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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Rattie


Based on the difference between the time flows, not much time had passed in Jiang Ci’s original world. If it were not for the system, Jiang Ci might have had the illusion that he had woken up from a dream. The next day Jiang Ci went to work normally, keeping himself busy with work to reduce his anxiety of having to wait.

Jiang Ci and Lin Ze’s company were in the same office building, and the end of their work day was about the same, so they usually could meet. Today, Lin Ze saw him again, but his appearance shocked him.

His mood did not seem to be very good.

“What’s up? Did your company suddenly give you an urgent task?” Lin Ze looked surprised. “You look like you haven’t slept all night.”

To Lin Ze, he and Jiang Ci hadn’t seen each other for just one day, and he really couldn’t think of what could have happened in just one day to make Jiang Ci change so much.

In Lin Ze’s impression, Jiang Ci was difficult to affect in any way; he usually loved to smile, his temperament was also really good, but he was actually a little off and people and things were the same to him.

Lin Ze was a person who took the initiative to persist for a good period of time before successfully establishing a real friendship with each other. He really had a revolutionary spirit.

“No.” Jiang Ci shook his head and put a smile on his face. “Don’t worry about me.”

Even if Jiang Ci said that, Lin Ze wouldn’t stop there, “Are your parents looking for you again?”

Lin Ze could only think in this direction.

Jiang Ci again denied, “No.”

Then, Lin Ze could not think of other reasons. He could not force Jiang Ci to say it, so he waved his hand, “Buddy, please go eat and drink something.”

Lin Ze was able to experience the life of the rich generation, and invited Jiang Ci to eat. Since he had money, it was a very beautiful restaurant.

Although the prices of this restaurant were high, this business district was still quite popular among young people. From the time he walked into the high-ceilinged restaurant to the time he sat down, Lin Ze clearly received several meaningful glances from several different people, but of course these eyes were not looking at him, but at Jiang Ci, who was walking next to him.

Here we go again.

Lin Ze secretly curved the corners of his mouth.

This was the first time he’d ever seen someone who was not at all in good shape, but still had the same luminous effect as usual. Lin Ze was really taken aback.

Right after sitting down, the two did not even have time to order food, when Lin Ze saw a young girl pushed towards them by her friends. The girl’s face was red from embarrassment. “Hello, can I add you on WeChat?”

Lin Ze sighed and lowered his head to continue to look at the menu. As Jiang Ci’s friend, he needed a lot of mental strength not to feel shut out. Obviously they were both men, how come he was not getting the same treatment?

Then, Lin Ze heard Jiang Ci’s reply, “Sorry, I have a boyfriend.”

I have a boyfriend…

Have a boyfriend…


Lin Ze’s expression tensed up; he met the girls’ eyes and saw that they were glancing between him and Jiang Ci. He looked back down to stare at the menu.

After the girls left, he finally could not hold his tongue, “My God, now you’ve upgraded to such a fancy lie to reject people?” He continued, “It’s not like I don’t want to help you, but my mother also urged me to bring a girl home, this cannot be destroyed by your hand.”

Jiang Ci looked at him, the tone of his voice natural, “I really do have a boyfriend, though.”


Lin Ze broke.

“Who? I haven’t even heard you say that before today! Where did you go to suddenly have a boyfriend?!” Lin Ze was really confused. “It’s hard to believe that you have long been off the singles list yet you’d hide it from me! Awful, what a bad friend, how dare you!”

Lin Ze did not care whether Jiang Ci’s partner was male or female, he was only shocked that the other party didn’t say anything.

Jiang Ci was silent for a moment, looking for a more passable way to say it. “I was not sure before, so I did not tell you.”

Lin Ze was so surprised that he now wanted to know which person was so capable of breaking through Jiang Ci’s shell. Having been friends for so long, Lin Ze certainly knew that Jiang Ci did not believe in love.

This era of life was very fast-paced, and people would also want to have a partner. If it took too long from their first meeting to the confession, most people would give up.

“Then how did it happen?” Lin Ze was used to questioning everything. “What did he do?”

He didn’t think there was anything wrong with Jiang Ci; that was something he was sure of. Just who was this man who could make Jiang Ci believe in having a partner? He must have long been in his heart, a rarely seen kind of man.

