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Yu Ze sat in the property office for a while before the police came, who found the couple below him to understand the situation. The couple refused to admit to dropping the phone on purpose, saying only that it was accidental and that they were in a quarrel.

“Xiao Yu.” The driver Huo Yuan arranged approached, called out to Yu Ze who was dizzy from the noise, and at the same time handed Yu Ze the newest phone he bought on the road. The driver was tall and wore a black suit, so the couple who were arguing immediately quieted down and leaned towards the police.

Yu Ze did not care about them, while answering the police’s questions, while inserting the phone card into the phone slot, before inserting it, the caller rang, and saw that it was Dr. Li, he hurriedly connected.

Dr. Li spoke quickly and urgently, “Mr. Huo has had an accident and is being examined at the hospital, I’ll send you the ward number, you can come directly.”

He was worried that the accident would affect Yu Ze’s treatment plan, so when the chaos passed, he informed Yu Ze at the first opportunity.

Yu Ze was shocked, and asked, “What happened? I contacted him not long ago and he was in good shape.”

Dr. Li whispered, “You can talk about the details at the hospital.”

Yu Ze was even more disturbed, this attitude of Dr. Li, meant that the matter was not simple, he quickly replied, “I will go there as soon as possible.”

He apologized to the police, came to an understanding with the couple, and reconciled the situation and had the driver get to the hospital as fast as possible.

When he arrived at the hospital, Huo Yuan was not awake, lying in a hospital bed, pale and weak-looking, with Nurse Chen next to him. He approached and asked Chen in a low voice, “How is Mr. Huo doing?”

Nurse Chen, “The doctor said it’s fine.”

Yu Ze sighed with relief and asked, “What happened?”

Nurse Chen hesitated for a moment, “You’d better ask Mr. Huo, this is Mr. Huo’s medical report, Dr. Li said to let you see if the shadow affects the treatment plan.”

Yu Ze looked at it carefully and put his heart down, “No, the situation has not deteriorated.”

Nurse Chen’s face relaxed, “That’s good.”

Yu Ze’s eyes swept past Huo Yuan’s slightly wet hair and white collar and asked in a whisper, “Did you give Huo a bath?” He remembered very clearly that Huo Yuan was wearing a dark blue shirt in the morning.

Nurse Chen shook his head and before he could say anything, he heard Huo Yuan’s voice coming from the bed, “Where’s Yang Li?”

Nurse Chen hastily looked over and replied, “Outside the door, keeping watch.”

Huo Yuan’s elbow was propped up on the bed board, Yu Ze saw this and went over to help him, Huo Yuan looked at him and sat up with his force, “Let Yang Li in.”

Yang Li entered the ward, Huo Yuan let Nurse Chen out, leaving Yu Ze behind, and asked Yang Li, “What’s the situation?”

Yang Li answered meticulously, “After I received your alarm signal, I took someone to your bedroom and happened to see Huo Chi come out.” He stated Huo Chi’s reaction and then said, “When I entered the bathroom, you were lying in the bathtub and the water was about to go over your nose, I saw this and immediately called the police. The police found sleeping pill residue on the thermos, he had sleeping pill powder in his pocket and was taken away by the police.”

Yu Ze heard this, his mind immediately thought of the original memory of Huo Yuan’s end, who died by suicide in the bathtub.

It wasn’t a suicide at all!

Yu Ze breathed heavily and looked down at Huo Yuan, “Are you uncomfortable anywhere?” He asked, suddenly thinking of Yang Li’s words just now, his brows knitted, “You sent a signal to Brother Yang? You knew something would happen?”

Huo Yuan didn’t look too good, “I’m not sure, just suspicious.”

He received a call from Yu Ze when Huo Chi had already arrived, this was the first time Huo Chi had sent him soup, and it was at a time when Yu Ze was called out and tripped up, too much of a coincidence. The disappointment in his eyes flashed, “I didn’t think he’d really dare to do it.”

Yu Ze saw him admit it, and his anger exploded unreasonably in his heart.

