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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Rattie


Jiang Ci felt his head wanting to explode. Both of his hands were now being held, and he was in a difficult position. On either side, he could not pull his hands away.

The system woke up a little – and was fully alert instantly.

What was going on? The host was in a state of crisis. Why was he so agitated?

The system had reflected deeply and felt that it was sad and withdrawn enough because of its own host’s natural teasing, and now that Jiang Ci finally experienced the same sadness, the system felt comforted.

The difficulty was not only that; while Jiang Ci did not know how to react, the Black Dragon on his shoulder also turned into human form.

This Black Dragon felt like he could not be defeated by the other two so he leaned down, lowered his head and gently rubbed his cheek against Jiang Ci, and then in an especially serious tone, he slowly said, “I like you more than they do.” He then added, “And I was the first to say so.” 

Why was it suddenly a priority…!

Jiang Ci’s eyelids began to twitch disobediently, feeling that something even worse might be about to happen.

In the next second Jiang Ci heard Fer ask him, “Which one of us do you prefer?”

Fer’s face was expressionless as he asked, wanting to know what kind of administrator would be more favored by God, so that he could simulate his studies accordingly. But even with that goal in mind, he had a desire for Jiang Ci’s answer, though he didn’t recognize the emotion yet.

Once this question was asked, Jiang Ci felt the three of them suddenly become more insistent. Jiang Ci started to speak but stopped, “I…” 

He did not have the words to answer this question. In fact, he could say something that would solve this situation, but Jiang Ci did not want to treat any single one differently than the others. He was already treating the administrators he had created as if they were closer to him.

“Ahem…” Jiang Ci pretended to cough. 

Thinking that he was not feeling well, the three of them reacted.

Luci replaced the cup of tea on the table with fresh hot tea and handed it to Jiang Ci.

“My God.” Luci’s tone was light, and his eyes were downcast as he concentrated on his demeanor, revealing that he cared.

Black Dragon vertical pupils slightly contracted, and Fer said, “The site for the new territory has been decided; we can start moving immediately.”

Before, he told Jiang Ci that it would take some time to migrate, but the mechanical life’s work efficiency was terribly high, and the finalized plan could start at any time. It was mainly because Jiang Ci showed discomfort that made Fer think he should leave the North Continent as soon as possible.

Seeing that the topic had changed smoothly, Jiang Ci continued to pretend to cough a few more times, and then took a small sip of tea. After calming down, Jiang Ci followed Fer’s topic and asked, “The relocation project is huge, how are you going to proceed?”

“By simply starting the process,” Fer replied in a flat tone. “This city is all mobile machinery.”

Mobile machinery. Those words echoed through Jiang Ci’s mind.

“I’ll go to the central hub.” Fer grimaced. “The city’s new destination shall be a four-season place.”

Jiang Ci lightly hummed, holding a still-warm cup of tea. He felt the warmth not only in his fingertips; instead, it spread out. The administrators had different personalities, but Jiang Ci vaguely sensed an identical trait – that they valued him to the same degree.

Noyce followed and left the meeting, returning with a black crystal ball storing his Dragon’s breath for Jiang Ci. This crystal ball was an item of the robots’ production; holding it, Jiang Ci felt it was better than holding a cup of tea. It was like a constant hand warmer.

Seeing that Jiang Ci was still sitting and had no intention of returning to the house from the terrace, Luci sat next to him and then covered Jiang Ci with his left wing.

Jiang Ci’s whole body was soon warm. Leaning back in the chair and comfortable, he even felt that he could go to sleep. However, his sleepiness only grew a little when the ground from the continuous vibration made him awaken again.

Luci reacted calmly, “The program has probably started, and the city is beginning to move.”

The shaking continued for a while, and when it faded, the movement of the city had no effect on objects within. Just like Arsène, this mechanical city was flying when migrating, and it was even faster. The only drawback was the huge energy consumption; when the city would have finished its migration, the city center hub energy core would take about a year to complete its natural recharge.

Jiang Ci looked at the map, and he found that their destination was near Merfolk’s territory, located by the sea. So he accompanied the city robots on this migration at ease.

When the city flew away from the northern continent, Jiang Ci was still a bit uncomfortable. The snowy views faded into the distance, the climate became warmer, and even the plants the robots planted in the courtyard successfully germinated.

