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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Rattie


This time when he heard the Black Dragon say that it liked him, Jiang Ci could not take it for granted that it was just an instinctive, natural affection. There was a part of it that was driven by instinct, but the other part could not be ignored, either.

Jiang Ci’s perception of the degree of affection directed toward him was different from that of ordinary people. He did not perceive the normal degree of affection as any affection at all.

Even if the kind of affection was already clear, Jiang Ci would still think it was a very ordinary and shallow affection.

In the original world, Jiang Ci had met many people who expressed their affection for him, and all of them were politely smiled at and then rejected. The reason for this perceived difference came from his family.

Before his parents separated, Jiang Ci had seen how they loved each other and felt the love from his parents, but all these could be easily changed and disappeared. Jiang Ci remembered that one night when he was six years old, he ran to his parents’ door with a pillow in his arms because it was raining and thundering loudly outside.

He was afraid of the sound of thunder and wanted to sleep with the adults. But at the door of his room, he overheard his parents arguing and shouting at each other about his custody.

As a child, he did not understand what ‘custody’ was, but from the heated, almost hysterical argument, Jiang Ci understood one thing: Neither his father nor his mother seemed to want him.

When he realized this, Jiang Ci went back to his room with his little pillow in his arms. Even a child instinctively understood that a loved child should be able to ask for protection from an adult. Because of this upbringing, Jiang Ci did not really believe in love, or rather, he felt that normal love and affection couldn’t be trusted.

After all, even his parents’ love could be easily transferred from him to another child in their new family. The love and affection shown to him by others was not more firm and solid, at least so far, that was how Jiang Ci felt.

As long as he smiled and politely refused, more often than not, the people who showed him affection would always give up. As soon as the other person gave up, Jiang Ci would feel that it was really a very shallow affection.

Lin Ze said that his mentality was wrong, because he didn’t give others a chance at all. It was normal for others to give up after being rejected so many times, but Jiang Ci didn’t change his mind. In fact, he could not change his mind either, because the feeling of distrust had been rooted in his heart, and it was impossible to remove it easily.

But at this moment, Jiang Ci was not untouched by the affection that the Black Dragon beside him expressed to him. The willingness to be the other’s property, and the willingness to share all the things that he thought were good, at least showed that this liking was not shallow.

It was just not to the extent that Jiang Ci could perceive it clearly and completely.

Jiang Ci sat up in the sea of flowers and said to the Black Dragon guarding him, “If I say no to your liking, will you stop liking me?”

Jiang Ci was very serious about his words, but the Black Dragon who heard him just tilted his head. [Absolutely not. Can’t I always like you?]

Noyce was simply puzzled that there was no such rule in the Dragon tribe.

Jiang Ci did not expect to be asked such a question, and he replied, “No.”

Liking something or not was based on the will of others, and Jiang Ci could not influence it, “But…”

[I’ll always like you…] The Black Dragon guarding Jiang Ci touched the young man’s hand lightly with its head.

Jiang Ci was dumbstruck for a moment, realizing that he couldn’t handle the Black Dragon. But then he thought, maybe after a while, the Dragon would just give up naturally. 

After spending the afternoon in the valley, Jiang Ci was driven back by the Black Dragon, and he counted the time remaining to go back to the hatchery to check on the dozen or so Dragon eggs.

Tonight, Jiang Ci was going to stay here, and this time, he didn’t allow anyone to come with him. The main reason was that if one was allowed, then Jiang Ci would not be able to refuse the other two, and there would be too many of them.

If these three were to stay together, Jiang Ci felt that he would have a headache all night just trying to reconcile any conflicts that might arise.

“Good night.” Jiang Ci stroked the eggs placed next to him one by one, “It would be nice if tomorrow you could be more energetic than today.”

Jiang Ci’s request was very modest. He closed his eyes and went to sleep quickly. In his sleep, Jiang Ci could not see the movement of the eggs next to him. It was a very small sound, at first it was just for a moment and then it stopped, like the Dragonlings inside were regaining their strength, and after a long time, the sound continued and progressed slowly.

After it had stopped for a while, the sound continued again slowly, until finally there was a very clear sound – the sound of the Dragonlings hatching.


A very obvious crack appeared on the surface of the eggshell, which the baby inside pushed against with its body and finally broke off a piece of the shell. A Blue Dragonling was born from the egg, and the first thing it did after birth was not to eat its own egg shell as it normally would, but to try to move closer to the young man sleeping beside it.

The wings of a newborn Dragon were not yet used for flight, so the blue Dragonling could only move slowly over to the young man. When it reached the youth, the young Dragon lay down and slept.

During the night, Jiang Ci woke up with a feeling that his body was a bit heavy, like he was out of breath. When he opened his eyes, he saw the young Dragon crouched on his body.