“Nothing,” Jiang Ci replied. “We just can’t meet recently, and I am very worried about him.”

This was also the truth.

Lin Ze did not try to press him further, he only said, “When you have time, remember to bring your partner so I can meet him. I am really curious.” After that, he remembered, “Oh yes, do you have a picture I can see?”

Jiang Ci did not even pause and continued eating, “No.”

Even if the system could send him a picture to his phone, he now had six partners and did not know whose picture he should give.

Lin Ze’s tone was exaggerated, “No way, not even a picture, you are not attentive enough.”

Jiang Ci simply said, “Well, he and I don’t like to take pictures.”

This sentence was made up randomly, but it was convincing enough.

After dinner he returned home; it was quiet, and Jiang Ci’s mood got worse again.

It’d only been a day…

For him it was just a day, but for people in another world it was not nearly as short.

When they found out that Jiang Ci had disappeared, every administrator reacted in exactly the same way, their expressions turning icy cold. Even Ash, who was always gentle and smiling was no exception. The huge change in the administrators had left their peoples terrified and unsettled.

The misinformation caused conflicts between the administrators. Ash, who became the new God, became instantly the others’ target, and Noyce, who took Jiang Ci away from the palace, also became the target of Luci’s wrath.

The pain of getting something they loved and then losing it was sharp and unbearable.

The people of all races now knew that Ash had succeeded as the new God and the God who created them had left, and the atmosphere in the whole world had become quite tense due to the confrontation between the administrators, just as it was 1,700 years ago.

In the end, it was Ash who averted the war that was about to take place. Not with the power of God, but simply with a fact that convinced the others. In gaining the throne of God, in mastering the power of God completely, Ash understood the existence of the will of the world. He realized at the same time that he was a part of the world’s divided will, and the other administrators and he were individuals of the same nature.

Even Ash, who realized this matter in becoming God, could not accept it emotionally right away, and the other administrators felt even stronger about it. Still, Ash had to accept it, and he had to make the others accept it too, because it was a necessary condition to see Jiang Ci again.

Only when they fused to become the complete will of the world as well as the God, could they cross the realms to find Jiang Ci.

“After the fusion, I will only be one sixth of the whole, and I won’t rule over all of you,” Ash calmly stated. “You don’t need to worry about that.”

Ivy looked at him coldly, “You’ve been given the godhead, how can I believe you would only want to be one sixth?”

If he could really meet Jiang Ci, Ivy would be willing to do anything, but he couldn’t trust Ash completely right now.

Cyril spoke dryly, his face expressionless, “I agree.”

A mermaid would only have one partner of love at first sight in his life, and if they could not become a pair and be together, then this merman would choose to be alone and be depressed forever. The merman from the deep sea stared at Ash with eyes that saw a prey, a look that sent chills down the spine, “But if you’re lying, you will face the consequences.”

If the fusion was a lie, if Ash’s purpose was nothing but to take their power, then even if Ash now had the power of God, he would definitely give his due.

Ash’s face had long since lost its smile, and his voice even sounded a little cold at this point, “I want to see God as much as you all do.”

This was their common goal.


Jiang Ci’s anxiety on the second day was even more intense than the first; working did not help to ignore this mood. He was sitting in his office unable to read anything, and his work did not advance.

The system took this to heart, and since the situation was a major failure caused by their side, it didn’t dare to speak at all for the past two days.

Barely surviving to the end of his day, Jiang Ci got up and left exactly on time. Today on the way home from work, he met Lin Ze again.

Lin Ze was keenly aware that Jiang Ci was in a worse mood today than yesterday; it was so bad that he even refused Lin Ze’s offer to treat him to food. Considering the situation, Lin Ze simply dragged the other to a bar.

In Lin Ze’s opinion, there was no woe that couldn’t be solved by drinking. If he could get drunk and get past the next day, Jiang Ci would surely feel good.

Jiang Ci rarely went to such places; alone, he’d never take the initiative to go. After all, he knew best just how bad he was with alcohol.

Jinag Ci was very beautiful and looked good sitting next to the bar counter; it was hard to say whether it was because of the fair complexion, but he felt especially pure. His eyes were slightly curved like peach blossom petals as he smiled to himself a little.

