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Chapter 6: Public sex, doing it with Big Brother and a Demon Snake

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo has given up on finding a plot

Full Title: (Too long to add as real title) Being taught how to ride in public, giving it to elder brother in front of the guests, and being sprayed with semen by two cocks of the snake family.


Two months later, the Late Love Sect was successfully established. This Sect was in a secret place, hidden under the Ya tribe, and could only be accessed by the Ya Tribe.

There were five mountains in the secret place. The physical practitioners of the Ya tribe were arranged to go to one of them. Their intelligence recovered gradually under the regulation of spiritual medicine. The seriously ill patriarch passed his cultivation base to Ao before he died, which made him ascend to the primordial period and become the new patriarch of the physical practitioners. Because Ao was his apprentice, Ye Chi had some preference for him and had given him the position of Elder.

It was a pity that he couldn’t enjoy the patriarch’s penis longer.

After thinking about it, Ye Chi secretly preserved the body of the patriarch and put it into the back mountain for safekeeping. The newly established small Sect naturally soon became the place of Ye Chi’s orgies. No matter in the square or in the cave, from the spring to the rock wall, it was contaminated by the sexual secretions flowing from his ass. Under the long-term semen nourishing and training, Ye Chi’s body was becoming more and more sensitive. When he was touched, he felt soft all over. When he was close to a man and even smelled their breath, he became wet. His two holes couldn’t go long without a cock in them. Even when he needed to cultivate, he needed a cock.

Gu’s could only affect a small part of the host’s thinking. In normal times, Ye Chi still pretended to be naive, cute, silly, pure and sweet. Men were mercilessly dying in bed, and they were holding him in their hearts.

Half a year later, a group of people broke into the secret place.

These people turned out to be some monsters who were beaten by the human race, including cheetahs, lions, foxes and other mammal races, as well as the octopus race in the sea, and even some gradual monster plants.

They had heard that there was a fairyland here. They somehow managed to break in, took the Late Love Sect as the destination, and disturbed many physical practitioners.

As one of the two elders, Ye Wenci naturally went up to meet them, but the monsters were surprised by what they saw.

“Ha… Ah! It’s too deep! Uh… my ass is itchy! Ah… It’s there! Ride me like a mare! Ah! Mn! That’s great! Ha… “

With a wave of obscenity, Ye Wenci was holding a handsome young man with his cock in his ass.

He clasped his hands around the young man’s slender waist and legs, and his huge and dark phallus kept thrusting into the young man’s back hole. His white, round and soft buttocks were hit hard, making the young man whimper and crawl forward with tears in his eyes. However, in his front hole, was a huge and incomparable jade dildo tightly held. He crawled forward, hoping to hit again and again, and feeling the two at the same time, he gasped.

“Ah ah, it’s itchy! Great. Ah! Mn! Big cock! Let’s make a mess of it…”

The young man’s lovely penis was tied with a red rope, which completely blocked his sperm and made him unable to ejaculate. In this way, Ye Wenci, dressed in neat clothes, rode the naked human horse, and the boy’s sexual secretions, mixed with semen, flowed all the way down his thighs.

Looking at the boy’s lustful look, almost all the guests’ lower bodies hardened.

“I’m sorry,” Ye Wenci said to the visitors as he held the shuddering male under his body. “My mare is too coquettish. He won’t be satisfied if he doesn’t have a cock in him. He cries all day and asks for a man to ride him. I also have to ride him to see you.”

With that, he went into the deepest place of the young chrysanthemum cave and sprayed his own Yang essence into it. But the young man was held from his climax, his body trembled, and his face looked happy and painful. When Ye Wenci’s phallus was taken out of his body, he could see that there was a trace of white semen flowing out of his pink and tight back acupoint, and it was stained on his white buttocks, which was extremely erotic.

He was very ashamed of Ye Wenci’s words. Ye Chi looked at his elder brother with tears in his eyes. He saw that Ye Wenci not only had no pity, but also aroused his passion and other people’s desire.

Ye Wenci sat down and clapped his legs, and Ye Chi rushed to him and could not wait to put the soft black beast into his mouth and lick it with relish. He had long been taught by his older brother to become a sex slave completely. With just a look, he knew what Ye Wenci wanted him to do.

The monsters looked at each other and then sat down.

So, under such circumstances, these people began to discuss.

One of them was the leader of the monsters. Most of the monsters wanted to stay, but the condition proposed by Ye Wenci was that some of them, who were used to being free, needed to stay.

During this period of time, while Ye Chi had been trying to eat Ye Wenci’s cock, his two lower holes became hungry and thirsty. Smelling the scent of the man on the penis, Ye Chi shuddered and liquid flowed out of his second hole that even the huge jade dildo could not block.

At last, the snake demon, who was born to be a whore, couldn’t help but look at Ye Chi’s body with an eager look, “Excuse me, elder, is this mare your personal one?”

Ye Wenci’s cock had been licked to the point of coming. He had come up with an idea before the meeting, “Of course not, it’s a public mare of our Sect. Anyone can ride it as long as they are a disciple.”