He glared at Huo Yuan and asked, “If you already suspected, why didn’t you be more careful and why did you drink what he brought?”

“You don’t care what the consequences are, even if something happens you don’t care!” He said, his eyes couldn’t help but redden, the more he thought about it, the angrier he became.

This person, how could he put himself in danger! If something really happens…

Yu Ze’s breath hitched, not daring to think about it anymore.

Huo Yuan, who had never been questioned aloud before, froze, looked at Yu Ze’s red eyes, and thought of how much Yu Ze cared for him, and felt some guilt and heartache. Even if the only family member wanted to harm him, he was not alone, there were people who cared about him.

“Sorry,” Huo Yuan was stunned when the words left his mouth, and quickly reacted and explained, “It’s not that I don’t care, I have a calculation in my heart.”

He rarely said a series of words at once, “I informed Yang Li in advance, if I was paranoid, I would find another reason to respond, if not, Huo Chi, no matter what he did to me, he would deal with the scene, not leaving evidence pointing to him, he set up enough time for Yang Li to arrive in time, I will not be in trouble.”

Yu Ze thought about Yang Li’s description, Huo Yuan’s appearance lying unconscious in the bathtub came to mind, and flashed back to the news of the original seeing Huo Yuan’s death, and his face still did not look relaxed.

In his opinion, it was still too dangerous.

Huo Yuan saw his handsome face not talking, and could not care less about his disappointment in Huo Chi, and only thought of making the youth in front of him relax and not be so tense. He looked at Yang Li and nudged his chin toward the door, who had the good sense to leave the room and guard the door.

Only Huo Yuan and Yu Ze were left in the ward. Yu Ze glanced at the closed door, saw Huo Yuan leaving the others behind, and thinking about Huo Yuan’s health, subconsciously asked, “Do you want to go to the bathroom?”

Huo Yuan shook his head, lifted the blanket, propped his hand on the bed and sat on his side with his back to Yu Ze, “My hair is wet, it’s uncomfortable, help me blow dry it.”

Yu Ze looked at his wet back collar and frowned, he didn’t want to be angry, he took the hair dryer and blew it for him, after blowing it dry, he said, “Your clothes are wet, change them.”

Huo Yuan was relieved to hear that he was not angry anymore, and his heart was extra soft when he felt the youth’s concern, “Go back and change, I’ll ask Nurse Chen to do the discharge procedure.”

Yu Ze read the medical report and did not persuade him to stay, Huo Yuan at home was much more relaxed than the hospital, more conducive to health.

When he returned to the villa, Huo Yuan’s bedroom had been tidied up and was clean, as if everything that had happened before was a lie. Huo Yuan was not in good spirits. He woke up in the hospital and was holding on because of something in his heart, but when he returned to the villa, he relaxed and sat on the side of his wheelchair with his eyes closed.

Yu Ze took a black shirt and, seeing his appearance, said softly, “After you change your clothes, you can sleep a little longer.”

Huo Yuan opened his eyes and looked at him for a while, Mn sounded, put down the hand holding his side face, straightened his body and half squinted to unbutton.

Yu Ze put the shirt he took off to the side, put the dry shirt on him, saw his frowning look when he couldn’t button it properly, squatted in front of him, “Let me help you.”

He unbuttoned the first button that was misplaced, and was about to align the lapels when his eyes wavered over Huo Yuan’s left breast, and he gave a start. He was extremely close to Huo Yuan because of his crouching position, and the red color was clearly exposed under the black eagle feather wings on Huo Yuan’s chest.

Under the cover of the eagle, a red flower over Huo Yuan’s left breast, not obvious, but really existed.

“What are you doing?” Huo Yuan’s low voice suddenly sounded.

Yu Ze’s eyes were sore, immediately moistened, raised his eyes to Huo Yuan, looking at his thin pale face, thinking about what happened to him, tears unconsciously flowed down.

His love of this world was too bitter.

Huo Yuan’s face remained unchanged, but his eyes were flustered, and his tone was tense, “Don’t cry, I’m not mean to you.”

This sentence did not have a comforting effect, Yu Ze cried more fiercely.

