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Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


The others in the team, besides Lin Bai and Guan Jin, had left, about to secretly arrest Wang BingKang.

“Since there’s nothing to do with us, I’m leaving,” Guan Jin said to Lin Bai as he picked up his coat.

“Huh? Where are you going?” Lin Bai pouted. “You’re leaving me by myself again…”

“Don’t you have your little electronic lover?”

Lin Bai hugged his computer and exclaimed, “You’re still the best~”

Guan Jin began to walk away, but he suddenly turned back around and stared at Lin Bai.

Lin Bai was still hugging his laptop, and he was confused. “…What, what are you doing?”

“I’ll go to your place and make you dinner.”

Guan Jin used a meal of homemade Italian seafood spaghetti to obtain two methods of logging into servers that could avoid leaving any traces from Lin Bai. He hesitated, but when Lin Bai was full and fell asleep hugging his Hatsune throw pillow, salivating, Guan Jin secretly used Lin Bai’s computer to log into a website he’d been on before.

[I’ve already told you before, that woman isn’t for you. Never mind, forget about her, come to our old place to drink some wine, and let’s get drunk together. —-Ethan]

Guan Jin considered for a while before leaving this message on the original forum. He still used his customary method of contacting him, and left his real name at the end.

Guan Jin was a little excited as he stared at the laptop screen, and he was hoping for Tony’s reply. This way, it would be the first step to avenge himself.

Unfortunately, nothing could happen that quickly. Guan Jin’s eyes were sore, but there was no activity. He had probably been too hasty; Tony was probably outside drinking and having fun right now, so he definitely wouldn’t have time to check the website. Moreover, Hei Xiao had already “died”, so he reckoned that unless Tony was feeling compassionate one day and wanted to mourn his companion, he probably wouldn’t come look at the old forum. 

But… the probability of that was even lower than his soul getting transferred and being reborn… Guan Jin turned off the computer in defeat. This wasn’t a really reliable method; it would be better if he directly flew back, since resolving problems face-to-face was his preferred style. It was just that, with his current appearance, if he went to where the Organization was located, it would be a problem of whether he could make it out alive or not…

Guan Jin glanced at Lin Bai, who was still snoring. Guan Jin hadn’t seemed to have slept as soundly as him for a long time, no, he had probably never slept at ease before. Guan Jin picked up his coat and walked out the door by himself, walking into the cool breeze of the late night.


Zheng Fei was leaning against the glass window of the driver’s seat, and was nodding off.

Smack! Chen QiaoYu slapped him. “You’re a grown man, how you can sleep and let a girl like me keep vigil!”

Zheng Fei, who had been startled awake, put a hand over his pounding heart. “Are you trying to make my soul fly out of my body?! Besides, are you really a girl? We don’t have women in our team, okay…”

“Who are you saying isn’t a woman?!” Chen QiaoYu furiously straightened up, showing her impressive stature.

Unfortunately, Zheng Fei, being very slow, ignored Chen QiaoYu’s movement and said grumpily, “How can someone who puts men together all the time be a woman?”

“Stinky men should be around each other, or else you’ll come and taint us women! And, stop thinking I’m the same as Ding Ding, that rotten little girl 1. I’m a mature woman.” Chen QiaoYu used her finger to fiercely poke Zheng Fei’s chest.

“It’s not like I do it randomly… I’m a tasteful rotten girl,” said an aggrieved, gloomy voice.

The two people in the front row of the car were startled, and when they looked back, they saw Ding Ding rubbing her bleary eyes as she sat up in the backseat.

“When did you come?!” exclaimed Zheng Fei.

“I was here the whole time…”


“This is how you guys make arrests? No wonder it takes several days to catch someone.” A face appeared at the car window, illuminated by the dim yellow streetlights.

“Ah!” The three people in the car were completely awake now.

Zheng Fei looked around alertly before opening the car door and pushing the person inside.

“Guan Jin, how come you’re here?!” Chen QiaoYu was very surprised.

Guan Jin leaned against the car seat, “I couldn’t fall asleep, so I came to take a look.”

“How can you say that so casually?!” Ding Ding rubbed her temples. “It’s very dangerous here.”

“I saw you guys bickering rather happily in here, so it doesn’t seem that dangerous.” Guan Jin shrugged.

“…That was an exception.” Zheng Fei said in an undertone, “We’re responsible for cutting them off, so when there’s movement, the first team will notify us. But in case the criminals run away during the operation and happen to encounter you, you’d be finished.”

“How do you know I would be the one to be finished?” Guan Jin said coldly as his eyes flashed.

Zheng Fei was stunned by his arrogance, but he blinked, and Guan Jin resumed his normal, calm expression.

Chen QiaoYu interrupted them. “Stop arguing. Guan Jin, if you want to stay, then stay in the car and don’t go anywhere. It is very likely for Wang BingKang to try to escape soon, and judging from that assassin last time, he’ll probably have other people or weapons with him.”

