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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Rattie


Being held by Luci with his wings half-closed, Jiang Ci hesitated and did not move. Based on what Jiang Ci had learned about Luci’s character, the other party would not do such a thing, and he had never tried this before indeed.

So when Luci did so, Jiang Ci wondered if something had happened.

“What happened?” Jiang Ci made a guess, “Did something happen on Arsène’s side?”

Luci replied, “No.” 

Jiang Ci observed his expression and after a moment’s consideration asked, “Then why are you… unhappy?”

Jiang Ci felt that it was not easy for him either, for he had almost learned to observe micro-expressions.

Luci’s expression changed slightly when the hidden emotion was directly pointed out, but he did not lie to Jiang Ci, “Because I saw that you are very lenient with Noyce.”

Jiang Ci could not think of this reason, and now a thought quickly crossed his mind….

Is this jealousy?

Unfortunately, Jiang Ci said the thought out loud on accident.

He felt that he made a mistake and quickly tried to fix things, “That’s not what I meant…”

Then, however, Luci pulled his wings away and took a step back to look at him, replying, “Yes.”

It might have just been his imagination, but at that moment, Jiang Ci saw that the indifferent expression on Luci’s face seemed to have faded a bit, and it was no longer lacking in signs of personal want.

Especially since he had admitted what he said about ‘jealousy’ – and that made Jiang Ci a little confused.

The system couldn’t help but pop up at this point, “Dear host, could you please pay a little bit more attention to this?”

Jiang Ci was confused. 

The system explained, “It is recommended that you do not provoke the administrators of your creation, otherwise it’s possible that the war that happened 1,700 years ago will happen again after you surrender the throne and leave this world.”


Jiang Ci felt that he was wrongly accused, “I didn’t provoke them.” 

What the hell kind of description was that?!

The system said grudgingly, “You’ve made a noble Celestial jealous.”

Celestials were very proud, but at the same time, they were also very pure, and they had enough in every respect, so their personal desires were actually quite limited. Celestials did not have greedy desires, and they were generally able to exercise strict self-discipline.

A strong emotion like ‘jealousy,’ and a negative one at that, had never been associated with Celestials.

Luci was the administrator of Celestials, the one with the most divine character among all the administrators, yet he now had the feeling of jealousy. As his pristine white purity was now stained, the system didn’t even know how to feel about the result.

When it came to having made Luci feel jealous, Jiang Ci could not dispute that.

“Well, it’s not really your fault.” Thinking of the natural provocative nature of the task object, the system resigned itself to its fate, “It’s my fault.”

After all, it was his fault for bringing Jiang Ci into the world.

Jiang Ci was silent for a moment, “Then I’ll pay attention to it…”

The system was silent for a long while. It felt that he might not be able to pay attention to it despite his words.

Jiang Ci talked to the system in his consciousness, and Luci saw that he was silent for a while.

Luci asked, “Do you think that I, who would have this ugly emotion, would not be able to live up to your expectations?”

He could not control his own selfish desires, but neither did he want to deceive God.

Jiang Ci came back to the present. His expectations… He had given him the name ‘Luci’ because he wanted Luci, as the first creature, to be perfect. Although he later added that it was fine as long as they remained as they were, Jiang Ci realized that Luci was indeed holding himself to that standard.

“Have I disappointed you?” Luci continued to ask him.

Jiang Ci shook his head and denied that, “No.” Then he said, “I will not be disappointed in you.”

The system became alert.

“You don’t need to let yourself be ‘Lucifer,'” Jiang Ci decided to explain this matter properly, “I will look at you because of who you are, not because of those expectations.”

Jiang Ci paused, “You are my expectation.” 

So there was no such thing as being unattainable, or disappointing him.

At this point a system peacefully closed its eyes.

The effect of this statement was remarkable, Luci couldn’t control the slight movement of his wings, “I am… your expectation?”

Jiang Ci didn’t think there was anything wrong with it, he nodded, “Yes.”

“Jealousy.” Luci mentioned the word in a slightly slower tone, “It’s okay?”

Jiang Ci replied, “It’s a very common emotion, so it’s not a big deal as long as it can be properly controlled.” 

Jealousy was certainly a bad emotion, but almost no one could do away with it completely.

Even Jiang Ci was once jealous of the children in each of his parent’s new family, perhaps for a very brief moment, after which he made peace with the emotion.

Luci responded softly, “Okay.”

As far as the system was concerned, Jiang Ci made the silver-haired Celestial in front of him change little by little. The fact that the person the system chose was not aware of the influence of his words and actions, and even if he had known, he probably would not have been able to stop it, made the system very sad.

Ah, the sin!

Jiang Ci, unaware of the system’s grievances, talked to Luci about the idea of a neutral city that would serve as a free trade zone.

Luci responded, “As long as it is your will, the Celestials will gladly do it.”

No matter what other races choose, the Celestials would certainly put God’s will first.

Jiang Ci thought of the Celestials who smiled in Arsène when they said they wanted him to see a more beautiful city, “Then I’ll ask Ivy again and try to convince him to let Shadow Race join.”

Jiang Ci had just turned around when Luci grabbed his wrist.