Huo Yuan only felt that these tears hit his heart, and for the first time he felt that he was a soft-hearted person who could not see this man crying.

Huo Yuan had no choice but to open his lapel a bit, “I won’t say anymore, you can see if you want.”

Yu Ze wiped his tears with the back of his hand, blushed slightly, took a step back and said in a hoarse voice, “I’m not going to look, you don’t want to catch a cold.”

He said, closed Huo Yuan’s lapel and carefully buttoned it from top to bottom. After he finished, he remembered the speculations of the previous worlds and thought about Huo Yuan’s initial and current attitudes, and he and Huo Yuan looked at each other.

Huo Yuan was bracing his spirit and was inexplicably a bit nervous when he looked at him.

Yu Ze’s ears turned red and he prepared his heart before asking, “Do you like me?”

From the experience of several worlds, the red flower would appear on the chest only after his lover had developed feelings for him.

Huo Yuan’s eyes moved slightly, looking at his expectant eyes, it was hard to deny. His eyes dropped down to his senseless legs, his fingers slowly clenched.

“There are many young people who worship me because of my position and ability in the business world, and this mood can easily give people the illusion of ‘falling in love with me’, you are still young…” Huo Yuan’s eyes fell on Yu Ze’s face again and said with difficulty, “You deserve wonderful feelings, I can’t even go for a morning run with you, I can’t even pick you up, you may not be for me…”

Yu Ze heard what he was trying to say and couldn’t listen any longer, “There’s no such thing as not, I just love you! Not worship. As for what you said, when you get better, we can run together every morning and I will let you hug me as much as you want!”

Huo Yuan was looking at his heart burning, fingers dead pressed thighs, but not a little feeling, he closed his eyes, “What if I do not get better?”

“No way!” Yu Ze’s tone was firm, “Even if it really can’t get better, I can push you and run, or I can pick you up.”

Huo Yuan’s heart was beating violently, looking at Yu Ze’s sincere and passionate eyes, he couldn’t say any words of refusal, even if they contained a hint of refusal. Infected by his determination, he no longer hesitated and said in a deep voice, “I will definitely recover.”

Yu Ze raised a bright smile and nodded his head fiercely, “Mn.” He said, biting his lower lip in embarrassment, and came closer to ask, “Are we a couple now?”

Knowing that the other person was his lover, he couldn’t wait to confirm the relationship and didn’t want to give anyone else the chance to interfere.

Huo Yuan couldn’t resist and rubbed his soft hair, “Idiot, what’s so great about rushing to bind with me?”

Yu Ze’s eyes shone brightly, “Of course it’s good, I want to sleep in your room!”

Only by seeing his lover all the time, he could take better care of him, and anyway, having spent so many days and nights with him, he would not be embarrassed at all. He then asked again, “Are we a couple now?”

Huo Yuan, “… Yes.”

Yu Ze laughed, “I’m so happy, we’ll talk about the rest later, you need to rest.”

Huo Yuan was stimulated by Yu Ze for a while, in fact, he was already sleepy, and nodded at his words.

After their relationship was established, Yu Ze moved to Huo Yuan’s room to sleep, but at Huo Yuan’s insistence, did not sleep in one bed, the room deliberately added a bed. Yu Ze understood Huo Yuan’s concern, and he was also worried about accidentally pressing Huo Yuan’s feet while sleeping, so he did not insist and slept honestly in the next bed.

Because of Yu Ze’s company, Huo Yuan was not in a bad mood when he was working on Huo Chi’s case.

Huo Chi paid off Yu Ze’s downstairs tenants to destroy the water pipes and turn Yu Ze against Huo Yuan, attempted intentional homicide and was sentenced according to the law, Huo Yuan did not go soft and did not fall into the well.

The downstairs couple of Yu Ze’s rented room was likewise sentenced to prison. After Huo Chi was arrested, the hotel he managed was accepted by others, and that person soon had the surveillance of the night Yu Ze was set up restored by an expert and sent to Huo Yuan.

Huo Yuan told Yu Ze what happened and asked him what he wanted to do.

