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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze, Kiramekineko


Early that morning, the police arrived at the hospital. This time, however, they came not for a beta case, but because of a burn patient who died suddenly. A doctor on the hospital side called the police and said that this burn patient did not die of natural causes.

Rather, he was murdered.

The nurse in charge of dispensing the medication said that the medication had been switched, and that it was indeed the patient’s own prescription that he had received from him. After investigation, it was found that the medicine in the bottle with the patient’s name on it had been switched.

Someone had deliberately killed him.

It was a murder.

And it happened right under the nose of the Imperial Army.

The officer in charge of the investigation, Sergeant Schiha, who was not happy with the Imperial Army telling him what to do, stood outside in front of the soldiers on guard with his investigation book and said, with a rare degree of firmness, “Staff Sergeant, this is a matter of life and death, so please cooperate with us. I heard that Major General Ji had an argument with the victim, and as far as I know, the victim also asked to see the police at one point. But you stopped him, can you explain the situation?”

The staff sergeant stood in the doorway with his back straight as a statue and said, without expression, “We soldiers always do what we are told, we don’t ask why.”

Schiha laughed mockingly and asked coldly, “Will you kill people even if you are told to?”

The sergeant didn’t take the bait, he looked at Schiha askance and replied, “I have never received such an order.”

Schiha’s face sank. “If the staff sergeant does not want to cooperate with us, we can only forcibly summon the staff sergeant to the police station for interrogation, and military law, however great, is subject to Empire law.”

“The sergeant is right.” At that moment, Ji Cheying came from the corridor, the soles of his hard material shoes fell on the smooth floor of the hospital like war drums. He walked in front of Schiha, and because of his upright posture, he looked slightly down at Schiha. “But he did just follow orders, if you want to investigate, you should ask me directly.”

Schiha said nonchalantly, “Then asking Major General to explain the altercation that occurred earlier with the victim, Márquez.”

The staff sergeant frowned at Schiha’s rudeness, but Ji Cheying didn’t care. He pulled the corner of his mouth and said gently, “An argument? It’s just a matter of being a good citizen and letting the trash know how to sort itself.”

Ji Cheying handed over the hard drive containing Márquez’s criminal record to Schiha. “Before investigating the murder, you police should first figure out who the dead man is.”

Schiha quickly transferred the information on the hard drive to the terminal and opened it to see the countless crimes listed on it. He closed the document, his face a little ugly, these things that the police actually did not investigate first, but let the Imperial Army people find out first.

But his face did not waver. “Even if he is a criminal with no conscience, he should be executed by Empire law, not by lynching. Even if he has a bad record, it will not erase the sins of the murderer.”

Ji Cheying looked at Schiha’s serious, angry look and couldn’t help but let out a soft laugh as he stuck his hands in his trouser pockets and said breezily, “Of course I want to find the murderer, I just want to tell you that if it was me who wanted to do something to him, I wouldn’t need to use such underhanded methods.”

He had enough crimes on his hands about Márquez to give Márquez a death sentence. Not to mention that Márquez was also a deserter and subject to military law. And he, Ji Cheying, was still a five-star major general in the Empire’s army.

Ji Cheying raised an eyebrow, “Do you still want to summon my soldiers to the police station for questioning now?”

Schiha had nothing to say but to grit his teeth and say, “Although you are not suspected for the time being, but in order to find the murderer as soon as possible, we also ask Major General to cooperate with our police investigation.”

Ji Cheying nodded readily. “I will naturally cooperate.”

After being stirred up by Ji Cheying, Schiha forgot to inquire again about Márquez’s request to talk to the police.

Ji Cheying smiled slightly mockingly.

That’s how he became a captain.

The future of the Empire was a worrying one.

Meanwhile, there were waves in another part of Noel City.

“What right do you have to seize our family’s company and property?!” Janice rushed to the office with her expensive handbag and saw the court people and the people in tax office uniforms at the door. She looked at Xie Dongye, who was standing next to her and didn’t dare to say anything.

Xie Dongye was very helpless, for one thing, he was also a bit cowardly. He pulled Janice. “Janice, stop it, they say we are tax evaders… Don’t you be impulsive.”

At present, the employees in the company also didn’t know what to do and were looking at the side, crossing their fingers.

Janice was so angry that she threw away Xie Dongye’s hand and rushed to the staff who was going through the procedure. “Who are you to say we are cheating on taxes? You’re making false accusations! I’ll take you to court!”

The man looked at Janice and sneered, “Don’t worry, we’ll see you in court.” He handed out a piece of paper to Janice. “Madam, you are now being sued for falsifying your company’s accounts, concealing your personal income, and filing false tax returns. Please go to court in five days to await trial.”

Janice took the piece of paper, which was the summons from the court.

After blocking the company’s office system and network and taking away the business license, the employees who were forced to leave work early with their bags on their backs cowered and came forward. “Madam Boss… Then our wages…”

Janice clutched the paper and bag in her hand, she hysterically roared, “What salary?! What salary?! Get the hell out of my way!”