After that, he took out cock and sprayed his semen on the young man’s pure face. Then he used his cock to scrape the white liquid into the young man’s mouth, which was greedily eaten up by him, as if what he was eating was not semen but precious liquid.

Seeing such a scene, the snake monster’s breathing became more and more urgent.

Looking at them, Ye Wenci chuckled and pulled out the jade dildo from Ye Chi’s second hole. Under the young man’s dissatisfied eyes, he said to them, “Please enjoy yourself.”

After listening to elder brother’s words, Ye Chi clenched his thirsty womb, and obediently lured the snake clan member over, “Ah… The small hole of this mare is itchy! Ah… This mare wants a big cock to fuck! Asking the guest to help this little bitch stop the itching! Ha…”

The moist and lovely little cave was picked open by Ye Chi’s fingers, and the pink meat was tightly wrapped around his fingers. The fat flower lips were adorable, and the sound of squelching could be heard once stirred. The act of the man masturbating made other people completely confused. The snake laughed twice, and directly turned into his animal body.

A cold python encircled the young man. Two cocks pointed at the two respectively, and entered directly into the soft holes with a sound of pleasure from the young man.

“Ha… Let’s try your Sect mare! The ass is so good, hot and tight, and there is so much liquid,” sighed the snake person. When he arrived deep in Ye Chi’s womb, he was surprised and delighted, and exclaimed, “This bitch has a womb. Let me get him pregnant today and give you another mare!”

The hot and humid tight holes were pierced by the cold and thick snake cocks, which made Ye Chi feel soft all over and want to die. The smooth body of the snake was coiled around Ye Chi, and it twisted him as he pleased. The sensitive parts of his body were comforted by the cold touch. His chest that had been slightly puffed up was licked by the tongue of the snake, which made Ye Chi shudder, shaking his legs to let the cock bury in deeper.

It was a pity that the snake didn’t move after he entered. A pair of yellow eyes stared at Ye Chi, trying to see expressions turn more obscene.

“Ha… So good. What a big cock… Quick, I… Put the big cock into my womb. Fuck me up…” Ye Chi, tormented by desire, held the snake’s smooth body and cried for help. “What’s the delay? You’re just our next mare!”

After hearing this, the snake person no longer endured. He directly put his pair of strange cocks into the deepest part of Ye Chi’s body, and began to thrust violently!

“Ah, ah, how long! That’s amazing! It’s going to tear! My uterus is about to be knocked open! Ah, ah, ah!!!”

Ye Chi was so fucked that his head was shook and his saliva flowed out. His legs were held by the python tightly, and his toes curled up in pleasure. He only knew how to twist wildly to meet the thrusts of the cocks, which made them hit his pleasure points harder.

“Ah, ah, I’m the mare! I’m your mare! Break the mare! Ah! Mn!”

The hot body of Ye Chi was attached to the ice body of the cold-blooded snake race, which was cool, exciting and alluring. The penis of the snake race was long but not as thick as that of the human race. It was easy to touch his prostate or the womb in the depths of his holes. In an instant, a tide blew over Ye Chi once, and the wet sexual secretions fell on the snake body, slapping on Ye Chi, showing several erotic red marks.

Ye Chi rubbed his nipples against the snake’s tail, using his semen. Seeing such a rough orgasm, the snake person naturally bit his nipple fiercely. With more pain from his chest, the more pained and happy was the expression on his small face.

His fleshy penis was blocked by a red rope and he couldn’t ejaculate. The pleasure of orgasm and the pain of being blocked made Ye Chi more sensitive, and his holes were also tightly clamped, which made the snake person almost aspirate.

The uterus of Ye Chi was very soft and numb, but after pregnancy, his uterus was blocked, so the snake person could only frantically hit his uterine wall and crush the fragile uterine orifice, which made Ye Chi tremble all over. The small acupoint was even more tender, clenching and gripping, trying to suck him in.

Never before had the snake person cum so quickly. With the snake shooting into Ye Chi’s two holes, Ye Chi’s face was full of satiety. Meanwhile, his chest was growing larger and larger. Finally, the white milk came out at the moment when the snake finished shooting.

“This mare has sprayed milk!” The people around were shocked. They pointed up with their cocks, but Ye Chi was confused and couldn’t care much. He took the milk and stuffed it into the snake’s mouth. He had been thoroughly taught for a long time. Under various punishments, he had already remembered that his milk couldn’t leak out at all, so he must make the men drink it.

Ye Chi, once loved by many lovers, was now the most lewd semen collector taught by men, catering to men’s sexuality and becoming a bitch that couldn’t live without cocks. He didn’t know whether it was a blessing or a curse.

The snake, who had been planted with a Gu, naturally lapped up the milk with relish, until it ran empty and nobody dared to bite it.

“This is the meal prepared by the mare for the guests. Please eat it slowly.” Ye Wenci said on one side.

After that, the leopard, who had been on the move, went up.

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