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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Yu Ze thought back to the morning when he saw Huo Yuan. Although Huo Yuan was in a bad mood, his aura was strong and not decrepit. Was Huo Yuan really going to commit suicide?

Yu Ze thought of this and was shocked. He jumped up from the sofa, walked quickly to the door, and put his hand next to the door handle. He then thought of the online discussion, went back to the room to get a mask to put on, and then went out before he took a taxi to the Huo’s house.

At this time, the Internet was abuzz with the news he posted, and ‘Yu Ze’s response’ quickly became the number one hot search, surpassing the topic of his bed photo with Huo Yuan.

The fans of Bai Xiaowen were cursing under his dynamic, there were also sensible passersby who were suspicious of Bai Xiaowen. Although Yu Ze was cursed even harder, the comments were not all cursing anymore, and more and more people were questioning Bai Xiaowen.

Yu Ze flipped through the comments in the car and saw that things were going the way he thought they would, so he turned off his phone and thought about how to convince Huo Yuan to let him stay with him.


Inside the studio, Bai Xiaowen had just finished shooting a commercial when she saw her assistant waving at her with an anxious look on her face. She paled slightly, walked over and asked in an eager whisper, “What is it?”

The assistant handed the phone to her, and on the screen was Yu Ze’s latest news. Bai Xiaowen quickly read it, squeezing the phone with her fingers, the tips of her fingers turning white from the force. She did not expect that Yu Ze would have such a reaction. She knew Yu Ze too well, he was stupid and naive, and was suppressed by her for so long. Yu Ze did not suspect her, but also sought her help.

With her understanding of Yu Ze, with this kind of thing happening, he would be scared to death, hide at home and dare not go out. How did he do this kind of response?!

Thinking about it, she was shocked and suspected that there was someone behind Yu Ze, guiding him. But since there was no one around Yu Ze who could come up with ideas, most likely, one of the parties concerned had to be Huo Yuan.

The thought that Huo Yuan might be suspicious of her made her heart tremble. Huo Chi was not yet fully in charge of the Huo Group and Huo Yuan was still strong. Even if his health was not good, no one could underestimate him.

She steadied her mind and instructed her assistant, “Let the company’s public relations department control the evaluation. Last night, I wanted to introduce a job to Yu Ze, and did meet with him. However, just after dinner, we separated.” She gritted her teeth, “What a white-eyed wolf! If I had known, I would not have been soft-hearted and caused trouble for nothing.”

Bai Xiaowen looked beautiful and innocent, there was a lot of face powder on her face. The assistant saw her delicate face full of anger and also could not help but be angry as well, “Sister Bai, do not worry. Netizens will not be cheated by him. I will immediately contact the public relations department.”

Bai Xiaowen gave an ‘mn’, “I’m going back first. I may be blocked by the media if I leave any later. Go back to the company to keep an eye on this matter.”

The assistant said, “I’ll send you back first and then go to the company.”

Bai Xiaowen refused, “I’ll go back by myself, so you don’t have to toss and turn.” She went back to the changing room to change clothes, put on the hat and mask, waved to the staff with a smile and left the studio.

As soon as she got into the car, her smile immediately disappeared and she dialed a number, and as soon as the other side picked up, she hurriedly asked, “Chi, have you read the news?”

Huo Chi replied, “Yes,” he sounded dissatisfied, “Didn’t you say Yu Ze wouldn’t resist and dare not come forward to clarify?”

Bai Xiaowen said, “How do I know what he’s mad about? I don’t want to be ashamed to go for a checkup,” she finished with a huff, speculating casually, “I heard his mom died this morning, so maybe he was stimulated.”

Huo Chi said seriously, “His words will make people suspicious of you, I’m going to go find Uncle Xiao now to explain so he doesn’t suspect us.”

Bai Xiaowen immediately said, “I’ll go with you. I met with Yu Ze last night, so I can explain myself more convincingly.”

Huo Chi thought for a moment, “Okay, remember not to reveal yourself. I’ve already arranged for the hotel, nothing will go wrong.”


Huo Yuan was in better spirits after his nap. He was sitting on the balcony to deal with the company’s urgent documents, making sure they were correct and sending them to his special assistant, Han Te. Han Te, who accepted them, hesitantly asked, “Boss, have you seen Weibo?”

After Huo Yuan’s car accident, news about his condition was flying around, so he spent less and less time watching the news. Even if he did, he only watched economic-related news, and this morning, he deliberately looked at the news to verify Yu Ze’s words.

If what Yu Ze said was true, and Yu Ze was tricked into his bed, then the other must have a backhand, and the morning’s hot search was the best indication of this.

He replied, “Read it, don’t gossip.” 