In short, it was the type that made it easy for people to fall in love at first sight.

Lin Ze was ready to be extra protective tonight; he knew Jiang Ci’s drinking limits, of course, and he was not going to let any flirtatious butterflies near.

Jiang Ci just took a sip of wine, and Lin Ze already saw some heartthrob coming over.

Lin Ze was sharp-eyed enough to see that the person opened the WeChat QR code; he knew what the other party wanted to do as soon as he saw it. Not waiting for Jiang Ci to refuse personally, Lin Ze cleared his throat. “Sorry, don’t bring up WeChat, my friend already has…”

“He already has a boyfriend.”

Lin Ze’s words were interrupted by a low voice, he reflexively followed the source of the sound and saw a man with a tall figure; as for his looks… Lin Ze got stuck, and in this instant, he had trouble finding the right adjectives to describe the other person’s appearance.

This person was excessively handsome; Lin Ze saw for the first time what it meant to be favored by God. This was too much, really. How could ordinary people live?

Having recovered from the shock caused by this man’s appearance, Lin Ze mulled over the other’s words. The youth sitting next to him was looking fixedly at this stranger.

Jiang Ci had picked strong wine, so only one sip made him slightly drunk. When he heard the stranger’s low voice, he could not help but look over and blinked slowly at the sight of the owner of the voice.

Jiang Ci had never seen this person but had a strong sense of familiarity regardless.

Luci’s posture and appearance was already enough to be called perfect creations, but the person in front of Jiang Ci was even closer to perfection than that. Jiang Ci seemed to be able to find the afterimage of every administrator.

After his proclamation, the stranger added two more words, “It’s me.”

The two sentences were linked together, i.e. he was Jiang Ci’s boyfriend.

Lin Ze was so dumbfounded by this information that he didn’t stop the man from leaning down slightly to embrace Jiang Ci.

“My God.” The voice was so soft that no one but Jiang Ci could hear it.

Jiang Ci’s eyes widened slightly, and his hands which had been hanging at his sides followed and lifted in response to the hug.

“Wait—” Lin Ze reacted and forcibly separated the two, “Are you still awake? Answer this first! What’s three plus two?”

Although Jiang Ci did admit to him yesterday that he had a boyfriend, and the man’s looks were convincing, he had to confirm it to be sure.

Jiang Ci rubbed his eyes to make himself more sober. “It’s five, I’m not drunk yet.”

Jiang Ci could feel his heartbeat quickening; he glanced at his hand that was being held by the man next to him, then he said to Lin Ze, “He is indeed my boyfriend.”

Suddenly not knowing what to call this man now, Jiang Ci just had to say, “I’ll give you a formal introduction some day, I’m a bit dizzy right now…”

As far as social interactions went, Ash was good at that, so Ash’s personality took effect. “You can call me Lu Yi.”

This statement was towards Lin Ze.

In order not to be overly ostentatious, the complete world would choose to appear in front of people with black hair and black eyes after coming to this side of the world, but his features, while elegant and handsome, did not look like those of a Chinese man.

Jiang Ci made it up as he went along, “He’s mixed race, his mother is from Chinese and his father is a foreigner.”

Lin Ze was still trying to digest this reality, and he couldn’t help but say, “The two of you together? Are you trying to kill someone or make them commit suicide…”

It seemed that good-looking people came in pairs.

Since his boyfriend had come, Lin Ze looked at the situation very sensibly. “Then you send him back. Even the one sip he had was enough to make him drunk, anyway.”

Even if Lin Ze did not say it, Jiang Ci would have immediately found an excuse to leave; he now really had too many questions.

They did not take a taxi; Jiang Ci dizzily led by Ash to a nearby deserted alley, and then in a blink of an eye, he was back home.

Ash always did things thoughtfully. He knew the rules of this world well, so while using his teleportation ability, he would avoid people and surveillance. Just as Lin Ze said, the after-effects of that sip of wine came up, and Jiang Ci was feeling drunk.

No longer able to stand, Jiang Ci leaned on the sofa, squinting at the man standing in front of him. Luci was also looking down at him, his eyes very focused; his originally black eyes seemed to be even darker now.

It was still Ash’s personality that was dominant as he leaned down and kissed the young man sitting on the couch, “I missed you so much.”

