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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Yu Ze’s heart couldn’t help but panic. He had not known Leon for a long time, but from the short time he had spent with him, he knew that Leon was a very careful person. If Leon regained his memory, he would be just as suspicious as before that he had something to do with the missing mermaid. If Leon got the information about the mermaid from the people at the auction house, combined with the similarities between the mermaid and him, it would be too easy to associate him with the mermaid.

The existence of mermaids in this world was too precious, and he wasn’t sure what Leon’s attitude would be, and he was worried about Leon looking for him. He sighed. He knew that the mermaid’s ability would gradually diminish with time, but did not expect Leon to regain his memory so quickly.

He silently hoped that Leon would not come looking for him.

He just wanted to spend 100 days safely and complete the mission, not create problems.

However, the three-star mission proved to be not so friendly.

The next day at noon, Yu Ze was medicating the Golden Flood Dragon when the Lightning Eel circling a circle of stunned fish swam ashore, “Human ships are coming this way.”

Yu Ze was stunned, he concentrated on the scent of the sea and soon sensed the anomaly, there were humans. He looked to the sea, perceived the human distance was getting closer and closer, and his face became serious, “Let’s go into the water to hide.”

The Lightning Eel slapped the fish with his tail in front of the Golden Flood Dragon, “Why should we hide? Humans see me and they’ll run away by themselves.”

Golden Flood Dragon opened his mouth and swallowed a fish, “Want to dive and fuck them over?”

Yu Ze said, “…No, I’m afraid they have bad intentions.”

The Lightning Eel replied, “Humans are weak in the sea. Don’t worry, eat the fish.”

The Golden Flood Dragon raised its head and its voice was fierce, “If it’s the one who caught me, they’re coming just in time!”

It finished its comment, lowered its head and swallowed another fish, its coiled body steady, without the slightest intention to hide.

The Lightning Eel likewise ate the fish leisurely, its tail soaking in the seawater and slapping the surface rhythmically.

Yu Ze did not relax because of their attitude, “Humans themselves are weak, but if they do not have a powerful force,” he pointed to the Golden Flood Dragon’s wound, “how could the Golden Flood Dragon be injured?”

The Golden Flood Dragon said, “They sneak attacked. If I wasn’t injured, I couldn’t have been caught.”

Yu Ze suggested, “You are also injured now, let’s hide for a while, shall we?”

The Golden Flood Dragon’s tail wagged, “It’s almost recovered, it’s not a problem.”

Yu Ze was anxious, aware that the human scent was getting closer and closer, and worried that the other party would rush to him. He thought for a moment, “I will hide in the water, and depending on whether the situation is not right, you rush into the water too.”

He finished, jumped into the sea to dive, all attention focused on the shore.

The Lightning Eel turned his head toward the sea, “I thought he was a timid mermaid. When did mermaids become excited to see people?”

The Golden Flood Dragon guessed, “Maybe he’s scared of being captured by humans.”

At sea, on the deck of the luxury ship, a mercenary put down his binoculars, “Boss, there is an island ahead and there are creatures moving on it.”

Brewer’s eyes narrowed slightly. He raised his glasses and looked carefully, and finally rested his gaze on the Golden Flood Dragon, “It’s the Deep Sea Golden Flood Dragon, the mermaid is the one who fell into the sea with it. If it is here, the mermaid is probably here too.” The corners of his mouth hooked up, “Go to the island. Search the area for creatures and be on alert for battle.”

The large display on the wall in front of the control room showed many red dots of various sizes, all of which were creatures around the ship, the size of which was proportional to the size of the entities. The operator skillfully excluded the too-small red dots, leaving creatures close to the size of mermaids, marked as green dots, and too-large creatures marked as red dots, as a warning.

The ship traveled quickly toward the island, and before long, the people on deck could see the island.

The Golden Flood Dragon raised its head and bared its teeth menacingly towards the other side, “It’s my captor!”

It finished and quickly went into the water, and the Lightning Eel rushed to follow.

Brewer watched two huge red dots on the electronic screen approaching the ship and said indifferently, “Prepare the missile.”

Soon, the console replied, “Locked on target.”

Brewer commanded, “Fire.”

Bang… Bang…” Two loud bangs rang out almost simultaneously, raising huge waves.

