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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Lu Feng’s old, sickly face showed surprise. “How did you know?”

Immediately after that, he moved forward and sat on his knees to check Ping Mo’s body temperature. Only then did he feel a little more at ease. The medicine had indeed worked, and he should not have suddenly struck out to kill himself.

Instructor Ping, flushed and weak, asked in a soft voice, “What’s in this tea? It doesn’t look seem like an induction agent.”

Lu Feng settled down and sat calmly. He also took out a small bottle, poured out two white pills, picked up his own cup which was also served with tea, and swallowed the pills.

Given the current scene, Ping Mo’s intuition told him that it wasn’t serious medicine.

Perhaps because of a need to wait for the effect of the drug, Lu Feng patiently explained, “Of course it’s not an inducer. Your omega pheromones are too strong. It would accidentally alert everyone for several kilometers around. It may also end up on the news, which is too risky. This is a modified muscle paralytic. It tastes like tea, and the teapot has a little mechanism. I drank real tea. Of course, more importantly, you have no defenses against me. After all these years– cough, cough, cough!”

When he had coughed enough and caught his breath for a while, he continued, “…After all these years, my care and love for you is not fake either.”

Ping Mo quietly tried to raise his hand, but found that he didn’t even have the strength to move his fingers. He muttered, “The people who have the authority to control the Legacy Base are only those who are in important positions. I was afraid that the ‘mole’ would know the inside story and turn against me, but now it seems that there was no mole at all.”

Ping Mo seemed to be struggling to sit up, and Lu Feng thoughtfully handed him a cushion so that he could lean on it and look at him.

Ping Mo stared at him, “So, those camouflaged guys among the White Hole guys were your people, right?”

Lu Feng looked at Ping Mo with appreciation for a moment, before he nodded and graciously admitted, “You’ve always been a smart kid. You figured it out so quickly.”

Ping Mo lowered his eyelashes. “No wonder those people looked like regular soldiers. But they’re not from E Group.”

Lu Feng poured himself another cup of tea. “You’re too familiar with E Group. You can recognize them at a glance, and I had to guard against it. Besides, I have been in the Military Ministry for so many years, of course I have other people besides E Group.”

“Why?” Ping Mo gazed straight at him, and the look in his eyes was sad and sharp.

Lu Feng, “Simple. Long Lang wanted you to reveal your identity, but of course I don’t want to. You are a Therian. A one in a million male Therian. Since the ancient earth era, how many dignitaries wanted to keep male Therians? Do you think it was just for fun, as it’s written in history books? Of course not. It’s written in ancient books that having intercourse with a male Therian in a special way can prolong life and strengthen the body. I was looking for you for so many years. Ping Mo, you are my medicine! Cough, cough, cough!”

Lu Feng, as if he had a chance to reveal his heart for many years, coughed and then said, “If the truth about you being a male Therian is revealed, naturally you cannot stay in the Raptors and you will be out of my control. Hahahahaha! Cough, cough, cough, cough!”

Ping Mo suddenly remembered the day of the siege of White Hole. Long Lang hadn’t finished talking to himself. No wonder he said, “this is really for your own good. Only by letting more people know that you are Therian, you are safe–” Unfortunately, at that time the alarm of the White Hole base camp sounded, and he didn’t have the opportunity to finish the sentence.

Ping Mo closed his eyes. “So, you were worried, and simply tore the protective net because my identity was exposed by the inducer. You weren’t afraid that I would die there?”

“Afraid! How could I not be afraid?! No one in this world wants you to live more than I do,” Lu Feng suddenly raised his tone as he took a few ragged breaths, before he said viciously, “But I’d rather be broken for the sake of the jade, than for the sake of the tile! I had no choice but to take down the electronic protection network. I wanted to take you away while there was chaos.”

Ping Mo thought to himself, If you disappeared unnoticed, it would have been very difficult to track you.

Lu Feng continued, “I just didn’t expect that my years of dealing with Long Lang wasn’t what caused me to fail, but that cheap little brat surnamed Pei. It doesn’t matter now. I ate the drug, and it can briefly enhance my alpha pheromone concentration.”

Ping Mo looked at such a gnashing of teeth from Lu Feng, and suddenly felt unprecedentedly strange. Still, his mouth calmly said, “You were good to me just because I am a Therian? Early on, you knew and let me live in a single room since childhood. You gave me a small stove. When I was very young, was this the reason you helped me? I should have thought of it earlier. E Group is so strict in its scrutiny of incoming and outgoing packages that without your permission, even flies can’t come in. So many years…how were Long Lang’s inhibitors sent in unhindered? It was all because of your tacit approval, right?”