The pain of being left behind was still no match for love, and even though Ash was very calm and rational, the time he’d been waiting has made him lose control once he saw Jiang Ci again.

Though drunk, Jiang Ci could see hurt in the other’s expression, so he tried to explain, “I did not… want to leave, I wanted to stay…” He slightly shook his head, barely maintaining a trace of sobriety, “It was because of an accident that I left suddenly.”

Jiang Ci actively leaving and passively leaving for his immediate world would have a very different meaning, only this sentence let the other party’s expression change.

Whether it was a lie or not, he was willing to believe it. In response to Jiang Ci’s words, he asked, “Is it because of that?”

This instant, the system bound to Jiang Ci had a strong feeling that its own existence was detected and locked onto, and it was with a considerable threat.

“Host, host— … he seems to have found me.” The system attempted to ask Jiang Ci for help.

Jiang Ci was also confused, but seeing that the system would be scrapped as soon as he nodded his head yes, Jiang Ci endured his dizzy feeling and explained, “It was an accident, it did not happen by anyone’s choice.”

Jiang Ci said so, and the world’s will in front of him did not say anything. The other’s expression was indifferent, showing the system a scrutinizing attitude, his indifferent and arrogant look suddenly very much resemblant of Luci.

Jiang Ci lightly tugged at him, “I will explain to you properly, and will tell you everything.”

The other side continued to be silent, now a sign of tacit agreement.

Jiang Ci had not yet fully digested the fact that the administrators he created fused into one being. He wanted to ask how this happened and how the other came to this world, but before he could speak, he was kissed again.

There was a time gap between the two worlds, so the weight of their thoughts for each other was not equal.

For the world’s consciousness which had been strongly missing Jiang Ci, finally seeing him again and talking to him, the need to hug and possess him had consumed all the patience and sanity of the other party.

It was difficult to keep enduring it.

Jiang Ci was pushed down by the man standing in front of him, and his body fell onto the soft sofa. The sofa was not really spacious, especially after Jiang Ci lay down, and the handsome man propped his hand on the empty space next to his neck, pinning him down.

With two adult men, it was very cramped.

The commotion in the living room continued from just after nightfall into the day, with Jiang Ci almost at his mercy due to his drunkenness and guilt.

The next day, Jiang Ci got up from his bed and walked to the living room to find the sofa in a sorry state.

He might even need to have the sofa replaced, but Jiang Ci also did not have the courage to ask anyone to replace it. Fortunately, the other culprit of this situation would not make it difficult for Jiang Ci, he just used cleaning magic to solve the problem.

Jiang Ci did not want to recall last night’s events at all, he was already rattled enough.

This time, not terribly drunk, Jiang Ci had a clear memory of what happened.

Although the administrators had fused into a complete consciousness, they could still have their original personalities, so Jiang Ci was asked various questions yesterday. When he was  kind of out of it, he got asked if he knew who was kissing him at the moment.

At that time, because he saw the other’s left eye turned golden, Jiang Ci replied that it was Luci.

However, then the other’s right eye also turned gold.

“You answered wrong.” Speaking in a cold voice, the mechanical being kissed Jiang Ci again, “I am Fer.” Then the mechanical being analyzed, “Do you really prefer Luci?”

Jiang Ci had no space to explain, so with the other personalities being eaten by jealousy, Jiang Ci was humiliated and made to cry.

Now that Jiang Ci had sobered up, the world’s will that followed him around took the initiative to inform him of all the things he wanted to ask.

Such things were always taken care of by Ash. “After mastering the power of God, I could understand that I am the will of the split world, and that only after completing the fusion could we have enough power to cross between the worlds to find you, so I convinced them.”

Finding enough power to cross between worlds was not so easy, and he spent a lot of time on this.

“I modified the rules of the world over there, and now even if God does not exist, the world will not experience the natural disasters,” he spoke softly. “The races don’t need an eternal administrator, either. They can develop on their own, just like the people of this world.”

The system was only secretly listening on the sidelines at this point, and suddenly realized when it heard this that its mission had been already accomplished.

Jiang Ci was slightly stunned, “Then, are you… going to stay in this world?”

“That depends on you.” The other smiled and replied, “I just want to stay by your side.”

