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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Yu Ze took a step back, avoiding Huo Chi, holding the phone with his hand behind his back, “What’s your hurry? I’ll show the photos to Mr. Huo myself, aren’t you trying to convince him that I deliberately climbed into bed?”

As he said this, he turned the photo right at Huo Yuan, so that Huo Chi wouldn’t grab the phone, he stopped for two seconds, and hid the phone behind him again.

Huo Chi saw this and returned to Huo Yuan’s side, “Little Uncle, you also saw it, the photo was taken by him. He not only set you up, but also sowed discord between us, don’t be fooled by him.”

Bai Xiaowen agreed, “Yes, Mr. Huo, he’s been like this since he was a kid, always playing games.”

Huo Yuan rested his elbow on the armrest of his wheelchair, propped up his forehead, raised his eyes slightly, and his eyes fell on Yu Ze.

Yu Ze couldn’t help but laugh at Bai Xiaowen, looking at her eyes without temperature, “Who is the one who can really play with his heart, you know it well. Why have I not been popular, so much so that I can’t even get a job?”

He had seen the original’s memory, as a spectator, some things he could see more clearly, but unfortunately the original was simple-minded,and his career was not smooth. He also did not think that someone wanted to go against him, and always doubted himself, thinking that he was not good enough.

Many times the original’s work had been negotiated, but when he was just short of signing the contract, the other party would temporarily renege, so the original was happy for nothing.

Bai Xiaowen’s heart was shocked, what did Yu Ze know? She looked at Yu Ze’s delicate face, bit her lip, and looked a little aggrieved, “I have advised you many times, actors can’t get popular just by their appearance. You don’t have experience, it’s hard to get important roles. You can’t be just a good-looking vase. I know my words are not nice, but it’s really for your own good.”

Yu Ze snorted, not bothering to watch her perform, and looked at Huo Yuan, “Mr. Huo, I meant what I said before, can you hire me?”

Huo Yuan had not spoken, when Huo Chi abruptly said, “Hire? You want to enter the Huo’s?”

Huo Yuan’s eyebrows wrinkled fiercely, the hand pressing the corner of the forehead added a little force, his eyes closed and his voice was low with impatience, “Quiet.”

Huo Chi’s face changed slightly, he lowered his head and whispered, “I’m sorry.”

Huo Yuan whispered, “Mn,” and said to Yu Ze, “You go away, I will not agree.”

Yu Ze was anxious, but still was careful to control his volume and speed of speech, and calmly asked, “Why?”

Huo Yuan said, “There is no shortage of people.”

Yu Ze, “…” Indeed, with Huo Yuan’s wealth, how could there be a shortage of caregivers around him? With the half-hearted caregiving ability he inherited from the original, he was not competitive with other caregivers. He was a little disappointed, but quickly adjusted his mind, after all, the purpose of his visit had already been achieved.

He met Huo Yuan, and one purpose was to stay by Huo Yuan’s side and take care of him. The other purpose was to make Huo Yuan suspicious of Huo Chi and Bai Xiaowen and be defensive of them so that no accidents would happen.

Yu Ze sized up Huo Yuan, he could see that Huo Yuan was not feeling well, his expression was stoic and impatient, but his emotions were still stable enough except for when someone was talking loudly.

No matter how he looked at him, Huo Yuan did not look like a person who would commit suicide.

Yu Ze had no way to stay for the time being, but also did not feel at ease leaving Huo Yuan with Huo Chi and Bai Xiaowen. His thoughts turned and had an idea. He looked at Huo Yuan, “Mr. Huo, the people who can work beside you are the best, if my ability can surpass theirs, can you give me a chance?”

Huo Yuan’s dark eyes looked at him steadily, “If you have that ability, there is no need to follow me.”

Yu Ze’s expression was sincere, “I just want to follow you.”

His attitude was so sincere that Huo Yuan looked at him for a while and did not see the slightest falsehood. Huo Yuan lowered his eyes, hiding the emotion in his eyes, “If you can prove your ability, you can.”

Yu Ze’s eyes lit up and the corners of his mouth curved up, “I’ll try my best. I’ll leave now, sorry for disturbing you today.”

