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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Yu Ze peeking was discovered by Huo Yuan, and he felt some embarrassment. He didn’t want to see clearly and also dared not to continue looking. Pushing the wheelchair out, Yu Ze quickly walked out of the shower part of the bathroom.

After taking a few steps inside, he saw a shower hanging on the wall to the left of the window, various washing tools on the shelves, and a floor drain installed in the corner. He immediately understood that this was a special place for washing wheelchairs.

He put the used wheelchair against the wall and pushed a clean wheelchair out, passing by the mobile wooden table, his eyes swept over the table, and his feet stopped. There was an economic magazine sitting in the middle of the table, and most of the front pages of the magazine were slightly curved, so it had obviously been turned over.

This morning he saw this magazine in the hands of Madame Zhang. At that time he asked because he was curious. Madame Zhang said it was a magazine ordered by Mr. Huo, she was about to send it upstairs.

The idea of this, Yu Ze’s brow could not help but wrinkle up. The magazine had a large part read, and obviously would have taken a while. Not to mention that at the foot of the table was a stack of literature.

He moved his fingers, remembering the coldness of Huo Yuan that he had felt more than once beneath his fingers. He could not help but have a suspicion in his heart, gritted his teeth, and pushed the wheelchair into the bathroom.

Huo Yuan heard the movement, his head tilted slightly to the side, his chin tapped, indicating to him to put the wheelchair next to the bathtub, “You go downstairs.”

Yu Ze didn’t move, “I’ll stay here and take care of you.”

“No need.” Huo Yuan refused.

Yu Ze looked at Huo Yuan and pursed his lips, “I want to take care of you,” he added, worried about Huo Yuan’s refusal, “I promise I won’t bother you and will only help when you need it.”

Huo Yuan raised his eyes and met his dark eyes, and after a moment moved away, “No.”

“You need me!” Yu Ze thought of the magazine he just saw and got a little angry, “When you were alone in your room, did you not rest well at all? Sitting on the toilet all the time?”

The table next to the toilet, half-read magazines casually put on the table, but only because it was the location where someone would often read books.

Huo Yuan’s eyes fell fiercely on Yu Ze’s face, his jaw tightened and he avoided answering, saying in a deep voice, “Get out!”

His careful disguise had been torn, making him embarrassed and inexplicably panicked.

After his car accident, the nerve damage not only made his legs bad for walking, but also let him defecate uncontrollably, the latter incident, only a few people knew.

He could maintain decency by himself, there were no outside rumors, his body did not recover quickly, and was unlucky. This was his silent struggle.

Yu Ze took one look at Huo Yuan’s reaction and knew that his previous guess was indeed correct, and he was anxious and angry, “No wonder your feet are always so cold!”

He quickly thought that Huo Yuan’s reluctance to drink juice and the small amount of food he ate at each meal was not due to a bad appetite. He looked at the man whose face was tense and pale, couldn’t help but feel some pain, his fingers clenched his fist, his tone serious, “You can’t go on like this, eating less and not resting well, your body won’t be able to bear it.”

Huo Yuan’s eyebrows tightened, and did not want to listen to advice.

Not waiting for him to refuse, Yu Ze stepped forward and squatted beside the bathtub, holding his hand on the side of the bathtub and looking straight at him, “Let me take care of you, I swear, I will never say anything about you to anyone.”

Huo Yuan tried to pull his hand away, but Yu Ze hurriedly tightened his grip with a serious face, “You personally agreed to the treatment plan, you promised to cooperate, you aren’t keeping your word!”

Huo Yuan closed his eyes, did not speak for a while, only from the violent heaving of his chest could Yu Ze tell his mood was extraordinarily unsettled.

Yu Ze warmly advised, “You are injured, and those reactions are normal. You do not need to be distressed by this, this means that your other organs are healthy.” He paused, “Don’t you want to get well soon?”

These words went straight to Huo Yuan’s heart. Huo Yuan opened his eyes and looked at Yu Ze for a while, seeing Yu Ze’s firm eyes, he finally let go, “I agree to cooperate with you.”

Yu Ze smiled with joy, the corners of his mouth curved.

Huo Yuan added, “Except when I need to meet with guests and go out.”

Yu Ze understood and was very understanding, “Yes.”

Huo Yuan pondered for a moment, “Starting tonight, you will sleep in the second bedroom next door.”

Yu Ze was not satisfied with this arrangement and blinked, “Can I sleep on the sofa in your room?”

Huo Yuan looked at his expectant face and his eyes flashed slightly, “No.”

Yu Ze was a little disappointed, but soon cheered up again. From the staff room to the second bedroom on the second floor was already a great improvement, so close. If something happened to Huo Yuan, he would also know in time. He nodded and accepted Huo Yuan’s terms. His eyes fell on Huo Yuan’s face, not daring to move down and asked, “Do you want to get up?”

