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Chapter 10: Catching Master in the Act

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

(Addis note: The novel skips. The ending from chapter nine will be slightly explained in chapter 11)


“Ha… Senior Brother… Uh… Don’t… Ah, ah! Mn! Don’t touch it Ha… It’s not right for us to do this… “

Today, just after the morning class, in the corner of a peak in Kunlun Mountain, a beautiful young man of about sixteen years old was dressed in disorder. His beautiful face was full of lust, and his apricot eyes were wet as he looked at the man on his body. He looked pitiful and lovable.

He was wearing a blue and white robe, but his lower body had nothing covering it. His slender white legs were raised and swayed powerlessly in the air. The cold man in his body was tall and expressionless. He put a finger into the pink womb under the young man to tease him constantly, which made the young man pant. His lower body was wet with liquids.

“I can’t do this? But you can do it with Master?” With a sneer, the man thrust his fingers into the deep part of the front hole, and gently plucked his fingertips, making the man moan out intermittently. The liquid overflowed, and continued to flow down his white thigh.

“Ah, ah! Mn! How itchy! My ass is itchy! Ha… Don’t touch it! Wuwuwu! Senior Brother… We’re going to be late… “

Ye Chi, who had been trained to be extremely sensitive by the day and night exercise, was shivering and leaning against senior brother Liu Lin’s arms. His lower body rubbed against Liu Lin’s bulging lower body as he looked at him pitifully with tears in his eyes.

Liu Lin saw his coquettish appearance. His face was cold as ice, but his heart was burning with rage. Ever since this little turd had been accepted by the master who was in closed door cultivation, Liu Lin had loved the little junior brother who he thought was pure and lovely.

Who knew that a few days ago, when he happened to visit his master’s immortal’s cave, he was greeted with the sight of the little junior brother pressed under his master’s body, pouting his white buttocks like a bitch, dying of lust, eyes out of focus, his mouth was open with drool, and the semen from his lower body’s two acupoints almost flowed all over the ground.

That day, Liu Lin had hidden outside, and his master, Duan Ziqing, was quite absentminded that he didn’t notice him. While Ye Chi was pressed against the jade table, his body was constantly hit. His pair of small nipples were shaking, and his white body was full of purple and blue love marks. The jade legs were covered with semen and marks, his womb was almost turned out, his legs were shaking with each wild insertion, and were tightly wrapped around the master’s waist.

“Ah… Ahhh! Slow down… Ah… Slow… I will be killed by the master! Ha… Ah! Mn! “

Ye Chi’s mouth opened wide and gasped for breath, so much so that he could only scream, “Ah,ah”. The lovely jade penis trembled and the fine mouth was blocked, but the master was not gentle anymore. Instead, he slapped the rump of the bitch, tightly clamped his waist, and went crazy on the dead hole like a fast piling machine. The dark and long cock was tightly twisted by the pink and tender womb. Every time Duan Ziqing stepped into the womb, Ye Chi would wildly spasm.

“Ah, ah! It’s too deep! Ha… Too hard! It’s going to be fucked Ah! Mn! It’s too big…To be fucked…”

Master held Ye Chi’s head that was a mess, with saliva flowing out, and the tide blew again and again, so the thick cock couldn’t stop drilling in.

“So maddening!” It seemed that the master was frightened by the lewdness of his junior brother. After the last crazy dash, he deeply inserted into the uterus of Ye Chi. Ye Chi struggled with fear, even cried, but was forced down by the master. He let the hot and strong cock spray into the deep part of his sensitive womb, splashing the fetus still in the womb.

Ye Chi, who was shot to the climax, wriggled his waist and enjoyed the extreme joy of being watered by semen. His lustful face was full of satiety, his eyes were blank, his toes could not help but curl up, and his mouth could not cry out.

The ordinary young junior brother was just like the most obscene cauldron, and almost rotten by men! Liu Lin’s lower body also shot out when he looked at the milk gushing out from the breasts when his junior brother climaxed.

