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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Yu Ze looked at the red seawater behind the Golden Flood Dragon, couldn’t help but worry, he wagged his tail and quickly followed, “You can’t do this, first find a place to recover before you go.”

“Stay here and we will be caught.”

Yu Ze thought it made sense. Since he was in the water, there was no way to disguise himself at all. If he was found, it would be too dangerous. He was very unfamiliar with these waters, so he immediately made a decision, “I’ll go with you, as a lookout.”

The Golden Flood Dragon, “That’s fine.” He finished and put his head on Yu Ze’s back, “They added medicine to my food and I have no strength. Drag me along.”

Yu Ze turned his head, saw the Golden Flood Dragon’s head, his heart was a little skeptical. He silently reminded himself, this was the same kind from his memory. The Golden Flood Dragon did not weigh much in the water, and he was willing to take the dragging snake with him. Following the instructions of the Golden Flood Dragon, he only swam to places where humans were scarce.

He deliberately asked for a map of the Ketuo Planet waters, and during the Golden Flood Dragon’s explanation, he got a general understanding of the Ketuo Planet waters. He himself could not recognize the direction in the water at all, but now that he was a mermaid, he could feel the small differences in the current and judge many messages from it. Just like when he was walking on the road, the route he passed was very clear in his mind.

He had been swimming deeper, and could not feel the passage of time at all. He could only judge from the light that it was probably night.

The Golden Flood Dragon had not spoken for some time, and when he occasionally spoke out to ask something, the Golden Flood Dragon would reply. He obviously felt that the Golden Flood Dragon was in a very bad condition.

“Should we stop and take care of the wound?” Yu Ze asked.

Golden Flood Dragon said, “Keep swimming, we are almost at our destination.”

Yu Ze swam for another quarter of an hour, and when he heard the Golden Flood Dragon say he had arrived, he quietly floated upward, first revealing a pair of eyes to look around. In the endless sea water, there was a small island not far away, which looked like a small hill in the moonlight.

“Here is my cave.” The Golden Flood Dragon said and swam ashore, coiled up, with his head facing the wound, seemingly surveying it.

When Yu Ze went into the water, his pants fell apart and were gone, and his clothes were thrown away. Now that he climbed ashore, his body was wet for a while, and he couldn’t get it dry, so his tail didn’t turn into legs, and it was very difficult to move.

He was relieved instead, after all, to become two legs meant he’d have a penis. Although there was no one here, with a highly intelligent little partner, he would feel very embarrassed. He pushed his long silver hair in front of his body, slightly blocking his upper body, moved to the Golden Flood Dragon, and huffed when he saw the wound.

The golden scales showed a red and black bloody hole with a mixture of blood and water on the surface. The epidermis around the edges was flushed white and looked serious.

“Use your claws to help me get the bullet out,” the Golden Flood Dragon said.

“Huh?” Yu Ze froze and subconsciously put his hands behind his back, “I, I don’t dare.”

The Golden Flood Dragon’s golden eyes looked at him, “You are strange. Strange looking and strange tempered. I have never seen such a weak and timid mermaid like you.”

Yu Ze asked, “…Where do I look strange?”

The Golden Flood Dragon replied, “Too few scales on your face, so ugly. Are you so ugly that you were abandoned by your pack to be caught by humans?”

Yu Ze touched his own stunning face and silently sighed at the racial generation gap, “I was caught because I was careless, what about you?”

“Shameless humans, drugging me while I was injured!” The Golden Flood Dragon was furious, his tail slapped down on the sandy surface, and huffed in pain.

Yu Ze hurriedly touched its tail to soothe, “You take it easy, be careful. The injury is serious.” The touch under his hand made him frown and he moved his hand upward, “Are you feverish?”

Before, in the water, he could not feel anything. But now he could obviously feel it. The cold-blooded Golden Flood Dragon had an obviously high temperature.

The Golden Flood Dragon’s head curled up on the indistinguishable part and its golden eyes were half closed, “The medicine worked. This medicine is the most effective at night, since they will take my blood at night.”

Yu Ze’s eyebrows knitted tighter, “Why take your blood?”

Golden Flood Dragon said, “The blood of the deep sea Golden Flood Dragon, in the eyes of humans, is a precious material,” his head stood up, “no less than your mermaid’s pearls.”

Yu Ze: I did not want to win this

He smoothly complimented, “Sounds impressive,” he asked, “What do you usually do when you get hurt?”

The Golden Flood Dragon’s head fell back down, eyes closed, “Just sleep more.”

Yu Ze looked at its deadly appearance, could not help but worry and squeezed his fingers, “Do not sleep first, I will help you treat the wound.”

The Golden Flood Dragon’s eyes did not open, “Oh, dig it out.”

Yu Ze’s nervousness was affected by its bland response. Much calmer, he stretched out his right hand, popped out the mermaid’s sharp claws, and gestured at the wound for a good half day before ruthlessly doing it. He slackened his face and took the bullet out, “Is there any herbal medicine here?”

Golden Flood Dragon asked, “What is herbal medicine? Just dig some mud and paste on it.”

Yu Ze was shocked, so casual?

But he also had no better way and could only get some mud and paste it on the Golden Flood Dragon’s wound.

Golden Flood Dragon closed his eyes, “I’m a little hungry, are you hungry? Catch some fish to eat.”

He did not say okay, but soon Yu Ze felt hungry. He had never caught fish, and really had very little confidence. Looking at the poor coiled Golden Flood Dragon, he bit his lips, then jumped into the water.

There were almost no fish at the shallow end, and when he got to the depths, there were quite a few, but those fish were extremely fast. Yu Ze swam fast, but his strikes were too slow. He faced a fish about the same size as him and could not help but be afraid when he saw the sharp teeth. The fish was more afraid of him than he was and it turned its head and swam away.