These plants grew quickly, and were almost fully grown before the migration was completed.

Plants could be made into many things, and since the territory was rich in plants, the city’s robots were always busy making gifts for Jiang Ci.

Today a rattan chair swing was made.

“Dun.” The giant R-class robot stood next to the swing and made a sound to Jiang Ci, and its eyes lit up with blue light.

Jiang Ci looked at the rattan chair for a moment and asked, “Do you want me to sit on it?”

The robot made another sound, “Dun.”

Jiang Ci complied and sat on the rattan chair, and after he did so, the robot standing next to the rattan chair swing began to push it gently. Jiang Ci slightly tensed up; the swing was still swaying gently back and forth as he returned to his senses and relaxed his body peacefully.

In this world, Jiang Ci always felt the importance of other people’s relationship with him, so much so that he increasingly withdrew the original inherent psychological defenses, many times involuntarily letting himself rely on the feeling.

In a few days, the city would complete its migration, and the arrival area indeed had the characteristics of four seasons. Jiang Ci experienced a very warm sunshine, and occasionally a gentle cool breeze on his cheeks.

Fer came to his side. “After comparing the data of various places, this should be the area that best meets the requirement of four seasons.”

Jiang Ci smiled at him, “Mn.”

Previously in the northern continent, there was no water to be seen near the Machines, since most of it had turned into ice. Here, once the city settled down, some lakes and rivers were also nearby.

The Merfolk located in the sea were quite close to the mechanical city. Jiang Ci first did some deep sea psychological preparation. Although he did not have a fear of the deep sea, as a normal human, it was always very natural to have a kind of apprehension of the unknown.

Being on land was not very effective to get a clear picture in his head, so Jiang Ci went to a lake. There, about a hundred meters away, he faintly heard someone’s singing.

It was a rather cold and clean voice, singing not in any racial language, just letting the syllables flow, but it was still very good.

A vague guess formed in Jiang Ci’s heart as he followed the direction of the song.

Mermaids were soft and beautiful creatures, as many people would think at first sight.

The merman’s tail gently swayed in the water; he looked beautiful and harmless, and when he looked at someone with his blue eyes, his posture was also very beautiful.

In truth, however, mermaids were the dominant force of the deep sea. They were more dangerous than the most ferocious deep-sea creatures, and natural hunters.

“Ar’nar dora…” The merman’s song gradually became softer as Jiang Ci approached, and finally stopped.

This merman did not control his tail, and when he saw Jiang Ci, the fish tail whipped under the water, and the whole lake churned up. After all, without controlling his strength, the merman’s tail could easily break a hard reef.

Jiang Ci walked along the shore of the lake; he was now in front of the beautiful merman who gave him a bad-tempered look.

This was the last administrator he had yet to meet.

Jiang Ci was about to ask the other his name, but before he could speak, the merman spoke first.

“Cyril.” The merman felt his desire to hunt grow, but he could not bear to hurt God. “My name.”

His desire for a hunt was strong, but this merman’s ice-blue fish tail’s sway speed was gradually slowing down to a light flutter.


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February 2, 2021 3:57 pm

Ooof 😳 A cough solves it all. And I’m KO’d once again by their cuteness 😍Cyril feels dangerous to me for some reason. If the previous 5 is vanilla then this merman is the opposite maybe 🤔

Anyway, thanks for the chapter 👍🏻♥️

February 4, 2021 5:19 pm

Cyril somehow gave me dangerous vibes. Hunter ah?

February 9, 2021 2:55 am

A beautiful merman hunter. Our dear host might have a hard time fending off this one.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

March 13, 2021 10:03 pm

Thank you for the chapter. Love at first sight. Locked on target. He and the others are going to be fun.

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November 18, 2021 7:51 pm

A Merman named…. Cyril; sorry to all the Cyrils out there, but not a very Mer-like name.
Stroppy, possibly arrogant, hunters… that’s quite a collection of egos JC has accumulated!
Thanks for translating and editing.

November 24, 2021 8:44 pm

Aaaand bingo! All seven administrators captured!

After JC successfully avoided the conversation by taking door No. 3 marked ‘cowardice’ Haha!

I love the robots. Seasons? Sure. We’ll just pick up our enormous city and move it a really long distance until God is happy. Reminds me of the Zerg from I’m Not Human.

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