Huo Yuan had been soaking for a while, and soaking for a long time would wrinkle the skin.

Huo Yuan gave an ‘Mn’, Yu Ze hurried to get a bath towel, blushing but trying to keep a serious face as he wiped Huo Yuan clean and put on a bathrobe to carry to the wheelchair.

The whole process left his heart beating fast, but he also could not take the opportunity to look at Huo Yuan’s chest, only thinking about quickly wrapping Huo Yuan up.

Huo Yuan watched him fumbling to tie his robe, his eyes swept past his red ears, and took his wrist, “I’ll do it myself.”

Yu Ze hesitated for a second, but did not insist, after all, Huo Yuan’s hands were healthy. He let go and walked to the back of the wheelchair, Huo Yuan skillfully tied the bathrobe strap, leaned forward and moved back slightly.

Seeing this, Yu Ze pushed the wheelchair out of the bathroom and looked at the back of Huo Yuan’s head and exhaled lightly, relaxing. Apart from his lover, his body was tense for the first time when he was in such close contact with someone else.

He pushed Huo Yuan to the bedside, went to the wheelchair and leaned down, was about to pick him up when Huo Yuan raised his hand and pressed his shoulder, “I’ll do it myself.”

Yu Ze got up and took a step back, “That’s fine, it’s good to exercise your arms.”

Huo Yuan looked at him, put his hands on the bed, used his arms to support himself, and slowly moved to the bed.

Yu Ze pushed the wheelchair away in time to prevent Huo Yuan from getting hurt.

Huo Yuan was not fast, but his movements were smooth, and it was obvious that he was used to doing this movement. In no time, Huo Yuan was sitting on the head of the bed, his breathing was a little heavier than before, and he quickly calmed down again.

Huo Yuan was satisfied with his unruffled appearance. He did not exert himself at all after the shower, but rested well for a while and went to bed much easier than usual. He swept his eyes at Yu Ze’s wet front lapel, “You go and tidy up.”

Yu Ze nodded, “Okay, contact me if you need anything.” He said, pushed the wheelchair to the bedside, thought about it, went to the bathroom, washed Huo Yuan’s soiled underwear and the wheelchair before leaving.

He didn’t want to notify Madame Zhang to come up and clean up. The less people knew about this kind of thing, the less psychological pressure Huo Yuan would feel.

In his opinion, Huo Yuan was his patient. Huo Yuan’s physical and psychological condition was something he had to pay attention to, and Huo Yuan was his mission, linked to his life, he had to pay attention to him.

He returned to his dormitory and took a shower, then packed his things and moved to the second bedroom on the second floor. The room on the second floor was much larger than the staff room, with a special closet and a balcony.

Yu Ze put clothes to the closet, barely making a dent. He simply hung several pieces of clothing with hangers. Before studying, he put his cell phone on his right hand side to make sure he would know immediately when Huo Yuan contacted him, but it didn’t ring until 11:30PM.

Yu Ze turned off his computer, then went to sleep. When he woke up in the morning, he went downstairs and ran around the villa for half an hour. He went back to his room, took a shower, went to the staff canteen and finished his breakfast, then went to the kitchen to look for Madame Zhang.

Madame Zhang was putting dishes and cups on the tray when Yu Ze’s eyes lit up, “Is this the breakfast for Mr. Huo?”

Madame Zhang nodded and casually asked, “Mn, have you eaten?”

Yu Ze nodded, “I’ll send it up.”

Madame Zhang shook her head, “That won’t work, it’s my job to deliver the food.”

Yu Ze smiled, “Then I’ll go with you.”

When he arrived at Huo Yuan’s bedroom, Huo Yuan was fully dressed and sitting in his wheelchair, looking out the balcony, the trees were lush and green and looked vibrant.

Madame Zhang neatly put the breakfast on the dining table, then pushed the table to Huo Yuan’s side, looked at Yu Ze, and then looked at Huo Yuan.

Huo Yuan said, “Madame Zhang, you go down and get busy.” Madame Zhang didn’t ask much and went downstairs.

Huo Yuan gestured to Yu Ze, “Have a seat.”

Yu Ze obediently sat down and saw Huo Yuan start to eat breakfast. Worried that his sight might make Huo Yuan uncomfortable, he opened his phone to read the lesson, and occasionally quietly looked at Huo Yuan’s face to judge his taste.

Huo Yuan did not control the amount of food he ate this time and looked much better after breakfast. Yu Ze swept his eyes at the remaining food on the table and his eyes curved. Huo was awesome, he said he would do it.

When Madame Zhang went upstairs to clean up the table, she couldn’t help but bring joy to her face, and quietly gave Yu Ze a thumbs-up. Yu Ze’s smile deepened, Madame Zhang was really concerned about Huo Yuan.

“Why so happy?” With his stomach warm, Huo Yuan leaned back comfortably against the back of his chair and raised his eyebrows slightly.

