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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


After the mechanical beep disappeared, Yu Ze’s mind was flooded with memories of his new identity, and after accepting it, the mechanical voice sounded again.

[The fourth mission, is a parallel world, difficulty three and a half stars, mission description: help the target character survive for a hundred days or more, target character — Huo Yuan.]

After the mechanical voice reported, the voice became higher and seemed a little happy, [Congratulations to the taskmaster for completing three consecutive tasks. You can receive a reward, please choose one of the following options.]

A panel appeared in Yu Ze’s mind, with two big traditional Chinese characters ‘Talent’ written at the top and twelve options neatly arranged in three rows and four columns below, namely philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, military science and management.

He couldn’t help but be surprised, asking in his head, “Which one do I choose, and I’ve mastered that subject?”

002: [Of course not, it’s just that gaining a very high talent in that subject will make it much easier to learn, and the top-level information of the corresponding subject will be activated when you learn it.]

Yu Ze’s heart moved, “I already know how to draw, drawing is in literature, if I choose literature, what can I activate?”

002: [Top paintings from all realms, top painting techniques, painting material synthesis methods, etc.]

Yu Ze was very excited, but after thinking about the mission of this world, his eyes fell on medicine, “In medicine, can I learn the technique of curing paralysis?”

002: [Paralysis caused by complete necrosis of muscles and meridians is impossible to be cured in this world, but only possible in the world of cultivation and mystery.]

Yu Ze couldn’t help but feel excited, “I choose medicine.”

After he finished, a button to confirm the choice of medicine appeared in his brain, and he looked to ‘Yes’.

002: [Congratulations to the taskmaster for obtaining the medical talent, good luck with your task. Don’t forget to give a good review.]

The words moved down, ‘medicine’ turned into a golden light, flowing into Yu Ze’s brain.

Yu Ze felt it silently, and there was no change in his sea of consciousness. Thinking of 002’s explanation, he left the reward alone for now and organized his new memories.

His new identity was the same name as his in his original world, but was a 24 years old who dreamed of becoming a movie star.

The target mission Huo Yuan, the man in charge of A City’s largest conglomerate Huo Group, was 32 years old, handsome, and the most famous golden bachelor in A City. When Huo Yuan was eighteen years old, his grandparents, parents, brother and sister-in-law died in a plane crash while on a trip, leaving him and his 11-year-old nephew, Huo Chi, at home.

He was the true prince of the world and took over the Huo Group against tremendous pressure, and today the Huo Group was better than ever.

Three months ago, he was involved in a car accident and was deeply injured and paralyzed in both legs. Huo Yuan’s weakness and bad behavior, increasingly irritable and moody, often brought bad news out, a bad influence for the Huo Group, after that, Huo Chi frequently appeared in the news.

Later, the news exploded with a story of Huo Yuan and the original in bed photos. Huo Yuan was paralyzed but still did not forget to train starlets, and played with men and so his bad reputation outflowed and his fame fell to the bottom.

After the original was exposed with the sex photos, it was too late to react, and then he received the news that his dependent mother died. His mother died just after seeing his bad news, he was devastated. The gossip caused his spirit to grow weaker and weaker.

Later, the original learned in the news that Huo Yuan had died by suicide in the bathtub and also committed suicide.

Yu Ze felt like he was watching a tragic movie, with a very heavy heart. He only had the original’s memories, and many details were unclear, but one thing he could be sure of was that Huo Chi had a problem.

“Get out!” A low, angry voice exploded steeply, and although it was hoarse, it did not lose its majesty.

Yu Ze’s heart skipped a beat and he opened his eyes, his vision sweeping around the area. He was lying on the left side of a man, his face resting on the other man’s arm, and that hand was raising, pushing him outward. He hurriedly rolled to the side of the bed with the force, jumped to the floor and moved to the end of the bed, and surveyed the man who was sitting on the bed with his hands slowly moving up — Huo Yuan.

Huo Yuan’s handsome features, thin face pale skin, slightly longer hair, right eye half covered, was staring at him harshly and disgustingly, looking a bit gloomy.

Yu Ze immediately understood the point of time now. Soon, the Internet would explode his and Huo Yuan’s bed photos, perhaps now it had already exploded. He looked down at his body and found that he was naked. His face suddenly turned red and he picked up the bathrobe on the side of the bed and turned his back to put it on.