He did not forget how badly the original was harmed because of this matter.

Huo Yuan saw that Yu Ze didn’t care about Bai Xiaowen and was in a very good mood. He asked a gold medal lawyer to handle the case and soon, the news of Bai Xiaowen’s arrest and imprisonment hit the news.

One hundred days after Yu Ze arrived in this world, he successfully completed his mission and did not wait for the system to ask questions, he did not hesitate to choose to stay on.

Seven months after he and Huo Yuan established their relationship as a couple, the wedding news of Huo Yuan, the CEO of Huo, hit the newsstands. People were surprised while guessing who Huo Yuan’s partner was, while secretly discussing how Huo Yuan’s body was doing.

The day of the wedding, all the major media was boiling, Huo Yuan’s partner was actually a man!

No one suspected that this was a false news released by Huo, because everyone saw that at the wedding, Huo Yuan stood straight, and when the officiant said he could kiss his partner, he picked him up horizontally, and under the eyes of everyone, the two kissed sweetly.

After the wedding, Huo Yuan’s cell phone rang non-stop, and all the bigwigs inquired who the ‘miracle doctor’ was who treated him. It was no secret that Huo Yuan’s initial injury was now back as good as new, which was really shocking.

Huo Yuan asked Yu Ze and made sure that he wanted to continue to treat people, and then gave some bigwigs the slip of the tongue. Gradually, the upper echelon knew that Huo Yuan’s partner was a miracle doctor.

Yu Ze in this life, except for the first period, had always been smooth, and later became the idol of many people, as well as the one who could not be offended. In this life, Huo Yuan left him first, and he did not hesitate to leave the world immediately after.

However, this time, no reminder of ‘new world loading’ rang in his head, and he directly fell into a coma.

He didn’t know how long it took, but when Yu Ze regained consciousness, he first habitually closed his eyes and felt the condition of his body, no pain, just stiff limbs. He tried to move his arm, and it was raised lightly without any restraint.

He breathed a sigh of relief and was about to open his eyes when an excited voice rang out, “ZeZe moved!”

Yu Ze was stunned and opened his eyes immediately, just as a person jumped to his side, looking at him with red eyes, calling out, “ZeZe, ZeZe…”

Yu Ze looked at the haggard middle-aged woman in front of him, his voice was hoarse, “Mom.”

Yu Ze’s mother hugged him with a sobbing voice, “I knew you’d be fine!”

Yu Ze raised his hand to comfortingly stroke his mother’s back, looking at the snow-white ceiling, his eyes were inextricably puzzled. How could he suddenly recover? Didn’t he just get four points? Did he return to reality and would never see his lover again?

Celestial Systems Corporation Headquarters

The tall silvery-white building stood in the void, the lounge of the system building No.1, the empty doorway, a tall figure suddenly emerged, that person turned from transparent to solid in the blink of an eye.

He pushed open the door of the lounge and walked straight to the man on the sofa who was looking at the virtual panel, “Brother, why did the missionary under me suddenly disappear? What did you do?”

The man raised his eyes and looked at him, “002, you’re still so unstable.” He said, sharing the virtual panel.

On the panel was a redemption interface, on the left was a million points, on the right was: Yu Ze, a certain city in a certain province in the galaxy Earth China, accompanied by a photo, the million points on the left showed a gray color, on the right this was a bright color, obviously the redemption had been successful.

002 drew a breath, “For just a taskmaster, you actually spent a million points to complete the task directly for him!”

The system worker under the taskmaster would receive points after their missionary completed a task. The worker could only get up to five thousand points, in order for the taskmaster to complete the task, they had to spend points from time to time to buy props to motivate the taskmaster.

System workers could stay young forever, and even go to settle in any small world, but maintaining youth required the payment of fifty thousand points per year, and different small worlds also required an indefinite amount of points as a pass-through fee.

One million points, even for the first ranked 001, this was not a small amount.

002 thought of this, could not help but look at 001, “Long Yuan, you are not really in love with him, right?”

Long Yuan looked half unmoving, Mn sounded.

