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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Yu Ze’s footsteps were slow, and he turned his head to look over, and Madame Zhang was walking this way with Huo Chi and Bai Xiaowen. When she saw how wet his clothes were, she knew what was going on and looked a little nervous, asking in a low voice, “Is it convenient for Mr. Huo to see the guests?”

Yu Ze knew Huo Yuan was convenient to see people at this time, but he was not sure if he was willing to see people. Generally speaking, every time he soiled his pants, Huo Yuan was not in a good mood, and after thinking about it, he said, “He is awake.”

After saying that, he turned around and walked to the next room, pushed the door and was about to walk in when Huo Chi shouted, “Wait.” Yu Ze looked puzzled, Huo Chi did not look too good, “The second bedroom is always empty, what are you doing in there?”

Madame Zhang, worried about Huo Chi’s misunderstanding, quickly explained for Yu Ze, “A’Ze is staying in the second bedroom, it’s Mr. Huo’s intention.”

Huo Chi’s brow furrowed quickly, “Why does little uncle trust him so much?”

Ever since Huo Yuan’s car accident, Huo Yuan had not allowed others to stay overnight, including him, not to mention staying on the second floor.

Before Madame Zhang could answer, the door to Huo Yuan’s room suddenly opened. Huo Yuan was sitting on his wheelchair, looking at the door with no expression, “Something wrong?”

Huo Chi hurriedly greeted, “Little Uncle,” when his eyes fell on Huo Yuan’s face, which had clearly improved, the smile hanging at the corner of his mouth froze slightly, and then returned to its natural state with a bright smile, “Great, Little Uncle, you look much better.”

Huo Yuan said, “Come in and talk to me. Mrs. Zhang, go to work.”

Madame Zhang answered and went downstairs.

Yu Ze saw Huo Chi and Bai Xiaowen enter Huo Yuan’s room, and once he thought that there were only three of them in the room, he was not quite sure, so he quickly went inside and changed into a T-shirt, pulling the hem of his shirt as he ran quickly to the next door. He directly pushed open the door, the three had moved to the sofa and all looked over.

Yu Ze called ‘Mr. Huo’ with a serious face, closed the door smoothly and went to stand behind Huo Yuan’s side, which was very much like the behaviour of a subordinate.

Huo Yuan turned his head, his eyes stopped on him for two seconds.

Yu Ze was secretly nervous, he entered the door with too much noise, Mr. Huo wasn’t going to scold him, was he?

Huo Yuan didn’t lecture him, but just nudged his chin towards him, “Go fix your hair.”

Yu Ze, “…” He froze and turned around and went to the washroom.

The young man in the mirror had a delicate appearance and a serious face, but unfortunately his hair did not match his expression at all. A strand of bangs on the right side of his head was bent towards the left side, because it was usually attached to the right side, it did not droop down, forming a stand-up look, which looked a bit playful.

Yu Ze swayed his head from side to side, and the strand of hair followed suit, dully.

Yu Ze looked toward the door and blushed slightly, guessing that he had messed up his hair by dressing too quickly. He reached out and straightened his hair, pursed his lips, and walked out.

Huo Chi was talking, “He doesn’t have any special skills, what’s the use of keeping him around? The fact that you trust him so much in such a short time, he is too deep-rooted. I don’t feel comfortable with him staying by your side. Little uncle, if you sympathize with him, I’ll arrange a job for him.”

Yu Ze glanced at Huo Chi and blinked his eyes with a puzzled look, what had he done to make Huo Chi think he was deep-hearted? He stood behind Huo Yuan in silence.

Huo Yuan refused Huo Chi’s offer after he stood, “No need, I’ve already hired him.”

Huo Yuan was about to say something when Bai Xiaowen couldn’t help but speak up, speaking sarcastically, “Mr. Huo, you weren’t fooled by him, were you? He is useless, how can he have the ability to work under your hands?”

Huo Yuan coldly looked at her, “I look like I’m very easy to deceive?”

Bai Xiaowen’s face froze and she was anxious to explain, “No, it’s just that Yu Ze really doesn’t have any skills…”

Huo Yuan said, “He’s a good cook.”

“Little Uncle, you left him to be a cook?” Huo Chi asked in surprise.