The system whispered to Jiang Ci, “Although there was an accident in the process, this can be considered the completion of our task. The bond between the system and the host can be released. As compensation for the accident, we can help solve the problem of his identity in this world.”

The system could feel that the ability of this man was very powerful; he was an unmeasurable existence, the system couldn’t grasp the data. However, this was the system’s specialty. To create a false record of a person in this world should be easy.

Jiang Ci roughly repeated to the other what the system said. The man raised his eyes, “Then the name of this identity will be ‘Lu Yi.’”

There was no special meaning, it was just a mix of all of their names.

The main purpose of this was to deal with outsiders, so none of the personalities cared about this name.

When they were with Jiang Ci, the dominant personality would of course prefer him to call them by the name of the individual before they had fused.

“No problem,” the system agreed dryly.

“Disconnecting now.” The system then did as it was told, unbound Jiang Ci, and although what happened during this mission made the system break internally, it was actually a little reluctant to say goodbye to the host who had brought it so much heart-pounding excitement. 

After a few seconds, Lu Yi noticed, “That thing left?”

Jiang Ci nodded his head, “We probably won’t see it again.”

Jiang Ci also fulfilled his promise to tell the other everything.

After listening quietly, Lu Yi did not react; he lowered his head and pecked the corner of Jiang Ci’s lips, “These are not important anymore, from now on, we will always be by your side.”

Jiang Ci did not even have time to respond. A second after the soft peck, he heard the other say as if for the record, “This time it was Ivy who kissed you, Ivy. You absolutely cannot remember it as someone else.”

Jiang Ci could not help but frown.

If he really had to remember them one by one, did he have to have a special notepad?

Openly Jiang Ci still complied with the other party, “I know it is you.”

Ivy was easy to coax, so when Jiang Ci said so, he pursed his lips and quieted down.

Even if all of them subjectively understood that they had the same soul and were essentially the same person, the different personalities still could not control their jealousy.

This was nothing to them but caused Jiang Ci a headache.

In addition to the headache every now and then, there was a strange sense of happiness in this kind of life, though.

Jiang Ci grew up in a circle of people where he had always been the center of the conversation. Since Lin Ze knew, everyone else soon found out about Jiang Ci having a hot boyfriend. Lin Ze was also a rogue; he told the story, and then, just as he had once told Jiang Ci, he immediately uninstalled all social software.

Jiang Ci had a partner. His circle of friends felt a unilateral loss of love. Lin Ze did not want to listen to the group of people crying.

There were people who were not willing to try to pry, but Lin Ze sent a photo to the circle of friends after which their hearts died. In the photo, the man standing next to Jiang Ci had indifferent eyebrows and eyes, and his appearance was very handsome.

When this photo was taken, the personality dominating the body was Luci. In addition to indifference, the other side also showed a Celestials’ arrogance to the fullest.

Luci was showing contempt to those who had their eyes set on Jiang Ci, conveying a clear warning.

Lin Ze was reassured from the beginning; in his opinion, the person’s face alone could make all those who wanted to pry be defeated.

Whoever had enough confidence to pry even after seeing that face would be very admirable.

Not minding what other people thought upon seeing them, Jiang Ci and Luci went about their  daily lovey-dovey routine. This time, they went to the Ocean Park.

This location was, without a doubt, Cyril’s home turf. Even in a different world, he was still the ruler of the deep sea and had a natural dominance over sea creatures.

Strolling through the aquarium in the marine park, Jiang Ci found that everywhere he went, various large and small fish in the glass tunnel would flock to him. After only a short while of being followed like this, Jiang Ci turned his head to look at the man walking next to him.

Meeting his line of sight, the other asked him, “You do not like it when they follow you?”

Cyril, who was now acting as the dominant personality, made it happen because he thought Jiang Ci would like it. If Jiang Ci didn’t like it, then Cyril would immediately make the fish leave without mercy.

Jiang Ci smiled slightly at him, “No, this is fine.” After saying that, Jiang Ci looked around and added, “You’re used to this kind of scenery, I didn’t think about that when I chose the location…”

Being in a relationship with someone for the first time, Jiang Ci was also inexperienced and knew few of the places that lovers usually go together.

