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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


As the Zerg was about to touch Madame Audeux, a hand grabbed his wrist and snapped it, and the next moment, he was kicked hard in the gut.

“Leon,” Madame Audeux shouted in concern.

The two soldiers who were following Leon quickly took Madame Audeux left and right and flew back to Admiral Audeux’s side.

Leon and the Zerg fought, and it didn’t take long for the Zerg to be at a disadvantage, and it looked fierce, releasing its mental power to attack Leon.

Yu Ze’s right hand was stained with blood, and in front of his feet was the pattern of a big move painted with blood. He used up a lot of mental energy, and just launched the mermaid move by force, and his head was tingling, but he was worried about Leon. When he saw the Zerg using mental energy, he quickly released his mental energy to fight it.

Leon took advantage of the Zerg’s body stagnation, and without ceremony, pressed it to the ground, elbow forcefully hitting the Zerg’s brain, the Zerg directly fainted.

Yu Ze saw this, his strong spiritual force relaxed, and then he fell into a coma.

When he woke up again, Yu Ze was sinking at the bottom of the pool, surrounded by water, which made him feel very comfortable and at ease. He opened his eyes and looked around. The bottom of the water and the walls around him were all white tiles, very strange.

He tried to release a trace of spiritual power, there was no longer a tingling sensation in the brain, but the spiritual power had not fully recovered. His tail swayed lightly and his body floated up. As soon as he surfaced, he saw heavily armed soldiers standing every two meters around the pool, and they were standing facing outward. They turned around when they heard the movement.

“He’s awake!” One man uttered in surprise.

Yu Ze silently sank downward amidst the many wild stares.

A short while later, Leon came running in from outside, he crouched down. Yu Ze hurriedly swam over and asked nervously, “Is the military department going to lock me up?”

His beautiful eyes were moist, with worry in them, which was heartbreaking.

Leon took his hand, squeezed it gently, and said softly, “No, don’t be afraid, they are protecting you.”

Yu Ze blinked, “Protect me?”

Leon made a sound and briefly said what happened after he passed out.

After an emergency meeting of the three admirals, they ordered all of them to keep what happened in the banquet hall a secret, while treating Yu Ze, who could detect whether a human was parasitized, as a special protection target.

Leon finished looking at him worriedly, “Is there anything wrong?”

Yu Ze shook his head, “I’m fine, I’m just mentally exhausted. How’s auntie?”

“She’s fine, she’s been out on guard, I persuaded her to go back and rest.” Leon said.

Yu Ze put his heart down, “How long have I been unconscious?”

“A day and a half,” Leon asked, “are you hungry?”

Yu Ze originally did not feel the mention of this topic, it was difficult to feel the empty stomach. He nodded, “Hungry.”

Leon operated the bracelet twice, and in a short time, someone brought in food and set up a long strip on the shore.

Yu Ze was stunned, this is too rich. He swept a glance, all kinds of seafood, fish, shrimp, shellfish, seaweed and so on was there. He looked up at Leon, “That’s too much.”

Leon said, “Pick what you like to eat.”

Yu Ze sounded and ate. He was eating when Leon’s bracelet rang, he looked over and Leon rubbed the top of his hair, “Eat first.”

Yu Ze continued to eat. Leon answered the communication, hung up and did not say anything, focused on watching Yu Ze eat. Yu Ze ate his fill, breathed out contentedly, looked at the food that was still left, and said, “I’ll freeze these, I’ll eat them later.”

Leon said, “No.” He called the waiter to dispose of the remaining food, and after the waiter left, his face turned serious, “Mrs. Bevin and Master Bevin are awake.”

“Are they okay?”

Leon’s sword eyebrows were slightly wrinkled and his voice was deep, “Not in a good mental state. They were conscious personally when they were parasitized by the Zerg, they were just suppressed by the Zerg and could not take the initiative of their bodies.”

Yu Ze’s eyes widened, actually awake!

Leon’s tone was deeper, “The Zerg started to assimilate their bodies after they were parasitized, they were already semi-Zergized.”