“Anything else?” Jiang Ci asked him.

Luci said, “Please wait for me here.” 

Jiang Ci waited where he was and only waited a short while before Luci came back and Jiang Ci received the flowers he handed over.

“Nino flowers?” Jiang Ci recognized the flower which Ivy had given him once.

“I remembered you seemed to like this kind of flower, so I went to look for it.” Luci looked at Jiang Ci’s hand holding the flower, “This one has the special magic of Celestials attached to it; it won’t wilt, it will stay as it is now.”

Jiang Ci was quite fond of nino flowers, and felt sorry when the last one Ivy gave him wilted. Even so, he shouldn’t have expressed this emotion visibly at that time…

“Mm.” Jiang Ci naturally quirked his eyebrows, “I will keep it.”

Luci responded quietly, “It’s good that you like it.”

Even if the creature had a natural belief in God, if the object of its mission had been a different person, this would not have happened. This was what made the system despair.

Jiang Ci took the flower with him to meet Ivy. On the way, he slowed down and looked around to see if a Black Dragon was coming to him, and not long after he walked, he saw a Black Dragonling flying towards him with its wings flapping hard.

The Dragon’s maximum flight speed was faster than that of a floating boat, and it took Noyce only a short time to get back to Phantom.

Jiang Ci quickly reached out and grabbed the young Dragon and stroked its wing to calm it, “Last time it was you who was wrong, and this time it was Luci who was wrong, so are you guys now even?”

This Black Dragon was now unhappy, but not because it had just been transported to another place – it returned to find that the scent mark it had left on the youth had faded and that it was now replaced with the scent of another person.

For this reason, the Black Dragon chose to fly up to Jiang Ci’s shoulder and then began rubbing its body and head against Jiang Ci’s neck.

Figuring that it was in the process of soothing, Jiang Ci hesitantly let the Black Dragon continue to rub against him like a pet, and in the meantime reached out to touch its back again.

“Squeal.” After being soothed by Jiang Ci and having recovered the scent markings on the young man’s body, the Black Dragon narrowed its red eyes and seemed to be happy and satisfied.

This kind of behavior made Jiang Ci feel that he was more easily coaxed than Ivy, and this Black Dragon was really exceptionally well-behaved.

So Jiang Ci took the nino flower and a Black Dragon to Ivy, who was not happy with either of them. He felt the same about both – an even level of dislike.

“Can’t you come alone?” Ivy glanced at the Black Dragon on Jiang Ci’s shoulder, and then at the flower in Jiang Ci’s hand, “Who gave you this flower? It’s so ugly, you might as well throw it away.”

Apparently Ivy recognized the Celestial’s magic on the flower, so he just said that on purpose.

Jiang Ci also heard it and couldn’t help but find it a bit funny.

“Can’t do that.” Saying those three words, Jiang Ci could see some of Ivy’s expression change, and he slowly added, “I should have put it back in the house before coming, but because I wanted to see you quickly, I brought it with me.”

At this point, the system slowly became dormant again.

Ivy’s expression stiffened. This reaction was already expected by Jiang Ci, who couldn’t help but purse his lips so as not to give away his smile. Ivy’s expression was unnatural for only a moment, but quickly returned to its standard indifference.

“I’m not that anxious to meet you…” Ivy was again acting very casual. “I’ll stay here, you can come over anytime to see me, and you can come back after you put the flower away.”

As a result, Jiang Ci complied, “Mn, I will do so if there is a similar situation in the future.”

After saying that, Jiang Ci unexpectedly saw the appearance of I-unhappy-vy.

“Just kidding.” Jiang Ci finished his teasing and took charge of the reassurance, “Or I will come to see you first.”

Ivy looked at him for a moment, and finally grunted to the empty side, “What is it that you wanted from me?”

Jiang Ci went over his description of his proposal again, and Ivy listened, responding, “It’s a lot of trouble to work with the arrogant Celestials and the uncooperative Dragons, but I think it’s acceptable.” Feeling a little too quick to say yes, Ivy added, “I just think it would really benefit Shadow Race.”

Jiang Ci nodded, “I see.”

Ivy kept a cool demeanor, and after their conversation, he said, “I’ve work to do; you’ll be bored, so you can leave and go somewhere else.”

After that, Ivy really started to work.

Jiang Ci caught a glance at Ivy after he started his work. He was amused and frustrated, but at the same time, he really wanted to hear him be honest for once, “If you say you want me to stay, I’ll stay.”

Ivy looked down at the papers on his desk: “It’s boring to watch me work, and you’ll get fed up with it after a while.”

Jiang Ci responded, “Even so, if you say you want me to stay, I’ll stay.”

Ivy gradually squeezed his pen tighter silently.

Jiang Ci waited a little longer, but still couldn’t hear from the other party, and felt that he could only take a gamble.


He turned around and began walking away. He hadn’t gotten too far at all, though – as soon as his feet moved, he heard Ivy whisper, “You don’t have to leave. It’s boring, but I hope you can stay… with me.”


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I feel bad for the system. Haha. I wonder if this is going to be a harem sorts of thing? haha

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Awww 😍
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noname but i'm cute
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