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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Rattie


The merman in front of Jiang Ci could be described as beautiful despite being male. Probably because of his racial attributes, his icy blue tail and ear fins accentuated his beauty, though as a merman he was dangerous and aggressive.

“This is now the territory of the Machines.” Jiang Ci smiled at him. “You come up first, and come with me to meet Fer and the others.”

The merman who heard Jiang Ci’s words did not immediately comply, his look of impatience that could be detected just by looking at him remained, but the merman continued to gently swing his tail in place, and only after a few seconds did he do as Jiang Ci said.

The merman’s tail turned into legs when he came ashore, and the clothes he wore quickly became dry after leaving the water, looking no different from the clothes of land dwellers.

As this merman approached, Jiang Ci felt the low pressure from him become more obvious.

With his tail turned into legs and his ear fins drawing closer to his ears, the merman had a dangerous air, yet he still obeyed Jiang Ci’s instructions. It was hard to hide that aura among the other administrators, and when Jiang Ci took the merman back, the other three saw it immediately, and the atmosphere became different.

Although Fer had nothing to say, Noyce turned his head away, and Luci’s indifferent look lasted for less than a second.

There was a very subtle sense of confrontation.

Cyril looked at Jiang Ci. “I was the last one to see you.”

It was not even a question. The truth is, Jiang Ci just had to nod and admit, he observed the other’s expression and quickly said, “But it’s not for lack of concern for you…”

Hearing Jiang Ci say this, the low pressure coming from the merman dissipated a little bit. Cyril lightly licked his sharp teeth and barely restrained his hostility towards the other administrators.

“I was ready to meet you,” Jiang Ci added. “I just didn’t expect you to come forward.”

Cyril moved his ear fins slightly; the most ferocious deep-sea creature was pacified by Jiang Ci.

Now that he had met all of the administrators, Jiang Ci’s choice for his successor was still unchanged, so it was almost settled.

“I think Ash is the most suitable,” Jiang Ci said to the system. “Do you have other ideas?”

A508 replied decisively, “No, the system trusts the host’s judgment.”

There was nothing wrong with that decision; the system was not worried about this. It was only worried that even if the matter of the God position was resolved, with these administrators having feelings for Jiang Ci, this world could not be peaceful.

Unless Jiang Ci voluntarily stayed, the system would not make him stay in this world.

According to the system’s current analysis, the host’s resistance to feelings had weakened because of this world’s creation… especially the administrators, but his avoidant attitude had not changed, so the system felt that Jiang Ci was not willing to stay in this world.

Jiang Ci did not know the system’s current thoughts, he only thought of waiting for a few more days to go to the new human surface city, as was his plan.

“Are you going to be okay on land?” Thinking of Merfolk as a race living in the deep sea, Jiang Ci said thoughtfully, “If you are not used to leaving the water, there is also a relatively small lake near here.”

Cyril gently glanced at the other administrators present and spoke, “You’re going to take me along?”

It was a fact that Merfolk, being creatures of the deep, did not like being on land, and there was almost nothing that would make a mermaid leave water voluntarily.

Jiang Ci nodded, “Okay.”

After only a short time out of the water, of course, Cyril was not that uncomfortable, he’d just have preferred to be alone with Jiang Ci.

The nearby lake Jiang Ci mentioned was rather small, and less than a lake, it was more like a small pool; when Cyril rested his tail against the edge of the pool, Jiang Ci felt like this merman had become domestic.

Jiang Ci thought that this must have been the most expensive fish in the world to keep.

The beautiful posture of a mermaid was very confusing to their prey. Jiang Ci heard Cyril softly humming a cold song again; this time, he noticed the other’s line of sight and understood that the merman’s song was deliberately sung to him.

But Cyril was not treating him as prey.

Merfolk loved their mates at first sight, and they sometimes couldn’t tell the difference between this love at first sight feeling and the hunting urge. And whether it was for luring prey or showing love, mermaids would sing.

