and his clothes disappeared. He was wearing the mermaid feeder’s clothes. Apparently, the mermaid used some method to take human form and stunned the feeder to escape.”

At that moment, the police officer brought out a man in a black suit. The man had slightly curly blond hair and a faint smile on his lips. The lawyer saw him and immediately shouted, “Boss.”

Brewer nodded and said to Leon, “Major General Leon, I apologize for the panic caused by the Golden Flood Dragon and have paid the fine according to the relevant regulations.”

Leon’s face sank slightly.

Brewer’s smile deepened, “Although the Audeuxs have applied for the preparation of mermaid protection regulations every year, unfortunately, they have never been passed. So even if I hunt mermaids, it is not illegal, right?”

Leon’s face was even colder. He was the youngest generation of the Audeux family, of course he knew that his father’s application was not passed every year. Mermaids involved the economic chain and too many people were related. Therefore the application for protection regulations were difficult.

Leon ignored Brewer and looked to the captain of the brigade, who shook his head and whispered, “We have to let him go.”

Leon nodded, turned around and walked away.

Brewer raised his voice, “Major General, please wait a moment.”

Leon turned around and Brewer seized him up, “I heard you had the search and rescue team look for the mermaid, did you find it?”

“No.” Leon said.

Brewer looked regretful, “Eh, I thought the mermaid turning into human form was a legend, I did not expect it to be true. Unfortunately, I did not see it with my own eyes. If you find him, please let me know, Major General.”

Leon did not promise and turned to leave.

Brewer shrugged his shoulders, let his lawyer give him the formalities and left the police station. Once out of the police station, he contacted his men, “Prepare the latest equipment for the sea, I want to go to sea myself.”

After Yu Ze left Leon, he found a pawn store and pawned a pearl, just saying it was picked up by the sea, pretending he didn’t know it was a mermaid’s pearl, and pawning it for the price of a mussel pearl. He took the money and the grant to the pharmacy to buy anti-inflammatory medicine and clothes, packed them in a waterproof bag and returned. He was so tired when he returned to the island that he poked his head out of the water and froze when his eyes landed on the shore.

The Golden Flood Dragon hadn’t moved, but was still coiled on the beach, surrounded by a variety of seafood, and the Lightning Eel was sweeping a pile of fish from the shore with its tail.

Yu Ze climbed to the shore, “This is enough to eat. Too much to eat, and it will rot under the sun.”

The Lightning Eel’s body folded one hundred and eighty degrees, “You are back!

Yu Ze wiped his tail clean and put on his men’s skirt and stood up. His feet were a bit weak, but he adapted and walked to the Golden Flood Dragon.

The Golden Flood Dragon’s eyelids flicked up and down, “Get it out of here, I’m going to die from the noise.”

Yu Ze sighed in relief and sat down on his knees, before telling the truth, “It’s more powerful than me, I can’t get rid of it.” He examined the Golden Flood Dragon’s wound, which was festering even more. He frowned, cleaned the wound carefully with gauze and alcohol, and then applied medicine.

The Lightning Eel probed curiously and kept asking questions. After understanding that Yu Ze was treating the wound, he focused on Yu Ze’s dress again and wondered, “Are you a female? Why is there no meat on your chest?”

The corners of Yu Ze’s mouth twitched and he turned his head to meet the Lightning Eel’s round eyes, he explained without temper, “I’m a male… Male.”

“Aren’t females the ones who wear skirts?”

Yu Ze said, “Not necessarily, I wear a skirt for the convenience of transforming.”

“Right oh, you’re so weird, you can actually turn into a human.”

Yu Ze asked while dressing the wound, “Have you never seen a mermaid that can turn into a human?”

The Lightning Eel’s head tilted, seemingly in thought, “No.”

Yu Ze thought the Lightning Eel had been in the sea for a long time, so did not ask again. After all, even if it could become a human, the eel must also be on the shore to see it.

In the following two days, Yu Ze gave the Golden Flood Dragon medicine on time. The Golden Flood Dragon’s wounds recovered quickly, and his spirit also recovered well.

The Lightning Eel then stopped staying on the shore and played in the sea every day, only coming back occasionally to see. Yu Ze was worried that Golden Flood Dragon’s wounds would get worse if he touched water, so he didn’t let Golden Flood Dragon go into the water. After the fish left by the Lightning Eel was finished, the job of catching food fell on him.

Then he found that he was completely incompetent and he could not catch fish. He followed the little mermaid’s memory to catch fish, but the speed was always too slow. He floated on the surface of the water, looking at the palm of his hand, which resembled a human, and frowned lightly. He obviously felt that in the past few days, he was increasingly affected by human genes, and became less and less responsive.

