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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Yu Ze’s heart tightened as he was greeted with suspicious eyes. The time and place was so coincidental, he felt that this matter was aimed at him. The people who attended the banquet today were not low status, from Mrs. Kerry’s attitude, Kerry was very favored, and was a young master who was cared for.

The sacrifice of Kerry against him, just because the mermaid involved a huge interest? Seemed a bit strange.

Moreover, Kerry was killed in too short a time.

Short! His heart moved, and he was about to speak, when Admiral Bevin looked at him with a serious face, “Did you modify Brewer’s memory?”

Yu Ze already had a suspicion, and did not deny, “Yes.”

Admiral Bevin continued to ask, “So, your mental power is very strong, right?”

Before Yu Ze could answer, someone in the crowd shouted, “Definitely very strong, I heard that everyone on the Skywalker ship had their memories modified, and there are still people who haven’t recovered yet!”

“We shouldn’t have let the mermaid attend the dinner, it’s really attracting wolves into the house.”

“Oh my God, can we still go home alive tonight?”

“Arrest him!”

“Yes, arrest him, it’s too dangerous!”

The usually elegant ladies and gentlemen were shouting with fear in their eyes.

There were also many people looking at Yu Ze worriedly, most of them were former subordinates of General Holet, who had spoken with Yu Ze before.

Leon’s face was cold and solemn, “Until the matter is investigated, everyone here is a suspect.” He swept his eyes into the crowd, “Just because a mermaid is mentally strong doesn’t mean he can use his mental powers to hurt people. What do you think is the reason why General Holet and Major Kechi were able to lure away the Zerg and kill the queen and Zerg egg with the power of two people?”

Yu Ze’s eyes flashed slightly, when Leon said ‘kill the Zerg queen and Zerg egg’, he clearly felt a mental power full of anger, although it disappeared quickly, he didn’t even have time to feel the source of the mental power, but he was sure it wasn’t an illusion.

After Leon’s words fell, the banquet hall was quiet for a moment, and someone suddenly exclaimed softly, “Mermaid!”

“It’s Major Kechi! He was a mermaid!”

The chatter grew louder and louder, and the negative stares that fell on Yu Ze became less and less.

Yu Ze’s hand was held, he looked up and met Leon’s worried gaze, he smiled and signaled that it was okay.

Admiral Bevin pondered for a moment and ordered the doctor to examine Kerry’s body again. The doctor checked and reported that there was no device installed in Kerry’s body, which meant that Kerry’s death had nothing to do with technological means. Admiral Bevin’s face became more serious and ordered his men to guard all the exits, calm the guests, and have everyone cooperate with the investigation.

The guests were placed on couches in the ballroom, surrounded by guards to prevent further accidents. Admiral Bevin invited two other admirals to work together to solve the case. The three admirals sat at the front of the stage, surrounded by heavily armed combatants.

Admiral Audeux whispered, “Excluding tools, the only people who can kill with mental power are mermaids and…” His voice lowered, “Zergs.”

The three men all looked as if they were on the brink of an enemy, and they all knew very well what these words meant. Three people looked at each other, opened the bracelet, and had their strongest forces in hand transferred to the Bevin family villa.

Making arrangements, Admiral Bevin announced that they would interrogate the people present one by one.

Yu Ze was the most suspected person and was the first to be interrogated. He did not hide anything, and the lie detector on the side showed that he was not lying. As he answered, he searched the three men and was relieved to find nothing unusual.

Yu Ze did not leave, but asked in a low voice, “Excuse me, is there anyone with very strong mental power? Strong enough to kill others with their spiritual power?”

Admiral Bevin’s eyes narrowed slightly as he surveyed his expression, “No.”

Yu Ze’s body leaned forward and his voice was put very softly, “So, what other creature can do that besides a mermaid?”

The three men looked at each other and Admiral Audeux said, “Zergs.”

Yu Ze was not too surprised, he said softly, “Before the accident, I felt a strong mental power fluctuation that does not belong to mermaids, I suspect that there are Zergs in the banquet hall.”

Admiral Audeux hurriedly asked, “Who is it?”

Yu Ze shook his head, “The mental power just flashed, I didn’t have time to track it.”

Admiral Bevin looked at the polygraph, but thinking of the strong mental power of the mermaid, he was not quite sure if the polygraph would work on the mermaid. He suspected Yu Ze was diverting his attention and wrinkled his brow, “Can you find it out?”

