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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Yu Ze, in order to test his medical talent, thought for a moment, paused to look at the document and found a diagram of human acupuncture points. He followed the diagram to identify the acupuncture points. He memorized the names of the complicated and even tongue-twisting acupuncture points by reading them once and remembered where they were located.

He followed the detailed notes of the acupuncture point chart, calculating the distance to find the corresponding acupuncture point, and after finding it once, the next time he did not need to measure it. He thought of an acupuncture point in his mind and his finger would point to the location of that acupuncture point.

He tried several times, and his eyes lit up under the lamp because of the excitement. He became an unforgettable genius in medicine!

The system rewarded him with a talent that was even better than he had imagined, and he would soon be able to stay by Huo Yuan’s side, and perhaps restore Huo Yuan’s health!

The more he thought about it, the more excited he became. It took him a while to calm down and continue reading the nursing course, and after reading it, he went over the human acupuncture points and went to bed at almost three o’clock.

The next day, he was awakened by a ringtone. When it rang, he subconsciously tilted his head, put his left ear against the pillow, covered his right ear with the palm of his right hand, and said in a daze, “Leon, it’s noisy.”

The ringing didn’t go away, it continued to ring relentlessly.

Yu Ze froze and took his right hand away. The ringing went straight into his ears and he quickly came to his senses — this was a new mission world.

He rubbed his face, reached for the phone, and picked it up.

“Hello, Mr. Yu, this is the District Police Department, we transferred the surveillance of the night of May 8th at the Sanhao Hotel. Unfortunately, the surveillance from 9pm to 12pm was damaged due to a circuit accident, now there is no evidence to prove whether what you said is true.”

Yu Ze did not feel surprised, Bai Xiaowen and Huo Chi could not have left such a big handle. He raised his eyebrows, “Is the circuitry of a platinum five-star hotel that bad? Is this hotel often out of order? I wonder how many times the surveillance has been lost?”

He asked this, not really wanting to hear the police officers answer, but just to make the police more suspicious of Bai Xiaowen and Huo Chi.

If Bai Xiaowen and Huo Chi were in trouble, they would have no time to find Huo Yuan, and he would be relieved as he studied. He sounded emotional, “It’s really a coincidence that the surveillance went wrong when I sued them. As far as I know, Shenghao is a hotel owned by the Huo Family, and after the car accident of Mr. Huo, this hotel is under the responsibility of Huo Chi.”

After saying this, he could not help but sigh. If it was his first task in this world, he certainly could not handle it well. Yesterday’s microblogging response and today’s alarm, he was afraid that he could not even think of it. He was able to react so quickly this time, thanks entirely to the last world, he learned a lot around Leon.

Thinking of this, he pursed his lips, was Leon also in this world? What would his identity be?

The police officer did not respond to his words, but only reminded, “We will continue to investigate, without tangible evidence, I’m afraid we can not open a case.”

Yu Ze expressed his understanding, “Thank you for your hard work.”

After hanging up the communication, Yu Ze got up and changed his clothes, washed up and went downstairs to buy breakfast, ate and continued reading.

[Congratulations to the taskmaster for mastering the knowledge of nursing, activated the material: top food therapy book, can read in the consciousness at any time.]

Yu Ze was stunned, the top food therapy book? Just thinking about it, a thick book with a light green cover appeared in his mind, with a golden dragon icon in the upper left corner.

He used his consciousness to control the turning of the pages, and the first page was shown to him. The table of contents in black and white, generally divided into internal and external injuries, and under external and internal injuries there were many sub-categories, and different illnesses corresponded to several recipes, the recipes were very detailed, and every step of cooking was clear.

Yu Ze’s heart moved slightly, thinking of Huo yuan’s situation, the book page jumped directly to the page of injury due to a car accident. Below was the consideration of various possible conditions, nerve damage, spinal fracture, meridian damage, etc., respectively, corresponding to different recipes.

Yu Ze secretly reminded himself that the next time they met, he’d have to find a way to figure out what exactly was going on with Huo Yuan’s injuries. He skimmed through the recipes for Huo Yuan’s condition, looked at the time, and realized that it was already 2:00 PM.

He ordered a take-out and read the study materials on acupuncture and massage while waiting for the take-out. He had memorized the acupuncture point diagrams, the various acupuncture techniques and the acupuncture points corresponding to different diseases, and he could remember them after reading them once, so it was very easy to learn them.

He studied in a hurry, even during meals, and continued to read the materials after he finished eating.