Jiang Ci waited for this merman’s song to end before complimenting him. “It’s the best song I’ve ever heard,” he said.

I want to take God back to the deep sea, the mermaid thought at this time.

Cyril reached out his left hand to Jiang Ci, who was slightly puzzled, but still took a hold of it. Upon contact, in addition to the merman’s body temperature, Jiang Ci also felt the cool lake water on the other’s hand. Cyril’s apparent impatience almost completely dissipated. He did not drag Jiang Ci into the water, but only lowered his head and kissed the back of Jiang Ci’s hand.

After the kiss, the merman showed a smile to Jiang Ci.

This smile was very mild, but compared to the previous impatient expression, the formerly gloomy beauty suddenly gave off a completely different feeling – like a bright moon peeking through clouds, so Jiang Ci could not help but be slightly stunned for a second.

Mermaids always knew how to make use of their beauty.

“I hope I can sing to you often in the future,” Cyril said.

Jiang Ci subconsciously wanted to say okay, but he thought that after handing over the god position to Ash, he would soon go back to the original world, and the words that were about to come out of his mouth stopped.

At that moment, the system said to him slyly, “I hope the host knows that mermaids don’t sing easily.” The system then added the most important part, “He fell in love with you at first sight.” 

The system didn’t even understand what was going on here; creatures would of course have a natural affinity for gods, but it shouldn’t be to this extent.

Jiang Ci asked, “Are you kidding?”

The system replied categorically, “No.”

These last two administrators were the type that met for nothing, but the system now had little care.

Perhaps, this was the real numbness.

Jiang Ci, on the poolside, met the mermaid’s gazing blue eyes, and involuntarily froze.

For a moment, Cyril’s gaze made Jiang Ci feel familiar, and he suddenly realized that in fact, every administrator’s gaze directed at him was very similar. What led to this similarity, Jiang Ci had not thought much about until now.

As planned, Jiang Ci left for the human city two days later.

When Jiang Ci arrived, the entire city was already in its first phase of construction.

“Are you here to see us again?” Seeing Jiang Ci, Ash naturally put on a smile, “Actually, I’d rather ask if you’re here to see me.”

Jiang Ci thought it could be considered that way, so he nodded, “Yes, I came to see you. There’s something I want to talk to you about.”

Ash asked softly back, “What is it?”

“About …” Jiang Ci continued after a slight pause, “about the power of God.”

This topic was far beyond Ash’s expectation. No matter how calm and thoughtful he was, Ash also showed apparent surprise on his face. Ash bowed his head to Jiang Ci, “I am a creature made by you. I should not overstep my bounds to understand this.” 

Jiang Ci shook his head at him, “This is nothing against the rules.”

Ash smiled and said nothing more, so Jiang Ci cut to the chase. “For some reason, I can’t stay in this position and need to choose a successor from the administrators. I want to choose you.” Jiang Ci said to him, “I hope you can succeed me.”

The smile that Ash always wore on his face completely vanished when he heard this, and even though the message he heard was that he could become the new God, there was no happy emotion in his heart.

“I can’t.” Ash fixedly gazed at Jiang Ci, half-kneeling while speaking, humbly and reverently looking up, “I don’t have the qualifications.” Ash did not think this was demeaning, his voice sounded a little cold for the first time, “No-one is qualified to be God, except you.”

Ash’s behavior at this moment reminded Jiang Ci of Luci’s reaction when he mentioned this matter in a hypothetical manner earlier. The two reacted almost the same way, both immediately showing resistance, though perhaps Luci’s resistance was a little stronger.

“But I have to choose a successor.” Jiang Ci emphasized the irresistibility of the matter. “You are the one I think is the most suitable, and I think you can manage the world well in my place.” Jiang Ci added seriously, “I can only feel more at ease if you succeed to the throne of God.”

Ash still did not relent, “What is the reason you must do this?”

Jiang Ci silent, to say that the reason involves his original world….

Seeing that Jiang Ci did not respond immediately, Ash changed the question, “What will happen to you after I succeed the throne of God?”