Yu Ze swam for ten minutes and caught a palm-sized fish, which he grabbed in his hand, estimating that it was not enough to even clean the Golden Flood Dragon’s teeth. Yet, he could not get it easily and could not put it down. This made his next fishing move more difficult, he could not easily grab an arm-sized fish, followed it, and unconsciously swam deeper.

Suddenly, the fish trembled all over, and then floated in the water with the belly turned over. Halfway through the swim, he felt a subtle, electric sensation, his heart inexplicably tight, and stopped.

At the same time, many of the fish under the water turned their bellies upward. Yu Ze looked at the water. He was wondering what was going on when he saw two rows of sharp white teeth, one up and down, gradually moving up.

Those fish that floated more slowly, all fell in the middle of the two rows of teeth and disappeared.

Yu Ze, who did not recognize at first glance, froze for a moment before reacting. This was a marine creature with its mouth open, hunting for food. The way it was feeding was very lazy, as if it was saying to the food: Come to my mouth.

He hurriedly wagged his tail and stepped back.

In the dark waters above the upper row of teeth, two round eyes suddenly appeared, “Hey, how did a mermaid get here?”

The two rows of teeth moved up and down as Yu Ze heard this peculiar voice.

Yu Ze stuttered, “You, you… You know mermaids?”

“Of course, are you questioning my knowledge?” The eyes quickly moved to Yu Ze.

At the same time, the water around him shifted significantly, and Yu Ze saw the other party’s long black body plus tail, which changed from vertical to horizontal, facing him. Yu Ze finally recognized the identity of the other party, a deep sea Lightning Eel. Yu Ze immediately envied its hunting style, if only he could also discharge electricity, electricity a piece, close his eyes and wait to eat!

“Why are you so ugly?!” Round eyes glared even more round and said with a tone of awe, “From my knowledge, you are the ugliest mermaid I have ever seen.”

Yu Ze aggrieved, but did not dare to retort. He did not want to be electrocuted.

The Lightning Eel asked, “What are you doing here?”

Yu Ze said, “Fishing.”

The Lightning Eel’s tail went around in a circle, and circled a bunch of fish, “Ah, it’s been a long time since I could talk to someone. These are for you, you talk to me about your experience.”

Yu Ze said, “I have another friend, but he’s injured. Can you come with me to find him and we can talk on the way?”

The Lightning Eel said, “One more talking fish, that’s great.”

Yu Ze corrected, “It’s not a fish, it’s a deep-sea Golden Flood Dragon.”

The Lightning Eel said, “That’s okay, it’s fine if it can communicate.”

Back on shore, the Golden Flood Dragon’s golden eyes immediately opened, “Why did you bring it?”

“Ah, so it’s you.” The Lightning Eel swam to the Golden Flood Dragon’s side.

“Don’t talk, you’re making a lot of noise.” The Golden Flood Dragon obviously knew the Lightning Eel very well, giving off a tone of disgust.

The Lightning Eel offered, “Man, want to have an electric treatment?”

Golden Flood Dragon decisively changed the subject and asked Yu Ze, “Got any food?”

Yu Ze hurriedly handed over the fish, “Yes.”

The Lightning Eel pestered the Golden Flood Dragon about the injury as Yu Ze’s tail soaked in the water. He was eating the fish, listening to the strange sounds of the two sea creatures and looking at the fine silver-white moonlight on the sea. He felt a kind of dreamy feeling. Maybe he was too tired during the day or maybe the atmosphere was too good, he didn’t remember at all when he fell asleep.

Instead, he was woken up by electricity and woke up to the sound of mournful cries.

“If you don’t want to die, wake up.”

Yu Ze woke up with a jolt. He opened his eyes, saw the Lightning Eel body writhing all over with blue lightning, head kept rubbing the head of the Golden Flood Dragon.

Yu Ze was woken up by this electric wave.

“You calm down!” Yu Ze shouted, “You stop discharging electricity!”

“Huh?” The Lightning Eel twisted his head, and his body gradually calmed down, “When did I discharge?”

The corners of Yu Ze’s mouth twitched as he crawled over to the Golden Flood Dragon, who opened his eyes and spoke in a weak tone, “Get this stupid thing out of here, I don’t care about it.”

Yu Ze was slightly relieved, but felt the abnormal temperature of Golden Flood Dragon’s body and his brow furrowed, “Your injuries have become serious.”

He used his hand to peel away the mud from the Golden Flood Dragon’s injury and found that the wound was showing signs of festering. He said seriously, “This will not work, we must use medicine.”

The Lightning Eel asked, “What kind of medicine?”

Yu Ze said, “Anti-inflammatory medicine.” He looked at the Golden Flood Dragon with its eyes slightly closed and made a decision, saying to the Lightning Eel, “You watch it. Don’t discharge any more, I’ll go buy medicine.”

He jumped out of the water and swam in the direction of the human city, disembarked on a remote shore, dried his tail, and when it turned into a foot, put on the best two pieces of clothes he had picked up from the sea and headed for the city. The clothes he was wearing were probably lost or thrown away by tourists, a floral shirt and beach pants that fit the seaside style and didn’t stand out.

With his tears turned pearls in his pocket, he approached a friendly vendor and asked where to find a pawn store. The man didn’t answer, but stared at his knee-length silver hair for two seconds and then at his face.

Then he turned his head toward the next stall owner and shouted, “Eh, the man the search and rescue team said, is he the one?”

The stall owner next door looked at Yu Ze for two seconds, “That’s him!”


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February 14, 2022 12:00 pm

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