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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Rattie


On this trip, the Black Dragon carrying Jiang Ci did not fly at top speed, but only slightly faster than the airship behind it. There was not much difference between the arrival times of the two parties.

The Black Dragon came to a halt in an area that resembled an abandoned place, surrounded by traces of natural disasters and devastation, devoid of people, with only one black tower building still standing intact above it all.

“The human territory is here…?” Jiang Ci looked around and found it hard to believe.

Ivy looked at the black tower and replied, “It’s here, but it’s not above ground.”

Jiang Ci blinked and said, “An underground city?”

“Yes.” Ivy nodded. “You have to go inside the black tower and ride their elevators to enter the city.”

Of the three administrators who had followed Jiang Ci here, Ivy was the only one who could answer his question. The other two knew at most the location of the human territory, but they did not care about the development of the humans, including the fact that the human population had moved from above ground to underground.

Noyce simply did not care about anything outside of Dragon Island. Dragons could often sleep for long periods of time, and when he woke up, the outside would be different, so there was no need to care about memories. Luci, on the other hand, was indifferent to humans.

Not only humans, but also anything outside of the realm of his responsibility, Luci did not see. Ivy believed that Celestials were born with an innate arrogance that they did not know they possessed, and that was true. But Jiang Ci could not blame Luci’s arrogance. Objectively speaking, it was his own doing…

His creation was not fair enough, so there was a gap between the races, which led to this result.

Jiang Ci followed Ivy’s instructions and went to the Black Tower. When he got near the entrance, the human guards stationed at the entrance of the Black Tower changed their expressions for a second.

It was more a look of incredulity than that of surprise and joy.

The news of the coming of God spread quickly among the populous human races, and people heard that God was coming from the city of Celestials. Of course, they were delighted with His coming, and they also hoped for God to come to their territory, but it was only a very faint hope.

Subconsciously, humans felt that God would not pay attention to them, so no matter how much they desired it, this wish would not be fulfilled.

“My Liege.” The guards had all panicked and hurriedly backed away, giving way quickly to the tower, and now they were at a loss as to what to do.

Jiang Ci asked, “Can you take me into your city?”

The human staff around them who heard his question were wide-eyed, and the person in charge of the Black Tower immediately nodded in response, and then he apprehensively walked beside Jiang Ci to lead the way.

As for the administrators of other races who came here with Jiang Ci, the humans in the tower had no time to care about them anyway.

Jiang Ci walked into the elevator, and at the beginning of the descent, all that could be seen around him was a wall that looked as though it was made of steel. When he reached a certain level, Jiang Ci not only saw a modern city that was familiar to him, but also a sky-like dome above the city.

Jiang Ci was curious, “You have a sky down here?”

The person in charge looked out at the blue sky and replied, “It’s artificially made, using a device that makes the ceiling look like the sky.”

“Lord Ash said that the people would be in a better mood if they could see a normal sky.” Referring to the administrator of his own race, the person in charge looked very respectful, “It’s something that was developed so that people can maintain a good mental state.”

After descending for about a minute or two, when the lift stopped and Jiang Ci came out, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of affection for everything in sight.

High-rise buildings, roads, bus stops…

The city built by humans looks much like the modern city in his original world.

Jiang Ci made his feelings so obvious that Ivy asked him, “Do you like the human city very much?”

It was barely even a question.

Anyone with eyes could see that the young man walking in front of him was very interested in the city, and he even liked it, which made Ivy frown. This was not the case when Jiang Ci came to Phantom – Ivy’s city.

Ivy admitted that he was once amazed that humans could build such a city.

It wasn’t easy for humans to produce such a result, but in comparison, Phantom’s construction was more advanced, and the city’s appearance was more attractive.

“It’s very familiar,” Jiang Ci replied, immediately realizing that he shouldn’t have said that.

Luci looked at him at that moment, “Familiar?”

The question could not be answered, so Jiang Ci chose to change the subject, “What do you think of this city?”

Luci’s voice was faint, “I don’t have an opinion.”

Since he did not actively visit the city, Luci thought nothing of it, but he cared about what Jiang Ci called ‘familiar.’ Why did he feel it was familiar?

The person in charge looked at the message on the communicator and said to Jiang Ci, “Lord Ash has been informed of your arrival, and he has had the people here evacuated first.”

Just a few minutes after the elevator was lowered, the unsuspecting people were quickly evacuated, or else Jiang Ci would have felt the gaze of everyone around him as soon as he stepped out of the elevator.

After a short while, a black hover car on autopilot appeared in front of Jiang Ci, and the person in charge of the car pulled open the door for him. With Noyce turning into a Black Dragonling on Jiang Ci’s shoulder, the hover car had just enough seats for him.

After arriving at the Council Chamber, Jiang Ci walked through the door and saw a handsome young human smiling at him.

“Welcome to our city.”

He had black hair, a handsome and elegant appearance, and was sporting a smile. At a glance, Ash’s image was undoubtedly the closest to Jiang Ci’s among all the administrators.

