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Translated by J.

Editor: Addis

“Please sit.” Doctor Xuanyuan’s gaze momentarily paused over Ye Xi’s face, before he signalled Ye Xi to sit down across from him.

Ye Xi immediately scampered over and sat down. He squeaked in a timid voice, “It’s nice to meet you Doctor.”

Shen Xiulin’s face darkened, “…”

“How can I help you?” Doctor Xuanyuan’s radiant smile was as warm as a spring breeze. It formed a direct contrast with Shen Xiulin’s frigid expression, which was cold enough to scrape off a layer of icicles.

Ye Xi, “I woke up with a terrible pain in my belly this morning.”

Doctor Xuanyuan nodded and asked, “Did you eat anything unhygienic yesterday?”

Ye Xi almost squeezed his voice into a falsetto as he anaemically replied, “Normally, I only eat fresh flowers and drink pure alpine snow water. Last night, I ate a tiny little bit of spicy food and this is what happened.”

As soon as he had finished speaking, Ye Xi felt so disgusted by his own pretentious voice that he could not help but shudder.

Recalling the mountain of crayfish shells on the table from last night, Shen Xiulin – Ye Xi’s new de-shelling assistant, felt a little torn, “…”

Really, only a tiny little bit?

“Only fresh flowers and alpine snow water? Truly?” Doctor Xuanyuan looked up to examine the beautiful youth in front of him with much interest. The youth looked as fragile as the moonlight, accompanied by an angelic beauty that was unmatched in this world.

Ye Xi strained his large bright eyes wide open and clumsily batted his eyes at the doctor. Then using all of the strength he could muster, he replied in a saccharine voice, “Uh-huh.”

A bolt of lightning flashed outside the window.

Shen Xiulin turned livid as he watched Ye Xi wink and flirt with the doctor, “…”

Doctor Xuanyuan interrupted with a light cough, he pointed at the examination bed and gently prompted, “Please lay down over there, I’ll do a basic check-up on you first.”

Ye Xi scampered over and laid down as instructed, he was so excited that he had completely forgotten about his abdominal pain.

Doctor Xuanyuan walked over with Shen Xiulin following close behind him, whose gaze was so sharp that he almost pierced a couple of holes into the back of the doctor’s lab coat.

When Doctor Xuanyuan reached the examination bed, he turned around to face the giant crowd in his office, “Could the patient’s family please wait outside?”

The bodyguards and attendants dutifully retreated. Shen Xiulin on the other hand, crossed his arms and firmly planted himself next to the bed.

“Could you please give us some space?” Doctor Xuanyuan asked Shen Xiulin.

Through clenched teeth, Shen Xiulin savagely bit out, “No thanks. I am his fiancé.”

Ye Xi sat up in a hurry, then in an act of utter betrayal, tried to dismiss Shen Xiulin from the examination room, “Please do as the doctor says.”

How can I openly seduce the male extra with you just standing here, sir? And if I don’t conquer male extras, how can we go back to the real world before we get to the sex scenes?

Shen Xiulin firmly replied, “No.”

Ye Xi fumed, “My belly really hurts, please don’t get in the doctor’s way when he’s just trying to do his job.”

Why is the Chief Executive being so childish? This isn’t the time to show off your acting skills?

“You…” Shen Xiulin’s Aura of Tyranny began to roil and grow restless.

Ye Xi continued his reckless disregard towards the chief executive, “Hurry up!”

Shen Xiulin took a deep breath, then seemingly vexed, turned his head sharply and walked out from the doctor’s office in giant strides. A series of thunderclaps exploded along the horizon, with each rumble louder than the last.

Ye Xi laid back down on the examination bed and let his mind wander for a moment. He recalled reading the entertainment section of a certain tabloid newspaper which reported such-and-such actor getting so deep into character that they became delirious…Ye Xi previously thought the article must have been exaggerated, but knowing what he knows now, it seemed quite plausible.

The Chief Executive is an amazing teammate in every respect, except when he gets out of control once he’s in character. Just look at all that commotion he’s causing outside!

Doctor Xuanyuan, “Please lift up your clothes and show me your abdomen.”

First of all, men are all visual creatures. Ye Xi’s slightly obtuse brain churned with effort. Hence the fastest and most direct route to conquer them should be through visual seduction.

But how should I go about it? Should I take my pants off?

Doctor Xuanyuan watched Ye Xi daze at the ceiling with an adorable dumb look on his face and smiled, “Did you hear my request?”

“Yes, I heard you.” Ye Xi continued his internal deliberation, but could not bring himself to just take his pants off. So, he dutifully pulled up his shirt and exposed his smooth delicate waist.

Doctor Xuanyuan pressed several places over Ye Xi’s abdomen while he repeatedly asked, “Does it hurt here? How about here?”

“No. Yes.” As he replied, Ye Xi sneakily dragged his shirt up to his chin, leaving his chest and collarbone glaringly exposed.

A gleam appeared in Doctor Xuanyuan’s eyes as he looked up.

He saw distinct collarbones framed by Ye Xi’s slender body, creating a feeling of fragile beauty. The two pink dots on his patient’s milky skin were particularly perky in the exposed air. Above the folds of fabric under Ye Xi’s chin, a pair of large eyes batted nervously, making diligent but clumsy efforts to flirt with him…

Ye Xi watched the doctor silently stare at him with an enigmatic expression. He looked down at his chest, then straightened his shirt in embarrassment.

It’s so flat you can ride a horse across it – there is absolutely nothing to see, what am I doing? He probably thinks I’m an idiot! Thought Ye Xi, the straight male.

Doctor Xuanyuan collected himself, “All done, you can get up now.”

Thinking he had failed to make a pass at the doctor, Ye Xi sat up feeling ashamed. His ears burned as he recalled his foolish behaviour.