Lu Feng said, “That’s right, but I didn’t expect him to send that kind of stuff that last time. That was my negligence.”

Ping Mo sneered, “I now also understand why he helped me for so many years, then suddenly seemed to want to harm me. It was because I was almost at my ‘physiological maturity’. I can be used now. You want to have sex with me, but Long Lang was sure that you would do your best to take care of me. You ‘fostered ‘ me until I actually reached adulthood.”

Lu Feng listened to Ping Mo’s accusation, and was vaguely a little uneasy, but when he saw him still flushed, weak, and not able to resist. He hadn’t expected Ping Mo to reveal he was an omega today, and hadn’t made any advanced preparations, so now he could could only slightly put down his heart.

He just listened to Ping Mo continue. “You were extra loving to me, just so you could wait for me to enter physiological maturity. You never let me claim that my wounds would heal fast, but you have long known that I am a Therian. I almost died outside, and your hair turned white. It was not because of worry for me, but worry that the medicine you had raised for years would disappear. Now that my identity has been announced, you don’t dare delay any longer, so you threw in the towel and asked me out here alone. But Colonel Lu, for so many years, you weren’t only my superior, but also my most respected elder. I thought our relationship was like father and son.”

The phrase “like father and son” struck at the remnants of Lu Feng’s conscience, but he had been planning for years, and had to go ahead with the arrow on the string. “I don’t owe anyone anything! I’ve done a lot of good work for the Alliance, but what happened? I explained to my superiors that I saved lives, that I had been with him since boot camp, so would he not believe me? But at that time, the unscrupulous media made a big fuss about smearing soldiers, so I was pushed into the limelight, and he was unwilling to believe me for the ‘greater good’ and for his own future! Disciplining me for a trumped up nothing! And that old man? He was a vengeful man, not to mention a gross man. As for you, the only person I have wronged in my life may be you, but so what? Without me to raise you, you would have starved to death! You made it all the way to Raptor Captain. Didn’t I promote you to that?”

“If I hadn’t found you by mistake, I wouldn’t have applied for a transfer to E Group . No one noticed E Group at the time, and even the site was in that bitterly cold place. I built E Group from scratch to the size it is today, especially the Raptors, which is now called the Alliance’s sharp knife. You are my best work.” Lu Feng’s sickly pale face was flushed, probably because the unseen drugs had taken effect. He came over, and his withered and cracked hand caressed Ping Mo’s cheek, obsessed. “Ping Mo, you are so beautiful, ah. Since the age of six, such a beautiful child. I really did not lose my eyes.”

Ping Mo’s pupils suddenly shrank. “What did you say?”

Lu Feng began to undress. “I had just been wounded at that time. I happened to learn from my comrade’s informant that there was a prostitute at the Raj Space Transit Station, the famous salacious red light district, and she had a little boy. A little brat, possibly a Therian boy.”

The smell of Lu Feng’s alpha pheromones increased under the effect of the drug, and his chest rose and fell as his gaze grew greedy. “I quietly gave you a blood test when you were six years old, but unfortunately the idiots couldn’t do anything right, so I thought you’d been blown up too.”

“It was you!” Ping Mo’s eyes were wide. “It was you who killed my mother!”

“Who would want a mother like that? She couldn’t feed you at all!” Lu Feng was louder than his own. “She – cough, cough, cough! She wouldn’t have lived long, an omega in the red light district, repeatedly being marked all day long, not to mention all kinds of dirty diseases, drugs and such. If she could live past thirty years old it would be a miracle. You would sooner or later become an orphan! Probably ending up the same as your mother. Ushered in, being spoiled, and played to death at a young age! But what about now? You’re the youngest colonel in the Military Ministry since it was founded! Isn’t that because of me?”

“Ping Mo,” Lu Feng suddenly sighed. “I’m not a beast. I have raised you for so many years, even a small dog and cat would have feelings. I only ask for a few times. When my body has recovered, you will still be my most beloved student and junior. Just a few times, and I can guarantee you a great future.”

He began to untie Ping Mo’s lapel. Ping Mo still had no strength, was paralyzed in place and could not move.

However, just when his hand was about to touch Ping Mo’s body, a gunshot rang out and a bullet went straight through Lu Feng’s outstretched hand!

“Colonel Pei, calm down! Don’t make a scene!”

The next moment, the door was kicked open. Pei Yutu was the first to rush over, as he picked up Ping Mo by the waist, and didn’t forget to kick Lu Feng.

Lu Feng’s sickly body could not withstand his kick. His eyes rolled over, and he almost lost his breath.

