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Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


In the end, Lu YunYang had still irritated Guan Jin, and was kicked out by him. Guan Jin had also blocked the door between their rooms with a cabinet.

Lu YunYang shook his head helplessly and thought for a moment before going to his younger brother’s, Lu YunChi’s room. As he walked down the corridor, he encountered his entire family.

“Brother, aren’t you going to go eat?” Lu YunChi grinned.

“Your brother-in-law is annoyed at me, how could I eat…” Lu YunYang said morosely.

“You can only get the energy to pursue brother-in-law after you’re full,” Lu YunChi swiftly said. He immediately realized that this wasn’t the right time to joke around, so he quickly diverted the topic. “Haha, um, we’re going to go eat first.”

“Wait, don’t eat, go to your room.” Lu YunYang walked towards his room without even looking back.

“Why do we have to go to his room?” Qin Se couldn’t help but ask.

“To hold a meeting!”

“Ahh, husband, I’m hungry…” Qin Se leaned weakly against Lu YunChi.

“Wife, I’m also hungry, just bear it for a moment…”

Thus, a group of hungry people were sad as they were squeezed into a room.

“Cousin, are you kidding?” Mu QianHe’s eyes were wide after she listened to Lu YunYang talk.

“If only I was.” Lu YunYang sighed. “The revolution was about to be won, but now there’s a new enemy.”

“Brother, the living cannot compete with the dead, you should express your condolences… Wait no, you should feel relieved.” Lu YunChi crossed his legs. “However, you indeed are in serious trouble. What are you going to do if he’s dead set on playing this with his life at stake?”

“Which is why my troubles are your troubles, since you guys came with nothing to do. I can’t let things get out of control, and our top priority is to find that assassin, Spider, before Little Jin does. He’s very dangerous, and he might harm others. As for Little Jin’s partners, also do your best to try to find them.”

“Teacher, what about the big boss? Guan Jin is determined to kill his enemy.” Qin Xiao rubbed his chin and furrowed his brows.

Lu YunYang’s expression became more serious, and he looked up at the ceiling. “I must deal with this myself. Stay away from the person upstairs, and don’t even think about trying to use trickery to gain advantages.”

“Brother, can I take part in this?” Qin Se clutched Lu YunChi’s sleeve in excitement.

“Stay with YunChi and don’t take any unauthorized actions. Despite how unhelpful the three of them are, they were still raised by the Lu family, so at crucial times, they’re able to spot danger and protect themselves,” rejected Lu YunYang.

“XiaoXiao was raised by our family…” Qin Se protested in a small voice.

“He is my student.”


Everyone was thinking, I’m so hungry…


Tao Yu was leaning against the railing on the fourth floor by himself, and the wind ruffled his hair.

“Wow, handsome guy, you’re worthy of being artistic, the wind on even a cold day can make you look so stylish!” Lu YunChi and Qin Se walked up to him.

Tao Yu frowned slightly as he looked at them.

“Stop looking at me like I’m an annoying salesman, though I suppose I am a salesman, in a way.” Lu YunChi handed him his business card. “Are you interested in joining my company? This type of pensive, young men are very popular worldwide.”

“Are you that famous designer who started his own modeling agency?” Tao Yu looked at Lu YunChi in surprise.

“You actually know him?” Qin Se was shocked. “Is he that famous?”

“Wife, don’t you know that your husband is amazing?” Lu YunChi winked proudly.

“I’m only 178 centimeters tall, I can’t even go on a runway nationally, muchless internationally,” Tao Yu said suspiciously.

“I also have magazines, and your image is very suitable for being a cover model.” Lu YunChi stopped smiling. “Going around to sing like this is a little wasteful of your talents.”

Tao Yu said indifferently, “I like to be free and not tied to a company. Moreover, your company is based overseas, right? I barely know any English, so living abroad would be very problematic. I’m afraid I’ll have to decline your offer.”

Lu YunChi shrugged. “It was only a suggestion. Keep the business card, and in case you get bored of your freedom, you can contact me at any time.”

Qin Se didn’t seem to be interested in their conversation topic. “You’re very good at singing, I rarely hear a bass sing that low.”

Tao Yu seemed to be taken aback. “You… like music?”

“Yes, especially jazz.” Qin Se’s eyes lit up. “You sing jazz very well, why are you singing on this ship? I’m afraid you’d have a better audience at a bar or other stages.”

Tao Yu turned back and looked at the endless ocean. “It was purely a coincidence. Originally, I was singing in a bar to get a meal, and when one of the guests heard my performance, they went backstage to find me. She said that she was going to sing on a cruise ship that was going to Hawaii, but they required at least two people, so she had been looking for a partner. She asked me if I was interested and told me that the pay was very good. I had never been at sea before, so I was curious and yearning, which was why I immediately agreed. That guest was Elena.”

“I see, fate really is amazing. We all went on this trip for various reasons, and later, perhaps there will be magical experiences…” Qin Se was caught in a fantasy world.

“Sorry, she sometimes gets sentimental like this,” whispered Lu YunChi as he led Qin Se away.

“How about it?” Lu YunChi let go of Qin Se’s arm after they went downstairs.

“I couldn’t tell that he felt curious or yearning towards this trip at all. On the contrary, his expression is gloomy, and he’s full of thoughts.” Qin Se wagged her finger. “He was definitely lying.”

“Moreover, he understood my business card completely, and on it, my position was written in French.” Lu YunChi rubbed his chin. “If he had heard people on the ship talk about me before, why did he pretend like it was his first time hearing about it? If he hadn’t heard it before, then how could he, who barely even knows English, understand French?”