Huo Yuan nodded gently. Yu Ze didn’t even look at Huo Chi and Bai Xiaowen, and left the bedroom.

He said goodbye to Madame Zhang and went out, and when he reached the carved iron gate, he stopped and stood in the doorway and dialed 110, “Hello, I want to sue Bai Xiaowen for drugging me, and joining hands with Huo Chi to ruin my reputation before slandering me.”

He registered his identity information and gave the address where he was now, waiting for the police to come.

Back in the room, Huo Chi and Bai Xiaowen looked at each other and Huo Chi asked softly, “Little Uncle, what position does Yu Ze want to apply for?”

Huo Yuan said indifferently, “It has nothing to do with you.”

Huo Chi’s face changed slightly, Bai Xiaowen took his hand and said with a smile, “Yu Ze didn’t have many specialties growing up, but this time he decided to study hard in order to stay by Huo’s side, which is great. I hope he can learn something.”

Huo Chi said gently, “You’re so nice, he slandered you and you still think about him.”

Bai Xiaowen smiled shyly, “Although Dad doesn’t want to acknowledge him, he’ll always be my brother.”

Huo Chi squeezed her hand then let go and proposed to Huo Yuan, “Little Uncle, it’s a nice day, why don’t I push you to the garden for a stroll?”

Huo Yuan looked outside the balcony, the sky was blue and the clouds were white, the trees in the distance were lush, “Okay, by the way, let’s talk about the project you have in hand.”

Huo Chi pushed Huo Yuan out of the room and took the elevator down to the first floor, Huo Chi gestured to Bai Xiaowen, who nodded in understanding and stayed in the living room without following.

When Huo Yuan and Huo Chi talked about work, they didn’t like Bai Xiaowen being around. Usually at these times, Bai Xiaowen would walk away, except for certain times when she wanted Huo Yuan to get angry.

Madame Zhang poured Bai Xiaowen a cup of tea. Bai Xiaowen politely thanked her and chatted with her, “How is Mr. Huo’s health these days?”

Madame Zhang smiled and said, “Dr. Li said it’s very stable.”

Bai Xiaowen smiled, “That’s good, I hope Mr. Huo can recover soon,” she paused, “the young man who just left, when did he come?”

Madame Zhang said, “A little earlier than you and Young Master Chi,” she sighed, “That boy is really good-looking, and his personality seems good.”

Bai Xiaowen’s smile faded. She picked up a cup of tea and drank a sip of tea to hide the cynicism in her eyes. Obviously he was a child that even their father hated, why was he so good-looking?

She subconsciously touched the side of her face and clenched her teeth.

In the garden, Huo Yuan’s phone vibrated when Huo Chi was telling him about the project in his hand, and he raised his hand. Huo Yuan looked at the caller ID, and there was a hint of surprise in his eyes, it was actually a communication from the villa’s security office. He picked up and the security guard reported, “Mr. Huo, there are two police officers looking for Miss Bai and Mr. Chi.”

Huo Yuan asked, “What’s going on?”

The security guard looked at Yu Ze outside the door and honestly told him about Yu Ze calling the police.

Huo Yuan raised his eyebrows and pondered for a moment, “Do your best to cooperate.”

After hanging up, he said to Huo Chi, “You go to the living room, there are police looking for you and Miss Bai.”

“What?” Huo Chi was startled.

Huo Yuan didn’t repeat himself and pressed the set shortcut key to contact the caretaker to come over.

Huo Chi sniffed and looked towards the door leading to the garden, a caretaker came this way. He calmed down and said to Huo Yuan, “There must be some misunderstanding, Little Uncle, I’ll go take care of it and come back with you later.”

Huo Yuan said, “There’s no hurry, let’s take care of things first.”

Back in the living room, Bai Xiaowen was drinking tea when two police officers walked into the hall, followed by two security guards. The officer on the right said, “Miss Bai, you’ve been sued, please cooperate with us and assist in the investigation.”

Bai Xiaowen’s expression froze. Huo Chi walked through the door into the living room, and when Bai Xiaowen saw him, she hastily called out, “Chi.”

The officer turned around and told Huo Chi what he had said to Bai Xiaowen, Huo Chi’s face was ugly, “Who sued us?”

