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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko, SpringBreeze


Previously, Xie Quan thought that the smell of pheromones in Ji Cheying’s apartment was Henry’s. After all, Ji Cheying was a beta. But now that Ji Cheying was an alpha, it was a different story.

Two days ago, when Ji Cheying confessed to Xie Quan that he was an alpha, Xie Quan subconsciously tried to identify whether the other was the owner of the flaming pheromone smell, but unfortunately, he didn’t smell it.

When he met Henry today, he remembered this again. The pheromone was very attractive to him, and the odds were that it was a high alpha match for him. A single bite would solve his companion disease once and for all.

Just, it was tempting.

When Henry heard this question, he subconsciously took a step back, two eyes warily looking at this handsome young man with a breezy face, seemingly completely unaware of how private it was to ask someone the smell of their pheromone. However, this question to Henry, a normal person, was equivalent to asking, what color underwear are you wearing today, what size are you, what position do you like in bed, and so on.

This was teasing! This was naked. This was naked molestation!

He admitted that at first, when he saw the photos and experiences on the other person’s profile, he was moved and felt pity.

But! That was all before!

Now this was their Major General’s sweetheart! A gentleman doesn’t take away a man’s good, and the wife of his boss can’t be bullied. He still wanted to live a few more years.

Henry swallowed, suddenly recalling their previous encounter at the hospital when Xie Quan gazed at his neck. It was not possible that he had been thinking about him, right?

Henry stood up straight, showing the unyielding steel of the imperial army, and he said firmly and decisively, “Mr. Xie, I appreciate your favor, but I have a partner, and I am loyal to my partner, and I hope that Mr. Xie will be so aware.”


Did he have a problem or did the other person have a problem, why was he suddenly being preached to?

Looking at Henry who left with his head held high, Xie Quan fell into a long silence. The people of the imperial army were all bizarre. Ji Cheying also said strange things from time to time. Or was he not able to keep up with the times?

Xie Quan stood up and closed the door to the room that Henry had forgotten to close when he ran away.

After a twenty-four hour flight, they finally arrived in the skies above the imperial capital.

To welcome Emperor Hea’s 55th birthday, the most prosperous and developed city of Leyas Empire was decorated with lights, and the sky above the colorful city was as clear and blue as water.

The sky of the imperial capital also had a liveliness that could not be seen in other cities. High up in the sky, human-shaped golden mecha flew neatly in formation, like geese returning south. Smaller airships were at ease in the lower skies like fish.

The airship that Xie Quan and the team were in followed the air currents and merged into the huge school of fish, slowing down and flying.

Standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows of the airship lobby, an aircraft flew in front of him. Xie Quan looked down at the magnificent city below, his eyes were emotionally empty, and his heart was tinged with a haze.

He let out a long, slow breath.

What a bore.


With Ji Cheying, the imperial major general, their entry procedures were completed long before they even entered the skies above the imperial capital, and the airship flew not to the airport, but directly to the military headquarters.

This was a special airship for the military department, so it will land at the tarmac of the military headquarters. However, Xie Quan did not know about this.

After hearing the destination, he froze. “The military department?”

At this moment, Ji Cheying, in front of Xie Quan, had changed into his military uniform, the dark blue military uniform looked brave and heroic, and the chest had all of his military merit medals.

The bangs that used to be scattered randomly were fixed by hairspray without a trace of disorder, revealing the full forehead and sharp eyebrows. With the military cap under his arm, Ji Cheying slowly put on dark leather gloves. He said carelessly, “Mn, I need to take care of some business after landing, then I’ll ask Henry to take you to the residence. You rest first, then I’ll go back to the residence to look for you after I finish my business.”

Xie Quan understood carefully, then his tone rose slightly to emphasize his reluctance. “I only said that I came with you to the empire, I didn’t say that I would stay with you after coming to the empire.”

Ji Cheying laughed lightly as he put on his gloves. He moved slightly, even the most casual movements carried a sense of spontaneity when he did it. He put on the hat that he held under his arm, and his eyes were playful under the shadow of the brim.

He said, “Who said you live with me? You live next door to me.” After a pause, he added, “I don’t have a guest room in my apartment, so there’s no room for you to sleep.”

The corners of Xie Quan’s mouth twitched, and he felt that his expression was not very accurate, so he said it again, “When we get to the imperial capital, we will go our separate ways.”

The tone was very resolute and the meaning was very simple and clear.

“Impossible, don’t even think about it,” Ji Cheying replied with the same firm and simple words.

Tang Wenshao’s words always made him uneasy, and since he had brought Xie Quan to the imperial capital, he would protect Xie Quan’s safety, so letting Xie Quan act alone was basically out of the question. Even after finishing, he narrowed his eyes slightly and asked keenly, “You’re not just saying you want to come with me so that I can bring you into the imperial capital, are you?”

After a moment of silence, Xie Quan smiled faintly in a pure and harmless manner. “You think too much.”

Ji Cheying’s suspicious look continued.

Xie Quan could only say, “I will wait for you at the residence.”

Good boy.jpg.

After all, he had a feeling that if he admitted it now, Ji Cheying could immediately send him out of the empire and block the entrance for him.

It’s a good thing that someone had arranged for him to live next door.

The airship landed smoothly and five officers were standing on the tarmac waiting for Ji Cheying. They all belonged to the Ninth Legion managed by Ji Cheying, and they were all Ji Cheying’s close friends.

When Ji Cheying was sent to Noel City on a mission, they were left to handle the affairs of the legion for Ji Cheying, and the information department that had been monitoring the movements of Xie Quan’s terminal was from the Ninth Legion.

