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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Rattie


Since Lin ze announced Jiang Ci’s love affair to everyone, half a year had passed.

The job of a game designer was not easy; sometimes Jiang Ci had to work overtime at home to catch up on his drawings, and whenever this happened, his lover would watch him silently. If being watched lasted for more than a minute, Jiang Ci would purposefully turn his head to kiss Lu Yi’s cheek and then continue to work.

Although only half a year had passed, Lu Yi had completely adapted to this world. He mastered all the knowledge of this world at a speed unimaginable to ordinary people.

After receiving a soothing kiss on the cheek, Lu Yi said, “I’m going to buy this game company of yours.”

Jiang Ci was really caught off guard; his hand holding the pen twitched, and he couldn’t help but say, “Why do you suddenly want to do this?”

“You rarely look at me anymore whenever you start working,” Lu Yi said in a declarative tone. “After the acquisition of the company, we can arrange a reasonable workload for you, and there will be no more need to work overtime. Or I can get you a game studio of your own.”

The idea was to give Jiang Ci enough free time while keeping his interests in mind.

Given the huge amount of money Lu Yi had made from his investments during this time, it was easy to do these things.

Jiang Ci couldn’t help but reflect on whether he has not been a good enough lover during this period of time, perhaps he was obsessed with work and indeed a little neglectful of Lu Yi…

Being in the habit of looking for problems in himself first, Jiang Ci thought about it and said, “Then I could take an annual leave instead of leaving the studio.” Jiang Ci dismissed the other’s idea, “I’ll take a leave and go on a trip with you.”

Lu Yi said yes.

In fact, if not for his own interests, even if he wanted to take a vacation every day, Lu Yi would only be happier if Jiang Ci was willing to be supported.

Jiang Ci acted fast; the next day he went to the company to go through the process of applying for his leave.

“Do you have any places you want to go?” Jiang Ci looked down on his phone and searched for places to go. “We can go for a week or so, or half a month if we want to go longer.”

Because he was thinking of compensation, Jiang Ci wanted to make these plans based on Lu Yi’s wishes.

Lu Yi didn’t care where to go, “It’s up to you to choose.”

Since he let Jiang Ci choose, Jiang Ci thought about it and chose a domestic tour.

Without letting Lu Yi use Luci’s teleportation ability, Jiang Ci bought a return ticket for three days later. The normal travel was more of a vacation feeling, Jiang Ci thought.

Before leaving home, Jiang Ci specially took a black mask to Lu Yi.

The other’s good looks could kill; according to their experience of over six months, it was better to cover it.

Lu Yi obediently took the mask, but the next second, he gave this mask to Jiang Ci to put on instead.

“There are more people looking at you.” Lu Yi slightly lowered his eyes. “I don’t like the way they look at you.”

Lu Yi felt that most things were good in this world, but one thing was bad – in this world, there were too many people who would have adoration for Jiang Ci. For them, this kind of adoration was not something out of line, but very normal personal feelings.

Jiang Ci was stunned by the other’s acts, and he reached up to touch the mask on his face. He suddenly felt funny. “Is this jealousy?”

“It’s because I like you very much.” Lu Yi looked at him without blinking, then he abruptly and coldly said, “You never get jealous for me.”

First a straight ball confession, and then he was very quick to accuse… in a way, this could also be seen as affection.

After the administrators fused into a complete individual, it seemed that everyone’s strengths were brought into play, which made it difficult for Jiang Ci to resist.

This was probably because the personalities could influence each other.

Being so accused, Jiang Ci could only go along with the other person’s intention and start coaxing. “I’m not jealous because I know you only like me, not because I don’t care enough about you.” Jiang Ci knew what Lu Yi liked to hear, so he pointed to his heart and said, “This is a small place; after you came in, no one else can.”

Luci’s eyelashes twitched, and his face maintained a calm expression, “Only me?”

Jiang Ci smiled at him, “Yes, only you.”

Because it was difficult to trust the love of others, Jiang Ci of course found it difficult to easily give affection. He had only enough affection to throw to one person, there was no extra to give to others.

“You have to keep thinking the way you are now.” Lu Yi kissed Jiang Ci’s cheek as he spoke.

Jiang Ci took his hand and obediently hummed.

When he finally left the house, only Jiang Ci wore a mask, unable to resist his jealous lover. It was as Jiang Ci thought; when the were together, the other’s face was really very eye-catching.

From the airport to the plane, the two of them got a lot of attention on the way.

Jiang Ci was used to this situation; after all, he often experienced a similar situation when he was alone. The two of them boarded the plane according to the normal procedure, and Jiang Ci found a seat and began to close his eyes to rest.

This was Jiang Ci’s habit, he’d sleep when on the plane.

Lu Yi watched him fall asleep, and he let him lean his body closer, resting his head on Lu Yi’s shoulder.

A girl sitting in front of them secretly pressed the camera shutter.

She had set her phone on mute. The two people being photographed, one sleeping, one completely unaware of her, shouldn’t have been able to notice her, but the moment she pressed the shutter, the handsome man sitting on the left suddenly raised his eyes to look at her.

His cold and indifferent eyes made her heart skip a beat and feel a sense of oppression.

The girl who took the picture really did not have any malicious intent, and upon being discovered that she secretly photographed them, she panicked, hurriedly waving her hands while whispering explanations, “Sorry sorry sorry, I just thought the two of you together would make a very good picture, I couldn’t help myself.”

She turned that side of the phone screen to the other side to see, and then endured the pain, “If you guys don’t want to be photographed, I’ll delete this photo now…”

Luci’s eyes moved down to that photo; he looked at it for a few seconds, and then he did not say anything and looked away again.

Was this consent?

