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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


A week later, Huo Yuan was looking better and better, and Yu Ze was very happy about it and satisfied with Huo Yuan’s cooperation.

At 10:30 AM, Yu Ze finished giving Huo Yuan a massage, went to the bathroom to wash his hands, and was wiping his hands when his cell phone rang in his pocket. He threw the paper into the trash and took out the phone.

The landlady sounded a little anxious, “Yu Ze, are you home?” 

“No,” Yu Ze searched the original’s memory and guessed the landlady’s purpose, “the rent is due in half a month, I won’t renew it. I’ll clean up my things and take them away before the rent expires.”

The original and his mother lived in a house with a one-to-three deposit, and the landlady often liked to collect rent half a month in advance for fear that the tenant would delay when the rent was due.

The landlady said, “If you don’t live, you don’t live. Just come back soon, your house is leaking, the ceiling downstairs is soaked, the property owner is urging me to go deal with it.” The landlady’s tone was dissatisfied, “I’m a good person to talk to, when you moved in and said to change the locks, I did not ask you to give me a spare key, now something is wrong, you should come out to solve it.” She warned, “If you don’t go back, the property owner will have to hire a locksmith to open the door.”

Only Yu Ze had the key to the rented room, and when Yu Ze heard that, he said, “I’ll go back immediately.”

“Okay then, hurry up, I heard from the property owner that the tenant downstairs has a bad temper.” The landlady finished quickly and hung up the phone.

Yu Ze walked out of the bathroom, Huo Yuan sat against the bed, looking down at the tablet to deal with the file.

“Mr. Huo, I’d like to take some time off.” Yu Ze briefly explained the reason for the leave.

Huo Yuan frowned lightly, this kind of thing was uncommon. The place Yu Ze lived was obviously not very good. He looked at the thin youth in front of him, and suddenly felt a little heartache.

“You go,” he said after a pause, “do you want someone to follow?”

“No,” Yu Ze smiled. “The property has a repairman, I just have to go back and open the door and watch.”

It didn’t take long for Yu Ze to regret that it would have been better if one of Huo Yuan’s bodyguards had followed him. Covering his right shoulder, he looked at the tall, angry man in front of him and pursed his lips, “I’m really sorry, I’ll pay for the damage to your house.”

He went home and opened the door, the floor of the house was full of water, he checked around and realized that the water pipe in the kitchen had burst. He asked the property owner to come and fix it, and he himself took a mop to draw the water. Soon a middle-aged couple came running up from downstairs.

Yu Ze was unaware and was pushed to the wall, and his right shoulder hurt.

The woman took the man’s hand, seemingly afraid that something would happen, and did not let the man do it. After hearing Yu Ze’s words, her face looked a little better, “Of course you have to pay for it. My home appliances are broken, and the sofa I just bought is soaked!”

The man said, “Pay now, damn it. A good house is in a mess, it’s annoying to see.”

Yu Ze thought about it, “I’ll go to your house. I’ll pay for the broken things according to the market price.”

The man glared and said angrily, “Just look at it, is it difficult for me to cheat you for a little money?”

Yu Ze’s heart really doubted this, but was also worried about the other side of the lion’s demand, and did not want to anger the man, so he remained silent and did not speak.

The man went to the downstairs room. Yu Ze turned around and saw that it was true that the water leakage was very serious. However, the water had not ruined most of the appliances like the man said. The man said, “I do not say more, a total of 10,000, not a penny less.”

Yu Ze felt that ten thousand was even more than what was enough. Money was just numbers to him before coming to this world, and he almost never lacked money.

Now, however, he was very poor.

The man saw Yu Ze frown and not say anything. He thought Yu Ze did not want to agree, and so with a fierce face he said, “If you do not pay, you won’t leave today.”

Yu Ze said, “I’ll give it to you, but isn’t this money too much?”

The man replied, “Where is too much? I haven’t even counted the moral damages, pay up!”

Yu Ze looked at the man, with his hands, if he really wanted to make a scene, he was definitely not a match for the man, but he was not afraid.

“I will pay up to two thousand. If you do not agree, I will call the police and let the police specify the amount of compensation. There are some things that were ruined, but it certainly is not worth two thousand.”

