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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Leon received Yu Ze’s good guy card, his eyes moved away from Yu Ze’s face for a moment, and soon fell back to Yu Ze’s face, “What did you do to the people on that ship?”

Yu Ze blinked, “Nothing.”

Leon said, “Once we take the seawater to analyze the composition, and then check their bodies, your previous words can be easily disproved.”

Yu Ze sighed at the military’s strict way of thinking and asked suspiciously, “If you don’t believe my words, why didn’t you say so before?”

Leon said, “I believe when you say ‘there is nothing wrong with them’. However, the less people know about your ability the better,” He paused for a moment, “You have an unknown magical ability and it is easy to make people fear you.”

Yu Ze’s heart twitched, gauging his expression, “Why are you thinking of me so much?”

He had some expectation in his heart, expecting Leon to have some instinctive memories of the previous world. Leon seemed to freeze, thought for a moment and said, “No special consideration for you, this is what I should do.” He changed his tone, not dwelling on the issue, and asked, “Did you let them forget about you?”

Yu Ze didn’t see anything in his expression. A little disappointed, he answered honestly, “Not only that, they attacked my friends before. I was worried that they would go after my friends again afterwards, so I tampered with their memories, made them forget the original purpose of the sea, and made them think that they are at sea just to find treasure.”

“Friends?” Leon was surprised.

Yu Ze nodded, “Yes, after I was captured, they tried to save me, and Brewer poured medicine into the sea to force them away.” Here, he couldn’t help but be angry, “Brewer’s behavior is so bad, will he be punished?”

Leon’s face was serious, “Yes.” Seeing Yu Ze’s small face, he took out a pearl from his pocket and handed it to Yu Ze, “It’s yours.”

Yu Ze immediately recognized it was the pearl he had bought for the medicine and was surprised, “Why do you have it?”

Leon said, “Before I recovered my memory, I followed the clues to the pawn store and redeemed it. You deliberately sold it at the price of a clam pearl?”

If it was someone else, there was still a possibility that they could not recognize it as a mermaid’s pearl, but since the mermaid itself was a fish, it was impossible not to recognize it.

Yu Ze nodded, “Mn, I was afraid of attracting attention and getting caught by the bad guys.”

He finished and couldn’t help but yawn.

Leon said, “You rest first, I’ll call you when we dock.”

Yu Ze still had something in mind, and when Leon said that, he nodded his head and sent a good man card again, “You are a great man, thanks.”

After Leon left, Yu Ze closed the door to his room, ran to the window and opened it, releasing his psychic power to inform the Golden Flood Dragon and the Lightning Eel that he was okay.

Only a glimpse of his mental energy was emitted when a throbbing pain went through his head, and he stopped in a hurry, rubbing his temples. He had previously tampered with the memories of Brewer’s group and his mental energy was overdrawn.

He lay by the window, looking at the endless sea water fret. He would have to send the mental wave transmission message to a long distance, but he could not use it now. He also did not know where the Golden Flood Dragon and Lightning Eel went.

He stared at the sea for a while and went back to his room to rest. He needed to recover his mental power early so that he could contact the Golden Flood Dragon as soon as possible. He was not in good spirits and before long, fell asleep in his bed. He only woke up when Leon knocked on his door.

The ship had already docked.

He opened the door and Leon handed him the bag in his hand, “Bought it in your size, if you don’t like the color, you can change it.”

Yu Ze took it and peeked into it, the surface was a white shirt, he didn’t look through the rest of the clothes. He was already satisfied with the clothes that fit him, he wasn’t picky. He smiled at Leon, “I like it, thanks.”

As he changed, he realized that underneath his shirt was a pair of light blue jeans, and underneath that, the same style he had on, but one size smaller, were underwear.

He couldn’t help but wonder if Leon was used to buying this one, or was he just being ambiguous with him?

Thinking of Leon’s serious face, he immediately dispelled his wild thoughts, he must be used to it!

After he changed his clothes, he was taken away by Leon.

This was his second time in Leon’s car. He was too unfamiliar with this world. As he looked at the scenery through the window, he turned his head and asked Leon, “Where are we going?”

Leon said, “Back to my house, my father wants to see you.”

Yu Ze asked, “Right, you said before that your father wants you to find me, do you know why?”

Leon replied, “I don’t know.”

Yu Ze didn’t ask any more questions, but he couldn’t help but be curious. He searched his mind for the original memories, and didn’t find anyone who could be Leon’s father.

The car stopped at the Audeux mansion, and Yu Ze followed Leon inside. The sofa was set up on the left side of the living room, and the two people sitting on it. Leon walked directly towards them. Yu Ze looked up, but had no recollection of the two people at all.

They had not yet approached when Madame Audeux suddenly grabbed the arm of Admiral Audeux beside her, “He is?”

Admiral Audeux did not look calm, “I think so.”

Leon approached and called out, “Dad, Mom.”

Yu Ze was a little confused by the excited reaction of the two and politely called out, “Hello, auntie and uncle.”

“Hello,” Madame Audeux beckoned with a loving face, pointing to the empty seat across from her, “Sit down.” Yu Ze hesitated for a moment and Madame Audeux added, “Don’t be polite,” she said as her eyes fell on Yu Ze’s feet, “Do your feet hurt? Sit down.”

Yu Ze’s feet do hurt a bit. He came to this world, did not get much opportunity to practice walking, his feet were always soft and he was easily tired.

Leon looked at him sideways, “Sit down and talk.”

Yu Ze moved across to Madame Audeux and sat down, hands on his knees, looking a bit formal.

Madame Audeux asked, “Your name is Yu Ze, right?”

Yu Ze nodded, and Madame Audeux smiled, “That’s a good name for you.”