Yu Ze drew a cold breath, awake while being taken over by the Zerg parasites, watching the Zerg replace themselves to stay beside their loved ones and friends, but also feeling the body’s dehumanization changes, thinking of it made him feel terrible. His voice was dry, “Can it be cured?”

Leon held his hand, “Luckily you found it in time, they are not fully Zerg and can be treated through genetic surgery.”

Yu Ze sighed slightly in relief, “What about the general who kidnapped Auntie?”

Leon shook his head, “He’s fully done and has been shot down.”

Yu Ze shook his hand back, “Is there equipment that can tell if one is parasitized by Zerg?”

Leon said, “For the time being, we can only collect blood to detect fully wormed people, the admirals are discussing how not to attract the attention of the Zerg and reasonably have everyone checked for health.”

“People who are not fully Zerg are no different from humans unless their mental power fluctuates, releasing high pressure mental power through the device can force them to resist with their mental power, but it will cause serious mental damage to the person and cannot be detected in this way.”

Yu Ze nodded understandingly, except for the people in the banquet hall, the rest of the people may have been parasitized by the Zerg. If the high pressure detection of mental power was used indiscriminately, the normal people would most likely be injured.

He thought about it and his eyes glowed, “I can get my friends to help, our mental power can be controlled by ourselves, it can be completely just intimidating and not offensive.”

Leon asked, “Would your friends be willing?”

Yu Ze’s mouth quirked up, “They will be willing if the conditions are right. My condition is simple, just include mermaid protection in Ketuo law.”

Leon looked at him with a much lighter expression, “That’s a good offer.”

Yu Ze couldn’t wait to get this done. If the mermaids were protected, he wouldn’t have to worry about his own safety, and the mission in this world could be completed very easily.

After completing the task, he could accompany Leon to stay in this world, and not have to stay at home everyday, afraid to go out. He tugged Leon’s sleeve, “I want to see the admirals,” he looked around, blushing slightly, “give me a set of clothes, let them leave for a while.”

Leon’s eyes swept over his tail and his eyes deepened slightly, “Okay.”

Soon someone brought a white casual suit, Leon transferred all the bodyguards outside the pool, Yu Ze quickly turned into human form to change clothes, then went to a hidden meeting room with Leon.

Leon explained, “There are hidden Zerg in the military department, not suitable for meetings.”

Yu Ze nodded understandingly, met with the three admirals and stated his proposal.

After the three admirals discussed and nodded their agreement, Yu Ze asked Leon to take him to the beach.

Standing on the beach, Leon took Yu Ze’s shoulder and looked down at him deeply, “I’ll wait for you to come back.”

Yu Ze’s eyes curved, and seeing his concern, he assured, “I will definitely come back.”

Leon’s fingers slightly hard, lowered his head and kissed him on the lips, “Be safe.”

Yu Ze blushed slightly and reached out to hug him, rubbing his head on his chest, “You too, be careful.”

The two of them hugged for a while, Yu Ze let go and turned around to jump into the sea.

Leon stared at the surface of the sea, the silver mermaid’s athletic swiftly swimming into the distance. Seeming to feel his gaze, Yu Ze turned and waved at him. Yu Ze watched Leon wave in response, the corners of his mouth curled up, and finally waved hard, turned around and swam quickly forward.

The military department and even the entire Ketuo did not know how many people were parasitized by the Zerg, and the spiritual power of humans in this world was too weak. He was very uneasy about Leon and wanted to get there and back quickly.

He swam all the way to the deep sea, releasing his spiritual power to contact Golden Flood Dragon and Lightning Eel every meal time, and late at night, before he finally received a reply.

After rendezvous with the two, he directly said the purpose, but before the expected bunch of persuasive words were said, the two agreed.

Yu Ze froze, “You agree?” He was worried that the two would have a problem with humans and would not be willing to help because of what happened to Skywalker.

Golden Flood Dragon said, “Mn.”

Lightning Eel exclaimed, “Last time you saved me, I haven’t repaid you yet!”

It dawned on him why the two promised so quickly, he thought about it, “It is not clear how many Zerg there are, our mental power is limited, we still have to ask other creatures with strong mental power.”