The Golden Flood Dragon and the Lightning Eel were extremely fast and were not hit, but were hit by the aftermath of the explosion. The Golden Flood Dragon’s wound crumbled open, and the Lightning Eel’s back was injured. The two instantly became furious and swam faster towards the ship, and a powerful electric current burst out from the Lightning Eel.

Yu Ze heard the movement above and was shocked, and in a moment, he sensed the electric current released by the Lightning Eel.

Bang… Bang…” There were two more loud noises in quick succession. Yu Ze’s heart beat wildly, and he smelled the scent of blood.

He bit his lip and swam in the direction of the ship. After going underwater around the side of the ship, he started to go up.

The ship swayed under the attack of the Golden Flood Dragon and the Lightning Eel, and Brewer, holding on to the railing, coldly ordered, “Continue.”

At that moment, the operations room reported, “Boss, there is an unknown creature diving underwater on the right side, judging from the size, it is probably a mermaid.”

Brewer’s eyes glowed, “Get the nets ready.”

Yu Ze dived up and was about to reveal the surface when the net suddenly fell from the water, covered his head precisely and then tightened quickly. He was startled and struggled to get up, but was wrapped tighter and pulled to the surface at the same time.

“It’s a mermaid!” Someone exclaimed.

“It seems to be the same as a human.” Brewer’s gaze fell on Yu Ze’s face; taking a closer look at Yu Ze’s beautiful silver eyes, white skin, and the three tiny scales at the end of his eyes.

His eyes were awestruck with frenzy, “Get it up here.”

Yu Ze was pulled upward. He had realized that the more he struggled, the tighter he was bound, so he did not struggle. He just quietly released sharp claws, hands behind him quietly grinding fishing nets.

Unfortunately, the fishing net was made of metal, and although soft were very tough; he had little time to break it.

Suddenly, the hull of the boat was violently hit. Everyone on the boat swayed and Yu Ze, in mid-air, also followed the sway, his left eye glowed with a flash of gold. He used the language of deep sea creatures to communicate with the Golden Flood Dragon, “Don’t worry about me, you guys get out of here and watch out for humans in the future.”

The Golden Flood Dragon bumped the hull again, “Cut the crap, we’ll save you.”

Yu Ze was touched, but he remembered the blood he smelled earlier and guessed they were hurt. He said, “I’m a mermaid, I’ll be fine. You guys get out of here.”

Although the people on the ship stopped attacking because the Golden Flood Dragon and the Lightning Eel were too close to the ship and they were worried about self-inflicted injuries, Yu Ze was worried that they would use other methods to deal with the Golden Flood Dragon and Lightning Eel.

The next moment, he heard Brewer command, “Pour the medicine.”

Yu Ze’s eyes widened and he quickly warned the Golden Flood Dragon, “Get out of here, they’re going to drug the sea.”

The Golden Flood Dragon and Lightning Eel whistled long and furiously, and the alien sound waves quickly spread outward, alerting the nearby sea creatures of the danger here. The two warned others as they quickly dived deeper and left the waters.

After pouring a bucket of potion into the sea, his men reported, “Boss, they are gone, should we continue to pour?”

“No,” Brewer’s eyes were fixed on Yu Ze, “leave them alone and get the mermaid up.”

This time there was no interference from the Golden Flood Dragon, and Yu Ze was quickly pulled on deck, where he dropped to the ground with the fishing nets much looser.

The eyes of almost everyone on the boat fell on him in amazement, wonder and the scorching gazes made him embarrassed as he curled his tail in awareness.

Brewer walked up to him, leaned down and asked him, “You speak human, don’t you?”

Yu Ze’s eyes glowed red and he looked very scared and said in a small voice, “Mn.”

Brewer’s eyes got hotter and he leaned closer, staring at his tail, “Become human and I’ll see.”

Yu Ze’s tail curled up tighter and he cursed in his heart, ‘Pervert!’ He stared at Brewer, “I can’t do that right now.”

Brewer asked, “Why?”

Yu Ze hinted with mermaid power, “My hands are bound, let go of me before I can.”

Brewer’s eyes drifted for a moment and gave the order, “Untie him.”

The men who followed him to the sea knew his character. Even if some thought it was wrong, they did not dare to raise it, and went forward to untie Yu Ze’s fishing net.