Yu Ze searched the original’s memory and wasn’t too sure, “Maybe I can.”

The three admirals’ faces changed, Admiral Bevin put his hand on the edge of the table and moved his upper body towards Yu Ze, “Really?”

Yu Ze thought for a moment, “I can try, but,” he frowned lightly, “I can’t be completely sure, and I don’t know much about the Zerg. Also, after I find it, I don’t know if it will hurt the rest of the guests.”

After a whispered discussion among the three admirals, Admiral Bevin recruited his subordinates and gave some instructions, and soon Ketuo Planet’s top snipers were hidden in various hidden places upstairs in the ballroom.

After making sure the men were in place, Admiral Bevin said, “You try.”

Yu Ze nodded, got up and walked back to the middle of the hall, steeply releasing a mental pressure that would not harm anyone, but would make people feel a great deal of pressure. Instantly, the guests, including the three admirals, felt as if the air had stagnated and they couldn’t breathe well.

At the same time, Yu Ze clearly felt three resisting spiritual forces, one of which quickly disappeared, and the other two resisted for a few seconds before abruptly withdrawing their spiritual forces.

Yu Ze immediately controlled the spiritual power and attacked towards the place where the two spiritual powers came from. He had concerns and the attacks were not strong and were quickly blocked, and the two spiritual powers had nowhere to hide.

He looked towards the source of the slightly weaker mental energy, and saw the young master Bevin, who was snuggled up next to Mrs. Bevin, now with red eyes and a white face, as if he was grieving for his best friend, but looking at Yu Ze’s eyes, extremely hostile.

Yu Ze was startled in his heart and increased his attack.

“Ah…” A harsh and rough scream came out from young master Bevin’s mouth, he covered his head and looked hideous, a black metallic texture emerged under his white skin, looking extraordinarily frightening.

“Ah!!!” A lady sitting across the room, who was talking to Mrs. Bevin, screamed and ran away as fast as she could in her life.

The commotion at this place immediately attracted everyone’s attention, and the people in the seats next to her ran away, and Mrs. Bevin’s expression froze for a moment before she also ran away in a hurry.

However, at that moment, Yu Ze had sensed her mental fluctuations and unceremoniously attacked her as well.

Mrs. Bevin screamed out in pain, her mouth wide open, and young master Bevin’s face from time to time shifted to a black metallic skin, looking extra scary.

Yu Ze kept a close eye on the two in case they struck, so he immediately noticed when red dots appeared on their foreheads.

Admiral Bevin’s face was white, his fingers were trembling and his lips were quivering, unable to utter the command to attack.

“God, they’re actually Zergs!”

“Quick! Kill them!”

“Yes, kill them!”

“Admiral Bevin! Give the order, are you going to harbor the Zergs?”

Admiral Bevin’s eyes were red, and Admiral Audeux could not bear to embarrass his old friend, “I’ll give the order.” He raised his hand and was about to wave it down, signaling the snipers to strike, when Yu Ze shouted, “Don’t do it!”

Yu Ze sensed that in addition to the spiritual power of the Zergs, there were also two extremely faint spiritual powers belonging to humans on the mother and son, and hurriedly spoke out. He had a guess about the current situation, pursed his lips, released his spiritual power without reservation, and directly attacked those two spiritual powers of the Zergs.

Her cry of pain disappeared in the next moment, the Bevin mother and son went limp on the sofa. Mrs. Bevin directly fell into a coma, young master Bevin’s eyelids moved, his hand moved in the direction of Admiral Bevin, “Father…”

Before he could finish the word, he also passed out.

Admiral Bevin got up violently, Yu Ze saw his sad face and hurriedly said, “The Zergs that parasitized them have died, they are now very weak, it is best to send them to the hospital for treatment immediately.”

Admiral Bevin immediately looked at him, “They are not Zergs?”

Yu Ze nodded, “Mn, there were two kinds of spiritual power in them before, the one belonging to the Zerg race has died.”

Admiral Bevin looked slightly relieved and hurriedly greeted his subordinates to send the two to the hospital.

Yu Ze said, “Wait,” his hand drew a line on the left side of the hall, “the soldiers on the right can send them, the ones on the left can’t. There is another one who is parasitized by the Zerg race over here, it reacts too fast, I can’t be sure who it is, I can only feel that it is over there.”

Bevin’s face became serious at once, and the guests who heard him speak, rushed to the right, and those on the left also tried to run, and were stopped by the soldiers.

“Let me pass, I don’t want to stay with the Zergs.”