Yu Ze maintained a polite smile, “Thank you auntie,” he looked to Admiral Audeux and asked the question on his mind, “What do you want from me?”

Admiral Audeux did not answer, but pulled up a photo and asked him, “Do you know him?”

The photo showed two soldiers sitting and standing, the standing one with his hand on the shoulder of the seated one, with a light smile at the corner of his mouth, his hard features looking extraordinarily soft.

The seated one was extremely outstanding in appearance, and Yu Ze was very familiar with him. He had seen him not long ago, when he received the mermaid race’s heritage. His eyes swept over the military uniform on the mermaid father, and with a guess in his mind, he nodded, “Yes, he is a human… My dad.”

Admiral Audeux leaned forward with his upper body and his tone could not hide his excitement, “Indeed! I searched for you for a long time after I learned of your existence, but unfortunately I never found you.”

Yu Ze’s heart sank, and he asked tentatively, “Where is my father?”

Admiral Audeux was instantly silent, Madame Audeux’s eyes were slightly red, and the atmosphere was sullen.

Yu Ze already expected this result, after all, if the mermaid dad was still around, it should be the mermaid dad looking for him, not Admiral Audeux. Yu Ze said, “I used to think that dad didn’t want me when he left me behind, but now I know that he was a good dad and did want me.”

Madame Audeux hastened to say, “Yes, he wanted you. Your father died in battle. We learned of your existence in his relics, he loved you very much.”

Yu Ze smiled and looked at the man standing in the photo, “Is he my father?”

Madame Audeux nodded, “Yes.”

Admiral Audeux said, “Your father, General Holet, died in the same war as your father, he bought precious time to win the war and is a hero of Ketuo Planet.”

Admiral Audeux paused and looked at Yu Ze, “We don’t know how he did it though, from what Leon said, you modified his memory to make him forget about you, right?”

Yu Ze was a little embarrassed, doing something bad and having his parents know about it! He explained in a whisper, “It’s harmless to the body.”

Admiral Audeux said, “Don’t be nervous, I understand what you’re doing, there’s just something very important to be sure. Leon’s willpower is very strong but you were able to change his memory, is it because the mermaid’s mental power is strong?”

Yu Ze nodded, “Mn.”

Admiral Audeux pondered for a moment, “Strong enough to traumatize someone’s brain?”

Yu Ze’s heart tightened, this was really a dangerous topic, he was mentally strong and could feel Admiral Audeux’s kindness, he hesitated and said vaguely, “I think so, I haven’t tried it.”

Admiral Audeux exclaimed, “No wonder!”

Yu Ze looked puzzled. Admiral Audeux explained, “Both of your parents were sacrificed in the zerg war between Ketuo Planet and Wuqi Star. When the zerg queen was soon to be born, our elite troops were ordered to destroy the eggs, the news was leaked and they were besieged by the zerg race.”

Admiral Audeux remembered the scenes of the war and his tone was heavy, “Admiral Holet, together with your father, fought to obtain the zerg eggs and personally distracted the zerg, freeing the large force that was trapped. When we found them, they had already sacrificed themselves, the zerg eggs died, and there were many zerg around that died for unknown reasons, and later tested, they were all brain dead.”

He looked at Yu Ze, “We have not been able to learn the truth about the death of the zerg, and then after knowing your father’s identity, I had my suspicions. It wasn’t until Leon mentioned your ability, I dared to continue to think about the mermaid’s ability.” His voice was solemn, “Your fathers were both heroes.”

Yu Ze said, “I am proud of them.”

Admiral Audeux said, “Good boy,” he looked cold, “don’t worry, Brewer will be punished as he deserves, your suffering will not be in vain.”

Madame Audeux added, “You’ll stay at my house, tell me anything you want, you’re welcome.”

Leon said, “Stay at my villa. My villa is by the sea, he will like it better.”

Madame Audeux asked Yu Ze, “Where do you want to stay?”

Yu Ze didn’t know Leon’s parents well, so he would feel constrained to live together. His main purpose of going ashore was to observe Leon, so he didn’t hesitate, “I’ll stay with Leon.”

Madame Audeux immediately looked at Leon, “Take good care of Yu Ze, okay? Buy whatever he needs.”

Leon nodded, and the four of them ate together and chatted for a while before Leon took Yu Ze away.

In the evening, Yu Ze was resting in the villa’s swimming pool with his eyes closed when Leon walked over.

Yu Ze opened his eyes, swam to the edge, looked up with his hand on the edge, saw Leon’s face not looking so good, and asked, “Is something wrong?”

Leon squatted down, his eyes fell on his good-looking face, “Brewer’s right leg was bitten by a sea snake. It had to be amputated to save his life, and after he woke up from surgery, he posted a message about you on the Internet.”

Yu Ze’s heart tightened, his mental strength was not good, he actually did not notice that Brewer recovered his memory. Brewer was the boss of Skywalker, and there was too much information about him on hand.

He pursed his lips, opened the bracelet and searched for mermaids.

In a flash, the photo of the mermaid form popped up, a page of search results, which were all his photos.


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Rachel Kim
Rachel Kim
February 19, 2022 12:15 pm

Thank you for updating!!!!

February 19, 2022 11:26 pm

So, Yu Ze’s fathers were heroes. I’m glad that the Audeux family is not blood related to Yu Ze. And his dad’s sacrifice might be a way to stop abuse of mermaids.
ARGH, Brewer this idiot! When he’s punished I hope it’ll be fitting and very paintful.
Thank you for the chapter!!!

February 20, 2022 12:23 am

What a b*st*rd that Brewer is! Shame he survived the snake bite at all.
What effect will this have on Yu Ze?
Surely Leon’s family coukd find a way to have the photos removed? 🤞🤞
Wonder how living together will go.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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