There was not just one, but several of them.

The ones that weren’t crouching on him were also next to his hand or something like that, in short, Jiang Ci was now surrounded by a group of Dragonlings.

“Squeak.” These young Dragons made very soft cries, and they looked at Jiang Ci very closely all at once.

Jiang Ci looked at the broken egg shells next to him, and then at the Dragonlings in front of him, and was instantly awake. 

The newborn Dragons were sticking close to Jiang Ci and never took their eyes off him. They wanted to attract Jiang Ci’s attention, so they all cried softly, hoping he’d look at them.

Jiang Ci was unable to respond to them all, but fortunately other Dragons came to the incubator at this time.

Cheryl, who had initially asked Jiang Ci to come and see the eggs, changed her expression immediately after she walked in; the two blue Dragonlings who were with Jiang Ci seemed to sense something and looked up at the Dragon in human form.

“Meep?” There was an instinctive closeness to the parent, but the two Blue Dragonlings could not fly yet, so they had to use their front and back paws to make the long walk over to their mother.

Parents wouldn’t let the Dragonlings come by themselves, and the Blue Dragon quickly picked up her children from the ground with an expression of tears of joy on her face.

“Can I trouble you to inform all the parents?” Jiang Ci said, looking at the Dragon.

Cheryl nodded, and she said, “Thank you very much for your willingness to come here and visit them.”

The other young Dragons that had broken free from their shells soon waited for their parents, and Jiang Ci was very relieved to see the situation. Normally, the parents were notified by the staff to bring the hatchlings home when they were born successfully in the hatchery, and this was the case for all of them.

It’s just that each of the dozen or so young Dragons looked very attached to Jiang Ci when their parents brought them home.

“Squeak, squeak!”

The world had been only black until then, and the young Dragons gradually thought it was like that, until their instincts awakened them when they sensed the presence of God, and they were now able to see the real world.

It was a very bright and beautiful, gentle world.

Having settled the matter of the Dragon eggs, there was nothing left for Jiang Ci to worry about in the Dragon tribe, and all he could think about now was heading to the human territory he was most worried about.

Out of the six races, Jiang Ci was most worried about the humans.

“Humans…” Ivy had an indefinable caution in his heart just by looking at Jiang Ci’s human appearance. “Don’t you wish to establish a neutral city where the various races can trade freely?” After a pause, Ivy said, “Then, as you wish, I will go and discuss the matter of business cooperation with humans.”

Ivy didn’t really want to deal with the human administrator at all, it was too tiring, but he had to have a reason to go there.

The Black Dragon next to Jiang Ci did not need a reason at all, because it was the one who was carrying Jiang Ci to the human territory. Ivy and Noyce were going to the human territory, but Jiang Ci was not too worried about it. Except, that also meant that Luci… would be going to the human territory.

Celestials and humans, the two races with the most striking contrasts, could be said to be innately incompatible.

Thinking of this, Jiang Ci asked tentatively, “Does Luci want to go back to Arsène?”

Luci looked at him with downcast eyes, “You don’t want me to follow?”

“No.” Jiang Ci said, “It’s just that I think you haven’t been back for a while.”

Luci said indifferently, “There are no natural disasters now, and the general affairs of the city don’t require me to handle them.”

Jiang Ci could only nod his head.

When he was on the back of the Black Dragon heading to the human territory, Jiang Ci suddenly remembered that Luci had asked him before when he was in Arsène if the humans were special to him…


Thinking about this, Jiang Ci’s right eyelid was now twitching, and he couldn’t quite picture Luci meeting with the human administrator.


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January 22, 2021 9:01 pm

Humans huh 😐 I don’t feel good about meeting them so soon and I don’t know why 🤔

January 23, 2021 4:10 am

Thank you for the chapter you are so amazing at your work

January 23, 2021 6:20 pm

So Jiang Ci has problems to believe in any kind of love and like. Seems that not only the admins are going to lern their lesson, but also Jiang Ci.
Awwww the baby dragons are hatched. Kawaii!
Thank you very much for your hard work.

January 26, 2021 12:38 am

Can we expect to meet another male lead who’d also end up falling hard for our Jiang Ci?

February 8, 2021 11:27 pm

So far we’ve met three out of six administrators, and Jiang Ci already had difficulties in managing them. And there will be three more. Good luck, dear god.

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October 29, 2021 8:51 am

No wonder Jiang Ci is so indifferent about the attraction if others to him; in his formative years, he felt unloved by his own parents, intimating everything that had gone before was insincere. He may have misunderstood, but wouldn’t know at that age. How sad.
Thank you for translating and editing.

November 24, 2021 7:34 pm

So JC isn’t a slag at all. He just doesn’t trust feelings for understandable reasons. I would like to thank the author from saving JC from slag-status. 😉

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