The three discussed and headed deeper into the sea.

Two days later, Yu Ze led a bunch of marine creatures to swim back. When the bracelet could receive the signal, he paused and contacted Leon, after discussing, he released his spiritual power and all the marine creatures dived to the bottom of the sea, while he continued to swim forward and met with Leon.

In the afternoon, two warships came from afar, and the warships were full of military brass, except for the special combatants.

Many of them had doubts in their eyes, not understanding why the three admirals were temporarily holding a reunion at sea.

Suddenly, a strong, palpitating pressure came, everyone’s face changed and someone shouted, “Alert!”

Yu Ze sat in the general control room, keenly aware of several Zerg mental power fluctuations, quickly pointed out on the led screen on the wall.

As the pressure intensified, he pointed out three more people, and finally shook his head.

Leon recorded the people he pointed out, Yu Ze shook his hand, got up and leaped out of the window, dived to the bottom of the sea and made a gesture to the Golden Flood Dragon.

The pressure suddenly disappeared, many people gasped, some wiped the sweat on their foreheads and their voices trembled slightly, “What’s going on?”

Admiral Audeux had a serious face, “There is a problem with the magnetic field here, return!”

When the warship returned to the shore, it was already late in the morning, and everyone stayed at the villa on the beach.

Late at night, several consecutive screams abruptly cut through the quiet night, followed by the sound of fighting, and not long after, the battle was over.

Everyone was awakened, those who lived upstairs could not afford to tidy up, and ran downstairs in their pajamas, and saw the hall lit up, surrounded by combatants standing around, and the four fellow officers in the middle lying on the ground with a lot of blood on them.

“What’s going on here?” Someone’s face changed dramatically, looking at Admiral Audeux, with all kinds of intrigue floating in his head.

Admiral Audeux’s face was serious as he told them about the Zerg parasites.

“Could there be a mistake?” Someone doubted.

Admiral Audeux waved his hand and a soldier turned the people lying on the ground over, and the huffing sound rang out all around at once. The skin on the faces of those four people turned partly black and looked metallic, and many people present recognized that it was exactly the same as the shell of the Zerg.

The crowd was shocked, and Admiral Bevin, looking unconcealed and haggard, told them about Lady Bevin and Young Master Bevin.

“My God, didn’t you say they went on an alien tour?”

“That’s horrible, Admiral, can you try to get my family tested?”

“Cunning and disgusting Zerg!”

This time, no one could sleep, everyone moved to the conference room and had a meeting overnight. When it came to the way to detect the Zerg, everyone looked at Yu Ze.

Yu Ze smiled at them, “All thanks to the help of our friends who live in the sea, their wish is very simple, they wish humans protect the marine environment.”

“Of course.”

“You should, you should.”

From that day on, Yu Ze was busy. All the ocean friends who came to help were scattered all over Ketuo, and each area was tested from the top people to see if they were parasitized by Zerg, and excluded one by one.

The entire testing process was done covertly, with those being tested traveling to the beach for valid reasons, and then being passively tested without their knowledge. The military ministry was the first to finish testing, losing two fully Zerg lieutenant generals, and a dozen half-Zerg generals who needed to be treated.

The good thing was that except for the top of the military department and a few middle and lower level generals who occupied important positions, only a few people related to the top of the military department were parasitized.

A huge hidden disaster was silently strangled in the cradle.

By interrogating the fully Zerg by various means, the military ministry also got a lot of information about the Zerg as a result, and the technical ministry began to design corresponding weapons in a targeted manner. A special meeting was held at sea, the warship was full of top military officials, and all around the warship, all kinds of large and strange marine creatures were floating.

Yu Ze, as the spokesman of the sea creatures, signed a peace agreement with the top human officer.

The meeting ended successfully, and Yu Ze’s ears rang with various farewell sounds, and the sea creatures sank and disappeared in a flash.

Golden Flood Dragon stood up with its neck and its head facing Yu Ze, “You’re not going back to the deep sea?”

Yu Ze nodded, “I’m staying on land,” he smiled, “I’ll come and see you.”