Huo Yuan made a ‘Mn’ sound and raised his eyebrows lightly, “What else do you think it is?”

Bai Xiaowen’s puzzled look also disappeared, revealing a hint of understanding. In her opinion, if Yu Ze really had any skills, good cooking was the most likely.

After all, Yu Ze’s mother had always been in poor health, Yu Ze was always taking care of the sick, and had no money to buy food. He must have had to cook for himself, and after so many years, good cooking skills were normal.

Huo Chi also knew a lot about Yu Ze, and when he heard Huo Yuan’s rhetorical question, he laughed, “I’m just a little curious since all of the people under Little Uncle are very good, his resume is too ordinary.” He said and looked gratefully at Yu Ze, “Little Uncle looks better thanks to you.”

There was some misunderstanding, but the conclusion was fine, Yu Ze seriously replied, “It’s what I should do.”

Huo Chi sighed, “Little Uncle always used to eat very little, now I’m relieved he has you around,” he paused and smiled at Yu Ze, “We had some misunderstandings before. The police have investigated, and it was you who misunderstood me and Xiaowen.”

He looked at Huo Yuan with a more serious look, “Little Uncle, the previous accident was probably the work of Huo’s competitors. I have asked people to investigate, the other party has clean hands, no useful information has been found.”

Huo Yuan looked at him, his eyes slightly drooping, “No hurry, since the target is Huo, there must be a backward move, just wait.” He finished, and asked, “What else is going on?”

Huo Chi said, “Xiaowen is looking for Yu Ze for something.”

Bai Xiaowen looked at Yu Ze, “Dad is looking for you these days, he can’t reach you. He is very anxious. If you have time to meet with him, let him put his worries down.”

Yu Ze sneered in his heart, the original’s memory, Father Bai never took the initiative to find him, even if the original took the initiative, Father Bai was not willing to meet, so he said coldly, “I do not have a father.”

Bai Xiaowen stared at him, “So, you are not willing to recognize father?”

Yu Ze glanced at her, did not speak, but his attitude was very obvious.

Bai Xiaowen said, “Okay, I will convey it for you, don’t regret it later.”

Things finished and Huo Yuan, with no nonsense, directly let Huo Chi and Bai Xiaowen leave.

In the car, Huo Chi looked in the rearview mirror at the villa that was getting farther and farther away and frowned, “Little Uncle trusts Yu Ze.”

Bai Xiaowen bristled, “But it’s just luck, Mr. Huo is also really generous to keep a person who climbed into his bed around.”

“Don’t mention this matter.” Huo Chi’s tone was slightly sullen.

Bai Xiaowen looked at him and obediently responded, after a while biting her lip, “Mr. Huo looks much better, after a while, will he recover?”

The hand of Huo Chi holding the steering wheel abruptly hardened, “Experts have said that there is no good way to treat it yet.”

“That was before, but Mr. Huo’s body turned better and his mental outlook looks much better, so maybe there is a way.” Bai Xiaowen said, “Don’t you think he’s not as depressed today as he was before?” She muttered in a low voice, “The doctor was worried that he would be depressed, but it was simply a waste of worry.”

Huo Chi frowned, “His transformation should be related to Yu Ze.”

“I think so too,” Bai Xiaowen came closer to Huo Chi, “Your little uncle wouldn’t really like the same sex, would he?”

Huo Chi looked at her, “What do you mean?”

Bai Xiaowen said, “I just think Mr. Huo’s attitude towards Yu Ze is not right, it’s not easy to get Mr. Huo’s trust, it’s only been a few days and Yu Ze is living next door to Mr. Huo. When we went there, Yu Ze’s clothes were wet. Where do you think he was going back to the second bedroom at that moment?”

“The master bedroom.” Huo Chi spoke with some surprise.

Bai Xiaowen agreed, “He wasn’t on the second floor when we arrived at the villa, he was about to enter his room when we arrived on the second floor, and we stayed on the first floor for a few minutes, so if Yu Ze’s clothes were wet on the first floor, we would have encountered them, unless Yu Ze went upstairs and didn’t go straight to his room, but stayed in the hallway for a while.”

“No,” Huo Chi said, “he was shaking the hem of his shirt, obviously his clothes were sticking to him uncomfortably. He would only think of changing as soon as possible in that situation, no reason to linger in the hallway.”

