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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko, SpringBreeze


Ji Cheying narrowed his eyes as he watched Xie Quan’s deadly guard at the door. “I don’t think I’ll find a Gatling gun in the apartment, will I?”

Xie Quan smiled slightly and replied, “Not really.”

“Not really.” Ji Cheying raised his eyebrows and made a meaningful muffled sound in his throat. Then he propped one hand on the door frame, backbone slightly bent, moved a few degrees closer, and Ji Cheying said out of the corner of his mouth, “Then it is the weapons category.”


In contrast, the corner of Xie Quan’s mouth dropped.

This person swindled his words.

Xie Quan looked at the man who had taken off his uniform to reveal his shirt inside. He was tall and long, and when he propped himself up against the door frame and lowered his body like this, it gave him a sense of being enveloped in a cramped environment.

Xie Quan unconsciously took a step back, eliminating the distance that made him inexplicably panic.

However, as he did so, the door he had pulled was pushed slightly by his retreating body, revealing the view of the living room it had been blocking.

A jumble of mechanical parts littered the entire living room, and in the middle of it, an inky blue mecha with its head halfway up, stared coldly at them with only one eye. But it didn’t seem right to call it a mecha, because the size was much smaller, more like a model.

Xie Quan subconsciously glanced at it and turned back, thinking about what to say, when he turned his head and met Ji Cheying’s silent, questioning gaze.

The words “explain yourself” were in those long, narrow, beautiful eyes.

Xie Quan said without blinking, “It’s just a toy.”

Ji Cheying clasped his hands. “Oh?”

“Look at its small size, it can’t be a mecha.”

Xie Quan struggled to explain, and Ji Cheying diagonally hooked one corner of his mouth, and after listening to Xie Quan’s explanation, he sounded casual. “I didn’t think it looked like a mecha, but seeing how hard you tried to explain it, it looks like it’s really a mecha.”



Xie Quan suddenly felt that the person in front of him was a bit repulsive.

Not only that, Ji Cheying went on to ask, “Unseen size, you designed it yourself? Where did you get the materials?” It was only half a day after arriving in the empire, and these materials were already delivered, so they were bought in advance.

The mecha is the one that Xie Quan designed in Noel City before, and Xie Quan got them from the black market city and ordered good mecha materials. Today, he had a residential address, and he immediately had the merchants send things over.

He did not resist unpacking to play with the new parts.

But Xie Quan was not prepared to say a word of this to Ji Cheying, he pulled the door, and this time he closed it directly. Standing outside the door, he warmly invited, “Let’s go eat, I’ll treat you to dinner.”

He was Yan Bai now, he had money.

A large hand suddenly covered his head, rubbed it hard a few times, and then the hand fell on his face. While holding his chin, a coarse thumb grazed his cheek in a not-so-gentle manner. Xie Quan was a bit dumbfounded to be held by the chin, and then looked straight at the face that came close to his own.

Ji Cheying’s eyes were like jade, looking at him very seriously, and after a few wipes, he said, “Mn, it wipes off.”

He took out a handkerchief from his pocket and handed it to Xie Quan. “Wipe it off, are you going to eat like this?”

Subconsciously accepting it, Xie Quan lowered his head and looked at the clean handkerchief.

It seemed that the mecha thing was successfully skipped. But if he had a handkerchief, why did he have to wipe himself in the first place?

Xie Quan took the handkerchief and rubbed it unmercifully on his face, wondering as he walked toward the elevator. He was also afraid that Ji Cheying would suddenly regret and pursue the mecha with him.

When he passed by, he didn’t see Ji Cheying’s hand hanging at his side clench slightly. He wiped his face clean, but his clothes still looked like a painter’s, with his pants and elbows rubbed with the newly sprayed paint for the mecha. But that was it, Xie Quan took Ji Cheying to sit in the middle of a restaurant near the apartment.

The apartment was in a central location, so naturally there were no small, down-to-earth restaurants in the area.

Xie Quan did not have to look for it, so when he saw a restaurant, he walked in.

The waiter who greeted them saw Xie Quan’s outfit and blushed. He wanted to stop him, but hesitated when he saw Ji Cheying following him.

In the end, he took Xie Quan to their seats.

Ordinary people may dislike Xie Quan’s dress, but Ji Cheying did not feel anything at all.

After watching Xie Quan finish his order, Ji Cheying, who had been silent, suddenly asked, “I’m going to take a class at the Imperial Military Academy the day after tomorrow, do you want to come along?”

Xie Quan picked up his water, took a sip, and asked suspiciously, “Why should I go?”