This was only natural, because Jiang Ci was originally human. He had the same dark hair and eyes. When Jiang Ci and Ash stood together, the others were more aware of this resemblance.

Jiang Ci pondered the name he had heard from the person in charge, “Ash?”

“Yes.” The other nodded and said politely, “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

From the previous arrangement and the current conversation, Jiang Ci felt that the human administrator before him seemed to be a very proper and considerate person, and seemed to like to smile – in short, the type of person one would find easy to get along with.

After the conversation with Jiang Ci, Ash looked at the Black Dragon on his shoulder and the other two, “My welcome to you, too.”

His attitude could be considered friendly. Ivy, who had been acting very cold and unhappy since he entered the room, grumbled when he heard the words, “You’re just pretending, aren’t you?” After that, he said to Jiang Ci, “You’d better trust him less when you talk to him, because ten out of ten sentences from his mouth are false.”

As someone who had dealt with the other side before, Ivy knew this all too well. The human administrator was a person who seemed easy to get along with, but he was actually a person who could hide his innermost feelings perfectly, and Ivy could not understand him completely. Still, he was a good administrator for a human.

Jiang Ci raised his eyebrows when hearing this, and was about to make a roundabout remark, but before he could speak, the human administrator in front of him added slowly, “It can happen with other people.” 

He didn’t deny it, but he would use the basic and simple weapon of lying if the situation required it.

In the wars of seventeen hundred years ago, it was sometimes necessary for humans to compose lies in order to deceive the attacks of other races, and this was an effective act. Because they were not inherently a powerful race, Mankind needed to use everything they could, and lies were only one of the many things they used.

“What do you want to do here?” Ash asked him.

Jiang Ci shook his head, “Nothing in particular; I’m here just because I’m worried about your people.”

“Worried about… us?” Ash showed a slightly different expression, but then continued smiling, “Although natural disasters are frequent on the surface, our life became more stable after building this underground city. Occasionally, the impact of natural disasters on the surface will affect the underground, but the impact is not too great and can be recovered after follow-up maintenance.”

Ash narrated very lightly, but Jiang Ci listened and understood that the process was definitely not that easy and simple.

“Tell me more about it.” Jiang Ci paused. “I’m interested in the process of building this city.”

It was difficult for Ash to express in words how much human effort had gone into the construction of this city. He said, “In the beginning, it was a lot of work just to dig through and construct the space, and it was also difficult to determine the proper location. When the city was first built, it was far more rudimentary than it is now. The artificial sky and sunlight came later, and in the beginning, people had to rely on light and live in darkness. Technology has evolved and there are all kinds of facilities, like the hover car you just rode in, and the city has become very convenient in terms of transportation.”

They may have had to run hard for a long time to barely reach the starting line of the other races, but by doing so, they had managed to create a miracle. Even if the talent gap between humans and other races could never be changed, they would not always remain a weak race.

Probably because he was also human, Jiang Ci could understand the difficulty of this development process, even though Ash was only speaking to him in very simple terms.

“If there are no more natural disasters on the ground like before, can you consider returning to live on the ground again?” Jiang Ci asked. “It will take time to rebuild the outside environment, though…”

Ash replied, “The idea is there, and I’ve recently been working on a proposal that will be implemented once it’s finalized.”

Ash definitely wanted people to see the real sky and feel the real sunshine, as long as conditions permitted.

Jiang Ci gave it some thought and decided to stay for a while; it was not only because of his affinity for the city, but also because he was ready to participate in the rebuilding of a human city on the ground.

As Jiang Ci was going to stay, of course, the administrators who came with him were not going to leave either.

“We’re going to get 10% of the profits, not less,” Ash smiled at the Shadow Race administrator sitting across from him and guessed gently, “You want to talk to me about this because you said so to God before you came here? Shouldn’t that profit be a compensation for using me as an excuse?”

Ivy frowned at being poked at directly, first looking at the other person coldly, then agreeing a few seconds later because he couldn’t bring himself to say, “Yes, but only if you never speak of it again.”

Ash agreed.

After having spoken to Ivy, Ash was walking past the apartment he had arranged for Jiang Ci when he met the silver-haired Celestial, who hadn’t said a word to him since they met. The silver-haired Celestial was as indifferent as ever, no different from Ash’s impressions, but this time there was a surprise.

Before, he couldn’t feel the other man’s gaze, but this time, Ash had a distinct feeling that Luci was watching him. The arrogant and powerful Celestial looked at him with a scrutinizing gaze, with paying extra attention to his hair and eyes.

Dark hair and dark eyes, the same physical features as God.

Ash locked eyes with him and suddenly smiled slightly, “Are you jealous of me?”

The silver-haired Celestials on the other side were still looking at him with a strange but rather indifferent expression.


Ash found this scene interesting, but at the same time ridiculous… because he was so intensely jealous of the other.


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