“Nothing will happen.” Jiang Ci replied, “Just lose the power of God in terms of ability.” Jiang Ci had considered this long ago, “On the other administrators’ side, I will explain and not let them misunderstand you.”

As for the fact that he would leave, Jiang Ci hadn’t thought of how to say it.

Ash was silent. After a while, he asked, “If I don’t agree, you are going to choose someone else, right?”

Jiang Ci could not deny it, so he nodded his head.

The end result was that Ash agreed. In his mind, if Jiang Ci was going to do it anyway, he would prefer to take the godhood himself than to have him give it to someone else.

At least this situation was subsequently manageable.

“Host, are you going to talk to the other administrators only after handing your position over?” The system raised a question, “They would not be psychologically prepared and so they might react strongly, right?”

Jiang Ci had the same concern, “But if I tell them first, they are more likely to unanimously oppose it.”

This was also true, and the system did not speak further.

Jiang Ci reached out and lightly touched Ash’s hair, handing over the godhead that was recognized by the rules and will of this world.

The change of God’s throne was something that all administrators could sense. Whether it was Ivy in Phantom, or Luci and the others who have been convinced by Jiang Ci to stay in the Machine territory for the time being, in this instant they all changed their expression slightly.

Only a few seconds later, the silver-haired six-winged Celestial appeared before Jiang Ci.

The territory of the Machines and the human city were very far apart, so Luci had to go past his limit with his ability. His right eye was stinging, but his face showed no sign of pain as he stood in front of Jiang Ci with an expressionless face.

“What did you do?” Despite the question, Luci was already holding a cold silver blade in his hand; the sword’s tip was pointed at the human administrator in front of him.

This silver blade was actually a magic weapon made with Celestials’ technology, and depending on the user’s input of magic energy, it could cause terrifying destruction as powerful as the highest level of magic.

Without waiting for Ash’s answer, Luci spoke, his expression cold, “Even if you usurp the position of God, I will not recognize you.”

Jiang Ci did not expect that Luci, who had stayed in the mechanical cty, would immediately arrive; he quickly spoke, “He didn’t….”

It’s not what you think, Jiang Ci wanted to say, but just as he spoke out, his words were interrupted by Luci.

“I’ll kill him.” Luci’s tone was flat as he turned to Jiang Ci, his expression and extraordinarily pious and grave, “I will get back what belongs to you.”

Realizing Luci’s words were serious, Jiang Ci saw his left hand holding the silver blade move.

He immediately pulled Luci back, “It’s not what you think.”

Ash also spoke up at this point and said, “It was God who took the initiative to give me the throne of God.”

This statement was not easy to accept for Luci; the perfect creation of Celestials lowered his heterochromatic eyes, “Why?”

Luci gazed at the dark-haired youth in front of him intently. “Why do you want to give the throne of God to someone else?”

He couldn’t accept it, no matter who succeeded him as the new God.

It was not a question of who the successor would be. What Luci could not accept was that he was keenly aware that Jiang Ci would leave after giving the throne to someone else.

Jiang Ci opened his mouth, but could not speak.

Luci had been watching him during this process, Jiang Ci organized his words, “I…”

Without finishing his sentence, a slight sense of vertigo stopped Jiang Ci from talking, and then, when he blinked again, the scene around him had changed to the palace in Arsène that served as his residence.

Jiang Ci sat down on the edge of his bed because of the dizziness, and recovered only a moment later when the silver-haired Celestial standing in front of him asked him softly, “After giving the throne of God to someone else, are you going to leave?”

Jiang Ci felt it was even more unexpected that Luci would sense his intention before he opened his mouth to speak, so he did not deny it.

“I am not willing to accept a new god, and I don’t want you to leave.” Luci half-kneeled down next to Jiang Ci, who was sitting on the edge of the bed, and looked up at him, “You said that there was no intention to leave me to someone else.”

Jiang Ci was speechless. After another moment, he said in a warm voice, “I’m sorry.”

