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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Rattie


Not understanding why they suddenly jumped to a Q&A session, Jiang Ci subconsciously asked, “Why do you think so?”

Luci looked at him and said quietly, “When you created him, you gave him an appearance similar to your own.”

This was something that Jiang Ci could not refute.

Luci added, “Your attitude towards him is also different from how you act with me.”

It was a more natural and relaxed attitude towards him. Hearing the second sentence, Jiang Ci was silent again, and he began to reflect on the situation. Maybe because he was facing the most familiar human, he unconsciously behaved more intimately…?

Jiang Ci paused.

Luci’s words were true, and Jiang Ci was now faced with a critical situation that could not be refuted. Jiang Ci met Luci’s gaze without changing his face; he appeared to be calm, but his heart was in turmoil.

In the end, he closed his eyes.

If you can’t defend what you can’t defend, don’t defend what you can’t defend, and start from the other side.

“Luci is special to me, didn’t I tell you that?” Jiang Ci decided to say something nice directly, “And so is Arsène.” 

But apparently Luci was not so easy to coax.

The silver-haired Celestial looked at Jiang Ci without saying anything, and nor did he change his expression. This meant that Jiang Ci’s words were in the right direction, but they didn’t carry enough weight.

What Luci cared about was whether he was the one He favored the most, and Jiang Ci was able to realize this. Therefore, just saying ‘special’ was not enough to defuse the other party’s concern.

Luci’s concern about this preference had arisen before Jiang Ci came. Just because he was never chosen, he began to hold on to it when he believed God’s preference for him because of what other Celestials said.

A long time of waiting would make this obsession deeper and deeper.

While being watched, Jiang Ci searched for something else to say, and the last thing that came to his mind made him stop twitching his eyes slightly.

Was this the only thing that could be said?

Jiang Ci asked himself in his heart, and when he came to an affirmative answer, he decided to say something else, “The kisses from before… were only done to you.”

How could this be considered special treatment, could it be proof of affection? Jiang Ci didn’t say the words out loud, but the subtext already conveyed the meaning.

The effect of the lagging words was truly remarkable.

The silver-haired Celestial standing in front of Jiang Ci lowered his wings slightly behind him, looking as if he had been persuaded, or coaxed. Luci stood still, his indifferent eyebrows dropping a bit. “Hmm.”

He responded with a very soft monotone. 

The system felt that if it could have a gagging function, it would be tempted to give Jiang Ci a deluxe vomit package right now. Don’t provoke, don’t provoke, if you do, you will really be in trouble.

The system was very tired.

After coaxing the Celestial, Jiang Ci turned back to rehash what just happened, “I just said that Ash is not as powerful as other administrators.” Jiang Ci added, “Anyway, you shouldn’t do anything to him.” 

Luci’s reaction was quite obedient, he didn’t want to hear Jiang Ci mention Ash, but he still echoed, “Yes.”

“Actually, except for not possessing inherently powerful abilities, the human race is not mediocre.” Jiang Ci tried to make Luci understand the merits of humans, “Isn’t it a talent for Ash to lead the human race to what it is now?” After thinking about it, Jiang Ci said again, “You can try to get to know them while you are here, Luci.”

Luci didn’t say yes or no, and kept quiet at this point.

Part of the reason Jiang Ci said that was to set the stage for what he might do afterwards. Regarding his successor, after seeing the good development of mankind, Jiang Ci had some thoughts that Ash might be suitable to become the new god.

At the same time, Jiang Ci also thought that Luci had expressed his resistance to the new god before, and considering the compatibility between Celestials and humans, if he really chose Ash, Luci might find it more difficult to accept him.

So, he had to change Luci’s view on humans beforehand. As the contact with Ash had not been very long, Jiang Ci planned to spend more time with him before making a concrete decision.

The next day, Jiang Ci went to see Ash alone, and was taken to the highest observation deck in the city.

“I forgot to bring you here yesterday,” Ash said warmly. “This is the most suitable place to overlook the city scenery.” After saying that, he paused, “Didn’t you ask them to follow you… today?”

Ash naturally wondered why He had come to him alone.

At the same time, aware of his own happy mood, Ash quickly restrained his emotions and didn’t let them affect his mind.

Jiang Ci nodded and said honestly, “I would like to spend some time alone with you.”

With a light smile on his face, Ash looked gentle and soft, “I’m glad you think so.”

Ash used this tone of expression to make the words, which were actually his real thoughts, sound like a facetious remark. Not wanting to reveal it, or lie to God, Ash took this approach.

Jiang Ci stood in front of the guardrail and surveyed the cityscape for a moment, then he turned around and said, “What do you think about the other races?”

Thinking of Ash’s previous statement that he would not lie to him, Jiang Ci simply asked a little more directly.

“All of them are stronger than humans,” Ash replied, voicing his most intuitive impression. Then, he added, “But they also have weaknesses.”

