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Chapter 11: Senior Brother Fucks Wildly

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

Liu Lin’s lower part of his penis was extremely big and ugly. He used to be a Jindan immortal and his Sect had decided a marriage for him. Unfortunately, the beauty couldn’t bear Liu Lin’s coarseness. Only when he stabbed in two-thirds of his penis, she cried loudly in pain. Her lower part was bleeding. Finally, the fairy fled after a week of the marriage. To the outside world, Liu Lin declared that he was in closed door cultivation.

And compared to his master’s cock, Liu Lin, knew that he was equal to him, and even the top was slightly bent. Since little junior brother could bear the greatness of his master, it meant that he could also relieve his desire.

After simple expansion, Liu Lin’s breathing became more and more ragged. He grabbed the slightly bulging nipple of Ye Chi and sucked it hard. Ye Chi whimpered and his womb relaxed. Liu Lin seized the opportunity and slowly inserted the huge and incomparable cock.

“Don’t, ah… It’s too big! Wuwuwu! You can’t get in… ” When Ye Chi saw Liu Lin’s cock, he regretted seducing him. He was still pregnant with a child. He was scared by such a vicious purple and black erection. There was also a series of protruding knots on the cock, which was extremely terrifying. Ye Chi was worried for a moment that he would be forced to miscarry.

“Ha… It’s so tight! Junior brother, your nipples will be licked by senior brother. Let senior brother take a good care of you… “

Ye Chi pushed Liu Lin’s chest powerlessly, but Liu Lin pressed down hard. Liu Lin sucked the bulging nipple. The pleasure of sucking made Ye Chi shiver and moan, “Ha… Senior brother, suck harder. Ah… Here, too ha… Ah no way… It’s going to be discovered by master…”

Ye Chi, who was addicted to lust, shuddered all over and wanted to push Liu Lin away. But it was a pity that Ye Chi had been manipulated to be soft all over as long as he smelled a man’s breath, let alone have the man’s glans in his womb. He would open his thighs without them even asking.

Liu Lin snorted and sucked his nipples. He wanted Ye Chi to feel pain, “Don’t worry, master will not be back for a while. But when he returns, you can go to see Master with the Yang essence of senior brother in your ass.”

Ye Chi was relieved. His legs involuntarily twined around Liu Lin’s body.

That time, when elder brother ran into his love affair with Duan Ziqing, Duan Ziqing had been one step faster, escaped and took Ye Chi to the Kunlun Sect. Ye Chi knew that Duan Ziqing was one of the Elders of the Kunlun Mountain Sect, but he had no right to travel.

The two disciples of Duan Ziqing, Li Yan and Liu Lin, were handsome and cold, tall and good to him. Li Yan was gloomy and withdrawn, but he had an excellent ability of refining weapons. He had trained countless prostitutes in private. Every time he saw Ye Chi, his eyes would maintain a steady gaze.

Ye Chi was extremely satisfied with the two men, and finally decided to accept them all, so he deliberately led Liu Lin to see the scene of his love making with Duan Ziqing. But who knew that Liu Lin’s lower body phallus was so appalling that Ye Chi almost even flinched.

However, Liu Lin didn’t care so much. His cock was wrapped by the best womb, and he immediately ignored anything else. Standing up, he slowly inserted it. Although Ye Chi was crying, he was after all an immoral devil. The full satisfaction and desire for flesh made him not help but secrete a lot of erotic liquid, which made his front hole more slippery.

Naturally, Liu Lin noticed the lewd reaction of his little junior brother. Liu Lin’s heart flashed over the scene that he wanted to fuck. He didn’t hesitate any more. Suddenly, he clasped his hands on Ye Chi’s waist, gave a firm push under his hip, and entered directly!

“Aaaaah!!!” The body of the young man under him was very strong, and his eyes rolled back in pleasure. Ye Chi’s mouth was slightly open, his eyes were blank, and he was almost destroyed by the killing pleasure.

Hard… What a big…

The uterus of Ye Chi was directly impacted by this strange long cock, the sensitive points and the flower center were rubbed, the extremely soft uterus was grinded and rolled by that cock. The hard and stony phallus was relentlessly close, and his hole was full and extremely expanded.

At the moment when Liu Lin’s cock fully entered his body, Ye Chi shot out!

“Here it is… The uterus has been opened… “

From the sudden penetration, Ye Chi almost fainted. Liu Lin’s penis was twisted convulsively by the flesh as Ye Chi climaxed around him, and the incessant secretion of the erotic liquid made the womb wet. It was so tight and soft that Liu Lin breathed tightly. At the next moment, he began the storm of thrusting and fiercely entered!

Ye Chi unconsciously catered to the thrusts from Liu Lin. A pair of jade legs encircled Liu Lin’s waist, hoping that the big cock that could make Ye Chi want to die would be embedded in his body forever. His belly was slightly bulging after being stuffed by the cock, and his delicate and white body was soon covered with Liu Lin’s kiss marks, which looked obscene.

“Ah, ah! Mn! My womb is touched… Wuwuwu, senior brother, it’s so comfortable… “

“Bitch! A mess that seduces your own senior brother! Senior brother is going to fuck up your ass directly today. See how you’ll be able to seduce people in the future after this! ” Liu Lin no longer had any pity for Ye Chi as he did in the past. He took this youth as his enemy and attacked him with the most vicious weapon attached to his hip!