The employee was taken aback, but he mustered up the courage to say, “It’s only right to pay wages, and if you don’t, we’ll appeal.”

The rest of the employees didn’t leave, but stood there quietly, staring straight at Janice, as if in a demonstration. For the first time in her life, Janice felt a strong sense of panic. A kind of panic that what she had worked for all her life was about to disappear.

Janice gasped sharply, the more panicked she was, the tougher her attitude, as if she was venting all her anger and cursed, “A bunch of white-eyed wolves! We have hired you for so long! Now that the company is in a little bit of trouble, you don’t even think about supporting the company and are ready to throw stones! You are so heartless! Fine, you want to leave, get out! I won’t give you any money! If it weren’t for the company, you would have starved to death! Who pays you all the time? I’ll have your names blacked out by the whole industry if you leave here! You won’t be able to go anywhere!”

The employee got angry and said with a strained neck, “You need to pay us, we worked for it! It’s reasonable for us to be paid for our work! If you don’t pay us, you’ll have to wait for a lawsuit!”

Seeing that things were getting more and more heated, Xie Dongye hurriedly came forward to stop him and said, “Don’t argue, don’t worry, we will pay you, you can go back first.”

The employee said, “Okay, we’ll wait, if we don’t get paid, we’ll see you in court!”

When people gradually dispersed, Xie Dongye turned to Janice, who was furious, and said, “Janice, let’s go home first, we’ll think of a solution then…”

However, Janice pushed Xie Dongye. “Don’t even think about it! You’re a loser! You don’t even look like a man! Beta can’t be depended on. No sense of commitment at all! I was blind to marry you in the first place!”

Then she stomped on her high heels and left in a huff.

Xie Dongye looked at Janice’s back, turned his head and saw the sealed door of the company again. He suddenly seemed to have aged a few dozen years, and sighed long and tiredly.


In the car parked in the hospital parking lot, Ji Cheying’s terminal suddenly received a report and a video message from his good friend, Yan Siyu.

Opening the video message, Yan Siyu’s cool face appeared in the air. He said, “The beetle device you sent me I have seen, it is a new type of micro robot. With the function of generating a high-frequency electrical pulse, this high-frequency current can interfere with electromagnetic signals, thus affecting other electronic devices. In addition, it has nano-level hair needles at the bottom, which can adhere to the human skin, and by those hair needles will be the current into the body. According to what you said before, it was adhered to the scalp, that should be the high-frequency electrical pulse into the brain, so as to manipulate the human brain’s operation. I haven’t seen anything similar to this robot design in any robot design patents so far.

So it should be an unregistered personal design, and the person was very good at mechanical and robotic design and production. Although this design cannot be found as a source, the kernel construction inside was extremely similar to the idea of a robot kernel design that Yan Bai had previously auctioned off at a high price, so your guess was that this miniature robot belongs to Yan Bai, and my conclusion is that it is very likely.”

After getting that beetle device in the first place, Ji Cheying did not tell anyone, but sent the thing back to the Empire directly to Yan Siyu. Early this morning Yan Siyu received the stuff, then immediately began to study it and sent the conclusion to Ji Cheying.

After listening to Yan Siyu’s conclusion, Ji Cheying looked at the text version of the conclusion report in the sentence “affecting other electronic devices”, he suddenly remembered that before when Xie Quan entered the alley, the alley monitoring on the screen had a signal delay.

Ji Cheying’s mobility was always high, and he would act immediately when he thought of something.

Sitting right in the vehicle, he used his privileges directly and then connected the terminal to the local public security system. Opening the street’s surveillance records, he once again found the surveillance video of that day.

This video he had already seen before, but at that time, he only paid attention to the anomalies of the picture, but not why the picture produced anomalies. The time was shifted to the afternoon of that day, when Xie Quan was about to enter the alley next to the store.

As seen before, the alley that should have been occupied was empty in the surveillance footage. Ji Cheying slowed down the speed to 0.2x and watched the video again from the beginning, almost frame by frame.

Finally, he caught the silver figure flickering in front of the camera.

Stopping at that frame, he zoomed in, and the silver beetle, the size of a green pea, appeared clearly on the screen.

Ji Cheying let go of the force and slumped back in his chair. All the previous speculations were finally settled at this moment.

Xie Quan was really Yan Bai.


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September 23, 2022 2:26 pm

Thank You for the new chapter (⁠◍⁠•⁠ᴗ⁠•⁠◍⁠)⁠❤

September 23, 2022 8:14 pm

Lots happening; who murdered Márquez and why? A victim of his getting revenge maybe?
Janice getting her just deserts; yay!
Ji Cheying confirming his suspicions that his sweetie, Xie Quan, is in fact Yan Bai.
What now?!
Thanks for translating and editing.

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Blizzard passing by said hey~
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