“Bullshit, two thousand is too little!” The man looked at him angrily and swung his right hand towards him, “I think I have to teach you a lesson before you will be honest.”

Yu Ze did not dodge and turned sideways at the same time the hand swung toward him. He quickly grabbed the upper right arm of the man’s position, and then stepped back.

The man only felt a sharp soreness in his arm and howled as he covered his upper arm.

The woman was shocked and looked at Yu Ze with anger, “My family is in this state, and you still dare to hit someone?”

Yu Ze exerted a lot of force, the force was reciprocal, he hardly ever moved his hands against other people in this body, so he himself felt a little pain, and was silently rubbing the outside of his right pinky with his left hand.

“He started it,” Yu Ze’s face held little expression. He took out his phone, “You choose. Two thousand or the police?”

The man wanted to do it, but the pain and numbness still seemed to be in his hand, and he was a bit scandalized for a while.

The woman’s eyes rolled up, “Two thousand is too little, at least five thousand.” Yu Ze refused, and the woman said, “Three thousand, not even a single less, you want to call the police, really bad luck in eight lives.”

At that moment, Yu Ze’s cell phone rang. The repairman upstairs said the water pipe was fixed and asked him to go up to check and pay.

Yu Ze replied that he would be right back, and after that he ran out the door.

“Wait a minute,” the man saw him walking out, quickly pulled him, while Yu Ze did not stand still, grabbed Yu Ze phone, “You pay first! Three thousand, not a penny less!”

Not to mention three thousand, Yu Ze could not even get two thousand, he had to apply to Huo Yuan for advance salary. He thought about Huo Yuan and wanted to return to the villa as soon as possible to deal with the matter here.

These days he followed Huo Yuan all the time except for sleeping. He was worried that if he was not there, Huo Yuan would not eat properly or stay in the bathroom for a long time. Yu Ze did not want to waste time on the money, and he could afford to pay a thousand more, so he nodded and agreed, “Okay, give me back my phone, I’ll transfer it to you.”

The man handed the phone to his hand, the two hands were still separated by a distance, the man suddenly let go, the phone fell to the ground with a snap.

Yu Ze heart jumped, quickly picked up the phone, the upper right corner of the phone fell a bit, he pressed, the phone as usual light up, he breathed a sigh of relief.

This breath had not yet finished, a hand suddenly reached over and snatched the phone away.

The man opened the payment software and pointed the fingerprint on the back of the phone at Yu Ze, “So you don’t run away, pay the money first.”

Yu Ze gritted his teeth angrily and looked at the time on his phone, if he delayed any longer, he would return to the villa and Huo Yuan’s lunch time would be over. He unlocked it with his finger and saw the man tap on the transfer screen and he said, “I don’t have enough balance, I have to call my boss for a pay advance.”

The man clicked on the balance, found he wasn’t lying, and sneered, “I won’t let you call if you don’t get the money.”

As he was talking, the mechanic’s call came again, urging Yu Ze to hurry up.

The man said to the woman, “You go up and pay for him, and pay us back later with the money for the work and the compensation.”

The woman went upstairs and Yu Ze looked at the man with a frown, “As you can see, I don’t have enough money on hand, what do you want to do?”

The man, “This is simple,” the man directly clicked on the interface to borrow money, “you first borrow money to compensate me.”

Yu Ze see was his common software, a little thinking, borrowed ten thousand, not long money to the account, he transferred three thousand one to the man.

The man’s phone rang, prompted to the account, Yu Ze reached out, “Give me my phone back to me.”

The man snickered, raised his hand and heavily slammed the phone to the ground, and the phone suddenly broke into pieces.

Yu Ze’s eyes widened, “Are you crazy?”

The man, “My family broke so many things, you still do not want to pay for it, so I broke your piece of junk phone.”

Yu Ze was dying of anger, the first time he met such an incomprehensible person, his fingers clenched at the sides, loosened and tightened, after several repetitions, he squatted down, picked up the broken phone and took out the card. He looked at the cell phone card at his fingertips and his heart suddenly tightened. He had no cash, no cell phone, equivalent to being penniless, no way to contact anyone, and no way to take a taxi back to the villa.

The thought of this made him inexplicably panic, and he looked sharply at the man, who looked at him with raised eyebrows and a disdainful look.