Han Te immediately stopped mentioning it. 

Huo Yuan thought about it and opened Weibo, ready to see where things were going, but he didn’t expect to see Yu Ze’s response, and after he read it, his eyes flashed with amazement.

He had directly gone against Bai Xiaowen, a top actress in the circle. Yu Ze was brave and clever.

Then he saw the reply, [How disgusting. In order to white wash himself, he actually stepped on Xiaowen. It’s a fact that you climbed into Huo Yuan’s bed. One of the first things you need to do is to make sure that Huo Yuan is able to do it, right?]

When this kind of reply, Huo Yuan’s face immediately turned iron blue.

Knock, knock, knock…” The room door was knocked gently on. Nanny Madame Zhang’s voice came, “Mr. Huo, there is a young man named Yu Ze looking for you, do you want to see him?”

Huo Yuan’s sword eyebrows were raised and his eyes narrowed, “Bring him here.”

Yu Ze heard the reply that the community gatekeeper allowed the passage and his heart was happy, he was worried that Huo Yuan would not want to see him. He ran all the way down the main road to the Huo family villa, the bars opened and a middle-aged woman stood inside the door with a gentle smile, “Please follow me.”

Madame Zhang guided Yu Ze to the bedroom balcony, Huo Yuan looked at her and said, “It’s okay, go do what you need to.”

After Madame Zhang left, Huo Yuan leaned against the back of his wheelchair, his chin raised to survey Yu Ze as he asked, “What is it?”

Yu Ze was a little nervous, he looked at Huo Yuan and stated his intention directly, “I want to be your caretaker.”

Huo Yuan was surprised, he had various guesses in his mind but none of them were right. He raised his eyebrows and repeated, “A caretaker?”

Yu Ze nodded firmly, his eyes not averting as he replied, “Yes, I will take care of you seriously.”

He wanted to say that he would help Huo Yuan get his leg fixed, but he was not sure about the condition of Huo Yuan’s leg and was afraid that Huo Yuan would be disappointed, so he conservatively said nothing.

The youth’s tone was serious. His eyes glowed and his expression was too sincere. Huo Yuan’s eyes flashed and the hand on his thigh squeezed tight, “Why?”

Of course it was to complete the mission!

Yu Ze could not possibly tell the truth, so he had already thought of a reason, “I need a job, and this time it was because of my negligence that I got you involved, I want to make it up to you.”

Huo Yuan sneered, “Your way of compensation is to make money from me?”

Yu Ze said, “…I don’t want money, just room and board.”

Huo Yuan’s eyebrows knitted up, “You think I would keep a stranger around? As far as I know, your college major has nothing to do with medical nursing.”

“My grandmother was a doctor, I can do basic nursing work. I will study hard to make myself more professional,” Yu Ze saw Huo Yuan’s expression did not let up and pursed his lips, “Did you read Weibo?”

Huo Yuan’s face was dark, his thin lips were tightly pursed and he didn’t say a word.

Yu Ze measured his expression and whispered, “I responded to the news about us two, proving that you didn’t do anything to me,” he paused, “that’s a help to you.” To convince Huo Yuan, he simply showed weakness, “I went to the hospital for an anal examination in case anyone suspected the evidence was false. I went to three hospitals, the examination process…”

His voice was so soft that it disappeared, and he lowered his head and bit his lower lip. Huo Yuan raised his eyes to see his pointed chin and couldn’t help but have a feeling that the youth was vulnerable.

Huo Yuan averted his eyes and his fingers moved, the phone flipped in his hand, from the back to the front, and his tone was low, “Are you sure you helped me?”

Yu Ze looked at him in confusion. Did this man simply not care about people saying he played with men and starlets? In that case, his response was simply dispensable in Huo Yuan’s eyes, and there was no way to convince Huo Yuan to let him stay by using this as an excuse. Or maybe Huo Yuan didn’t read Weibo properly? 

He opened his Weibo account to show Huo Yuan the reply ‘Huo is innocent’, but instead saw the reply ‘Huo is not okay’.

He was dumbfounded and quietly looked at Huo Yuan’s black face.

What’s wrong with this generation of netizens?!

“I…” He tried to explain and persuade Huo Yuan to hire him as a caretaker, but after he said only one word there was a knock on the door of the room, followed by someone pushing it open.

Huo Chi walked in with big steps, “Little Uncle, I heard you have a guest.”

Bai Xiaowen followed behind him and saw Yu Ze, and her voice raised sharply, “Why are you here?”

Her fingers squeezed tightly, and her heart became more and more nervous. She suspected before that Yu Ze’s response was directed by Huo Yuan, and now seeing the two together, she became even more worried. Bai Xiaowen was too surprised to see Yu Ze, and her voice splintered, stinging Huo Yuan’s head that was twitching in pain.

