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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Xi Ran didn’t know why Huan Xiu had such confidence in him. He thought he was slow and stupid in this area, and had been confused since he was a child when all the Zerg around him were talking about it. If he had fallen in love with a Zerg, he would not have gone along with the flow and accepted the marriage arrangement by his superiors. Although it’s a bit remorseful to think about it, without that experience, he wouldn’t have met Huan Xiu.

After a long time of struggling, Xi Ran still thought that the current situation was probably the best.

Huan Xiu spent the night in his arms and his heart felt much lighter. He felt that there were no more barriers between them now that they were talking. The promotion from concubine to female monarch was no trouble, but Huan Xiu realized in hindsight that it was actually ‘marriage’! He was in a trance for a while, he was still in the ‘dating and living together’ state.

Although it was not necessary in the Zerg society, Huan Xiu still felt that a wedding and a ring were essential. As he researched and researched, Huan Xiu realized that this was a big deal and needed to be planned carefully, so he had not mentioned this to Xi Ran yet. At first he was worried that Xi Ran would be anxious about it and would not have much time to prepare, but he did not expect that Xi Ran would be so happy with his assurance that he would not take the initiative to express or hint at it.

He’s so easy to convince…… Huan Xiu was torn between worrying about Xi Ran and being happy that his partner trusted him.


Xi Ran had been at the training camp for more than a week now, and even though he didn’t have any reaction on the surface, internally he was not calm at all. He was worried that his silence and lack of communication would not be appropriate for this position. Huan Xiu obviously noticed, since Xi Ran was so agitated every night, he could neither sit nor stand.

“What are you doing talking to the wall?” Huan Xiu couldn’t resist interrupting Xi Ran’s tossing and turning.

“I’m practicing my tone of voice as an instructor.”

“Don’t worry, you won’t be allowed to drill newcomers so soon. Just follow along and learn.” Huan Xiu was helpless, Xi Ran was always so stubborn about everything.

“……Isn’t it better to practice?”

Huan Xiu thought about it and suggested, “Then you can use me as your test subject. Think of me as one of your new recruits, it’s better than facing a wall, right?”

“That won’t do,” Xi Ran flatly refused, “My tone needs to be very strict with soldiers, especially new recruits.”

“Mn, so?”

“I…… how can I be strict with you?” Xi Ran was embarrassed. He was very reluctant to show Huan Xiu the tough and cold side of the army, an image that he himself found very unattractive.

Huan Xiu was curious, but he didn’t push Xi Ran, thinking about the next time he would have the chance to go to the military headquarters to see how the other worked.

“Then I won’t bother you…”

As soon as Huan Xiu stood up, Xi Ran became anxious, thinking that his refusal had misled his Master into thinking he was upset.

“Don’t worry, I have some work to do too. It’s just as well for you to practice instructing by yourself, I’ll go work too. We’ll sleep together when we’re all done.” Huan Xiu pressed Xi Ran down with one hand, who was about to get up. He obviously could not hold him down with his strength, but Xi Ran obediently let himself be “held down”.

Xi Ran looked up and said, “Okay.”

Huan Xiu didn’t have much work to do in the middle of the night, but he thought that being in their room might disturb Xi Ran. He also remembered something else.

Just as Huan Ye came out to get a drink of water, Huan Xiu waved at Huan Ye when he saw him.

“Male father?” Huan Ye hurried over.

Huan Xiu shushed him and gestured to him to come downstairs and talk to him.

Only when he got downstairs, Huan Xiu was relieved to talk to Huan Ye about the so-called celebration again. Xi Ran might overhear them on the second floor, but then it wouldn’t be a surprise.

They have already discussed it earlier, this time they needed to confirm the time. Of course, Huan Ye was more than happy to cooperate with Huan Xiu and said he would write a card to his father. He had not been in primary school for long, but he could already write quite a lot. So he agreed to meet Xiao Ye at the primary school tomorrow night after Huan Xiu got off work, and would drop him off at a reserved restaurant, then Huan Xiu would pick up Xi Ran from the military department. If there was no traffic jam, he could even buy a bouquet of flowers and give him a kiss… After all, some things couldn’t always be done in front of Xiao Ye.

It was just a celebration – that’s why Huan Xiu had to find such a reason. He was not young anymore, but he actually had a spring in his steps.

Huan Xiu first booked a private room in the study downstairs, then checked the route to the entrance of the military training camp before slowly returning to his room.

When Xi Ran heard the door open, he turned around quickly.

“Are you done practicing?”

Xi Ran hurriedly shook his head, “No more practice. Let’s rest together.”