Yu Ze gripped the broken phone tightly, a slight stinging pain came from his palm, he quickly ran out of the door and ran into the woman who came back, she scolded, “In a hurry to be reincarnated.”

Yu Ze ignored him and ran downstairs in one breath, looked ahead and hastily shouted, “Wait.”

The repairman in front of him turned around and looked strange, “What’s wrong?” He was not too happy, “I told you to check it yourself, I can fix it for you on the spot if there is a problem.”

Yu Ze’s eyes were slightly red, “I’m sorry, I was pulled by the tenant downstairs who wouldn’t let me go,” he raised his hand to reveal his phone, “He snatched my phone away, borrowed money to transfer to him using my fingerprints, and broke my phone.”

The repairman’s voice snapped up, “How can you do that? It’s against the law!”

Yu Ze, “Uncle, can you help me call the police? My phone is broken, I can’t contact others, and I don’t dare to go home.”

The repairman called the police without saying a word, “Don’t be afraid, you come back to the property office with me. Since this kind of thing happened in the community, it must be handled seriously.”

Yu Ze thanked him and followed the repairman to the property, on the way he asked, “Why is my water pipe suddenly broken?”

The repairman raised his right hand and shook the replaced water pipe in his hand: “It’s too old, this neighborhood is so old. It was said to be demolished, but it has not been demolished, thinking that it will be demolished, the owner is not willing to spend money to replace the hardware, so it is delayed year after year.”

Yu Ze pointed to the pipe, “Can I have this?”

“If you want it, take it, it belongs to your family, I brought it down to throw in the trash.” The repairman handed it to him.

Yu Ze went to the landlord who was with her granddaughter. After explaining the situation, the young girl asked for Yu Ze’s room number and then checked the identity of the person below his house on the computer, “No wonder so angry, that couple only moved in two days ago.”

“You can’t bully people like that, Yu Ze didn’t do it on purpose, his family’s situation is worse.”

The older one said, “It’s not decent to discuss compensation properly, but you can’t force Yu to borrow money, you’ve transferred money, and they’ve broken your phone.”

Yu Ze listened to them in silence, but his uneasiness grew stronger and stronger.

Yu Ze asked the good-looking aunt to borrow a cell phone, the aunt was cheerful and lent him the phone directly, and the young girl took the card picker and helped him change the card on.

Yu Ze dialed Huo Yuan’s phone and was relieved to hear his voice.

Huo Yuan asked, “What’s wrong?”

Yu Ze pursed his lips and hesitated for a moment. Today’s incident was so sudden and the tenant downstairs was so bad that he suspected that everything was done on purpose, especially since the other party had deliberately dropped his phone and had just moved in.

If it was intentional, his only worry was that if he was not around Huo Yuan, something would happen to Huo Yuan.

Perhaps because he always thinks about the original memory of Huo Yuan’s death news, always afraid that something would happen, so like to think more.

Huo Yuan waited for a while and saw that he did not say anything, then asked, “What happened?”

Yu Ze, “Have you eaten?”

Huo Yuan laughed lightly, “Just to ask me that?”

The sound of his laughter through the phone, as if spoken next to his ear, Yu Ze’s heart moved slightly, inexplicably a familiar sense of intimacy. He clenched his palms into fists, his eyes firm up, even if it was a misunderstanding, he would rather have Huo Yuan think he was imagining things, rather than something really wrong.

He whispered what had happened, “I feel a little out of place and am worried about you. I can’t go back for the time being, so you can ask Chen to stay with you.”

Huo Yuan was silent for a moment, “It’s okay, you can come back when things are done, or I can have someone pick you up?”

Yu Ze thought about it, if someone came to pick him up, he could go back to the villa faster, so he didn’t refuse, “If it’s not too much trouble, ask the person who came to bring me a cell phone.”

Huo Yuan, “Okay.”

When Yu Ze hung up the phone, Huo Yuan put the phone on the desktop and raised his eyes to look at Huo Chi across the room.

Huo Chi moved his eyes away from his phone and put the thermos pot in his hand on the table, “Little Uncle, this is the soup I asked the chef of Royal Taste to make, it’s very nutritious, you can try it.”

He said, took out a small bowl and put a bowl in front of Huo Yuan.