“Are his inconsistencies because of his poor lying technique, or did he say them on purpose?” wondered Qin Se.

“Either way, there’s something fishy about him.”


“Miss Elena, your Chinese is very good,” complimented Qin Xiao.

“Your English is also very good.”

“I’m studying English, so how can it be compared to your self-studying? Your courage to travel around so much is very admirable.” Qin Xiao looked a little envious.

“Traveling alone requires not only courage, but desire in the soul as well. If you don’t like to wander around, then it won’t be pleasurable.” Elena twirled her hair around her finger, and her expression was a little frivolous.

“Is this your first time on a cruise ship?”

“Yes. This type of luxury cruise ship is very expensive, and I like to travel, but I don’t like to toil too much, so I’ve never taken a cruise before. This opportunity was very hard to get, so how could I let it go?”

“Hard to get indeed. Miss Elena, you’re very skilled, seeing as you were able to stand out and obtain an opportunity like this.”

Elena shook her head. “Actually, it was all a coincidence. I went to a bar to drink, and I got tipsy and went onstage to sing. The bar’s singer, Tao Yu, said that my voice was very special, and he asked me if I was interested in being partners with him and performing on this ship. Of course I couldn’t refuse such a perfect opportunity.”

“How lucky.”

“Yeah, I also feel that my luck isn’t bad.”


Last night, Guan Jin had texted Tony, telling him to look into the people on the ship. However, this evening, he had discovered that his phone had already lost signal. This would be troublesome, since he couldn’t receive his reply. The satellite phone was in the control room, but in order to record the situation on the ship, it was just like a black box on a plane, so it was set up to record all calls, and he couldn’t take that risk.

Would tonight be another sleepless night? Guan Jin tossed and turned in his bed, and his mind was filled with flashes of his next step and Lu YunYang’s face.

There was a light knock at his door.

Guan Jin sat up alertly. “Who’s there?”

“Darling, it’s me.”

Guan Jin angrily got out of the bed and pulled open the door. “Who’s your darling, don’t be so disgusting. It’s very late and I was just about to sleep, don’t you think it’s very vile to disturb other people’s dreams?”

“Although you called me disgusting and vile, it still can’t block my worry that you’re too stressed to fall asleep.” Lu YunYang placed his hands over his heart. “I can practically sense your upset.”

“You really know no bounds.” Guan Jin pressed his forehead that had suddenly started throbbing and let him in. He didn’t want rumors that Lu YunYang was standing at his door to start flying around tomorrow.

“I’m serious.” Lu YunYang closed the door and stopped teasing him. “I came to give you some comfort. I recruited my relatives as allies, so YunChi and the other three will do their best to help you. Rest assured, I know what I should and shouldn’t say. They definitely won’t mess anything up, so the burden on you will be reduced by a lot.”

Guan Jin opened his mouth, closed it, and opened it again… I’m trying to kill someone here! Now everyone knows about it, how is the burden on me reduced?!

“I’ll get going now so as not to disturb your rest.”

“Don’t go.”

Pleasant surprise flashed in Lu YunYang’s eyes. “Little Jin!”

“I need a punching bag to relieve my stress and help me sleep.”


“…I’ll go to the gym to bring you one, it’s definitely a lot sturdier than me.”


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May 23, 2021 11:11 am

Their interactions never fail to make me laugh! XD I’m guessing this Tao Yu is Street Artist! Thanks for the chapter! ^^

Sue R
Sue R
May 23, 2021 12:34 pm

Hopefully, Wen JingHan’s partner is not the master mind person that Guan Jin is looking for and that Tony was not his killer.

May 23, 2021 4:01 pm

This gets more interesting by the chapter! But Elena and T said two different stories! He recruited his family which was awesome! Hmm our GJ is now seeing LYY’s face huh? Thank you for the translation!

May 23, 2021 8:45 pm

LYY is amazing. His devotion towards GY is unbeatable. Their family must be interesting. Too many characters popping up with new mystery. I have to go back to previous chapters and read again to find the loose ends. Wow this chapter must be a bridge to the mystery of LYY’s family.
Thanks alot for the chapter.

May 24, 2021 3:09 am

And the intrigue thickens. This situation is like a good cruise ship mystery movie. With the Lu family’s support it will be very hard for Guan Jin to actually kill someone, unless that person is the other assassin.
Thank you for the chapter!!!

June 22, 2021 5:42 pm

I couldn’t believe (like GJ’s reaction 😶) when LYY told his family about almost everything! They’re more than meets the eye, especially as not one member batted so much as an eye lid!
There’ll be 2 secret organisations at this rate.
One of the singers is lying and from their questioning, it’s looking like Tao Yu.
Thank you for translating.

December 1, 2021 12:57 am

I would believe that Seth Cantebury is Hermes, but I remember the first time we met the police boss’ lover they were discussing a mysterious power figure that the cop guy has been hunting. Wonder if our two policemen are inadvertently hunting the same person?

July 22, 2022 3:01 am

am I the only one mad at this? Guan Jin should have been infuriated with Lu YunYang for telling his family. He barley knows these people and upon finding out they know his plans he so trustingly told LYY his reaction was so mundane. He should have been enraged and betrayed seeing as this was not a lighthearted situation, I would think he would share the idea “the more people know, the more dangerous” but he doesn’t even seemed bothered. Im hoping this isnt the case but I dont have much hope..

May 5, 2023 7:07 pm

i can’t believe he just straight face told them all how Guan Jin plans to murder someone… even if YunYang’s morals are numb because he’s love struck, how are the rest of them all just fine with it??!

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