What surprised Liu Lin even more was that he had been manipulated like this. After only a short time, Ye Chi gently hummed and held his breast, wrapped a pair of jade legs around the master, and put the nipple into the master’s mouth!

“Ha… Master… My nipples are so swollen and painful… What a pain… Uh… Would you like to take a sip, master…”

Ye Chi’s voice had been slightly hoarse because of being fucked for a long time. When he was humming and playing coquettish, he had a different taste. It was like a feather gently scratching the bottom of a man’s heart, so that they couldn’t refuse any of his requests.

Not to mention, such a lustful plea.

With a considerate smile, his master naturally chewed the swollen breasts that had been sucked on that morning, like it was a delicious snack. The satisfaction and pain were intertwined on the face of Ye Chi. When the master sucked one, he held the other and begged pitifully.

This bitch needed two people to suck his nipples at the same time! Liu Lin looked at his refreshed cock and thought angrily.

The two acupoints of Ye Chi had not been kept lonely for a long time. When the master was operating the womb, the chrysanthemum behind him would not be empty, but contained a thick jade dildo. Even though the master’s cock was still inserted in the small junior brother’s womb, his body could not bear the lack of penis.

With the nourishment of Ye Chi’s milk, Duan Ziqing’s cock grew coarser and stronger unconsciously, and his sexual ability and sexual desire also got stronger. He had to vent twice every day on this bitch before he could give up.

Ye Chi, who was used to being loved by many people day and night, was very satisfied with Duan Ziqing, but after all, he couldn’t always pester him to have sex. During his pregnancy, Ye Chi was even less able to be nourished with male sperm. After thinking about it, he decided to start with his two senior brothers.

“Master uh… Why is your cock hard again? Ha… Don’t hit there… Wuwuwu. It’s too late… It will be broken later… “

“Ah… It’s obviously that you’re grumbling again. You want to falsely accuse your teacher… Today, as your teacher, I will treat you well!”

When he saw that his master had finished his milk, Ye Chi jumped into his arms and played coquettishly. After a few words, they kissed each other and their tongues were intertwined. Ye Chi could hardly breathe when he was kissed. His pair of wet eyes were extremely shy. The white and tender legs encircled his master’s waist again, and they soon began to roll again.

Seeing that Ye Chi, who was just about to be rotten, complaining again, Liu Lin was so shocked that he didn’t know what to say.

This time, Ye Chi took the initiative to ride on his master’s cock, and the two began to ride for another time. This position inserted the cock into Ye Chi deeper, so that he opened his mouth and cried silently. His legs spasmed tightly around his master’s strong waist and thighs, and he was so dry that his eyes rolled back. The sound of squelching and the moans of Ye Chi filled the entire immortal’s cave, also filling Liu Lin’s ears.

At that time, Ye Chi was held down for five days in the immortal’s cave. Liu Lin also watched for five days from the outside, watching his beloved junior brother. In every corner of the cave, the master used all kinds of postures to fuck the young man. He watched how he licked the ugly cock of his master hungrily. He couldn’t swallow the white thick liquid in his small mouth. He was inserted by the purple black cock and let out a soft sexual cry. The two acupoints were full of semen and could not be blocked. The whole body was full of traces of kisses left by his master.

When he finally came out of the cave, Ye Chi couldn’t close his legs and was so soft that he could hardly walk. When he went out, he could only lean against his master for support. His body was supported by the thick cock of his master. And Liu Lin kept rubbing his cock at the sight, shooting again and again.

Later, Liu Lin found that after finishing the morning classes every day, little junior brother would rush to his master’s immortal’s cave. He used to think that master was going to check the homework of little junior brother, but now he found that Ye Chi had been going to take the initiative to exercise with his thighs open!

Later, in order to dry junior brother anytime and anywhere conveniently, his master even covered the floor of his immortal’s cave with a thick layer of fur. His wanton junior brother, with his thighs spread open on the blanket, took the initiative to sit on his cock in the cave. He would shake his slender waist, hold his nipples and wait for his master’s permission.

Since then, Liu Lin’s love for Ye Chi had turned into lust, and he had decided to fuck the bitch!

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