002 spun around in place, regretting, “I should have known I shouldn’t have let him do the mission with you in a world! You said you had to do this ‘cannon fodder rise’ mission by yourself, and now you lost your heart, and spent a million. It’s such a loss!”

Long Yuan eyebrows lightly raised, the corners of the mouth spilled a smile, “It’s not a loss, this is the most worthwhile task I’ve ever done.”

002 was still distressed by the points, “He has successfully completed four tasks, you do not need to exchange. He may also be able to complete the task, you can also play ‘role-playing’ with him more.”

“I can’t bear it.” Long Yuan’s brow furrowed.

The thought of Yu Ze taking care of him as Huo Yuan made his heart ache. The person he put on the tip of his heart, doing those dirty jobs for him, even if his lover was willing, he couldn’t bear it. He did not know what kind of world would be behind him, and did not know what would become of him and his lover’s identity, he did not want to take the risk.

002 said to himself that he was really planted, and he asked, “So you’re going to settle on Earth?”

Long Yuan nodded, “Mn,” his eyes overflowed with a touch of tenderness, “I’ve redeemed him for worker reserve status, and when he comes to the end of his life on Earth, he’ll be able to become a system worker.”

002 drew a breath again, “You… Are you a poor man now?”

Long Yuan frowned, his heart not too happy, his remaining money was not enough to pay Earth’s transit fee, “I’ve picked a high points mission, I’ll do it myself.”

The number of points a worker could earn by completing a mission in person was only limited by the mission point limit, and with a high point mission, one could get up to 100,000 points. Of course, this also came with a high degree of danger.

002 did not agree, “That’s too risky, you go to Earth first, slowly save points, points enough to exchange him for the worker reserve will not be on the line.”

“No,” Long Yuan shook his head, “I’m not sure.”

002 a little thought to understand Long Yuan’s meaning, if not first exchange, Yu Ze again had an accident, unless he had a million points to save his life, he would be lost. In in case of an accident, if he paid now, Yu Ze would be directly sent to the system company induction.

002 heart felt stuffed with a lemon, after that, he was no longer the only person to go through the back door. But the thought of his brother only thinking about doing the task to earn points and his workaholic older brother having someone in the future to accompany him, 002 could not help but feel relieved.

Long Yuan got up and went out, “You work well, do not spend points.”

002, “Don’t worry, I’m much richer than you now, you must pay attention to safety!”

Long Yuan raised his hand and waved it back.


The end of November, a rainy day. The air was cool and the rain made the chill more intense. Yu Ze held his drawing board in his left hand and hooked a cup of milk tea with his pinky finger, and pushed open the glass door with his right hand, and suddenly a blast of cold air mixed with moisture came to his face.

He was stunned for a moment and suddenly remembered a certain winter in the mermaid world, when his lover accompanied him on a trip to the White Mist Island.

“Hey, it’s really cold this day, handsome, please give way.” Someone was about to enter the store and said politely.

Yu Ze blinked, looked back, ignored the sourness in his heart, smiled apologetically at the man, and walked out.

It had been almost three months since he woke up from the hospital, his body had no after-effects, recovering as if the mission worlds were just a dream he had while he was in a coma. But those feelings were clearly so real, he still remembered the feeling of his heart throbbing when his lover kissed him.

He walked to the left side of the door and stood against the wall under the window eaves, unhurriedly taking his umbrella out of his satchel. He undid the buckle with one hand, shook the umbrella, held the handle with his left hand, and was about to push the umbrella up with his right hand when his right wrist was covered in a shadow.

He froze, twisted his head, and then looked up.

The man was wearing a black tweed coat and his tall, straight body was perfectly displayed.

Yu Ze’s lips moved and he was about to ask a question when the man spoke up, “Can I borrow your umbrella?”

The man’s voice was very nice, the tone was not a half-hearted request, he looked very frank.

Yu Ze hesitated for a second and handed the umbrella to the man, “Yes.”

The school was closed today, he was not in a hurry. The man’s coat was the latest, and there were several zeros after the price, so it was unlikely he was someone who would intentionally take advantage of getting an umbrella. If he was in a hurry to borrow an umbrella, perhaps there was an emergency.