“Get out of the way!”

Admiral Bevin personally ordered six soldiers on the right side to take the Bevin mother and son to the hospital.

Leon walked to the left side, grabbed the collar of the person pushing the soldier and threw the person inside without ceremony, “No one is allowed to go through!”

“Who are you to stop us?”

Leon’s voice was slightly cold, “If you go over, the large portion of people excluded will have to be excluded again, do you think the spiritual power is endless?”

Can’t you see the little mermaid’s lips are turning white?

He looked at Yu Ze worriedly, Yu Ze smiled at him and walked over to him, “I’m fine.”

Yu Ze’s eyes swept through the crowd and released his mental power steeply, there were no Zerg mental power fluctuations. He increased his pressure, but still no movement.

He frowned lightly, withdrew his mental power, pressed his temples and looked at Admiral Audeux, “The other side is defended, and the mental power is very strong, this can’t be checked out, we have to rule out one by one.”

After discussing with the other two admirals, Admiral Audeux proposed to Yu Ze to line up the suspected people one by one in a lounge.

Yu Ze had no objection, and Leon accompanied him into the lounge. When he reached the fifth person, there was a sudden noise outside, accompanied by the sound of gunshots.

He went out with Leon and saw a lieutenant general holding Madame Audeux with a grim look on his face, “Let me out or I’ll kill her!”

As soon as Yu Ze appeared, he immediately looked at Yu Ze with a grim tone, “Don’t try to use your mental power against me, you can’t kill me instantly, as long as I have a breath, I can kill her.”

Yu Ze’s face was ugly, he might not be able to kill the Zerg instantly even in his heyday, let alone now when his spiritual power is quite depleted.

“Letting you go is fine, but if you don’t let her go, I will definitely not let you go.” He had a serious face.

The Zerg bared their teeth, “You are a mermaid, why do you work for humans? Have you forgotten what humans do to mermaids? You cooperate with us Zergs, we are not interested in the sea or pearls, and will never harm mermaids!”

All of a sudden, the eyes of the people present fell on Yu Ze.

Yu Ze grabbed Leon’s hand, “My future mate is human, I won’t cooperate with the Zergs.”

Leon returned his grip, his eyes tender.

The rest of the group was dumbfounded, Major General Leon and the mermaid were actually in this kind of relationship!

Admiral Audeux and his wife were also full of shock, and after seeing the expression on their own son’s face, they regained their composure.

The Zerg’s tone of dissatisfaction, “Why do you mermaids always look for human mates? Our Zergs’ spiritual power is the most compatible with mermaids, I can also be your mate.”

The corners of Yu Ze’s mouth twitched, “Not interested.”

The Zerg’s tone was cold, “Don’t know how to behave! You mermaids are always bad for us, we won’t let you go!” After the threatening words, he stated his demand, “Give me a small starship in ten minutes.”

Admiral Audeux looked at Madame Audeux with concern, “I’ll arrange it now.”

In less than ten minutes, the starship docked in the parking lot of the Bevin mansion.

The Zerg kidnapped Madame Audeux and headed out, “Give me access.”

Admiral Audeux transferred the starship’s piloting privileges and gave the Zerg lieutenant general all the access privileges as the Zerg had requested.

Satisfied, the Zerg inspected the starship with his psychic power to make sure it was intact and no one was waiting to ambush him on it, then boarded the starship and he stood at the door, “When I’m out of Ketuo range, I’ll release…”

He did not finish his words when a pleasant song suddenly sounded, it was a song he had never heard before, and instantly attracted his entire mind. His eyes got confused for a moment and he let go of Madame Audeux.

The next moment, his brain tingled. He came back to his senses. The confusion in his eyes dispersed, replaced by ferocity, he opened his mouth and roared, full of rage, “Mermaid!”


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Rachel Kim
Rachel Kim
February 23, 2022 11:48 am

Thank you for updating!!!!

February 23, 2022 10:26 pm

You accused him and he saved you, that’s a face slapping there. You owe him now. But the song is Yu Ze’s most powerful weapon, will he be ok?
Thank you for the chapter!!!

Sue R
Sue R
February 24, 2022 9:54 am

👏👏👏 well done.

February 24, 2022 1:48 pm

I hate that people are so quick to judge without evidence or inspection. Happens all too often in reality as well.
They all owe Yu Ze a huge apology, as well as gratitude.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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This arc is making me want to watch Legend of the Blue Sea again. 😂

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