He had things to do, and tomorrow he was going to visit the address Tang Wenshao had sent him.

And Anna.

Anna hadn’t contacted him again, probably because she knew she’d blown the whistle.

But he had been trying to find Anna, he had something to ask her, and she still had his things. And because Anna had disappeared, he would need to communicate with the black market himself. He communicated that he hadn’t finished buying his mecha materials…

“The Mechanical College at the Imperial Military Academy, I thought you’d want to check it out.”

Xie Quan, who had been making a list for himself in his head, put his glass of water down without hesitation and nodded in response. “Yes, I’ll go, when?”

What Tang Wenshao, what Anna, what black market?? It was shoved aside for the academy!

With light in his eyes, Xie Quan looked at the man sitting across from him with expectant eyes, regardless of what classes the other was attending at the military school.

Ji Cheying laughed in a low voice. After laughing, the smile remained at the corners of his mouth and eyes, like hanging spring branches.

He looked at Ji Cheying’s gaze at himself and felt a pang in his heart. The color of his eyes sank as he thought of something that had happened recently. He asked, “Do you want me?” in a mysterious way.


Ji Cheying was glad he wasn’t drinking water, otherwise he would have sprayed people in the face. But even so, he still choked on his own saliva.

So, Xie Quan watched Ji Cheying cough several times, and he even kindly pushed the water in front of him towards Ji Cheying and asked thoughtfully, “Do you want some water?”

Then, he saw Ji Cheying looking at him with a complicated expression, grabbed the glass of water and drank most of it before stopping and putting it aside, frowning and asking, “What do you mean by that?”

Xie Quan thought he was asking a pretty straightforward question. But he didn’t expect Ji Cheying to understand, so he said in his usual calm tone, “It means that you want to sleep with me.”

Ji Cheying felt that his windpipe had been tortured too much. After a few more coughs, he drained the rest of the glass of water, and with the glass clenched in his hand, Ji Cheying said with difficulty, “I don’t think we’ve reached that point in our relationship.” The mind suddenly recalls the absurd dream he had before, Ji Cheying uncomfortably averted his eyes, and then he said in a wavering tone, “At least, we have to get along again.”

Xie Quan heard the meaning of this, it seemed that he should not like him yet. But why did Ji Cheying always look at himself with something strange? And most of the time there was a bit of lust mixed in.

So for a moment, he thought that the other had taken a liking to him.


“No, I think it’s fine now, keep it up.” Xie Quan encouraged.

Ji Cheying froze as he listened, he sped up his speech a bit and said, “I think sometimes things should not be forced too much, but you don’t have to resist too much either. It’s best when the water is right, when the time comes…” He lowered his eyes, coughed lightly to hide his shortness, and then continued, “I will behave well.”

“…” Now that he knew Ji Cheying didn’t like him, the matter was unimportant. Xie Quan, who had no desire to continue the discussion, nodded perfunctorily and then asked, “So when are you going to class?”

With a sigh of relief in his chest, Ji Cheying could only reply, “The morning after tomorrow, I’ll pick you up then.”

Then, he sighed as he watched Xie Quan completely absorbed in the trip to the academy. But thinking about what he had just said, he thought about what Xie Quan had said before to Xie Yi, that he was a good bedmate.

Ji Cheying frowned.

This entire time he thought he was a beta. How were beta and omega the same? Was there something that needed special attention?

After pondering for a while, Major General Ji silently added a task to his to-do list: Watch Alpha/Beta porn.


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October 14, 2022 4:02 pm

My goodness, I love how XQ is so straightforward lol looking forward to more of their moments! ❤️❤️

October 14, 2022 6:14 pm

I wonder if XQ has a firm of autism… he is so direct and his thinking is different to others. He is very refreshing omega.
JC leaving no stone unturned, in the name of research, of course!
Thanks for translating and editing.

October 15, 2022 6:30 am

Oh my God, XQ! XDDDD

Thank You for the new chapter (๑°꒵°๑)・*♡

Xiao Ying
October 24, 2022 11:28 am

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December 31, 2022 4:37 pm

Pff- that last line!

Thank you for the chapter!

January 1, 2023 3:08 am

So direct!! ⁄(⁄⁄>⁄ω⁄<⁄⁄)⁄ it do be better tho than deep schemes, esp the murky waters of the central of power. How did our baby ever grow up 😭 — nuuu ml's way of thinking and actions doesn't go on the same wavelength as mc. Sometimes there are moments/situations where one of them is the more normal one, then it changes 🤣

Ml = take step by step
Mc = oh, you don't like me

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