Golden Flood Dragon said, “As you wish.” He dropped down into the sea, and the Lightning Eel lazily hiked on him, saying goodbye to Yu Ze, and then blah blah talking to Golden Flood Dragon about what he had experienced during this time.

As Yu Ze watched the two leave, his heart was a little reluctant. His hand was suddenly held by someone. He turned his head, Leon looked deeply at him, and suddenly half kneeled on the ground.

Yu Ze was stunned when Leon took out a small and delicate box from his pocket, and with a slight force of his index finger, the lid popped open to reveal a ring with a white glow inside.

“Will you be my partner?” Leon’s cheeks were slightly tense and he looked nervous.

The surrounding military generals’ eyes fell on the two men, and someone happily spoke, “Say yes, Leon is the most powerful young man in the military.”

“Say yes, Leon is the one I grew up with, he’s good and reliable!”

Yu Ze blushed slightly as he listened to the elders’ sales pitch, and nodded to Leon, “Okay.”

Leon’s eyes lit up and he quickly took out the ring and put it on his hand, kissed him on the back of his hand, and Yu Ze’s fingers subconsciously curled up.

A week later, the regulations for the protection of marine life, including mermaids, and the Marine Environmental Protection Law were included in the Ketuo Planet Law.

A month later, a grand wedding was held at Ketuo Planet, a wedding that received widespread attention not only because it was Leon’s identity, but also because it was the wedding of a human and a mermaid.

All major platforms tried to get the live broadcast, but no matter who was the lobbyist, Leon all refused.

So the media had to stay outside the wedding venue and broadcast the wedding guests, one by one, the military bigwigs’ cars passed by in front of their eyes, the hosts were excited, and the broadcast room was boiling.

Since then, Leon and Yu Ze became the most popular couple in Ketuo, but they kept a low profile and the news about them became less and less.

It wasn’t until six months later that the news of Yu Ze’s pregnancy spread, and the internet exploded with bets on whether the baby would be a human or a mermaid.

The day Yu Ze went into labor, the whole planet watched, and in the end, Yu Ze gave birth to a human baby boy.

The baby boy was born a human, a baby with spiritual power that was extremely high. With his cry, in the delivery room, except for Yu Ze, doctors and nurses were almost shocked into a coma. Fortunately, Yu Ze was in his original form in the water birth, and did not spend much effort, timely release of spiritual power to calm the baby and stabilize the situation.

The military ministry got the news and was immediately overjoyed, humans have strong spiritual power! What does this mean! Represents no longer having to fear the Zerg!

At this point many people have regretted that not agreeing to the mermaid protection regulations earlier. It would have been good, but mermaids in order to avoid humans, had long disappeared for so many years, until Yu Ze appeared.

Yu Ze’s second child was a baby mermaid. Once born, the big families came to the door, wanting to set up a baby marriage. The corners of Yu Ze’s mouth twitched, and he took the baby to play in the pool, allowing Leon to beat people out the door.

The life expectancy of interstellar people is very long, and Yu Ze accompanied Leon almost two hundred years before leaving.

After closing his eyes, a mechanical voice sounded in his head, “New world loading…”


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February 24, 2022 2:08 pm

I’m loving these stories within a story.
Yu Ze did so much good in this life and lived long and happily with Leon, having children too. Lovely!
What will be next, I wonder…
Thanks for translating and editing.

February 24, 2022 3:58 pm

Awww the had babies!! That’s so cute and a great way to wrap up this story. (It’s nice to see too bc in some QT novels they completely avoid kids under the pretense of the QT person being too OP and messing up the world somehow. Even if it’s omegaverse or other fantasy worlds!)

Next world, next world!

Rachel Kim
Rachel Kim
February 24, 2022 7:00 pm

Thank you for updating!!!!

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They finally have kids! 😄

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curious to know about the next world. thanks for the chapter

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Good story! Now onto the next arc!
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Just wondering would mermaids give birth like sea horses?
Thank you for the chapter!!!

March 11, 2022 4:51 pm

Awwwww! I’d have liked to see more on Leon and Yu Ze’s interactions while they were expecting their kids, though!

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