Suddenly, an incoming call rang, and he casually picked up the phone and answered it, his eyes still resting on the computer screen.

“Yu Ze, you withdraw your complaint right now!” Bai Xiaowen’s voice was sharp and full of anger.

Yu Ze frowned and held the phone away from him, his tone dry, “Impossible.”

Bai Xiaowen gritted her teeth, “How much do you want, name a price?”

Yu Ze felt baffled, he was the one being set up, wasn’t he? “You seem very angry?”

Bai Xiaowen was not only angry, she was furious. She couldn’t figure out why Yu Ze had changed so much overnight, thinking of the various bad comments about her on the Internet, she was in a cranky state. She looked pure and exquisite, and had debuted as a pure beauty. Her reputation had always been very good, she could not stand the overwhelming negative comments.

She took a deep breath and reluctantly calmed down, “Brother, I’m sorry, it was my fault in the past, I should have lent you the money directly. I didn’t know auntie was so sick, will you forgive me?”

Yu Ze asked, “You admit that you set me up?”

Bai Xiaowen said, “No, this matter really has nothing to do with me, I don’t know why this happened,” She paused for a moment and spoke much faster, “Someone must have tried to set me up, and the drugged water ended up being drunk by you, so you were dragged into it.”

Yu Ze said, “No need to bullshit. It’s useless for you to deny it. The excuse you said is not convincing, I think even a blind man can tell the difference between men and women. If it was really directed at you, even if I drank the medicine by mistake, there would not be what happened later.”

Bai Xiaowen was silent for a while and said excitedly, “So, it’s not only for me, it’s also for Mr. Huo! I’m Chi’s girlfriend, and targeting me and Mr. Huo must be to provoke the relationship between Mr. Huo and Chi, definitely designed by Huo’s opponents! The drug was wrongly administered, they must have planned for Mr. Huo’s reputation to be damaged and also affect the Huo group!”

The more she said, the more she felt that this reason was reasonable and particularly convincing. Softening her voice, she said, “Brother, you misunderstood me, I really wanted to introduce you to work that day, the role of the third male, it was hard for me to get you.”

Yu Ze, “…” If the original was here, he was afraid he would really believe it, and he now especially understood why the original was fooled by Bai Xiaowen.

Bai Xiaowen was really a master of bullshit, and the scary thing was, it was justifiable.

Yu Ze said, “You caused me to be ridiculed by the whole network and caused my mother to die. I will not withdraw the complaint, everyone will know the real you has that kind of disgusting face.”

“You!” Bai Xiaowen yelled, and again tried her best to control, “I said it has nothing to do with me, the police can’t possibly find evidence.”

Yu Ze asked, “In that case, why are you nervous?”

Bai Xiaowen exclaimed, “I’m not nervous! I just hate trouble, I don’t want to be asked around by the media! You won’t withdraw the case even if I tried to get the role of the third male for you, you don’t want it!”

After saying that, she hung up the communication in anger, holding the phone with a cold face. After a while, she dialed the communication, the other party quickly connected, and her voice choked, the tone of aggression diminished, “Dad…”

Yu Ze looked at the disconnected communication and shrugged his shoulders indifferently, the role of male third was just a bait used by Bai Xiaowen to fish, not a sincere introduction to the job at all, moreover, he only wanted to follow Huo Yuan now and make sure Huo Yuan was safe.

He opened his phone to browse the entertainment news, and after seeing the hot search, he understood why Bai Xiaowen had called him.

After the police investigated the surveillance, Bai Xiaowen was summoned, which was unfortunately caught by the media. He didn’t know how the media got the information, but there was news that he had sued Bai Xiaowen, and the problem with Shenghao’s surveillance was also thrown out.

Yu Ze explained the truth of that dynamic, but only a few people believed it. After all, Bai Xiaowen had many fans and a good reputation over the years. And after he called the police, things changed dramatically, more people began to believe him, and the news of his mother’s death was hyped up again.

#RuthlessBaiXiaowen #TrueBaiXiaowen topics exploded.

Yu Ze silently gave a nod to the reporter, while introspecting, he should have posted the dynamic immediately after he sued Bai Xiaowen, luckily the media gave it a go!

After reading the news, Yu Ze didn’t want Bai Xiaowen to bother him again, so he turned his phone off, thinking that no one would contact him except Bai Xiaowen and Huo Chi at this time anyway. In the original memory, he received a few phone calls a week, and almost all of them were advertising sales.