Perhaps due to Shen Xiulin’s massage on the helicopter or perhaps he had already expelled all the nasty stuff from his system, Ye Xi did not feel as much pain as he had earlier. At least he can talk and move around unperturbed.

“I believe the pain is due to your digestive system being aggravated by the spicy food you ate. It’s not serious.” Doctor Xuanyuan looked at Ye Xi, whose cheeks were as ruddy as little apples, then changed the topic, “If I am not mistaken, the fellow from before must be Mr. Huangfu.”

Ye Xi answered truthfully, “He is.”

Doctor Xuanyuan, “And he is your fiancé?”

Are you trying to poach me? Keep it up! Ye Xi’s spirits lifted. He emoted, “We were betrothed from birth, but I don’t love him at all!”

Eavesdropping by the door, the chief executive scowled, “…”

“No one can force you to marry.” Doctor Xuanyuan amicably insisted, “You are free to make your own choices.”

Looking piteous, Ye Xi replied, “He locked me up in his house and told me I couldn’t go anywhere before the wedding. I had no choice, so I ate some stuff to make me feel sick on purpose so I can come to the hospital, then find a way to escape…”

Doctor Xuanyuan lifted up Ye Xi’s chin with his hand, then asked in a husky voice, “So you tried to seduce me earlier because you wanted me to help you escape?”

This brother is coming around! Ye Xi nodded earnestly, “Uh-huh.”

Doctor Xuanyuan leisurely stroked his own chin while he watched Ye Xi with a faint smile. This thinking pose made his already handsome face look even more attractive.

…What a good-looking load of experience points! I think it might work. Ye Xi fixed his sparkling eyes on the doctor and suggested with ardour, “Should we do a full-body check-up?”

“It’s not necessary.” Doctor Xuanyuan dismissed the suggestion with a wave of his hand. As the doctor watched the artless little flower clumsily force himself to seduce a man he had just met, his eyes were filled with concern and sympathy.

Ye Xi’s heart sunk, “…”

Don’t you want to take advantage of my offer? What kind of male extra are you? Are you gay or what?

“I will take you to the VIP treatment room for an IV drip.” Doctor Xuanyuan announced in a loud voice towards his office door, then pressed his lips next to Ye Xi’s ear and whispered, “There is a backdoor behind the VIP treatment room.”

Ye Xi nodded incessantly while his eyes lit with glee, “Okay!”

I don’t really know how it happened, but it looks like this male extra’s experience points are in the bag!

Doctor Xuanyuan ruefully sighed.

Such a poor little thing, he looks so happy just to learn of an opportunity to escape.

When the office door opened, Shen Xiulin stood by the corridor and filled the space around him with a menacing vibe. He asked, “So?”

“He has gastroenteritis 1 and needs to be treated with IV drip right away.” Doctor Xuanyuan explained in a serious tone, then led Ye Xi towards the VIP treatment room.

Once they arrived, Doctor Xuanyuan made arrangements for the nurse to prepare the appropriate IV drip. While the doctor had his back turned, Ye Xi took this opportunity to press his lips against Shen Xiulin’s ear and whispered in a voice that only the two of them could hear, “Please remove the bodyguards from the backdoor.”

Shen Xiulin hmphed emphatically, then turned his face in the other direction.

Ye Xi woefully watched his troublesome teammate sink helplessly deeper into character.

Before the IV treatment began, Doctor Xuanyuan again asked for the family of the patient to leave the room. Shen Xiulin pointed at the clock on the wall, then pointed at Ye Xi, as if to say ‘see you in 72 hours’.

Ye Xi quietly nodded, signalling that he understood.

Shen Xiulin left the room, leaving Ye Xi and Xuanyuan alone. Ye Xi took some oral antidiarrheal medicine, then followed the doctor in his second attempt to escape.

The two of them stalked from the VIP IV treatment room to the underground carpark without encountering any bodyguards. When Doctor Xuanyuan drove out of the garage in his luxury race car, the thunder and lightning outside were accompanied by a heavy downpour.

“Do you have anywhere to stay?” The doctor kindly asked in the car.

“No.” Ye Xi answered ruefully.

Although Shen Xiulin had thoughtfully stuffed a thick wad of cash into Ye Xi’s pocket while he massaged Ye Xi in the helicopter – enough for him to stay in a hotel for three days, but since Ye Xi had not yet conquered the male extra, he must shamelessly foist himself into the doctor’s home.

“If you don’t mind,” the doctor cleared his throat, “I have temporary lodgings nearby, rented under the hospital’s name. I would occasionally stay there when it’s too late to go home. It’s rather modest, but at least he won’t be able to trace you there from my address…”

With brightened eyes, Ye Xi replied, “As long as I can be rid of him, anything is fine.”

Doctor Xuanyuan responded cheerfully, “Alright then.”

Pretending to be concerned, Ye Xi asked, “Do you think he’ll do something awful to you?”

“Worst case, I’d lose my job.” Doctor Xuanyuan smiled stoicly, “Though with my medical skills, I can go anywhere I please.”

The number one gastroenterologist in the world is full of confidence, as he should be!

Ye Xi swiftly replied, “Okay then.”

Actually, as long as you willingly fall in love with me, confess, then handover your experience points, not only will the Chief Executive not do anything awful to you, he’d probably be really happy to see you!


Author’s Notes:

The chief executive: Happy your ass.

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Translator Notes:

  1. I think the author means gastritis instead of gastroenteritis, since the cause for the former can be diet, but the latter is bacterial/viral.
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Ye Xi is so naïve..He can’t see the chief executive is not acting…I really enjoy this novel. Thank you for the translation.

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Ye Xi is trying so hard to impress the male extras he can’t even see Chief’s genuine feelings.
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