The man’s eyes fell on his face, his deep eyes were extraordinarily deep and contained strong emotions.

Yu Ze froze, inexplicably a familiar feeling hit his heart, his heartbeat was instantly much faster.

The man did not take the umbrella, looked down at him, magnetic voice low, “Little fool, this weather is most likely for you to catch a cold. If you lend the umbrella to others, what will you do?”

Yu Ze’s eyes widened and he looked at the man in a daze. The man sighed slightly and raised his hand to rub the top of his soft hair, “You are so easy to bully, how can I be assured to leave you alone.” He paused, “I’m sorry I’m late.”

“You…” Yu Ze’s eyes were red and he wanted to ask questions, but he was afraid that everything was just his imagination.

The man’s fingers gently brushed the ends of his eyes, “I am Long Yuan, ZeZe.” He spoke his name incredibly gently.

Yu Ze fiercely grabbed his hand and urgently asked him for confirmation, “I’m not dreaming, am I? Not before, and not now?”

Long Yuan was heartbroken, holding his hand in his, hugging him and whispering in his ear, “You are not dreaming, I am Long Yuan, Ayr Stra, Leon, and Huo Yuan.”

Yu Ze buried his face in his chest, joy and excitement exploded in his heart, and his voice choked up, “I knew it was all true.”

Long Yuan rubbed his hair, noticing that many eyes fell on the two of them, waiting for Yu Ze to feel more relaxed, let go of Yu Ze, “Let’s go home first, I will explain to you.”

He neatly opened the umbrella and took Yu Ze into the rain, the hem of his shirt lifted and gently swept over the side of Yu Ze’s leg.

Yu Ze looked down, eyes curved, quietly looked at Long Yuan’s handsome side face, heart full of happiness.

Long Yuan couldn’t resist pinching his cheeks, “Aren’t you afraid you’ll meet a liar?”

“Not afraid.” Yu Ze shook his head, he believed Long Yuan, not only because of what Long Yuan said, but also because of the feeling of being with his lover, there was no mistake, the person in front of him was his lover!

Long Yuan’s eyes deepened to look at the corners of his mouth curled up, eventually taking into account the street, did not kiss him. He led his little lover into his car, and brought him to an apartment complex near Yu Ze’s school.

As soon as Yu Ze entered the room, there was a sense of familiarity, the room was arranged exactly to his liking. He was in a better mood and put the drawing board and milk tea on the coffee table, jumped on Long Yuan and hugged his lover tightly, asking, “Are you also from this world? Or are you an immortal?”

Long Yuan laughed, hugged him and sat on the sofa, and told him about the system.

Yu Ze’s eyes glowed, “I’ll be your colleague after I pass away?”

Long Yuan, “Mn.”

Yu Ze kissed the side of his face, “Great!” He no longer had to worry about being separated from his lover.

Without waiting for him to withdraw, Long Yuan cupped the back of his head in his palm and kissed him solidly. Their breaths entwined and the heat quickly rose as they became too familiar with each other and each wanted to make the other happy.

Yu Ze lay on Long Yuan’s body, kissed his chest covered with the red flower, and fell asleep satisfied.

Long Yuan stroked his back, kissed him on the corner of his lips, kissed him on his forehead, wrapped his arms around him and closed his eyes, sleeping with a satisfied face.

The light spilled into the bedroom through the curtains, and the faces of the two people sleeping together in the bedroom became clearer, with the two breathing calmly and the corners of their mouths slightly curled.


–The End


The author has something to say: 

Thank you for your support (づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭? ~

I would like to thank all the lovelies who have been supporting me! I’m not sure which one to write because there are so many stories with special settings in my head, so I decided to write them together and write this one. My rhythm for QT is not well grasped, so the people who read this book are very few. o(╥﹏╥)o 

Finally, it is the end of the story, although less than the original plan a few stories, but the overall book is complete. I Originally thought of some special settings of the story, but will later write a single novel for it!


Addis note:

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