Cyril said what he and all the other personalities thought, “It doesn’t matter where we go as long as I’m with you.”

Jiang Ci was not prepared for this kind of straight ball, and the tips of his ears reddened slightly. The other man then asked him, “Can I kiss you now?”

Jiang Ci’s expression suddenly became less natural, “Why do you ask…”

When kissed by the other party, Jiang Ci could naturally respond, but to ask him to say yes was a different matter.

“I was afraid that you wouldn’t want to,” Cyril replied.

Jiang Ci was quiet, he first quickly glanced around, and then, he quickly stepped in, and they kissed each other.

Actions were always more concise and powerful than words. In this way, Jiang Ci directly said he was willing, and the man he kissed lowered his eyes and raised his hand to touch the place he had just been kissed.

Jiang Ci coughed, pulling the other to keep walking. As they went, they saw a lot of people gathered around an actor playing a mermaid; there were a few children pressed against the glass, watching on with curiosity.

Jiang Ci had seen a real mermaid, of course, and was not interested in the fake one, so he pulled his lover to keep going, but he only walked a few steps before he found that the other wouldn’t move.

Jiang Ci turned back to his lover to cast a puzzled look. 

The other was also looking at the mermaid played by a human, much like those people gathered around the left side of the glass tunnel. He looked away for a second and said to Jiang Ci, “Can you wait for me here for a while?”

Jiang Ci was not sure why but also did not ask questions, he only nodded, “Yes.”

About a minute or less, a merman with a beautiful fish tail appeared in front of him.

To be precise, it was the inside of the glass in front of him. This merman swam closer to the glass beautifully and came to the closest distance to Jiang Ci.

“Mom, over there – that mermaid over there looks good.” A small child pointed in the direction of Jiang Ci, “I want to see that.”

Jiang Ci was still a little overwhelmed, mainly because the movement caused him some concern.

But the merman behind the glass didn’t care about the others, he just watched Jiang Ci.

Jiang Ci felt that the other party was gesturing to him to go over. He complied and did so, he placed his hand onto the glass.

The merman flicked his fish tail at Jiang Ci and then kissed Jiang Ci’s hand through the glass.

Jiang Ci’s eyebrows moved slightly, he couldn’t help but blink.

“Does the mermaid like this brother?” A little girl next to a serious question to parents.

The parents were torn on how to answer, so the little girl said to herself, “He must like this brother, I saw him kissing his hand!”

Although it was just a child’s words, Jiang Ci’s cheeks gradually began to heat up.

When he left the marine park, Jiang Ci heard Lu Yi ask him, “Do you know what it means when a mermaid sings for someone?”

Jiang Ci remembered that Cyril had sung to him when they first met, and at that time the system only told him that mermaids do not sing easily, but did not say exactly what it meant, so he shook his head.

“It’s courtship.”

The lover’s eyes gradually turned blue at this point – Cyril’s eye color. “I fell in love with you at first sight.”

Jiang Ci just opened his mouth to say something, but as the result of the other’s sudden internal fight, the eye color did not change again, but his pupils turned vertical.

Such eyes could only belong to the Dragon Race.

“I fell in love with you at first sight earlier than he did.”

Jiang Ci choked on what he wanted to say just now, and he sighed helplessly, “Let’s go home.”

Jiang Ci decisively switched the topic to stop them from continuing to compare with each other.

As soon as he said to go home, the world’s will that accompanied Jiang Ci was extraordinarily obedient. All personalities loved to hear Jiang Ci say these two words, because the word itself had a very special meaning.

When Jiang Ci returned home, he was embraced from behind by Lu Yi as soon as he closed the door behind him.

The other kissed his earlobe from behind, “I like you six times as much.”

Six times as much like, six times as much love.

Jiang Ci, who had long been dragged out of his shell of avoidance, turned around at these words and tilted his head slightly, a gesture of compliance to allow the other man to lower his head and kiss him.

Lu Yi did so.

The kiss was not a flirtatious one, but rather a kiss between lovers, very delicate and long, their breaths mingling with each other in the process. After that, Jiang Ci relaxed and leaned against the other, and Lu Yi then lowered his head and pecked him on the face.


The warmth between lovers was a part of their daily routine, and this routine was going to continue every day from now on.


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