At the same time, his spiritual power has become much stronger. He could sense the movement of the sea further away, as well as changes in ocean currents. Looking at the setting sun and thinking about the unsettled dinner, he pursed his lips and decided to use his spiritual power to catch fish.

He was about to dive when suddenly, a fish with its belly turned up to the surface, and at the same time, he felt a slight current.

“You can’t catch fish but actually grew so big!” The Lightning Eel emerged, “These are for you.”

Yu Ze was happy, “Thank you.”

After this, Yu Ze and Golden Flood Dragon’s food was all grabbed by the Lightning Eel.


Audeux’s mansion

Leon walked into the hall and Madame Audeux asked, “Did you meet the Wulf’s daughter at the auction house? Are you satisfied?”

Leon replied, “Yes, not satisfied.”

Madame Audeux was disappointed, then glared at him, “Why not again, are you lying to me? You didn’t go?”

“Yes.” Leon said, “Where is father?”

“In the study,” Madame Audeux raised her eyebrows, “you’re not going back to the base until you get married this time, and I told your father that you won’t be given a job until you settle your lifelong matter!”

Leon spoke the truth in a smooth tone, “One in five unmarried people are now celibate.”

“Are you? You’re not!”

Leon replied, “I am.”

Madame Audeux said, “You made a wish when you were three years old that you would find a partner you liked and get a dog together when you were old!”

“I didn’t know any better then,” Leon said, “I will go to my father.”

Admiral Audeux smiled when he saw Leon, “Did your mother ask you to come back?”

Leon shook his head, “Father, I wanted to ask about the mermaids.”

Admiral Audeux asked, “What are you asking that for?”

Leon told the story, “I suspect that my missing memories are related to mermaids.”

Admiral Audeux’s expression changed slightly, “Are you saying that your memories have been interfered with?”

Leon nodded, “Yes.”

Admiral Audeux muttered, “Could it be mental power?” He looked serious, “We must find this mermaid, do you have a picture of him?”

Leon showed him Yu Ze’s identity photo, Admiral Audeux jerked up, “Too much resemblance!”

Leon asked, “What’s too much?”

Admiral Audeux hesitated for a moment and shook his head, “Nothing, who else knows of his existence?”

Leon replied, “Brewer, the auction house and the police department.”

Admiral Audeux said in a quiet voice, “Brewer loves to hunt so he won’t let the mermaid go. I’ll give you a transfer order, go to the search and rescue team for the time being, and make sure you find the mermaid before Brewer does.”

Leon gave a military salute, “Yes.”

Leon did not stay at home, went directly to the search and rescue team, and met with Brewer’s fleet. On the first day, both teams found nothing. 

Late at night, Leon woke up from his dream, he sat up and turned his head to look out the window. The moon’s light shone on the endless sea, the silver light was fine and bright. He raised his right hand unconsciously and gently touched his lips.

The soft touch, the silvery eyes.

‘Forget about me.’

Leon’s palms gradually clenched into fists, concentrating on collecting the memories that gradually returned, which emerged from the haze and slowly became clear.

At the seaside, Yu Ze, whose tail was soaking in the sea water and whose face was lying on the beach sleeping, had a steep throbbing pain in his brain for a moment. 

His eyes snapped open and his heart was beating wildly.

Leon remembered him.

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February 16, 2022 12:12 pm

Wow, what a connection! Or is it always like that? Can’t wait how the story will goes. Next chapter please. 😄

Rachel Kim
Rachel Kim
February 16, 2022 1:46 pm

Thank you for updating!!!!

February 16, 2022 3:38 pm

You can’t keep a good man down!
I do hope Leon and his father have no ulterior motives though.
Hoping the Golden Flood Dragon makes a full recovery soon; like before Brewer and his minions turn up 😬
Thanks for translating and editing.

February 16, 2022 4:00 pm

I wonder if Leon and his dad knew Ze’s mermaid father somehow. Maybe Leon’s dad was bffs with the guy who fell in love with the mermaid. And so he’s been on the lookout for the mermaid and the bb for his friend’s sake.

February 16, 2022 11:05 pm

I knew it won’t be that simple. I hope Leon will find Yu Ze quicker than that greedy auction house owner. AND I also hope that Leon’s father is not Yu Ze’s father’s acquaintance.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

Sue R
Sue R
February 23, 2022 5:25 pm

There was a flaw in this plotting; why there was no surveillance cameras in the auction house? They could have easily checked on the tape and found that Leon had contact with the mermaid. Right?????

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