The police officer said, “It is Mr. Yu Ze. He has already made a statement, also please cooperate with us. Where were you at 9:30 PM last night?”

Bai Xiaowen’s face changed slightly. Huo Chi held her hand and squeezed it, and calmly answered the police officer’s question, “Last night I worked overtime at the company. The assistant and several colleagues of the company can testify, I left the company at 11:30 PM.”

Bai Xiaowen said, “At 9:30 PM, I met with Yu Ze at the restaurant on the top floor of the Sanhao Hotel, and after talking about work, I left the hotel and went home.”

The police officer made a statement, “We will investigate the details, please leave your contact information and cooperate with us at any time.”

After the officer left, Bai Xiaowen looked at Huo Chi nervously and glanced at Madame Zhang who was still there, her eyes slightly red, “Yu Ze must have counted his mother’s death on my head and actually lied to the police to get back at me.”

Huo Chi smiled reassuringly at her, “Don’t worry, the police will get to the bottom of it. I’ll send you back.”

Bai Xiaowen nodded, Huo Chi went to the garden to explain the situation to Huo Yuan, saw Huo Yuan looking normal, was secretly relieved, and said goodbye as he left.

Bai Xiaowen sat in the passenger seat of Huo Chi’s car, and after the car left the villa, the smile on her face could no longer be maintained, and her tone was panicked, “Chi, the police won’t investigate anything, right?”

Huo Chi said, “No, it’s all arranged,” his brow furrowed severely, destroying his usual gentle expression, “Didn’t you say Yu Ze would not resist by going against the grain?”

Bai Xiaowen was depressed, “He seems like a different person, maybe his mother’s death hit him too hard and he doesn’t care about anything.”

Huo Chi pulled loose his tie, “I should have known to spend money to find someone. It’s troublesome.”

Bai Xiaowen bit her lip. Huo Chi’s original intention was to pay for someone, but it just so happened that Yu Ze asked for her help. She suggested using Yu Ze to trap Huo Yuan, which made Huo Chi change his mind.

She softened her voice and put her face against Huo Chi’s arm, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know he had changed so much. You have also investigated, he is indeed the most suitable candidate. If you spend money to find someone, the possibility of accidents is greater.”

Huo Chi swept her a glance, tone much lighter, “Forget it. Remember, ignore the matter and you have nothing to do with it.”



Yu Ze finished his statement and went back home with confidence.

The police now had suspicions, so Huo Chi and Bai Xiaowen would not do anything to Huo Yuan. After all, he was the one who trapped Huo Yuan, and if Huo Yuan suddenly had an accident, it is too easy to suspect Huo Chi.

He looked around the house. It was a small two-room house, about seventy square meters, the location was not very good, but the nearby traffic was quite convenient. Yu Ze tidied up the room and put down a bowl of noodles for dinner. After eating, he turned on the computer and looked up how paralysis should be treated after a car accident, asking a number of doctors online and taking notes as he did so.

He quickly sorted out the next two courses he wanted to take, basic nursing and acupuncture and massage.

He bought the electronic file and started to read the basic nursing textbook. When he saw the second chapter, he couldn’t help but be amazed at how many unfamiliar terms he fully understood after reading them once, and how many nursing techniques, such as sterilization and isolation, he memorized after reading them once, and how he felt familiar with them even though he had never used them.

It was as if he originally knew these skills, and after a long time without contact he had forgotten about them, and now looking at it once again, he was able to remember.

His heart moved, and he immediately thought of the system reward: medical talent!


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It is so satisfying when the worm turns.
Loving this novel.
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Rachel Kim
February 27, 2022 4:09 pm

Thank you for updating!!!!

February 28, 2022 9:16 am

Yu Ze is so smart! He thinks of anything in order to protect Huo Yan. I have a sudden though today. Is “long Yuan” actually the same as YZ? Transmigrated into these stories to complete missions? If yes, then when they get back to their real life, I’m sure they will meet each other and be together. It’s hundreds and hundreds years of love after all. 😊

March 12, 2022 7:40 pm

I’d love to have a skill like Yu Ze’s medical talent, except I’d want my talent to be language learning!

Thanks for the chapter!

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