“Then never mind, I’ll get going.” Guan Jin didn’t wait for their responses as he got out of the car and left by himself.

“You brat——” Zheng Fei hit the steering wheel in exasperation.

“Team two, team two, this is team one. Target has appeared and is moving in your direction. There are also two unknown people with the target. I repeat…”

“Roger that.” Zheng Fei put down the walkie talkie and exchanged glances with Chen QiaoYu. “Ding Ding, stay on standby in the car, and be prepared to assist at any time. QiaoYu, let’s go!” They pulled out their guns from their waists and quietly got out of the car.


Guan Jin turned a corner and looked at the faraway, bustling, and colorful city view, considering if he should go and take a look.

“Oh, what a coincidence.”

When Guan Jin heard this voice, the corner of his mouth twitched.

When he whirled around, Lu YunYang was smiling and looking at him, one hand in his pocket and his coat draped over his other arm.

“You again?”

“When you said ‘again,’ there seems to be a lot of mixed feelings. I understand, we’ve encountered again and again, and it’s now our third chance meeting. Besides fate, I can’t think of any other way to explain it,” Lu YunYang said emotionally.

“Actually, there are a lot of other ways of explaining it, such as having an unlucky year, dogged by misfortune, not reading the almanac before coming out, Murphy’s law…” Guan Jin used his recently learned idioms and looked at Lu YunYang out of the corner of his eye.

“Using many idioms and colloquialisms at once usually show someone’s emotions, but I can’t see any mood shifts in you.”

“What’s your goal? You fancy me?” Guan Jin asked directly instead of continuing to quarrel.

Lu YunYang nodded straightforwardly. “I’m interested in you, you’re a very special person.”

“You think that I have a mental problem and regard me as a research case?” Guan Jin’s tone was calm, but there was a small storm brewing in his gaze.

“No no no, Little Jin, I’m a psychologist, not a psychiatrist. Everyone has unique psychological characteristics and problems, but not everyone has mental problems. Don’t confuse the two——”

Guan Jin had already turned around and was walking away.

Lu YunYang couldn’t help but chuckle. This person really was hard to approach, but that just made it all the more interesting.

After many twists and turns, Guan Jin found himself on a path that was only lit by lawn lights. Guan Jin was looking around to see if there were any forks in the road ahead, but he heard hurried footsteps in the dark; there were at least three people.

Guan Jin stood where he was, unmoving, and waited for them to get closer.

Soon afterwards, four men walked towards him hastily. The one in the middle was rather thin, and the other three were burly; they definitely weren’t up to any good. When the four people saw Guan Jin, they froze, but perhaps Guan Jin looked too unthreatening, because the four of them looked at each other and continued forward.

When they brushed shoulders with Guan Jin, he suddenly said, “Wang BingKang.”

The thin and tall person in the middle was startled and abruptly looked back. “You——”

“I knew my photographic memory would come in handy. Although it was only a sketch, it indeed captured your dreadful appearance,” said Guan Jin as he sized them up.

Wang BingKang was stunned, and then his expression became hideous. “You’re the fucking police!” He pointed at him. “This is just a small police officer, get rid of him!”

When the three others heard this, they pulled out gleaming daggers and walked closer. Wang BingKang stepped behind them.

“How lively, did I miss something?” Lu YunYang had suddenly appeared behind them.

The four people were startled, but Guan Jin wasn’t, as he had already gotten used to this person that walked lighter than the wind and was always appearing out of nowhere.

“Are you two together?!” Wang BingKang was a little panicked.

Lu YunYang considered it for a moment and said helplessly, “I want to be associates with him, but he won’t accept me.”

“Whatever, take care of both of them!” said one of the burly men as he rushed forward.

Lu YunYang narrowed his eyes and was just about to move, but he felt a small wind sweep past him, and Guan Jin’s figure had already disappeared around the corner, only leaving behind a sentence. “Aren’t you going to run? Do you want to die…”


The two of them were panting when they arrived at a bustling avenue, and Guan Jin’s lungs hurt. This was unacceptable, he definitely had to add working out to his agenda!

“Say,” Lu YunYang couldn’t help but hook up the corner of his mouth, “why are you running?”

“Very funny, if I didn’t run, then I’d just be waiting to get stabbed. You might want to become the corpse in tomorrow’s headlines, but I sure don’t.” Guan Jin didn’t want to expose his skills this early, not to mention he was a little doubtful that this small body could even defeat those three men.

“But, the opponent was a criminal.”

“So what?!”

“Aren’t you a police officer?”


“You ran right when you saw the criminals.”


“That’s what’s going to make the headlines.”




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Translator Notes:

  1. The term used here translates directly to ‘rotten girl,’ and it basically refers to female fans of bl works.


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