His body was mercilessly red and trembling, and the milk was sucked out of his nipple by Liu Lin fiercely. His nipples were already swollen from the biting. Liu Lin kissed the corner of his mouth, but his actions were so fierce that Ye Chi wished he could die under him. Ye Chi’s brain was drowned by the extreme pleasure, his hands were around Liu Lin’s neck, and he bawled uncontrollably.

“… No more… It’s going to break… It’s too deep… It’s going to be rotten by the cock… “

After the uterus was opened by such a huge cock, Ye Chi’s acupoint was extremely sore and itchy. Only when the uterus was severely dried could the itch be relieved. As a result, Ye Chi became more coquettish and crazily catered to the manipulation of men. He rocked his hips and asked for a deeper penetration by the cock, hoping that the pair of huge black balls would follow him into his body.

Liu Lin felt that his glans were in a very moist and soft place, as if there were countless small tongues to lick, which made him take a sharp breath and hold his junior brother tighter. He was very angry.

“Little bitch! It’s like you were born to be fucked by a man! Can’t do without a cock then?”

“Ah, ah!!…That’s where… Ah, ah! Mn! Spare me… Ha… Too deep! It’s too fierce! Going to be worn dry… “

With Liu Lin’s anger, Ye Chi was pushed to another climax. His eyes were lax, and there was a little drool on the corner of his mouth, and he could only breathe. He unconsciously contracted and tightly twisted Liu Lin’s appalling phallus.

“Ah… I’m fucked… I’m going to be done by senior brother’s big cock…… Don’t go there! It’s so comfortable! Going to die…” The top killing pleasure layer by layer oppressed the nerves of Ye Chi, making him cry and beg. The womb trembled and drummed up waves of liquid, making a lewd sound of squelching, beating and hitting all around.

It was a pity that Liu Lin’s movement would not slow down. After hearing Ye Chi’s plea, he hit the uterus violently, which made the acupoint soft.

In the quiet early morning in the woods, there was a faint sound of the coquettish groans of the young man’s climax and the sound of a cock hitting skin during sexual intercourse. A young and handsome boy with disordered clothes was naked, his legs were shaking, and he crazily held on the tree trunk with a tall man behind him. The purple black ferocious cock hit the poor pink womb of the young man again and again, and the white and tender thighs and buttocks were dirtied by the ugly phallus of the man. In sharp contrast, as long as a male was seeing such a scene, his lower body would immediately stiffen.

“Senior brother… Ah… Senior brother… Ah, ah! Mn! It’s too fierce! I’m going to be fucked by a big cock! Ah… Ah ,ah! Mn! No more senior brother… It’s too late…”

The cold man contained the youth under him, pulled and moved wildly in the body of the youth, and wept for the poor youth. A pair of beautiful eyes, with tears in their eyes, looked at the man wetly. In this way, the man’s strong desire for violence was replaced by more crazy thrusting. The lovely little jade penis trembled and shot again and again.

“Senior brother likes you best… Do you like senior brother’s cock?”

The boy was very shy when asked. He buried his head in the man’s chest, panted and replied weakly, “Ha… Hi Love… Woo… Slower… I like senior brother most…”

After listening to the young man’s answer, the man’s face relaxed, and his crotch suddenly hardened, which made the young man scream out and gasp, “Ha… How about senior brother use my ass? Ah, ah! Mn! Too deep… Slower… Ah! Mn! Senior brother Ha… Too deep… ” The boy had been put into a coma of pleasure by the cock, his legs were shaking feebly, and his mind was full of only men’s cocks.

Hearing the answer from his junior brother, Liu Lin tightly clasped his waist and began to sprint towards the womb for the highest time. Finally, he roared and exploded during Ye Chi’s cry. Hot as magma, his semen sprayed into the deep womb. Ye Chi moaned. Subconsciously, he wanted to shrink away from the violent ejaculation. However, he was tightly fixed by the man and could only be forced to bear the intensive cum. His fingers left long red scratches on the man’s back.

The cultivator had always been strong, and Ye Chi, who had been fucked for nearly two hours, finally ate Liu Lin’s semen. At the same time, he put a Gu into the man’s body, and lying on his body, he sighed.

His holes were red and swollen. The semen mixed with the lewd liquid was blocked by the cock under Liu Lin’s soft skin. Only a small part of the semen flowed down his thigh along the cock, which was obscene. Ye Chi had lost his mind when he was shot inside and recalled the extreme pleasure just now. He was not satisfied with Liu Lin any more.

Liu Lin woke up from his lust, looked at the little junior brother who was almost hurt by him, and kissed his eyes and tears.

“I don’t like senior brother anymore…” Ye Chi pestered Liu Lin with his body in satisfaction, groaned and complained of his ruthlessness, “I will be going to meet master soon… Senior brother, and you still do this… “

At the thought that Duan Ziqing might discover that Ye Chi had been fucked by himself, Liu Lin not only had no fear, but also felt a kind of subtle pleasure from cheating. He knew that this mess must be inseparable from men and cocks, which meant that his master couldn’t satisfy him. But Ye Chi, after all, was forbidden by his master. He would not be exposed for a while.

His master was going to come back soon.

Hurrying to use magic to erase the traces of love marks on his junior brother, Liu Lin held Ye Chi’s soft legs and went together into his master’s immortal’s cave.

Li Yan wasn’t there… 

There was a red light in Ye Chi’s round black eyes.

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