He was relieved that he had lived the life of a husband for hundreds of years and was familiar with sex. He was very familiar with the matter, and was sure that last night he and Huo Yuan did nothing. Some red marks were on his shoulders and arms, like someone deliberately put them there.

Bang…” He turned around and saw Huo Yuan reaching for the cup on the bedside table, but the distance was a bit far, and Huo Yuan didn’t grab the cup, but pushed it over.

“Wait,” Yu Ze soothed, quickly ran to the head of the bed, picked up the cup, and poured another half cup of water and handed it to Huo Yuan, “Drink slowly.”

Huo Yuan’s eyes lifted slightly, surprise flashed in his eyes. His fingers moved, and finally did not take the water, dispelling the idea of smashing people with the cup. He stared viciously at Yu Ze, “Get out,” his thin lips pursed, his tone cold with sarcasm, “Want me to give you resources? Dream on! Wait for the whole entertainment circle to shut you down!”

Yu Ze froze, his thoughts turned and he understood that Huo Yuan thought he was deliberately climbing into bed and wanted to exchange for resources from the entertainment industry.

The original mother’s health was very poor, and he did not have enough money for surgery. He wanted to raise money but could not get a job, so the original had no choice but to seek help from his half-sister Bai Xiaowen. The original knew that Bai Xiaowen hated him, but the original could not think of any other way.

Bai Xiaowen was Huo Chi’s girlfriend, when he was looking for Bai Xiaowen, Bai Xiaowen accompanied Huo Chi to visit Huo Yuan, so Huo Yuan knew he wanted resources.

Yu Ze put the glass of water on the bedside table, where Huo Yuan could reach it, and faced Huo Yuan with a serious face and a very sincere tone, “Last night Bai Xiaowen told me that she was willing to give me a chance to audition for the third male role, but she wanted to test my acting skills first, she was afraid that I would be too bad and lose her face. I met with her and talked about the script, she complimented me and bought me a drink. I woke up again, it was just now.” He thought of the original’s mother, his heart tightened. He turned and bent down to pick up the clothes that belonged to him that had fallen to the ground, “Believe it or not, I’m telling the truth. My mother is very sick, I just want to get together her medical bills as soon as possible.”

He took out his cell phone in his pants pocket, pressed it and found that it was off, he pressed the on button and took the opportunity to quickly change his clothes, before the buttons were fastened, the phone rang.

The voice on the other side was angry and anxious, so it was loud, “Why did you only answer the phone? Your mother is so sick, and you are still out screwing around, she died and you didn’t even know!”

Yu Ze’s heart suddenly contracted, his fingers clutching the phone, his voice dry, “I’ll come to the hospital right away.”

He couldn’t care less about himself, opened the door of his room and quickly ran out. He went down to the first floor of the hotel and met an attendant with a surprised face, “Sir, do you need any help?”

The man’s hair was disheveled, his clothes were rumpled, and he looked panicked, as if he had encountered something serious. Yu Ze quickly said, “No, thank you.”

“Eh,” the voice of the colleague beside the waiter rose abruptly, and then lowered again when he seemed to realize that something was wrong, “Isn’t he Yu Ze? The first one in the hot search!”

Yu Ze pursed his lips, ignoring the chatter around him, quickly exited the hotel and took a taxi to the hospital.

Huo Yuan stared at the door of his room, closed his eyes and thought for a moment, softly grunted coldly, reached for his phone, which was not turned off but set to airplane mode. He looked at the news and dialed a message, “Check Bai Xiaowen last night,” he paused, “and A’Chi’s whereabouts, also investigate Yu Ze, I want his complete profile.”

He hung up when Huo Chi contacted him. He picked up, Huo Chi sounded anxious and worried, “Little Uncle, are you okay? I haven’t been able to reach you.”

Huo Yuan said, “I’m fine, have someone delete the news.”

Huo Chi was silent for a moment, his tone was difficult, “It’s on the news, and the volume of reprint is huge, I’m afraid there’s no way to delete it all. Don’t be angry, it’s not good for your health, I’ll pick you up and take you home right away.”

Huo Yuan’s forehead throbbed with pain. He pressed the corner of his forehead, his tone unpleasant, “How much can be deleted? I do not want to see the news about me again.”