Yu Ze’s heart was happy but he did not dare to show it. He could feel that Brewer’s spiritual power was very strong when he quickly affected Brewer’s mind. Brewer’s state of mind at this time was his, but he could also explain a point, his spiritual power was indeed much stronger.

Brewer asked, “Now you can take on human form, right?”

Yu Ze bit his lips, slightly lowered his eyes with a shy look, “And clothes.”

Brewer took off the coat of his suit and handed it to him, “Is that okay?”

Yu Ze took the suit, covered his waist, blocking the upper half of his tail. His right hand was on the inside of the suit, sharp claws on his fingers. He felt a slight pain but he did not care. His fingers were drawing patterns under the suit, but his eyes stayed on Brewer’s face as he said, “Taking on human form is a special mermaid ability that requires singing in order to change.”

After he finished, the pattern on his hand took shape, he opened his mouth, and his pleasant and confusing singing voice instantly attracted everyone’s attention.

Yu Ze gently closed his eyes. His spiritual power enveloped the whole ship, and a scene of a treasure hunt at sea was visualized in his mind. The expressions of everyone on the ship gradually hazed up, thinking that they were experiencing a scene visualized by Yu Ze.

This was the most powerful group memory interference technique for mermaids, but it required blood sacrifice and was very demanding on the mermaid’s mental power, as well as very consuming.

Mermaids in the legend were recognized as sea demons, and this ability had a lot to do with.

Yu Ze’s brain was throbbing with pain, however, he did not stop until he could not feel the subconscious resistance of the people on board, and when all lost self-awareness, he stopped singing.

The moment the singing stopped, he opened his eyes and saw everyone fainted in front of him. He rubbed his throbbing temples, slowed down a little, and was about to get up when he suddenly sensed the scent of humans and jerked his head around.

A white warship was rapidly approaching, from small to large, gradually becoming clear. He lifted the suit covering the tail and crawled towards the edge of the ship. A revolting smell suddenly rushed into his nose, it was the potion the man had poured in earlier.

He squeezed his fingers tightly and instantly dismissed the idea of jumping straight into the sea.

But what to do next?

He thought for a second and turned his head towards the stern of the ship to move.

The medicine would soon be diluted in the seawater, so the concentration at the stern of the ship should be very weak. With his swimming speed in the water, the impact on him would not be great.

Just the deck was full of fainted people and he dragged his big tail, it was really difficult to move. He thought about it and ruthlessly took off the pants of a man of similar size to him, wiped his tail clean with Brewer’s suit, and after his tail became his legs, put on the pants and quickly ran towards the stern.

Leon held up his binoculars, his eyes moving with Yu Ze, and commanded, “Speed up.”

Yu Ze ran to the end of the bed when the white warship was in front of him, and he saw Leon standing at the forefront at a glance. His heart jumped, he quickly withdrew his eyes and climbed up the edge of the ship.

Leon hurriedly spoke, “Don’t jump.”

Yu Ze thought nothing of it and jumped into the sea, his white hair cutting a white line in the air.

The moment he entered the water, his tail broke out of his pants. Yu Ze’s tail shook and the torn cloth slipped out of sight. He was about to speed up when a ‘poof’ sounded in front of him and a man landed in the water.

Yu Ze’s eyes widened and he froze as Leon swam towards him.

The next moment, he reacted. His tail flipped and he swam to Leon’s side. Leon grabbed his hand, his other hand grabbed Leon’s, and accelerated quickly towards the front.

Until he felt no strange smell in the water, he pulled Leon to the surface and stared at Leon, “Are you crazy?”

Leon wiped the seawater from his face. His tone was smooth, “No.”

Yu Ze almost laughed when he heard his almost serious answer. He pointed at Brewer’s ship, “They sprinkled the sea with drugs, do you know how dangerous it is?”

Leon frowned and his eyes landed on Yu Ze’s face, “You just swam so fast, were you worried about me being poisoned?”

Yu Ze nodded, “Yeah, I’m a good guy… mermaid,” he moved his tail, “as you can see, I’m a mermaid. I didn’t steal the mermaid, I didn’t commit a crime, you can’t arrest me.” He used a consultative tone, “How about your contact comes to pick you up and you don’t look for me again?”

Leon replied, “No deal.”


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