He continued to study, no one disturbed him and he was extremely efficient. Six and a half hours after learning a case study, his brain was full of knowledge on different injuries and the corresponding acupuncture treatment.

He squeezed the back of his sore neck, got up and moved around for a while, washed his face, packed his trash, and went out. He found a noodle shop and had a bowl of noodles for dinner. When he was paying the bill, he remembered that his phone was turned off and he turned it on to pay the bill.

Both the missed calls and unread text messages came from a single number, but because the number was not saved, the caller history showed a series of numbers. With the original’s memory, Yu Ze knew at a glance that the number’s owner was the original’s father, Bai Guanghua.

He slid his finger and found the earliest missed call, shortly after Bai Xiaowen contacted him. After a moment’s thought, he guessed why Bai Guanghua was looking for him. He wasn’t going to pay attention, and blocked Bai Guanghua.

He paid for the noodles, looked at the balance and could not help but fret, he only had less than five hundred yuan. However, he soon found out that this was not the worst, the worst was that this month’s expenses were all advance spending, and he had to pay it back the next month.

He sighed silently, if he wasn’t so short of money, the original wouldn’t have asked Bai Xiaowen for help.

He left the noodle store and went to the Chinese medicine store to buy acupuncture needles, the price was much cheaper than he thought. However, thinking about the balance, he hesitated and did not buy, and instead bought a box online.

It was after seven o’clock. However, because the weather was good, the sky was not yet completely dark, and the road was gradually lively with many people in cars. He stood under a roadside tree and thought for a while, looked for the nearest private Chinese medicine clinic on his phone map and took the public transport to it.

The clinic was small, and when Yu Ze pulled the door in, there was a young man standing at the counter and an elderly man standing in front of him, who was packing medicine and talking about the precautions of decoction and diet.

The old man smilingly responded, “I’ve had two of them already, I’m very familiar with them, no need to remind me.”

The young man smiled and said, “I still want to talk about it.”

On the long couch to the right, a middle-aged man lay with his pant legs pulled up, next to an older doctor in a dark blue coat who was giving him acupuncture.

“Hello, please wait a moment, this side will be finished soon.” The youth smiled at Yu Ze when he saw him enter the door.

Yu Ze said, “It’s okay, you go ahead.” He moved closer to the couch and watched the doctor as he carefully applied the needle. The doctor smiled and casually said, “Interested?”

Yu Ze was busy nodding, “MnMn.”

The doctor was used to seeing young people who were curious about acupuncture, so he made small talk as he applied the needles, “Are you taking medicine or seeing a doctor?”

Yu Ze was embarrassed to ask, “Is it okay to consult?”

“Sure,” the doctor asked again, “What’s wrong?”

Yu Ze said, “Paralysis from a car accident.”

The doctor replied, “It’s hard to say, I’d have to see the patient. It’s too serious for me to handle,” he said and reassured, “but I’ve seen many cases of recovery, there’s still hope.”

He stuck the last needle into the middle-aged man, took a handkerchief and wiped his hands, Yu Ze went through the sequence of his needle application in his head and asked, “Is this for rheumatism?”

The doctor turned his head to look at him in surprise, “Yes, can you understand?”

Yu Ze held back his excitement, “Mn, I know a little.”

The doctor said, “It’s rare, there are very few young people who know these things nowadays.”

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February 28, 2022 11:47 am

How come Yu Ze didn’t think that Huo Yuan is Leon?

Rachel Kim
Rachel Kim
February 28, 2022 2:48 pm

Thank you for updating!!!!

February 28, 2022 10:55 pm

I’m still debating whether Bai Xiaowen is just a common bi**h or a toxic bi**h, pretending to be oh-so-delicate-and-kind white lotus.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

March 1, 2022 3:53 am

Yu Ze indeed kearned a lot, not just from Leon, I’m sure. Planting seeds of doubt will surely take root 😏
Awww, he thought he was still with Leon. Are they all reinventions of the original character, Long Yuan?
Yu Ze has, in effect, lost 3 partners now and even if they are all 1, have had different looks and personalities, so really 3 individuals 😢
I wonder what will happen when (if) he awakes from his coma.
Thanks for translating and editing.

March 1, 2022 4:00 am

Will he end up making money as an acupuncturist in this traditional medicine clinic? (Besides hopefully becoming Huo Yuan’s carer and getting free board/lodging.) Typical Yu Ze; resilient, practical and focussed!

March 12, 2022 7:49 pm

Anybody else’s heart cry when Yu Ze called for Leon? 😭💔

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