Huo Yuan looked down, the soup was creamy white, the aroma was rich, he raised his hand and squeezed the soup spoon and gently stirred, “You’re so kind, it’s been a month since it was opened.”

Huo Chi’s eyes moved with the soup spoon, smiled, “Mn, it took some effort to change the number with someone, if little uncle likes it, it’s nothing.” He said after a pause, “The chef said the soup should be drunk while it’s hot, it tastes good and has a good health effect.”

Huo Yuan did not say anything, lowered his eyes and looked at the soup, then scooped up the soup and drank it, commenting, “It tastes good.”

Huo Chi’s fingers twitched nervously, and his fingertips scratched the lid of the thermos, “Then little uncle drink more.”

Huo Yuan’s eyes swept his hand.

Huo Yuan moved away and continued to drink the soup before he was relieved.

Huo Yuan drank half a bowl, put down the soup spoon, wiped his mouth and hands, leisurely leaned back, right hand casually on the left wrist, fingers tapping the watch dial, “warm stomach,” he said, eyes half closed, and abruptly raised his eyes to look at Huo Chi, “I take a nap. Let Madame Zhang clean up. “

Huo Chi unconsciously bit the back teeth, both cheeks tense and abruptly relaxed, “Okay.”

Huo Yuan’s eyes were completely closed and his breathing was shallow.

Huo Chi stood in the same place for a while, and then stepped forward and touched the back of Huo Yuan’s hand with trembling fingers, Huo Yuan did not move, and he shook his palm in front of Huo Yuan’s eyes, Huo Yuan did not move under his eyelids.

Huo Chi lightly panted, and then took a deep breath, he picked up the soup bowl in front of Huo Yuan, and said in a whisper, “Little Uncle, don’t blame me, you forced me.”

The last word fell, he took the empty bowl in front of Huo Yuan to the bathroom, rinsed the bowl with water several times, returned to the table, from the thermos bottle with some more soup, splashed half to his chest, the front lapel was wet with soup, looking very wretched.

Then he slammed the bowl onto the floor, splitting it in four and splashing the soup in all directions.

Huo Chi finished this, pushed Huo Yuan into the bathroom, the bathtub was filled with water, and then put Huo Yuan into the bathtub, the water did not reach under Huo Yuan’s nose, as long as he slid a little more, it would submerge the nose.

Huo Chi squatted next to the bathtub and looked at Huo Yuan’s senseless face, “Little Uncle, you don’t want to give me back what belongs to me, so I’ll have to take it myself.”

He got up, set up, and walked out of the bathroom quickly. He scanned the room once to make sure there was no problem, turned around and walked out, and before he reached the door, the bedroom was pushed open and two bodyguards walked in one after the other.

The front bodyguard was tall and dark-skinned, and Huo Chi was not unfamiliar with him; he was a retired special forces soldier hired by Huo Yuan, and was also the head of the bodyguard group.

Huo Chi’s heart snapped and he scolded with a sober face, “What are you doing? Do you know the rules? Who told you to come in without knocking?”

Yang Li was not nervous about Huo Chi’s words, his eyes quickly swept across the room, “Where is Mr. Huo?”

Huo Chi sighed, carrying the lapel wet with soup and shaking it, “Little Uncle suddenly lost his temper and told me to get lost, he went to the bathroom.” Yang Li smiled and walked towards the bathroom, Huo Chi reached out to stop, “Little Uncle hates to see people when he’s angry, you don’t want to add fuel to the fire.”

Yang Li frowned, pushed away Huo Chi, striding into the bathroom, Huo Chi wanted to stop, simply could not stop, suddenly turned white, hands shaking uncontrollably.

As soon as Yang Li entered the bathroom, he saw Huo Yuan lying unconscious in the water and was shocked.


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Oh my god I just realized the rest of the chapters had been uploaded! I wondered how I was do close to the end already!

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March 6, 2022 12:56 pm

Oh my god, I already suspicious when Yu Ze got a sudden call from the landlady. Thanks god Yu Ze thinking and acting fast enough to reach Huo Yuan at a precise time. Otherwise Huo Yuan will be dead already.

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Rachel Kim
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Hopefully he’ll take Bai Xiaowen down with him 🤞🤞
YZ must have also contacted HY’s security; poor man, being attacked like that by his own family, whom he’s taken care of all these years.
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