Yu Ze complimented, “Mr. Huo always does what he says, a good patient who saves his heart.”

Huo Yuan acquiesced to the title of ‘good patient’, his thoughts turned and he looked at Yu Ze, “You are so good to your patients?”

Yu Ze’s expression froze for a moment and he said honestly in a small voice, “I only have one patient,” he said, straightening his back and raising his voice a bit, “but don’t worry, I’m reliable!”

Huo Yuan looked at him for two seconds and averted his eyes, “Since I decided to trust you, I won’t regret it, you get busy.”

Yu Ze suggested, “Let me push you to go to the garden for a stroll, right? Take a walk after eating.” He added, “It’s good for your health to be close to nature, you can’t always stay indoors.”

“Okay.” Huo Yuan agreed with a little hesitation. After all, he had just been given the title of good patient, so he couldn’t just turn around and stop cooperating with his work.

Yu Ze raised a smile and pushed Huo Yuan to wander around the garden, where many flowers were planted, well taken care of by the gardener and blooming extraordinarily brightly. He complimented them from time to time and asked Huo Yuan the names of the unfamiliar flowers in passing, and Huo Yuan answered all of them and could talk about them in depth.

Huo Yuan smiled lightly. The youth was really sweet-talking, he could praise him casually, he looked at the splendid flowers, his mood was much lighter.

The two of them strolled for half an hour and went back to the room.

Huo Yuan took the tablet to deal with his work, Yu Ze saw nothing, so he opened the lesson to study, the room was very quiet.

Huo Yuan finished reading a document, pressed his eyebrows and then looked up at Yu Ze.

Yu Ze raised his eyes and quietly looked at Huo Yuan, just habitually observing Huo Yuan’s situation, but he didn’t expect to meet Huo Yuan’s line of sight. He sat upright, thinking Huo Yuan wanted to see him, but was too embarrassed to ask, “What’s wrong?”

Huo Yuan said, “Nothing.” He withdrew his eyes and continued to work on his papers.

That day, Yu Ze stayed by Huo Yuan’s side. Huo Yuan soiled his pants once in the afternoon, and he cleaned Huo Yuan. Huo Yuan looked at him and saw his face did not have any dislike but only heartache, and Huo Yuan’s expression turned from tense to relaxed.

The next day, Yu Ze clearly felt that Huo Yuan was in a much better state, his temperament was no longer gloomy, his demeanor was more relaxed and natural, and he did not hesitate to eat the meal prepared by Madame Zhang.

Yu Ze was very happy that in just two days, Huo Yuan’s face looked much better, no longer pale, and with some blood. Yu Ze had to suspect that Huo Yuan’s previous poor complexion was due to hunger.

In the afternoon, Huo Yuan’s pants were dirty again, and he didn’t notice it immediately, but reacted after a while, and pursed his lips heavily before he opened his mouth to call Yu Ze.

Yu Ze skillfully pushed the person to the bathroom to clean up, changed to a clean wheelchair, and then pushed the person to the balcony to look at the scenery and relax. He went back to the bathroom and cleaned his dirty pants and wheelchair.

Yu Ze walked out of the bathroom looking a bit of a mess, his black hair slightly wet and plastered to his temples, making his face look even whiter, the front of his T-shirt was wet and plastered to his chest. He pinched the hem of his shirt with two fingers and shook it outward so that the material and skin could be separated, it was not very comfortable.

“Mr. Huo, I’ll go next door to change my clothes.” Yu Ze looked at Huo Yuan.

Huo Yuan’s eyes lingered on him for a moment and nodded, “Go ahead.”

Yu Ze turned around and walked out of the bedroom, turned around and closed the door, and was about to turn right to the second bedroom when Bai Xiaowen’s voice came from the stairway on the left, her tone could not hide her surprise, “Yu Ze!”


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Rachel Kim
March 6, 2022 9:37 am

Thank you for updating!!!!

March 6, 2022 9:53 am

I really feel for Huo Yuan. It must be so mortifying, after being fit, healthy and independent, to feeling like his dignity has been taken away by becoming dependent on others for his personal hygiene and needs.
Yu Ze made an excellent point, shifting the emphasis to it showing that his organs were healthy 👍👍
I just hope BX doesn’t put 2+2 together and create rumours that bring YZ’s loyalty and trust into question.

Sue R
Sue R
March 6, 2022 10:44 am

Oh no…Bai Xiaowen and H H will come up with other wicked plan if she knew H Y is getting better.

March 6, 2022 11:53 am

The “good patient” Huo Yuan is so adorable! 😊 When I saw the notifications on my email, I was ecstatic! 5 chapters in a row, to finish Saving the Cannon Fodder CEO! Thank you, thank you so much Addis and Sulo. Appreciate your hard works. You two really make my day! 😄

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