“Oh my, Pei, why are you so impulsive! Quickly call the emergency number!”

A group of people swooped over to rescue, but when Lu Feng saw the faces of these people, then he really felt kicked hard. He almost died on the spot. They were all Military Ministry senior officials!

The leader was General Dai. In addition to him, there were more than a dozen people carrying guns on their shoulders, which was simply more embarrassing than being caught in bed for adultery!

Pei Yutu stopped and shouted, “You are so fucking virtuous! How can you still be hard?”

Not only Lu Feng was dying of shame, but also the leaders in the audience had expressions that they could not stand to see.

Pei Yutu was more concerned about Ping Mo, held in his arms. He didn’t curse more unpleasant words, but held the person, and abandoned Lu Feng to the group of leaders, left him to their disposal.

The medicine was quite strong, so Instructor Ping was still limp and he let Pei Yutu hold him. Teaching Assistant Pei did not lack strength, and while carrying a grown man, he also complained, “Why did you play along? You didn’t have to drink this much medicine.”

Ping Mo said softly, “If I didn’t make it realistic, I couldn’t draw him out to say that much.”

“This is true. Lu Feng is too cunning. For so many years he dripped water, that even my grandfather didn’t find specific evidence on Legacy Base, and only vaguely suspected. If it wasn’t for your carefulness, we would have never found that information by that scholar.”

Ping Mo said breathlessly, “It was you who was so quick to find out that he had dealings with Lu Feng.”

“What’s so hard about that?” Pei Yutu said. “A poor scholar, who was researching such an obscure thing, who couldn’t apply for a penny of funding, but can also drive a luxury car? It wasn’t difficult to investigate.”

Ping Mo said, “Actually, you should have come in later. He should have more secrets.”

“How could I?” Teaching Assistant Pei said in a loud voice. “That old fool’s claws had already touched you! If I hadn’t brought so many leaders here, I would have shot him in the head!”

Lu Feng had always been the idol of Pei Yutu, and now that he had learned the truth, he was screaming ‘old fool’ as he gnashed his teeth, and didn’t know whether he was hating his own collapse of faith or was cursing for his wife.

“I just didn’t expect it,” Ping Mo said, suddenly stopping his tirade.

Pei Yutu walked for a while and felt that something was wrong. He lowered his head, then he panicked, “Ping Mo, ah, wife! Why are you crying? Did the memory of our mother make you sad? Don’t worry, that old fool got your mom killed and almost got you killed, I will never let him go!”

“No, I was thinking,” Ping Mo stopped abruptly there as he tried to restrain his emotions. He didn’t want to lose control in front of outsiders. 

Pei Yutu understood his wife’s concern almost instantly. “It’s just the two of us here. You can cry if you want.”

Ping Mo didn’t cry, only softly leaned his head on Pei Yutu’s shoulder. His tone wasn’t hateful, more sad and powerless. “I just did not expect that even Lu Feng couldn’t be trusted.”

Pei Yutu had seen Ping Mo have all kinds of appearances at the most tragic times. Seriously injured, when he almost lost his life, but even lying in the hospital bed, he was still in the sky and not afraid of the ground. It would destroy his face if he were to act like a cranky patient.

It was the first time he saw Ping Mo so vulnerable.

Pei Yutu’s heart ached, although his was actually less stifled and sour, but more of the thought that, I will never let you a little bit of aggravation in this life.

Pei Yutu tightly embraced Ping Mo, kissed the corner of his eyes, kissed dry those little wet crystals, and said solemnly, “You can always trust me.”


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October 12, 2022 3:12 pm

That was… Gross.

October 12, 2022 7:33 pm

It’s very sad to be betrayed by the person who has a special place in your heart, but it’s beautiful to see Pei Yutu’s feelings for Ping Mo. Thanks for the chapter!

October 13, 2022 12:03 am

Huge blow to PM. He must feel terrible. Even though he has PYT now, it’s still terrible to find out that he actually had no one he could depend on after his mother passed away. At least he now has cutie pie PYT💔 can’t believe we nearly done. Thank you so much for translating and editing❣️

October 13, 2022 1:08 am

Lu Feng, what a sick, selfish human being! His air of respectability was all fake. How could he abuse PM that way after having a parental relationship with him?! The worst.
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Thanks for translating and editing.

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Disgusting old fool! Poor PM :<
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January 11, 2023 9:20 am

How heartbreaking 🥺 ping mo thought he had at least been able to trust lu feng. Now he finds he’s responsible for his mother’s death. Yutu will protect him always❤️

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