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Translated by J.

Editor: Addis


After his desperate flight from Shen Xiulin’s villa, Ye Xi began his conquests for the day. He zoomed back and forth between the three male extras, playing the adorable fool to win their affection. It was truly exhausting.

Due to the burglar’s insistence in notifying the Young Master Huangfu of everything he intended to steal, Shen Xiulin received a dozen or so warning letters from the burglar that day. On average, he received a letter every hour, ones such as:

“At 9AM this morning, I will come to retrieve Young Master Huangfu’s toothpaste, the one made from over two hundred rare and precious herbs. Yours Sincerely, Tuoba X the Burglar”

“At 9:30AM this morning, I will come to retrieve Young Master Huangfu’s pyjamas, the one spun from the silk produced by wild silkworms of the North Sea. Yours Sincerely, Tuoba X the Burglar”

“At 12 Noon, I will come to retrieve Young Master Huangfu’s lunch. Yours Sincerely, Tuoba X the Burglar”

He was a hundred percent in sync with Young Master Huangfu’s daily schedule.

Huangfu’s army of bodyguards was forced to run in circles around the villa, elevating the burglar’s sense of purpose to its greatest height. Even if Ye Xi had not confessed, it would have been impossible to hide the burglar’s existence.

Fortunately, the other two male extras kept a low profile. The admiral quietly stayed at home, cooking seafood throughout the day, and the prince quietly stayed at home, eating his ill-gotten feast from the admiral. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, not a single meal was missed…

Time flew by like an arrow and day quickly turned into night.

Earlier that day, the admiral had warned Ye Xi repeatedly not to visit him after sunset tonight. Ye Xi gave his word without a second thought, then rushed to the admiral’s cottage as soon as the sun had set. He was very naughty indeed.

The orange sun had sank below the horizon, but its afterglow adamantly set ablaze a heavy cloud hanging over the place where the sky met the ocean. As the admiral’s cottage gradually faded into the twilight, the elongated shadows from the cottage’s roof and pillars mingled and melded with the darkness.

Ye Xi cunningly hid under the cottage window. He waited for the full moon to awaken the sea monster inside the admiral, while moulding chicken drumsticks out of sand to pass the time.

The last ray from the vanishing sun had gradually disappeared behind the heavy cloud on the horizon, before a cold, silvery moon slowly revealed its face from behind a frail wisp of thin cloud. Meanwhile, hoarse, suppressed howls rumbled from the admiral’s cottage.

I wonder what the admiral looks like during a full moon…

Ye Xi carefully popped his head up over the window sill and peered inside the room surreptitiously. Only a small desk lamp was left on, emitting a soft, feeble glow. Admiral Moqi reclined against the sofa facing up, with half of his military uniform unbuttoned, exposing his firm chest.

He seemed to be straining under some unknown torment. Drenched in sweat, his chest heaved up and down in quick succession and his Adam’s Apple bobbed in his throat. His straight, angular brows twisted in agony as his hands balled into tight fists. His jaw clenched so tightly that the muscles from his entire face quivered under the strain. But apart from these, there were no other abnormal signs.

Ye Xi peered through the window pane. Thinking the admiral had not properly begun his transformation, he wanted to crouch back down and continue his wait. However, the admiral suddenly turned his head. Tinged with madness and bloodlust, his piercing eyes locked onto Ye Xi’s gaze. A murderous frenzy seethed within him, even the white of his eyes were tainted and bloodshot. Hideous and terrifying, veins bulged from his face and ghastly white teeth gnashed and creaked from his mouth, as if they were ready to chew someone off whole.

Holy Crap! This male extra is super scary! Save me, sir! Aaahh!

Ye Xi shuddered from the admiral’s gaze, completely forgetting to take this opportunity to comfort the admiral and conquer him. Ye Xi instinctively crouched back down next to the window like a little hamster that shrank back into its hole. Only a stubborn lock of hair from the top of his head1 danced in the sea breeze at the bottom of the window.

However, since the admiral had already seen him, hiding was completely futile.

Ye Xi shivered violently as he squatted against the cottage wall. The room was as silent as a graveyard, even the intermittent growls had vanished. Ye Xi debated with himself on whether he should take another peek, but the admiral was scarier than a demon right now…

While Ye Xi was paralysed with indecision, a sharp crack could be heard from the window shattering above his head. Broken glass scattered over the ground like raindrops while the warped metal frame flew into the distance. A moist, slippery tentacle reached out from the broken window as quick as lightning. Wrapping around Ye Xi’s waist, the tentacle dragged him back inside without reservation.

Ye Xi shrieked like a coward, “Aaaaaahh!”

It seemed that the admiral’s true form was of the tentacled variety.

The dashing admiral had disappeared without a trace. In his place, was a monster almost filling the entire room, a creature that should only be found in legends. Maybe due to the room being too small, the fiendish admiral seemed a little squashed, with his stubby tentacles squeezing into a tight corner.

A pair of gigantic jade-green eyes, many times larger than basketballs, bored into Ye Xi. With a growl, the creature opened its mouth, exposing a gargantuan abyss that could swallow a hundred Ye Xis whole. The tentacle holding Ye Xi hung over its enormous mouth, as if it was ready to let go at any moment and let Ye Xi freefall into its depths.

