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Hey everyone, just a small update post about commenting etiquette.


1. We at Exiled Rebels have the right to remove, edit, or reject any comments posted on our site. You’re a guest, so keep this in mind when commenting.


2. Be courteous and nice to other readers. Practice respectful disagreement, not personal attacks.

3. Do not leave spoilers. Remember, there are some readers who have just found some of our older novels for the first time and do not know anything that happens later on.

4. Do not attach pictures. This takes up space on our site, leaving less room for us to add pictures to our posts.

5. Keep it as brief as possible. If you want to write a comment as long as a novel, please go join the Novel Updates Forum and start a conversation with other readers there. Don’t turn every comment into your own personal blog post.

6. Please do not ask for “faster releases,” “next chapter ASAP,” or any other comments urging the translators to go faster. We release at a speed that the translators are comfortable with so if they have an emergency IRL, they can take care of it without worrying about releases or stopping releases completely. If you feel the speed is too slow, you are more than welcome to take our translation test to become a translator yourself.

7. Try to post something that adds value to a conversation (“me, too” doesn’t add value). If someone’s comment is what you were thinking, in your comment, explain your reason why you thought the same. To avoid redundancy, read previous comments before posting your own. If your views are the same as that poster, comment on their post instead of doing a new comment. 

8. Before posting a comment, please re-read it to see if a normal audience member would understand it as well as to see, if you were the translator, you would appreciate the comment if it was toward you. This means, please use “you: instead of “u” and proper punctuation.


Thank you guys for reading our works on our site. We appreciate all of you.

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December 16, 2020 12:40 am


Just want to say that I love how this lovely group always doing their best to keep the beauty of the original language. English is not my mother tongue so I learn a lot by reading others’s writing ^^

December 16, 2020 11:40 am

I’m sorry you had to make a post like this , because some users are not friends with common courtesy and respect.
And thank you so much for translating the novels, we really appreciate your hard work.
This site is the the major reason I’ve gotten into danmei <3

January 15, 2021 2:54 pm

As I go away and then come back after a while, I have no idea what could have happened for you to make this post. I hope every user will abide to this updated commenting etiquette, I sure will. Though, now I’m not really sure if I should comment at all; I’m not very good at giving insight, and I’m pretty sure I don’t add much value as most of my comments just contain a simple “thank you for the chapter”. Anyways, thank you for all the hard work. This site sure brings me joy when I feel like relaxing… Read more »

February 28, 2021 1:56 pm

I’m sorry this issue keeps coming up repeatedly. This site is a joy and has opened my horizons to new genres. It’s sad that people can’t see how their comments about others reflect solely on themselves. May fortune shine down on your enterprises and the heart fires you share with others continue to warming many.

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