“Chi is really smart,” Bai Xiaowen praised with a smile and continued with her speculation, “Yu Ze’s clothes are only wet in the front, not only wet but also a little wrinkled, in Mr. Huo’s room made such a mess, I think it might be because of helping Mr. Huo take a shower.”

“Didn’t you say? Mr. Huo hates it when people get close, Yu Ze can do this, how can it be just because of good cooking? I suspect that the relationship between the two is not ordinary.”

Huo Chi pondered for a while and thought it made sense, the previous Huo Yuan had a cold temperament, his emotions were always depressed, life didn’t seem to appeal to him, but today it was completely different, there was life in his eyes. Huo Yuan’s temperament changed for the better because Yu Ze was a good cook, then Huo Yuan’s psychological transformation was most likely because of Yu Ze himself.

“This brother of yours is really powerful.” Huo Chi said, actually managing to make Huo Yuan look differently.

Huo Yuan used to be the person all famous ladies wanted to marry the most, yet Huo Yuan seemed to be uninterested in relationships and didn’t even have scandals, but now Yu Ze had only met Huo Yuan a few times and caught Huo Yuan’s eye.

Bai Xiaowen snorted, “He’s just a good-looking guy, not much ability.”

Huo Chi said, “What else does he need to be able to do when he’s in the eyes of Huo’s powerhouse?”

The thought that Yu Ze would be better off than himself in the future made Bai Xiaowen uncomfortable, she simply did not want to think about that possibility. Bai Xiaowen’s fingers squeezed tightly, her tone full of injustice, and whispered, “Huo should be your parents’ and yours.”

“Shut up!” Huo Chi lightly hissed, chest heaving violently two times, a deep voice to remind, “Do not say such things in the future.”

“I’m telling the truth, why are you so timid!” Bai Xiaowen pouted in dissatisfaction, and seeing Huo Chi’s embarrassed face, compromised, “Okay, don’t say it if you don’t say it.”

Huo Chi’s face was tense as he sent Bai Xiaowen back to her place. Bai Xiaowen had been upstairs for a long time and his car was still downstairs. He closed his eyes, remembering the different attitudes of the company’s directors towards him before and after Huo Yuan’s accident, and thinking that if Huo Yuan recovered, the directors’ attitudes would return to what they used to be, and they would even laugh at him because of what happened during this time, and his heart became more and more resentful.

If his parents hadn’t had an accident, if Huo Chi and he were the same age, Huo would have been his. Huo Yuan was just lucky to be seven years older than him and to be in the company first.

He had recently become very pleased with himself and saw Huo as his own possession. After all, Huo Yuan had become an invalid, and even if he did not fall apart, in the long run, his influence on the company would become less and less.

But he never expected that Huo Yuan’s situation would start to change for the better when he hadn’t completely replaced Huo Yuan.

When Huo Yuan recovered, he would have no chance at all. And what happened at the hotel…

The hotel was now managed by him, Huo Yuan recovered, and it may not be carefully investigated again. In his opinion, Huo Yuan was cold-hearted and cutthroat. If he knew that he had been targeted by him, Huo Yuan definitely would do something about it.

The more he thought about it, Huo Chi’s face became more and more ugly. He gritted his teeth, and his eyes flashed with a trace of ruthlessness as he started the car and left.


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Sue R
Sue R
March 6, 2022 11:04 am

Oh well, the greedy person always has no mercy.

March 6, 2022 11:10 am

Huo Chi is going to cause too much trouble. 😤

March 6, 2022 12:56 pm

Yu Ze really is a little miracle worker. Even though the required knowledge is from the System, it’s his own mind which has utilised that to the full.
The positive effect he has on Huo Yuan is so good. I cannot wait for him to recover.
Bai Xiaowen is a dirty, mean minded, self-serving, two-faced bitch! 🤬
Huo Chi is becoming more desperate, which will undoubtedly lead to trouble.
Thanks for translating and editing.

Rachel Kim
Rachel Kim
March 6, 2022 1:03 pm

Thank you for updating!!!!

March 12, 2022 8:51 pm

I just can’t with Huo Chi and Bai Xiaowen…

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Blizzard passing by said hey~
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