The girl hesitantly withdrew back. She quickly regained excitement, slouched over her phone and began to type a message fiercely to send in her chat group.

[Tangbao!: Fuck, fuck, fuck! 1 Didn’t I tell you yesterday that I’m going to fly to S city today? Not long after I got on the plane, I saw a pair of immortals on the plane! *fangirl sobbing*]

[Tangbao!: They look good ah! Their faces are really great, their bodies also… cough cough …]

[Tangbao!: They are obviously a gong and his little shou! A reserved, cold gong and a beauty shou!]

[Tangbao!: I’m serious! If these two entered the entertainment industry, their ratings would be guaranteed to be the highest! They’d undoubtedly attract countless face cons!]

[Tangbao!: I tried to secretly photograph them but was found out. The look I was given almost scared me to death. I thought that the photo had to be deleted, but they were willing to let me keep it! I’m so happy!!!]

[Friend A: Pics or it didn’t happen.]

[Friend B: Quickly send the photo so that we can be happy together.]

[Friend C: I’d like to see how divine they really are.]

The girl hesitated for a moment. Her first thought was that to send the photo was not very nice, and then thought that since the photo was agreed to be taken by the person in question, that should… be okay, right?

[Tangbao!: This is only for the group to enjoy, do not spread outward la.]

After that conclusion, the girl, feeling a little restless, shared the photo.

The picture was sent out, and the group instantly became lively.

[Crap, really a godlike face!]

[The one on the right was sleeping with his eyes closed and wearing a mask, but I can’t believe he looks so good anyway?]

[It means that the mask can’t hide the beauty of others.]

[This pair is also too eye-catching, ba.]

Although she said not to spread the word, people like sharing secrets with others; one person shared the secret with another person and asked to keep it secret, and then that person did the same thing, and the word spread more and more.

The traveling Jiang Ci knew nothing about it, and when Lin Ze called, Jiang Ci was being kissed by Lu Yi and half-pressed on the sofa in the hotel room. His shirt buttons had been unbuttoned and the hickeys were clearly visible on the side of his neck, which Lu Yi had left last night.

Hearing the phone ring, Jiang Ci tried to move his face away slightly to stop the kiss, but then Lu Yi reached out and grabbed the back of his head, continuing to eat away at his lips, his tongue nimbly and forcefully exploring anywhere it could reach.

After the kiss finished, Jiang Ci felt a sucking bite on his lower lip, and then heard Lu Yi’s slow, low voice, “You are not concentrating enough.”

The two of them were already lovers, but Lu i still used the superior “you” more often than not, which was usually fine, but when they were doing something intimate, Jiang Ci would always feel a secret sense of shame.

This was especially true in bed.

Not wanting his lover to get strangely jealous again and toss him around even more later, Jiang Ci defended himself—

“It’s very concentrated.” Jiang Ci glanced down. “But in a few minutes we’re supposed to head out, so there would be no time to continue…”

His clothes were so disheveled that he couldn’t leave like this.

The phone was still ringing, so Jiang Ci reached out to touch the phone. This time, Lu Yi did not stop him, but when Jiang Ci pressed the connect button, Lu Yi began to kiss his neck.

Not just a simple kiss on the top, but also occasional licking and nibbling, and even sucking on his pulse point.

Jiang Ci did not suppress his voice, and gave a low hum.

Luckily, Lin Ze on the other end of the phone didn’t notice, and he couldn’t wait to talk about it, “Fuck me, you two are trending right now!”

“What?” Jiang Ci was confused.

“Trending.” Lin Ze repeated, “On Weibo, you and Lu Yi were secretly photographed on the plane, the photo has been uploaded to the Internet. Quickly look at it yourself.”

The other party hung up the phone directly after the notification, Jiang Ci looked it up, and indeed saw the photo trending in second place. The title of this Hot search was—

#Accidentally Met an Immortal CP#


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Translator Notes:

  1. 我操 is originally used as a swear word,it just as the word fucking in English.

    But due to the internet censorship of Chinese government,people couldn’t type 我操&我草&我艹 such these words,it will be transferred as a series of asterisks, like****.

    So smart Chinese netizens use 卧槽 instead of 我操,these words sound the same.But there is still something different when we use 卧槽.我操 is a very straightforward swear sentence to insult someone,it’s only used when someone really angry,卧槽 is slighter in the literal sense although it sounds like the former,it doesn’t contain the word 操(fucking) in its word formation. So meaning of the word and the scope of the application both has changed,卧槽 no longer just involve the negative meaning,it more often means awesome as a sigh word,and for these reasons 卧槽 becomes a more popular word in modern China,even than the popularity of 我操 in the traditional Chinese world.

    As the word 卧槽 is more and more often used,it gradually evolves into other forms,such as 我擦.Its pronunciation is close to the former,but not the same,therefore it’s even slighter in both reading and writing. Some young girls prefer using 我擦,of course there’s no sex difference, young men use it too.

    If someone says 我操 to you,it does mean he is angry and not polite,but if someone use 卧槽&我擦,maybe he just sighs with emotion ,so take it easy not to be too serious. (




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February 7, 2021 3:01 pm

What did Lu Yi want to do, kissing him right after Jiang Ci answered the phone? =w=

Thanks for the chapter! ^^

February 8, 2021 1:36 pm

Secretly taking photos is so bad. Especially if you share them with friends or post it on the internet!

It always upsets me when I see fangirls in these stories who do it. How is it less creepy than if an old man took photos of them??

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Saying that she met an immortal was not wrong, after all one was a god while the other was a world’s will embodied. Thank you for the chapter!!!

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What’s the point in traveling for a vacation if your boyfriend plans on keeping you in bed the whole time? Not that JC seems bothered in the least. I actually like the six in one answer. It will definitely keep things interesting for their relationship!

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