It was actually still too early to sleep, but sometimes when the two of them went to bed together, they would have a leisurely moment of reading a book while chatting casually. Huan Xiu liked it, so he said, “Xiao Ye’s been doing well in school these past two days. The last time I met his teacher at the school gate, he seemed to be very positive about him.” Huan Xiu found that most of their conversations started with Huan Ye, which was a habit they’ve developed since they met.

“The teachers are especially enthusiastic because Master goes to the door.” Xi Ran did not forget to give credit to Huan Xiu, but it was also true. When he picked up Huan Ye at the gate, the teacher only nodded at him politely and was never enthusiastic.

“It’s true that there aren’t many male Zerg in the primary department…” Huan Xiu then came closer and asked half jokingly, “Are you unhappy when they come to talk to me?”

Xi Ran thought about it and confessed in all seriousness, “……If you say too much, I will be.”

“You’re pretty honest,” Huan Xiu couldn’t help but laugh, “So what if I do?”

“Then… please, Master, just don’t tell me.” Xi Ran lowered his head slightly, his voice a bit sullen.

Huan Xiu couldn’t help but squeeze over and rub the other’s hair and cheeks, Xi Ran’s facial lines were hard, but the contrast was adorable under such a rubbing.

“Don’t worry, I won’t talk to them too much.”

Xi Ran didn’t stop Huan Xiu’s rubbing at all, but instead took the opportunity to watch his Master up close and personal, watching him so intently that he was a bit out of it.

“Stunned?” Huan Xiu realized after a while and shook his hand, “Do I look good?”

“Mn. Master is good-looking.”

Huan Xiu couldn’t help it, he was not that handsome in the original world, and now he was only moderately handsome. In the eyes of the Zerg race, what they called good looking meant delicate’. Unlike the female Zerg, who were generally rough looking, the male Zerg were much more elegant. Although they were praised for their ‘good looks’, a large part of the reason for this was that they were rare, and Huan Xiu was not very happy about this… 

Huan Xiu’s sex life had been harmonious ever since Xi Ran asked Huan Xiu if he was bored with him. That evening, Huan Xiu gradually rolled with Xi Ran. Even touching his hair and cheek could also generate strong sexual desire. He couldn’t help feeling that his body was really young.

After that, in bed, Huan Xiu watched Xi Ran lying on his back with his upper body naked. After returning to the military headquarters and recovering some necessary physical training, Xi Ran’s figure became better and better. Huan Xiu, on a whim, reached out and touched his abdominal muscles, “To tell you the truth, I’m a little curious. Were your muscles still there when you were pregnant?”

“Yes. It’s going to be a little fatty, but it’s not going to make a big difference.”

“Yeah, an egg isn’t that big.” Huan Xiu thought about it, the Zerg were an egg-laying species. The first few months of pregnancy were not noticable, and in the last one to two months, depending on the situation, the size of the egg would grow rapidly, but it was the size of an adult male’s hand, much smaller than a human fetus.

After birth, Zerg eggs took another month to hatch, although the cubs could already hear and think, the Zerg race had a tradition of letting the cubs break out of their shells without any help, which was the first test for them.

Huan Xiu’s questions about the Zerg eggs did not arouse suspicion because the male Zerg were not too concerned about this. Xi Ran thought that Huan Xiu wes asking these questions out of pure curiosity.

Huan Xiu touched twice more, “It’s really hard to imagine what that looks like… Say, do you think… you could have one inside now?”

“Cough, cough…!” Xi Ran’s rarely expressionless face was confused for a moment, “No… it shouldn’t be that easy to have one. Zerg fertility is already low…”

When Huan Xiu saw him nervously start to talk to him about Zerg fertility rate, he thought he was under pressure from his words, and he even advised him, “I know, I know,” he said. “I just said it in passing. If you really were with just this many times, I should go buy a lottery ticket.”

Xi Ran suddenly calmed down again and nodded after a long while.

“Besides, we’re still very young, aren’t we? Even if we don’t have one, it doesn’t matter.” Huan Xiu smiled.


Huan Xiu doesn’t know if it was an illusion, but Xi Ran looked a bit reluctant.


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I’m looking forward to the nice surprise to Xi Ran.

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hoping for the surprise to be okay ah~ thank u for the chapter ;>

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I’m now thinking Xi Ran’s problem is with the ability to easily, if at all, have more children; but then wouldn’t that info have been necessary when they tbey were matched?
Looking forward to Xi Ran’s reaction to his celebratory surprise.
Thanks for translating.

Xiao Ying
November 9, 2022 5:57 pm

hm? is it possible that he couldn’t get pregnant again?

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