Huo Chi said, “Little Uncle, don’t worry, I will warn the media,” he continued, his tone angry, “Brilliant Star sent your news without any greeting, clearly does not put the Huo Group in their eyes!”

Brilliant Star Media was a company owned by Shengshi Group, and Shengshi and the Huo Group were each other’s biggest competitors.

Huo Yuan coldly snorted, “You have caught the handle of Shengshi, will you show mercy?” His forehead hurt even more, and his stomach cramped, so he didn’t have the strength to speak.

When Huo Chi arrived, Huo Yuan was drinking porridge. He didn’t dare to disturb him and asked Dr. Li about Huo Yuan’s condition, concerned and worried, even his eyes were red after listening.

Huo Yuan finished his porridge, his eyes fell on him, he quickly raised a smile, as if he did not want Huo Yuan to worry, “Little Uncle, I’ll send you back.”

Huo Yuan made a sound, Huo Chi walked behind him and pushed the wheelchair out. He carried Huo Yuan to the car with Dr. Li, and then sat next to Huo Yuan, looking at him from time to time.

Huo Yuan drank the porridge and felt more comfortable, and was closing his eyes to recuperate when the car suddenly stopped, his body swayed and bad memories surfaced in his mind, and he turned white.

Huo Yuan was in a hurry to hold him, “Drive steadily!”

The driver’s voice was frightened, “Sorry boss, a dog just ran past.”

Huo Yuan pressed the corner of his forehead and pushed Huo Chi away, his eyes glanced over, “Say something.”

Huo Chi’s eyes were red and his tone was worried, “Little Uncle, let me come out to talk business in the future, I will learn properly and do it well according to your requirements. If you hadn’t stayed at the hotel last night, you wouldn’t have been in trouble, and you weren’t comfortable on the way to and from.” Huo Chi grabbed his sleeves, eyes moistened, “I only have you as a relative, you must not have an accident, nothing is as important as your body.”

Huo Chi was tall but still like a child and did not make people feel awkward, but rather touched the hearts of people. The big man showed this kind of look, how worried was he?

Huo Yuan looked at him implicitly and after a moment spoke, “Okay, next time, I’ll let you go,” he looked down at his hand, “Let go of my hand.”

Huo Chi was embarrassed to let go of his hand, giving a serious face to ensure, “Little Uncle, I will definitely work hard.”

Huo Yuan made a sound, closed his eyes. He had a headache and body pain, his eyebrows tightly wrinkled, not able to relax even a moment.

Yu Ze arrived at the hospital, under the guidance of doctors and nurses, contacted the crematorium to handle the afterlife of the original mother. The original and the biological father broke off contact, there were no relatives, he did not notify anyone, and by the morning, it was done. The mother was buried by the grandparents’ side.

After doing all this, he went home and cleaned up, ate lunch, ran to three hospitals in a row, and then opened Weibo.

He was only an eighteenth-tier star with low popularity, and as a result, in less than a day, he rose more than 100,000 followers, and the messages under private messages and previous dynamics were all curses.

He didn’t know who posted the news of his mother’s death on the internet, calling him disgusting and cursing him for the death of his own mother, those comments were innumerable.

He pressed his heart to slow down his emotions, couldn’t help but feel the pain of the original. He felt uncomfortable watching these words with the original, like a dull knife cutting flesh. He took pictures of the test sheets of the three tertiary hospitals and saved them, then wrote what he said to Huo Yuan in the morning, uploaded the three test sheets and clicked send.

These three test sheets clearly state that nothing happened between him and Huo Yuan.

He thought about the testing process and his face tightened up. If it was a physical discomfort check, he wouldn’t feel anything, but this time it was set up, completely undeserved, and it made him very angry.

This time, the matter was definitely related to Bai Xiaowen. She could silently get him into Huo Yuan’s room, and he was afraid that Huo Chi was not innocent.

He frowned, the Huo family only had two people, Huo Yuan and Huo Chi. Huo Chi was equivalent to being raised by Huo Yuan, if Huo Chi wanted to do something to Huo Yuan, it was too easy.

No, there must be a way to stay by Huo Yuan’s side! And it must be as soon as possible.

According to the original’s memory, Huo Yuan would commit suicide in a week’s time.

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