“Wait, wait, wait, wait, please don’t eat me! I haven’t showered today and I’m super dirty!” Despite knowing that he would be resurrected if he was killed, and as a protagonist, it was almost certain that he would not be killed, Ye Xi was still terrified to his core by the sight before him. So much so, that his bladder tingled and he almost wet himself.

However, since he was now dangling over the admiral’s mouth, if he was frightened into wetting himself it would mean…

Pull yourself together, bladder! I don’t want to build any rainbow bridges in the admiral’s mouth, dammit! If I get into any embarrassing accidents, I’d rather kill myself and restore from the last save point!

Ye Xi squeezed his legs together with all his might, focusing his entire attention on contracting his urethral sphincter muscles and completely forgot about conquering the admiral.

However, after half a minute had passed, the tentacle that wrapped around Ye Xi’s waist had not loosened. The giant jade-green eyes locked onto Ye Xi without blinking, revealing a trace of confusion in their depths.

Seeing the creature had no intentions of eating him, Ye Xi began to calm down. He stuttered as he asked, “Admiral Moqi, do you remember me?”

Roar? The admiral questioningly released a low growl. Baffled, he shook his giant head and successfully knocked off the chandelier from the ceiling.

“It’s me. I rescued you from the beach yesterday.” Ye Xi revealed a smile more hideous than crying, entirely without the graceful deportment expected of a pretty boy from the Mary Sue world. “You said you wanted to take me with you when you leave the island…”

The admiral blinked his green eyes, then with his tentacle, lowered Ye Xi within arm’s reach of his head. In a low tortured voice, he groaned, Roar roar roar…!

“Are… you in pain?” Gathering his rather dense brain cells, Ye Xi strived to distinguish the emotions embodied by the admiral’s growls.

Roar! The admiral’s large head immediately nodded a couple of times, and successfully knocked a large hole into the ceiling. Chunks of bricks and drywall fell onto the admiral’s tough skin in a loud clatter. But like scratching an itch, no traces were left behind on the creature.

Ye Xi laboured to suppress his fear of the sea monster. He reached out with his hand and gently patted the region between and slightly above the creature’s giant eyes, an area that should have been its forehead. Then, like coddling an infant, he coaxed, “Good monster, everything’s alright now. Aww.”

The strange thing was, when Ye Xi’s hand touched the admiral’s forehead, a soft, pearly white light gradually radiated from Ye Xi’s palm without warning and rippled throughout the admiral’s body in waves. The light was pure and majestic, like a blessing from the celestial kingdom. In an instant, the ferocious aura around the sea monster quietened down considerably.

Ye Xi was completely astounded by the glow from his hand, “…”

The Mary Sue plot where a gentle, compassionate and all-disease-curing soul, who is full of love and peace, defeats the dark, destructive forces of the world, has finally appeared!

Rah! The admiral’s growl sounded much more harmless, even carrying a hint of coquettish sweetness. With its tentacle, the creature pressed Ye Xi firmly against its gigantic face. Then rocking left and right, rubbed its face against Ye Xi like a petulant child.

Just as Ye Xi felt like his innards were going to be squeezed out by the admiral’s giant head, he finally stopped rubbing and turned back into a human under the effect of the white glow. The tentacle wrapping around Ye Xi’s waist transformed into a lithe, shapely arm, and pulled Ye Xi into his embrace as he transformed.

“Thank you…” The admiral whispered next to Ye Xi’s ear in a low voice.

Ye Xi hastily replied, “You’re welcome.”

This is what the Young Pioneers2 are supposed to do.

The admiral squeezed Ye Xi tighter against his chest, “You are the first person in this world who can rescue me from the curse of the Kraken.”

Though Ye Xi was already familiar with the story, he asked pretentiously, “Kraken? What’s that?”

“It’s a real deep sea monster, whose bloodline has been passed down through my family. I’m not sure when it began, but the monster’s blood mingled with that of my family. It’s the source of my power to control the forces of the ocean. But…” The admiral paused, then looking forlorn, “With every full moon, I assume the form of the sea monster and am overcome with lust for blood and carnage.”

“When I was a child, I swallowed my favourite pet after transforming under a full moon… Ever since then, I could not bring myself to care for the people around me, as I was afraid that one day I would kill the people I love while under the influence of the terrifying monster, afraid that they would share the same fate as my beloved pet. But, you…” The admiral was so moved that his voice trembled, “how did you do it? How did you lift my curse?”

“I’m not too sure myself…” Ye Xi tried to struggle out of the admiral’s powerful embrace, then asked anticlimactically, “Can you put your clothes on first?”

It feels really weird when you get all emotional while being butt-naked, alright?!


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Translator Notes:

  1. Reference to ‘idiot hair’ or ‘ahoge’ popularised by Japanese anime, which is usually associated with a dumb or naïve character.
  2. The Chinese equivalent of Boy Scouts
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February 10, 2021 2:35 am

I can’t read about tentacles without immediately assuming that it’s going to turn into a NSFW scene. 😅

February 10, 2021 6:35 am

How can ye xi be so funny even in emotional scene! ‘ It feels really weird when you get all emotional while you are butt-naked,alright?!’
Thank you for the chapter.

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Ngl, I was expecting (absolutely looking forward to) a ‘fishermans wife’ scene. Tentacles in all the orfices! Why? Why not 😁

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Sue R
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Another successful acts.

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