Huo Yuan’s eyebrows tightened, his left hand pressed the corner of his forehead, and his eyes fell coldly on Bai Xiaowen through his hair, “Shut up.”

Bai Xiaowen’s face was slightly white, her eyes instantly overflowed with tears, and she apologized in a small voice, “I’m sorry.”

Huo Yuan’s brow wrinkled tighter. Huo Chi hurriedly spoke, “Uncle, don’t be angry. Xiaowen was just too surprised,” he looked at Yu Ze, “I heard his mother died this morning, we didn’t expect to see him here.”

Yu Ze clenched his palms into fists and looked at Huo Yuan worriedly, many people who were very sick and unhealthy had taboos, and he was worried that Huo Yuan would think he was bad luck.

Huo Yuan had known about Yu Ze’s condition and didn’t care about Huo Chi’s words, he directly asked, “What are you doing here?”

Bai Xiaowen knew Huo Yuan’s situation very well and knew that he hated loud noises, so she explained softly, “I’m here to apologize. It’s all my fault. If I hadn’t been soft and introduced Yu Ze to work and asked him to meet at the hotel restaurant, he wouldn’t have had the chance to run to your room and wouldn’t have caused so much trouble.” She had tears in her eyes and her tone was full of remorse, she bowed low and said, “I’m sorry for the trouble I caused you.”

Yu Ze’s eyes widened, looking at her, he could not see the slightest false pretense, as if she was giving a sincere gesture of apology. This made him disgusted. What a reversal of black and white! Did good acting mean she could do whatever she wanted?

He couldn’t help but think, after the original incident, he was devastated because of his mother’s death, and stayed at home in depression without the slightest counterattack. Would Huo Yuan have found out that things were wrong? Even if they did, with Bai Xiaowen’s good acting skills, he was afraid they would dispel their suspicions.

Huo Yuan looked at Yu Ze, “What do you want to say?”

Yu Ze couldn’t help but burst out a foul word, “I want to say she’s a shitty liar!” He took a deep breath, “What I said on Weibo is true, absolutely no lies!”

His clear gaze stared straight at Huo Yuan, “What she said is not credible at all! If what she said is true, why did I go through all the trouble to climb into your bed? I’d be brain-damaged to do something unappealing!”

Bai Xiaowen’s eyes flashed with surprise, when did Yu Ze become so eloquent? She looked up, tears filling her eyes, “I know you hate me for not giving you money for your mother’s surgery, your original plan was to use the photos to threaten Mr. Huo to give you money, right? Now that your mother has died, you don’t want anything but revenge on me.”

Yu Ze’s eyes widened and he suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart.

As expected, the next moment he heard Bai Xiaowen say, “The photos inside your phone should not be deleted yet, right? Maybe they’ve even been saved to the cloud.”

Yu Ze had been busy and had not opened the album, but if Bai Xiaowen said so, the photos must be there. The original was depressed after the accident, and Bai Xiaowen could not use the photos in his phone, so Yu Ze did not know that Bai Xiaowen had saved photos in his phone in order to give the original a good reason to climb into Huo Yuan’s bed.

Huo Chi said at this point, “Do you dare to take out your phone for me to check?”

Yu Ze looked at Huo Yuan, who looked at him with an indecipherable expression.

Yu Ze pursed his lips, took out his phone and opened the album, and not surprisingly, he saw the photos of him lying on top of Huo Yuan, nine in total, different from the ones taken online from the window view. The photos in his phone were from a good angle and were taken in the room, the red marks on his back shoulder were very obvious in the photos.

Huo Chi reached out to grab his phone, “Don’t try to destroy the evidence!”


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February 26, 2022 11:52 am

More revolting characters after what is not theirs.
It was going quite well, but what now? Will Huo Yuan consider that he’s been set up? He will hopefully see that after handling things with intelligence and not a little bravery, Yu Ze wouldn’t be so stupid as to leave the photos on his phone… meaning he didn’t know they were there 🤞🤞
Thanks for translating and editing.

Rachel Kim
Rachel Kim
February 26, 2022 1:49 pm

Thank you for updating!!!!

February 26, 2022 11:14 pm

Yeah, a CEO wouldn’t be deceived with just that he had to investigate! This pair, I can’t wait for ther face slapping. Sure, plant evidence in the victim’s phone why don’t you.

And in this world Yu Ze is pretty bold, but I guess he’s also pressed for time… Good luck MC!

Thank you for the chapter!!!

Sue R
Sue R
March 1, 2022 6:24 pm

This task was also very interesting.
Thank you for the chapter.

March 2, 2022 9:35 pm

It’s over 😡😡

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