Luci took Jiang Ci’s hand that was hanging in his lap and held it silently for several wonderful moments as he stood up, “I won’t let you leave.”

As soon as his words fell, Luci set up a magic barrier outside this palace. Except for the person who set up this magic barrier, no one else could enter or leave freely.

Jiang Ci could not anticipate this development. “Luci.”

“Even if you don’t forgive me, it doesn’t matter.” Luci slightly lowered his gaze, “Anything you need, you can tell me and I will bring it to you.”

After saying so, Luci leaned down and kissed Jiang Ci’s lips in a reverent gesture.

“I love you.” This was the second time Luci said that.

Not satisfied with the first kiss, much like in the dream world, Luci lightly opened Jiang Ci’s teeth more than he had done before, and he penetrated inside, tangling their tongues nonchalantly.

Jiang Ci was stunned and did not react at all before passively opening his mouth slightly, and then when his tongue was touched there was no chance to escape, so he just tilted his head back slightly to accept it.

After the kiss was over, Luci licked off a droplet of saliva from the corner of Jiang Ci’s mouth.

He said, “It’s the kind of love that makes me want to do this kind of thing to you.”

Even when saying such words, this silver-haired Celestial still maintained an indifferent look, but his lips glistening with wetness clearly showed what just happened. Though weaved from order and purity, lust has made this perfect creation flawed – but this flaw gave Luci a kind of charm that made it hard to look away.

Without waiting for Jiang Ci’s response, Luci left without a word.

The system did not dare to comment but it said at least, “Dear host, you have been imprisoned…”

Jiang Ci’s heart was in turmoil, but what was hard to understand was his complete lack of anger at being imprisoned, “I know.”

In terms of feelings, Jiang Ci was really not considered a normal person. Normal levels of liking and affection could not be understood by him, but instead it was the kind of love that showed paranoia and excess that he could feel.

Such love was difficult for ordinary people to accept, but Jiang Ci happened to not mind, the more paranoid and excessive manifestations, the more he could feel the truth of this love.

“Don’t worry,” the system reassured him. “The transmission is still possible, and I can send you back anyti…”

The system’s words faded out as it looked at the program prompt that suddenly could not operate the teleportation, as unresponsive as a wooden chicken.

Hearing the system not finishing its sentence, Jiang Ci asked, “What’s wrong?”

“I can’t teleport you…” the system said in disbelief. “This world has changed a little without my knowledge. The system’s teleportation function needs time to be repaired.”

The system knew that Jiang Ci would at least slightly reconcile the situation before going back to the original world, but whether this teleportation function was temporarily not useful or if it could not be used at all were different matters, and the system was very anxious about this.

“It’s okay.” Jiang Ci’s mentality was the opposite of the system’s, “You fix it first.”

The Celestials could see the magic barrier outside Jiang Ci’s palace. Shaya happened to meet Luci who was leaving from the palace, and he asked expectantly, “Lord Luci, has God returned?” When Luci did not answer, Shaya added, “God did not want anyone to disturb him, so he asked you to set up this magic barrier.”

It was not a questioning tone, because Shaya was guessing.

Luci said in a light voice, “No.”

Shaya blinked subconsciously at his words, but the indifferent look of the silver-haired Celestial in front of him prevented him from asking more questions.

“Oh.” Shaya nodded his head.

Luci gazed at the palace wordlessly with his heterochromatic eyes.


He had imprisoned God.


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I was just blindly guessing before but didn’t expect this little black room to happen for real 😳 Did Jiang Ci finished transferring his godhood? If yes, wouldn’t Ash has the power to change this world’s setting, like preventing Jiang Ci from leaving? But there’s still the system so I don’t know which power is greater 🤔

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February 3, 2021 5:08 pm

Oh my gosh the feels that this chapter gave me. QAQ Aye, this is where things start to get sad.

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February 4, 2021 5:57 pm

I thought Ash would be the paranoid one but it turned out that Luci was the most paranoid and obsessed administer.

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