Not weaknesses in their ability, but some tiny weaknesses which could be… put to use, exploited – weaknesses which were objectively contributed to by their nature.

Ash smiled slightly, “In this respect, they are similar to humans.”

Jiang Ci blinked at that, and after some deliberation said, “Haven’t you ever had any complaints about any race? When dealing with them, humans should always be the ones trying to compromise.”

Ash looked at him as if wondering why he was asking that. “There will always be situations where you need to make compromises,” Ash said slowly. “I try to win my losses back somewhere else; it is a game unsuitable for emotions.”

Ash was a very sensible administrator, and Jiang Ci understood this.

Then Jiang Ci heard him ask, “So what do you think about the humans?”

Not wanting to rely on speculation, Ash wanted to hear Jiang Ci’s answer directly.

Mankind was different from the Celestials. Even so, Jiang Ci compared the races on both sides of the world, and felt that they share the same virtues, “A very tough race, most likely to work miracles.”

Jiang Ci was only stating his own opinion, but it was undoubtedly a high compliment, so much so that Ash was swayed by it. He asked, “Is that really what you think?” 

Jiang Ci nodded, “Of course.” 

Ash was silent for a few seconds, his calm eyes gently moving, making him feel blind joy sweep over him, and it took effort to keep it from rising too high. Ash acted calmly, giving the system a sense of relief that there was finally someone who wouldn’t be provoked by his host’s words.

“I see,” Ash said gently.

After the conversation, Jiang Ci felt that Ash did have the right qualities to succeed his throne; he was gentle and soft but very sensible, and he did not take things personally. He was more suitable than Ivy, who he previously thought could be a candidate, but there were still two other administrators he had not met.

Knowing that Ash had to deal with a lot of things on a daily basis, Jiang Ci said to him, “You don’t have to stay here with me, you can go do what you have to do.”

Ash nodded his head a little and said goodbye.

The system looked even more pleased that the human administrator did not stick to Jiang Ci, which was much better than the other three who were already hopeless.

At once, the system felt that there was hope again.

Jiang Ci stayed at the observatory for a while longer as he said, and when he finally descended from the observatory to the ground, he ran into Ivy a few steps from the exit.

Jiang Ci took one look at the flower Ivy was holding and then at Ivy’s expression, and could not help guessing, “Looking for me?”

“…” Ivy kept silent, but even then, he couldn’t deny that he wasn’t, so he handed over the flower with a grimace, “I just want to give you a replacement flower that won’t wither, to prove to you that there are others than just Celestials that can do this. I attached a little time stopping spell to it.”

Because it was a plant, and only a small one, Ivy wanted to attach a permanent time stop ability to it, though in the end it was no different from what Celestials could achieve with their magic.

Jiang Ci found Ivy’s explanation just a little amusing. “Even if there’s no reason, you can still give me flowers, and I’ll accept.”

Frankness might really be the most difficult thing for Ivy to do, Jiang Ci thought.

At the same time, Jiang Ci also thought of what the system said, that Ivy also had feelings for him, Jiang Ci couldn’t help but smile.

“Is it because you want to prove something that you gave me this?” Jiang Ci asked him.

Upon hearing that question, Ivy didn’t say anything for a long time, and only after a while did his icy face crack a little, and he admitted in a rigid tone, “I just wanted to give it to you.”

If unwillingness to be frank were a definite proof of affection, then Ivy would have fit the bill perfectly.

“But you shouldn’t care about it,” Ivy added.

Jiang Ci sniffed the flower, looked at him and responded, “I don’t mind.”

Other people’s intentions could be rejected, but they couldn’t be thrown to the ground and trampled, so Jiang Ci wouldn’t mind. 

Ivy began listing, “You were interested in Luci before, then you followed Noyce out of Phantom, and now you are interested in Ash.” Finally, he concluded, “You never paid attention to me.”

Jiang Ci stood there dumbfounded.


Could this be Ivy’s attempt to win Jiang Ci’s favor?


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January 25, 2021 9:35 pm

Why are all of the administrators such cinnamon rolls!? 😭

January 26, 2021 1:19 am

Finally, a little openness from I-tsundere-vy. He’s so cute. About Ash, I have a hunch that he would patiently wait until he become a God before he make an audacious move on Jiang Ci. 🤨 Just a feeling though. Thanks for the chapter.

March 13, 2021 7:36 pm

Thank you for the chapter. Poor Ivy, he feels caught between what should be and his feelings for what he wants.

October 29, 2021 10:53 am

I like Ivy, for some reason. What his character’s closed with, is more of a ‘am I less important, or at least let me know if it’s because I don’t cause trouble and am competent”, to me. I feel I’m wrong, but like the udea of this.
Thanks for translating and editing.

November 24, 2021 7:54 pm

It was definitely Ivy’s turn to throw a spanner into the growing harem problem. I’ve been waiting for him to speak up. So much fun!

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