When they saw Ji Cheying stepping down from the airship, they stood at attention and gave a military salute, “Loyalty!”

Ji Cheying and the team behind him returned the salute in unison.

At this time, among the neat and tidy group, Xie Quan, who was standing straight and wearing civilian clothes, stood out.

Xie Quan also thought he was very abrupt. But he didn’t have a hint of restraint, he stood there graciously, with a light expression. However, Ji Cheying also had no intention to let Xie Quan attract too much attention, these were his close friends, and there was nothing to be done about it, but what would happen after this was not in the hands of these people.

So as soon as they got off the blimp, the pre-arranged vehicle drove to the front, Henry led Xie Quan into the car, and the vehicle drove directly from the tarmac away from the military headquarters.

After Xie Quan left, Ji Cheying took another car to the royal palace.

Even in the age of highly developed technology, the architecture of the palace still retained the traditional shape of the planet. Jade materials and traditional column structure, layers of corridors and floor-to-ceiling windows covered each floor of the cylindrical palace, several cylindrical palaces undulating around an arch-shaped palace.

Arriving at the palace, Ji Cheying led his deputy straight in the direction of the council chamber, striding down a long corridor of white jade paving, beyond which was the labyrinth of blue, sultry gardens.

Because of the emperor’s love for blue flowers, this blue garden maze could be seen from everywhere in the palace, which had almost become the hallmark of the palace.

And in this corridor, he suddenly saw a figure. A middle-aged man wearing the same military uniform was standing by a column looking out at the blue flowers. The man was in his forties, but had a very young face, looking only thirty years old, with so many medals on his chest that it was almost dazzling. He had a powerful brow, but a very harmonious sense of elegance that made people feel close to him, but they didn’t dare to offend him.

Ji Cheying stopped a few steps away from the man and saluted, “Marshal Ji.”

Yes, this is one of the three marshals of the Ministry of War, and also the youngest one—Ji Shanhong, the head of the Ji family, and Ji Cheying’s elder brother.

When he heard the voice, he turned his head and looked at Ji Cheying. Without much of the majesty of a superior, he smiled amiably and said, “The mission was well done.”

Ji Cheying lowered his eyebrows and eyes. “Marshal is too kind, this mission is not really a success.” It took so long to find out the case, not to mention that the person behind it eventually got away.

It was a complete mess.

Although Ji Cheying’s older brother, Ji Shanhong looked nothing like Ji Cheying, nor did his temperament. Perhaps because of his experience, he was like a sword hidden in a sheath, his sharpness was restrained. He patted Ji Cheying’s shoulder. “Don’t push yourself too hard, no one wants to touch the beta re-differentiation things. You’ve done a good job this time, and His Majesty won’t be too harsh. In addition, this time back, let’s get together properly, it’s been a while since we talked.”

Ji Cheying raised his eyes to Ji Shanhong and frowned slightly, but finally he answered, “Yes, Marshal.”

The tone was polite and distant, not at all like a conversation between brothers.

Leaving from there, Deputy Joseph sighed softly in his heart, the relationship between Major General and Marshal Ji was as distant as ever.

It was clear that they were all brothers of the family.


Ji Cheying had quarters at the military headquarters, usually for the convenience of his work, plus he was not very picky about his accommodations, so he would usually live directly at the military headquarters, but he would sometimes live in his own apartment within the city.

That apartment building was owned entirely by him, so he set up a room directly on his floor for Xie Quan. And because of Xie Quan, he sent his luggage directly to his own apartment.

After meeting Emperor Hea and returning to the military department to take care of some business, Ji Cheying belatedly returned to his apartment at sunset.

The elevator went straight to the top floor, and instead of going back to his own apartment, Ji Cheying knocked on the door of the room next to his own. The person inside delayed for some time before opening the door belatedly.

Ji Cheying was wondering what Xie Quan was doing, and then he saw that Xie Quan’s fair and handsome face was dark in the east and dark in the west after opening the door. He was silent for half a second and asked, “Is there a coal mine here?”

Why does he look like a miner that returned from a mine?

What the hell was he doing in the apartment?

Xie Quan didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with him at all, he said flatly, “I was waiting for you to come back, wasn’t I? I was a little bored, so I found something to do by myself.”

“What are you doing?”

After a moment of reflection, Xie Quan simply replied, “Putting things together.”

Thinking about Xie Quan’s warehouse of dangerous weapons, at this moment, Ji Cheying suddenly had the real feeling that Xie Quan was the ghost mecha engineer Yan Bai. This man was a dangerous person who could design mecha and make weapons.

Ji Cheying said in a deep voice, “No dangerous objects, don’t blow this place up.”

Xie Quan frowned, he looked at Ji Cheying with contempt. “I never blow up anything.”

Not a word about putting together dangerous objects.


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October 12, 2022 3:45 pm

Interesting, I wonder why JC’s relationship with his brother is distant?? Liking the fact that XQ stayed and waited for JC, he seems to not be able to say no to him lol thank you for the translation and editing! ❤️

October 13, 2022 3:04 am

JC clinging on to XQ for all his worth.
Amusing exchange with Henry about pheromones and once confirmed, JC might find XQ leans more towards staying near him.
Seems JC’s family are all accomplished.
Thanks for translating and editing.

October 13, 2022 9:01 am

Thank You for the new chapter (´,,•ω•,,)♡

January 1, 2023 2:59 am

Mc may be asking for relief for the companionship disease, but it sounds so different normally 😭🙈 aSkInG tO bE bItTeN aiyoooo

Normally we see zem marshals as the ml 🤭 Nice to see ml not overly op … Sad that their brotherhood looks distant

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